Jayden soon come...

So I've got a baby boy on the way. The doctor says Sept. 10th is the due date, but Wifey is sure he will drop sometime in August.

It's fun to think about how much of a personality he has in the womb, already. He hates confinement... anything that is on her tummy, from her waistband to a glass is being kicked and punched out of the way, like he's some prenatal Bruce Lee. Yet, when you put your hands there to feel his movements, it's like he hides from the hands.

We haven't played him music as of yet, but I saw on a
National Geographic documentary that they can only really register bass, so while I won't be making him rock to the Drum & Bass sound [YET], things like Dancehall and Reggae will definitely be taken advantage of. I sit and wonder what type of music he will like -- it's never as easy as "what your parents like", because I got heavy into Aphex Twin and they had me rocking to Marvin Gaye and the Isleys.

I think about how amazing he will grow up to be, and I hope that he amounts to being more than I am. I mean I'm OK but I can be a lot better --- there's some shit I need to fix about me and I don't want him to think I'm some schmuck on wheels.

I just want to do right by him, and my daughters. I'm always wanting to do right by them. I just don't want to fuck up, b/c no matter how off track I may be in my own head, I will be DAMNED if they don't succeed.

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