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RIP Desimal

I hope this is not premature or false, but I have had this on my mind ever since I found the shocking news.

Few artists styles could truly be considered "unique", but Desimal was that artist. In terms of DnB, his sound was unparalleled, I mean the talent just oozed out of the tracks. I first heard of him through Cyanide, when he was trying to get Armada off the ground. He played "Earthling" for me, and the fucking SOUND was just new. It was a breath of fresh air to a sometimes stale genre, so new that we toyed with the term "biofunk" to describe it. Desimal has had a lot of solid work released, but Earthling seems to be the watermark for me. "Arcana" is another gem, as is his latest 12" out on Barcode, the Desimal Project EP Pt. 2.

It's tough when our scene loses a producer, especially one who has not reached his full potential as of yet. My condolences to his family, and please, pay homage to this great producer sometime over this holiday weekend, as it is only fitting that he passed so close to Memorial Day.

Desimal, your sound will live on. I didn't know you, but I feel like we've met.

For a catalog of his releases, check out rolldabeats. You can find "Earthling" in this mix, which highlights a gang of Canadian DnB. Also found some old DOA thread shouting praise.

EDIT: I was just on DOA, and found a gang of old Desimal tracks that he asked be posted online for free. They are all in 320kbps mp3 sound, so optimum quality. RIP to one of the true unsung heroes of this shit.

"Sun Signal (v.2)"
"Sun Signal (v.1)"
"The Guardian"

Big up to Us Crew for hosting.

EDIT: DOA moderator double J posted up a sample pack of Desimal sounds that he uses, for all the producing Dogs and crew. Also, check out a picture of Desimal. He is on the left, holding the CD.

EDIT: Shouts out to I.N.I., who not only does ill design for webpages, but he has some shit hot mixes, whether it be DnB or downtempo. He has compiled a Desimal Tribute Mix which can be downloaded here (or here) (and here). Check out the tracklisting, taken from the RIP Desimal DOA thread:

desimal - afterlife
desimal - arcana
desimal - voidwalkers
desimal - circle of nine 2005 (tease)
desimal - voidwalkers
desimal - hyperboria
desimal - promist
desimal - mantra
desimal - sundecay
desimal - continuum
desimal - earthling
desimal - zero searcher (sundecay pt2)
desimal - promist 2005
desimal - sunsignal pt2

Nuff respect to DNBNation for hosting. Shouts to kapsil and elevenfifty5 for the mirror.

EDIT: ANOTHER tribute mix, this time from the one like rusher of The Repercussion Crew. He has had dialogues with Desimal, in terms of collabing on tunes and what not. This mix looks superb, and can be found here. Peep the tracklisting:

01. Desimal - Fallen Man
02. Desimal - Earthling
03. Desimal - Zero Searcher
04. Desimal - Voidwalkers
05. Desimal - Sun Destroyer
06. Desimal - Hyperboria
07. Desimal - Mantra
08. Desimal - Circle of Nine
09. Desimal - Continuum
10. Desimal - The Guardian
11. Desimal - The Promist
12. Desimal - After Life

As per usual, shouts to Rusher for making this happen. If you guys have any other mixes/interviews/pics/links/etc about or made by Desimal, scream at me, and I'll post them up here. I want to load this particular post with tons of Desimal. One.

EDIT: Desimal was not just a producer, he also drew. Check out this webpage full of his fantasy/scifi drawings.

EDIT: I just saw a note up on DJ Forums.com that has a note from Desimal's brother up there. Apparently, Desimal had a series of mental health issues that he battled for some time. It just puts things into perspective, the essence of some of his tracks and such. This shit hits everyone. If you need more information on mental health, check out this link.

EDIT: Just found a link to Desimal's obituary. I had no idea he had a lil son! I hope his mother let's him know how many people were truly affected by his music. Rest in peace.

EDIT: Here's another link to MP3s of Desimal's DnB work, as well as some more examples of his experimental side, under the name Epidose. Just a small snippet of the whole man. Raise your lighters high.

EDIT: I just saw on the RIP Desimal thread on DOA that his friends and family have set up a new website dedicated to Graham's life. Check it out.

EDIT: Here's a mix of Desimal's that is making the rounds. I have no tracklisting, but it's entitled the "Ambientdub Mix", so that should give you an idea of the sounds coming from it. Solid shit, too. No nonsense. Big ups to sacha @ DOA for re-sticking that RIP Desimal thread.

Shouts to practial for the kick-ass banner(s) he made for me. Check it out:

I really appreciate that, kid. If you guys want, you can dload it and link it in forums/blogs/sites across the globe. Spread the word so we can make sure Desimal's voice is heard.

EDIT: sr!x has his views posted up on his blog. For those who don't know, he's affiliated with DNBNation, who hosted that INI mix, as well as an interview with Desimal. Good to hear more personal accounts with people who interacted with Desimal.

EDIT: There is a new memorial MySpace page up, spreading love and respect for Desimal throughout the MySpace community. Check it out HERE. I have no idea who is behind this, but respect to them.



Anonymous said...

i wanna cry...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Graham's son is only 5, but he's been told that his dad is famous. Right now, he's still trying to understand why he can't be with his dad, he doesn't really care about the lost music - he wants his daddy.

If you think Graham's music had power, just imagine being in his presence. Just being in the same room as him would fill you with this peace and appreciation of the supernatural powers of the universe, it was truly amazing.

It's too bad more people couldn't meet him and see what a beautiful person he was. His music and drawings were but one aspect of his greatness.

I wish people would step outside their love of music for a second and see what a loss this is to the entire universe, and to one very special family. His music lives on, as does his spirit and love, but no one will miss him the way they do.

Anonymous said...

I have some Desimal tunes on a cd given to me by Thor. Might be some gems.

get at me on aim at "dexx204"

khal said...

>I wish people would step outside their love of music for a second and see what a loss this is to the entire universe, and to one very special family.

Not to sound mean or attacking you, but most of us ONLY knew his music... it's not fair for everyone to step outside of the only thing they know about someone... this thread is more of a celebration and rememberance for what he's done. If I was more personal with Graham, it would have taken a different tone. I leave that for his friends/family, for good or ill.

Anonymous said...

well, i've known graham since i can remember, if fact he knew who i was before i did him so... all i can really say is he will be missed as my best friend i will ever have. Graham was a stand up guy, you could talk to him about anything, from chicks to the 12th demension. For me now, his music and art helps to fill that void that is left behind from his tragedy. His music brings back memories of the past and keeps him alive in my heart and soul. His music was ment to be shared with the world, not to be stepped away from. I'm sorry Seth that you lost your Dad, i don't know what to tell you other than he loved you more then anything in this world and i know he will be with you forever.

thedailymission said...

RIP Graham. I'll miss you bro.

My favorite memories of Desimal was sitting up 5 years ago on AIM, chatting to him about why we can't get our drums to really slam and how no one wants to listen to our weird, left field dnb. We'd trade drum samples, send rexes back and forth and work on it together, trying to figure the damn thing out. He went out to revolutionize that sound and his tunes are still on rotation in the car.

In fact, I have a hard time listening to drum and bass anymore but Ill say this: Desimal's stuff will never get old. My appreciation for his work and him as a person grows every day.

He'll be forever remembered.

- Tony / Dside / Defiant

Anonymous said...

Hey....I can provide some hosting if still needed. Hit me up @ www.myspace.com/brenttva or www.djbrent-t.com

pZ & respect to a truly talented artist! "Earthling" is STILL on another level!

somejerk said...

great tunes, the sample pack is awesome too.

rest in peace.