Saturday, June 03, 2006

the shuffle. [6/3/06]

What's good, family? I watched Poetic Justice with the Mrs. not too long ago... forgot how much I loved that flick. Surprises me how talented 2Pac was. Janet's great too, but her style is more melodramatic. John Singleton needs to bring it back to the essence...

Busy week over here. Pregnancy is taking it's toll on my wife, and being 6 months now, it's hard for her to get proper care. It's OK with some things, but cracked ribs are no joke. Lil' man is going to hear about this come September LOL.

Entertainment news this week has been kind of touch and go. Brad and Angelina had a baby girl, but really, is that any concern of your's? I bet Jennifer Aniston is kind of pissed, with her new movie coming out this past Friday and all... lil Brangelina baby sucked up all the publicity!

For Dubstep heads, you might want to check out this Burial album. I just grabbed it, and the sounds are kind of intense... not too overbearing at all, and really pushing the edges. It's not even Dubstep, really, but I hear it's lumped into that category. Hell, the shit is all Dub to me in the end, so what difference does it make...

Never mind the bullshit, onto the shuffle!!!!

1> Rumor has it that Raekwon is signed or signing to Aftermath. XXL had it up as a headline, but abruptly took it down an hour later. Lots of fans are championing this signing, but I think it might be a little risky. Rae's last couple of albums didn't do so hot, and having Dr. Dre foot the bill doesn't sound like success to me. Some of these '95 niggas might need to go back and just revisit that era instead of claiming prevelance these days. I'm just saying, if shit like Yung Joc is #1 everywhere, how can he expect to be relevant to the legions of ignorant teens supporting that garbage?

2> Some guys is suing Justin, N'SYNC, Nelly and the Neptunes over that "Girlfriend" song. Why? Because he can't get a deal, I'm guessing. He should take note, though, Luda and Kanye just got off on their lawsuit. I really don't get it. It's like "wow, those guys MUST have heard my shit, why would they jack my music?" How many times are these lawsuits valid? We'll see what the deal is in the near future...

3> For all of you Destiny's Child/Beyonce fans, rejoice. Not only does Jay's girl have Dreamgirls coming out later this year, but her new solo album, B'Day, is set to come out the day after her birthday in September. Good for B. I guess. I mean, the first single is slated to be with Jay, entitled "Deja Vu"... how fucking corny is that? Must artists like Beyonce and Eminem always come out the box with the same type of single? We aren't that fucking dumb...

4> Speaking of Em, the guy who shot Proof is said to have acted lawfully, according to prosecutors in Detroit. Did we have any doubt? I mean, did Proof let off during a fucking pool game? That's kind of hostile... God rest the dead. Proof, RIP, but that's just not hot. Unnecessary violence must cease.

5> So Comedy Central couldn't wait, huh? They already have plans in the works to release a new DVD of unreleased Chappelle's Show material (aka Season 3). I wanted to see this on TV, but I guess this is the route they are taking -- the "let's make mad loot" route. The price is looking to be damn near $30 for 70 mins of material... something ain't right. Dave, come back and stop this madness. We need your show on fucking cable TV, not some bootleg sounding DVD. Fix up!

6> Your boy The Game is really trying to do it big, huh? He has that fuckin' movie with Tyrese coming out, where he rocks the weird eye, and now he is trying to take this Black Wall Street shit to Aftermath himself? Aside from Charli Baltimore and nigga who writes Kevin Federline's raps (what a job), who else does he have signed? And with all this hoopla about what he did on his 1st album, in terms of the majority of his hit singles having 50 on the track and/or on the chorus, should he truly be focusing on some no-names? Organize, nigga...

7> John Muhammad, aka the D.C. Sniper, got hit up with 6 more convictions. This story is wild. I mean, Lee Malvo stood up and really spoke his mind. He let us know that after all of these shootings, which was supposed to go from a few random people to mad police, was to culminate with John trying to get his kids? What a fucking role model! Now John is already facing death, plus 6 more life terms? Just kill this dumbass right now. Or go rent the USA movie about this fiasco.

