the shuffle. [5/6/06]

Well, well. Another week down the tubes. Another week closer to my lil man being born. Another week of new music and new opportunities. Right now, I'm running with this Big Mike "Gametime 2006" mixtape, hosted by punk ass Ron Artest. It's actually pretty good. Beanie Sigel rhyming over "Still #1" is necessary. And, with my NJ Nets winning their first round game in the NBA Playoffs, I figured a mixtape like this would be necessary least once. Nets vs. Heat starts Monday night. Fingers crossed!

That's not what we're here to do though, this is the shuffle. There's some things goings on... again, I think this week might be a bit more Hip-Hop/Rap dominated, but that's only because most of that other shit going on doesn't really phase me. Let's get it going.

1> Hot 97's studios are now going to have
video surveillance courtesy of the NYPD. First off, they are going to be getting evicted at some point anyways. My thing about this is just, hasn't NY been known as one of the most taped cities in the US? Most of the major cities in the US have cameras all over, so how is there NOT some type of cameras already set up near a building in NYC? Just seems kind of odd...

2> Two actors on HBO's "The Sopranos" were reported to have been
arrested recently. What is it about this show that the characters are staying in trouble? Gandolfini had his troubles, but has been kind of silent in recent years; Robert "AJ" Iler got busted with a weed pipe; neph who played "C" in A Bronx Tale became a smackhead and got busted on some robbery/murder shit earlier this year as well. We have John Ventimiglia, who plays Artie Bucco, driving drunk with the remnants of his coke stash on his person. Is life imitating art, or vice versa? Also, duke who played "Perry", aka the driver who Tony fucked up, got busted on some breaking and entering type shit. I can see that, especially with his whole "I'm innocent. I'm always innocent" comments. What a trooper.

3> Mobb Deep's Blood Money album dropped in stores this week (check my review
here). There has been a grip of hate on this album, for good reason in some circles (the lack of their family being featured, sup Noyd!), but none has hard as Phonte's words. Still and all, it looks like they did about 110,000 in sales, based on the HITS Daily Double numbers. I really think they will at least go plat very soon. I hate hearing 50 on each and every track (whether he's guesting or being mimicked), but that's how G-Unit does. Live with it. And rock the shit that's hot on there ("Capital P, Capital H" is the joint).

4> Why is David Blaine considered a magician still?
Living in a water bubble for a week is not magic! He is going to be doing an "illusion" next week, trying to escape from chains and shit. While being underwater. For 9 minutes. That's supposedly longer than a dolphin. When are magicians going to do cool shit, like making people disappear? Isn't a lot of this stuff getting old? I can see being enaptured by Houdini's work, but come one. Get a new trick, bitch.

5> I guess this is old news, but I'm an old nigga, so bear with me.
The Boondocks is coming to DVD in June 2006. I first fell in love with the comics, which still don't get play in my favored paper, but whatever. Biting social commentary from a lil nigga state of mind. Aaron McGruder is the truth, and the art is amazing. The fact that they were able to throw it on TV and bring it right to life is even more impressive. From the voice work, which featured everyone from John Witherspoon to Charlie Murphy, to the amazing anime-influenced animation, to the inclusion of many different topics, this show is dope enough, but with Aaron's humor and intellect kept in tact... man, it's just the best shit on TV. I'll review the DVD when it drops.

6> Suge is
crying broke. He is saying, with all the loot he owes ($11 million+ in taxes, $9,300 to Nextel, $1,100 to Cingular Wireless, and more), he is left with like a G worth of clothes, and $11 in the bank, among furniture and "personal jewelry". Get the fuck out of here, Suge. Pay what you owe, and then disappear.

Niggas was dumping on each other at a Bow Wow show. Now I know he is looking to hype up this hard-rock image, but paying people to shoot each other at your own show?!?! That's low!

8> Kim Mathers is asking for
physical custody of Hailie, her daughter with Eminem. People thought having Eminem as your father was bad enough; now the cokehead moms wants to have custody? She says she wants Em to share custody, but pay everything. OK this is out of control. How about she gets a job? How can she be the most fit parent for Hailie, her father is fucking RICH! AND HE TAKES CARE OF HER! What an idiotic case. I hope Em gets total custody of Hailie, for the sake of Hailie.

That's about it for now. I'm going to go zone out to TV Land's 48 hour Good Times marathon. DY-NO-MITE!

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