LOST, Season 2: "?" [recap]

For those looking for answers about Michael’s secret being told to the rest of the survivors, you might as well avoid this recap now. In typical LOST fashion, this piece of information has been held to the side to explore another story, and boy was it a doozy for those who are into the mythology of the island. It was an Eko specific episode, so you know there was a large amount of faith and speculation involved. Let’s jump right into things.

The episode started out with a scene showing Eko chopping wood, seemingly for his church. Where he got an axe, I have no clue. In any case, he’s chopping away and Ana-Lucia steps in and speaks to him for a minute. She let’s Eko know that he has to help out Locke. She also goes from her normal looking face to showing him the blood on her head and in her chest. He is startled by this image, and realizes it’s a dream. He has another dream, featuring his brother Yemi, in the hatch (The Swan). Yemi tells him that he has to find the Question Mark (“?” for now on), and Locke will help him; Locke does not want to help him, but this is Eko’s job. He has to get Locke to restore his faith in this island and it’s many mysteries. With this in mind, Eko awakens and, axe in hand, goes to the hatch…

The flashbacks are also Eko-specific. They tell a tale of him during his priesthood residency. We start with him in the confessional booth, looking someone bored/distraught/annoyed with the whole deal, and we find out there is a man there who he paid to get him a passport so he can travel to Los Angeles for an undisclosed reason. He is told that he cannot do this, for he has to go see about proving/debunking this woman’s claims of a miracle. Long story short, this woman’s daughter drowns in a pool, and is considered dead. On the autopsy table, as we heard on a tape in the coroner’s office, during the procedure she is awakened, and is alive! The mother wants this reported to the Vatican, but by Vatican rule, each miracle must be investigated, and since Eko was originally skeptic, he has been chosen as Sherlock. The meeting with the coroner is eerie, hearing the girl’s screams, and I think that might have made Eko a little more interested in this case. When he goes to his scheduled meeting with the girl, but her father jumps outside and ushers the daughter and her mother inside. He looks familiar, and confirms many fans’ suspicion (I have to give my wife credit, she picked it up right away) when he went into his tirade. He said he knows his wife is pulling a fast one, but she is doing it because of his profession. He is a fraud psychic, who finds out about the people who come to see him for advice and guidance. He researches them and then feeds them BS. He is, in fact, the psychic that Claire met with in Season 1, the one who told her to go to LA and sell her baby to a family. Eerie, right? The flashbacks end a little later; for another undisclosed reason, Eko is preparing to board Oceanic 815 when he glances over his shoulder and sees the daughter! She tells him that while she was “between places” (presumably Life and Death), Eko’s brother Yemi told him that he has to be strong, have faith, and that he will see him soon. Eko grows hostile, for good reason, but calms down and gets ready for his plane. Libby made a cameo in that scene, making sure everything was kosher… but nothing was kosher for her.

On their way back at the Swan, Sawyer, Kate, Jack & Locke are speaking about how Ana-Lucia got the gun from Sawyer, when Michael stumbles out of the door, shouting how Henry got the gun, shot Ana-Lucia and Libby and him in the arm, and took off. Eko appears from behind, telling them he will help Jack tend to Michael, and as they all enter the hatch. They see the destruction: Ana-Lucia, dead. Libby, seemingly dead until Sawyer catches a face full of her bloodspit. Jack says there’s not much he can do, due to the gunshot wounds to the stomach. He can make her comfy, but cannot work anything else. He asks for the heroin, which Sawyer has. Kate is told to go with Sawyer, and she does not get it; Jack played his cards right, because Sawyer has to go grab the smack from his stash or risk Libby in unbearable pain (FYI – Sawyer’s stash was in his camp, right under his sleeping quarters. Slick, right?). They go off, as does Eko and Locke, trying to track Henry’s trail.

During the tracking, Locke realizes Eko isn’t there to hunt Mr. Gale, and Eko lets him know of Yemi’s plan to find the ?. Locke wants to go back, but is met with a Wesley Snipes headbutt. He awakens to find Eko’s built a fire and set up camp. He asks about the ?, and let’s Locke know that he knows what the ? is. After some haggling, Locke pulls out the crude map he drew from what he saw briefly on the blast door. Eko immediately picks up on it and they set out to find the ?. Locke’s faith has been waining, and initially it shows. It’s not until he has a weird dream that his interest heightens: we see Eko, walking with a limp mind you, axe in hand, following Yemi. Yemi climbs the wall that once held the plane Boone crashed in. Eko is using that axe to climb the wall, and when he reaches the top, he sees Yemi sitting in a wheelchair, gets startled and loses his grip. Locke wakes up, and tells Eko of his dream. Eko realizes that Yemi is speaking to Locke too, and is charged up. He uses the axe to climb the wall and makes it to the top. Once there, he notices a circle-shape on the ground, ending where the burned plane sits. He investigates and realizes the ground is salted, like someone did this intentionally. With a little moving around, he finds what he must have been looking for: metal. After digging and moving the plane, Locke realize that they found a door, which turns into a new hatch! “The Pearl”, as it is called in a new orientation video (no film reels in this hatch) has 2 leather chairs, a number of TV screens, and a bank-drive through looking chute. The host on the tape explains that this station is used for observation. He says that the people in the hatch do not know they are being observed, for obvious reasons – they use this Pearl hatch to test different experiments. One of the TVs had a direct feed into the Swan, among other spots. Everything is recorded by tape and was to be recorded by the Pearl inhabitants; once they noted everything in their journals, they’d put them in the chute, to be picked up by the Hanso people. Weird shit, right? Eko asked what I knew he’d ask (“Would you like to watch that again?”), but Locke was visibly pissed. His faith was tested, he wained from it, and he saw this video and it confirmed what he thought. He told Eko this, but Eko told him about Yemi’s travels and how he got back his cross from his brother and such. He asked Locke, essentially, with all of this going on, and us finding this hatch, this does nothing but REINFORCE what we’ve been doing. Eko even went as far to say that if Locke won’t hit the button, he will.

Back at the Swan, Hurley is there with Libby. No one knows how he didn’t know for a day that Libby was hurt, as he was waiting for her to come back, but he was visibly shaken. He was there to see Jack administer the final dose of smack to Libby, and said he was sorry for not getting the blankets (sad moment, really made some people cry, too). Jack shot her with the smack, and for a moment Libby was alive, shaken, scared, and said “Michael” before dying… Jack figured she was asking if he was OK, but we know she was really trying to say that Michael capped her. Very sad ending, but the previews look like the game is ON!

In the preview, we see Michael with his arm in the sling. There seems to be much chaos going down, and this might be the episode where Michael either has flashes of his time with the Others (we see shots of him being injected with needles, and shots of him being taken off), and other scenes of him telling his story (or possibly covering up his story?). I am kind of foggy on what happened honestly, but that’s why I love my DVR! I’ll add to this more.

During this show, they showed a new Hanso commercial, this time with a new web address in it:
www.sublymonal.com. Upon further investigation, this turned out to be part of a new Sprite ad campaign. Sort of how the LOST Experience game showed up on Monster.com as well. (If you aren't into it, check out The LOST Experience Clues blog.)

That's enough of my LOST obsession for now. Tune in next week for more recap loveliness.

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