8> So what do you do when someone is pissing you off and you are in need of someone's spot in the play? You spike their drink with bleach, that's what! WTF is going on here, people? WTF...

9> I'm not sure if anyone remembers, but before his mother died, Bernard Hopkins said he was going to be retiring soon. Two years later, and mad millions richer, he is making good on that promise. And, for some odd reason, he chose Bun B to escort him down ringside. I think this is cool, don't get me wrong, but isn't The Executioner from Philly? Why not get Beanie Sigel to spit some sizzurp flows down the aisle? Just a thought...

10> If I had the loot, I'd cop a Razr phone. Why someone needs a blinged out Razr is anyone's guess, but it's out there.

11> Some more Wu-Tang related news: RZA is scoring some animated Kung Fu show with Sam Jackson as the lead voice. I would be behind it if the word Afro wasn't in the title... also, peep Method Man dishing shit on his last album, Tical 0, and talking about his forthcoming opus. The bootlegs I've heard are decent, but nothing too exciting. Who knew he worked with Diddy on that last garbage album? Strange times...

12> Did you guys hear about the Asian kid born with 3 arms? How crazy is that?!?! It looks like a psychodelic poster or some shit... too nutty to be real, but it is! Good luck to him.

13> I told you I would link you with more info on this B.I.G. lawsuit oddness over in LA. Apparently, the lawyers reppin' BIG's estate say "we ain't lie". Not much else info there, but they need to find some closure for Ms. Wallace. Please.

14> Peep Def Jam's fall release schedule. No Redman, no Joe Budden (whattup with no NJ love?!?!)... but fuckin' Rick Ross!? That nigga is gonna brick, hard. Jeezy will do good... The Roots will do normal record sale #s, but will make mad loot on the road... Nas? I don't know... Lady Sovereign? ROFL that chick isn't going to do too well over here. Sorry, the US ain't ready for grime (whattup Dizzee Rascal!?!?)...

15> How the fuck are grandparents gonna order a hit on their grandkids? These fuckers need to be castrated and hung for that shit... that's the worst right there.

16> Surprising Ignorant Rapper News: Da fucking YoungBloodZ have been arrested for drugs and guns!

Another end to a crazy week. I'm going to smoke a lil Black and call it a night. Mavericks vs. Heat starting June 8th... can't wait! Night to ya...

Friday, June 02, 2006

Busta Rhymes "The Big Bang" [review]

So Busta, the world has not ended as you so proudly proclaimed on your previous efforts. Also, the world of Hip-Hop records has changed a lot... it's really a young man's game, and while your style is very bouncy and fun, you have shown how much older you are. This is not a diss at all... your fans have grown up with you, from the young man with the LONS to the big, muscle bound mastadon you grew into, so it's only right that you echo your fanbase's "Hip-Hop is Dead" ethos on your first album for the good Doctor, The Big Bang. There's a lot of good in this album, but also some that is not so good... needs more bang and less big, if you ask the kid.

Now I'm a pretty avid fan of Busta; I have The Coming on cassette somewhere in my basement, I own various albums, as well as your Greatest Hits collection. I love how you switch your flows, and mimic certain elements of the beats... thank God, you kept that intact on this disc... it just seems like you tried to do too much. Was it necessary to have Stevie Wonder AND Rick James bless choruses? It just doesn't sound necessary to me... sounds like you are casting lines to the same fans who dug your work on Luther's last album. Both tracks highlight your past, from your parents migration and intergration into the American culture ("Been Through The Storm") to living in the slums ("In The Ghetto") and trying to make a better life for yourself. I applaud you on that, because most of your past albums have been thick with party anthems and smack-you-in-your-face bangers. That's not bad, but it's good to see you pour your heart out over the beats.

