LOST, Season 2: "Live Together, Die Alone" [hash]

This recap is not happening. Not to say I can't do it, but it's hard enough writing a recap for an hour show -- try a TWO HOUR SHOW!

I had something in it's infant stages, but either it is not coming together or I am just not going to get it done. If you are looking for some finale recaps, check out these links.

We learned a shitload about Mr. Desmond, from going from the dishonorably discharged Scotland Yard man to the guy who was dating Charles Widmore's daughter Penny to getting a boat from Libby (isn't she dead? how much more are we going to learn about her) to getting stranded on this island. We are introduced (finally) to KELVIN, the guy who taught Desmond everything he knows about the hatch.

Kelvin looks very similar to Joe Inman, who was the guy who made Sayid torture his boys back in the Gulf War and let him go. Not sure if they are one in the same, but who knows. He taught Desmond the tricks of the trade, and even worked it so the hatch doors would come down so he could continue drawing the map that Locke saw on the blast door --- in bleach. He also taught Desmond about the failsafe key that ultimately saved(?) the island from destruction --- but at what cost? I mean there was that noise, and the coloring of the sky, but did Desmond die? What about Eko or Locke? They were right in the computer room --- my other big question is, now that a) the computer is broken (thanks, Locke), and b) the "electromagnetic anomaly" is not there, is the Swan necessary? This is a BIG part of the mythology, and at the end we see some Brazilian (Portuguese?) guys in "The Listening Station" who got a message on a screen, and rang Penny Widmore about the situation down there.

On to Walt and Michael. So unHenry seems to be the leader. He is a man of his word, and let Michael ride off in the boat with Walt. He told him to follow bearing 325, and he'd be out of there. I know I don't believe that. And is it just me, or did anyone else notice Walt acting a bit, well, odd? I mean neph was hiding out under a piece of the inside of the boat for chrissakes! He also didn't ask about Vincent, which I had pointed out to me and thought was kind of odd. He seemed happy to see Michael, but I don't believe that it will last long. Plus, I don't think they will get off the island --- either they are going to get lost and not make it out, or Michael's guilt will eat away at him.

Our hero, Jack, is in captivity with Kate and Sawyer, on to "go home" with the Others, or as Kelvin calls them, the "Hostiles". I don't know if this makes them "good", whatever that means, but the Others seem to have an interest in them. Did they NOT have an interest in Hurley? Miss Klugh, now known as Dee, told him that he was free to go back to the camp, but he had to tell them not to come out there. WTF is that all about? Is he "bad"? And why did the Others seem to be pissed off when the anomaly blew up. And when the deal went down, they kind of just went back to regular bidness.

There's a load of stuff going on here. Charlie ended up getting his kiss from Claire by acting like he didn't know wtf was going on there. Odd, but he is putting the mack thing down. When asked about Locke and Eko, he was like "they aren't back yet?", which makes you wonder --- did those 2 survive, and if so, did Desmond survive?

Other questions to ponder:
  • What happened to Sayid, Jin and Sun? Did they really light that black smoke signal fire or were they compromised?
  • What were those Portuguese guys doing out in the frigid temps?
  • Who was really being watched/tested: The Pearl guys or the Swan guys?
  • Is Kelvin really dead? He smacked his head on the back of that rock, but Desmond took off mad quick and didn't seem like he was ready to check properly for vital signs?
  • Where'd all that Dharma alcohol come from?
  • Did the Swan really bring down Oceanic 815? That's what it seems but a nig never knows...
  • Why does one of the Portugese guys look like Jack?

There are tons of things going on with this show, but that's why I love it. I'll post up the link to the post-finale podcast when it is available. I guess most of my LOST obsession will be fed by the ARG.

Speaking of the ARG, did you guys check out the Hanso Foundation's Hugh McIntyre give an interview on the Jimmy Kimmel Show on Wednesday? Strange stuff... this ARG is getting to be BIG! The latest Hanso commercial had a link to Hanso Careers, which is like a sort of Monster-esque job search. No big clues as of yet, but the canon is just too deep.

I hope you guys dug my hashing of the finale. I dug it, and it made things a bit easier than writing this big dialogue on the show. Keep it locked for more in the very near future.


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Anonymous said...

Your right.

I brought season two and I have just finished watching it.

The Portuguese guy does look like Jack, I had to pause it and take a closer look. But I think it isn't.

Kelvin is Joe, the Arabian guy who is then in the hatch with Desmond. Just like Libby is Elizabeth, the woman who the boat was named after.