LOST, Season 3: NO RERUNS!

this taken from Yahoo! Small Business:

May 17, 2006 -- 3:52 PM PDT

When "Lost" returns on the ABC schedule this fall, producers say they'll no longer use reruns to fill in the gaps while they film new episodes of the Hawaii-based series.
ABC executives told reporters in New York on Tuesday that fans of the mega-hit series made it clear that they're tired of the constant string of reruns that have disrupted the flow of "Lost" this season.
Steve McPherson, president of ABC's prime-time entertainment, told the Los Angeles Times that "Lost" will run with seven new episodes in its Wednesday timeslot this fall, then go on hiatus until January or February, when it will return with new episodes until May.
"Lost," which premiered in 2004, is filmed entirely on location on Oahu at a cost estimated at between $1.5 million and $2 million per episode, a large chunk of the state's $100-million film and TV industry.
The series employs an estimated 200 people fulltime and parttime in Hawaii.

Can I get a word up? Maybe all of the LOST fans who bitch/moan about the reruns (which can be annoying, but with a show this good, I'd wait all year -- hell, I do it for The Sopranos AND The Wire!) will be happier. I had heard that they'd either do something like 24 does, where it just starts its season late, in January, or what they did now, which is the same thing Prison Break does. Big up to ABC and the producers of LOST.

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