Speaking of beats, that's the main saving grace on this album. The Big Bang showcases many interesting ideas... from Timbaland's "nuttin'-but-percussion-and-crickets" sounding "Get Down" to Dr. Dre's piano ad organ laced "Goldmine", which features Raekwon calling himself a "Gangster Republican" (???). Dre even incorporates shoveling dirt into "Legend of The Fall Offs", which also executes an interesting idea -- the POV of a Grim Reaper for Old School MCs. No names were named, oddly, but it was executed well, even though it evokes that scene with the Bride from Kill Bill, vol. 2 and other "buried alive" movies. There are these hits, but there are some misses as well, sadly...

Hearing the Nas collabo "Don't Gey Carried Away", it sounds like you guys picked a B-beat from Dre, and worked out a shitty chorus overtop. That's another big downfall. The choruses on many tracks either seem too boisterous ("Get You Some" featuring Q-Tip and Marsha Floetry going back and forth for what seems like forever, as well as the odd-bar filling "They're Out To Get Me", which is produced by D-12's Kon Artis) or just down-right silly ("Cocaina", which just sounds lax). And why does Missy Elliot have to ruin any track she is on? The tit-for-tat shit on "How We Do It Over Here" is just, well, pointless. Could have left that one off the LP all together.

Another question: why was "Touch It" out back when I was wearing a coat? Was there a previous album drop date that got pushed back, b/c that track just seems old as hell? And why no inclusion of the Remix? People would like to get their hands on it sans illegal Internet downloads... In any case, I know many fans are salivating for DJ Scratch's Diamond D biting "New York Shit". Many NY niggas are "bringing it back to NYC", but this track does the best job at it. J. Dilla blesses Bussa Bus from the grave with "You Can't Hold The Torch", revisiting classic ATCQ vibes, and again touching on the Hip-Hop Is Dead ideals. Touched on too much, but with as much ignorant shit that there is out there, it is not without warrant. I am also feeling "I'll Do It All", with it's looped melody and floating flutes riding on top of that beat that's a slow nodder one minute, and then kicks the kicks kind of quick in it. And hearing Bus lay his mack game down is always hot to hear.

In the end, the only thing I am completely pissed off at is "I Love My Bitch", which is the new single out on MTV right now. I mean, featuring Kelis doing a retarded chorus is one thing... having fucking produce a track on your album, that' s GOTTA be a new low. Fuck the bullshit, this is not acceptable.

Bus, where's all of the underground heat you had out there? I miss some of that. I need a Big Bang - WMD Edition or something. Tracks like "I'll Hurt You" with Eminem, or your OTHER Nas collaboration, "Rough Around The Edges", or even "Psycho" ft. Papoose and Cassidy, we need more of that. Speaking of Papoose, if you are working on his career, why isn't he on this album?!? Why do you have Q-Tip on 2 tracks, but no tracks featuring any Flipmode family? Just sounds odd... do your thing though, dog. Maybe the next go round?

khal gives this album a 7.5 out of 10 stars --- hot beats, nice flows, but lacking on original ideas and horrible choruses. In the end, it's good to hear new Busta out there, but the maturity leaves some big question marks on the whole Aftermath signing.

Friday, June 2nd 2006 playlist

You gotta love hot summer-like weekends. This week has been muggy as hell, but a good one music wise... I think? I'm not sure, I've actually been digging through my collection in between rocking new DnB. You know how that goes. Busta Rhymes The Big Bang review coming SOON (I am delaying my Amit review until I get a copy of the CD version, for the full experience). Peep game...

Drum & Bass:

1> DJ Ink & Gabriel "Mood Music" [reneagade hardware]
2> Alex Perez Ft. Specific "Drive By" [progress]
3> Alpha Omega "Entities" [transmute]
4> Rufige Kru "Fear Heaven" [metalheadz]
5> Davide Carbone & Amaning "Liquidiser" [bs1]
6> Hive & Gridlok ft. D-Bridge, Silent Witness & Break "Standing Room Only" [violence]
7> Clipz "New Generation" [full cycle]
8> Mutt & Rhizone "Sin City" [creative source]
9> Desimal "After Life" [fokuz limited]
10> Pentagon "Ladybird (D.Kay Remix)" [precision breakbeat research]


1> Busta Rhymes ft. Q-Tip & Chauncey Black "You Can't Hold The Torch" [prod. by J Dilla, it revisits the Minnie Ripperton sample ATCQ used for "Lyrics To Go"... hot track!]
2> D'Angelo "Greatdayndamornin' / Booty" [off of his Grammy winning album Voodoo, I plan on sampling this track in the future. I could have said the entire album, but this one is on repeat this week.]
3> Busta Rhymes "So Hardcore" [one of my favorite Busta/J Dilla collabos... very minimal beat, Bus coming hard with the rhymes. Classic.]
4> Portishead "Biscuit" [from the first truly great album I ever purchased, Dummy, this track oozes a slow funk. The scratched "never fall in love" just makes the track golden.]
5> Headhunter "7th Curse" [new off the new dubstep/downtempo label Ascension, headed by Tech Itch and the Bristol crew H.E.N.C.H. ... if anyone has more info on them, let me know. I'm feeling this!]
6> Digital Mystikz "Walking With Jah" [is there any doubt? anytime I hear new DMZ, I'm hooked. intense dubstep vibes --- not too heavy on bass, but this is classic dub.]

That's about it for right now.

ATTENTION HIP-HOP FREELOADERS: DangerDoom and Stone's Throw have let loose a new, FREE, DOWNLOADABLE EP on the masses: "Occult Hymn". Check out the EP, Artwork, and a video here.

Also, check out downloads of the Breezeblock Old School Jungle Mixes here (shouts to DOA's Sable). There has been a big stink about Photek's non-old school jungle set, here and here. Join the fun(?).

Until next week... namaste.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Thursday YouTube Madness: Lil' Cease

For this edition of YouTube Madness, we bring you some Lil' Cease speeches. I like hearing him talk... after checking out that Chronicles of Junior M.A.F.I.A. DVD, he just has that swagger, and you know he is being really real, not like seeing Jim Jones or Cam talk nonsense. Peep game...

#1: Check out Lil' Cease speaking on the Lil' Kim situation... I believe he is telling the truth too:

#2: Cease just letting you know where he's from...

#3: Classic Cease talking about Dipset getting smacked up at the Rucker. 12 mins of comedy...


I've just come up with a new concept: NiggaMath. I had a co-worker walk through saying she was leaving 6 minutes late, so that will compute to coming in 15 minutes late the next day. I found this funny, but strangely, it's true. My 15 minutes of lunch time being eaten up by moving boxes turned into an additional 25 minutes of lunch time added. I mean, fair is only fair.

You fault Niggas, Niggas will fault you double, you smell me?

This doesn't just work for Work though, you can use this anywhere The Man tries to hold you down.

Let's say your tax check comes in a few weeks late, for whatever clerical error. Doesn't that warrant you to pay your taxes a month late the following year?

When the state's sales tax skins off an additional 60 cents on the dollar for your purchase, it's only fair that when the idiot at the cash register refuses to read your coupon correctly, you go ahead and pay $1.74 for your $9 lunch (this really happened to me at a local Uno's; classic situation).

The record labels charge you absurd amounts for glorified maxi singles, so why not go ahead and just jack the tracks when you can?

The only time NiggaMath doesn't work is in violent situations. There is a problem when a stolen chain turns into 18 niggas dead. That's improper use of NiggaMath. Matter of fact, you should be held back in NiggaMath class and take your trigger-happy ass back to Nigga-garten, so you can learn that it's an eye for an eye, not a life for a chain.

NiggaMath©. The wave of the future.

(Got any other examples of NiggaMath? Scream at the kid.)

Lloyd Banks: On His New York Shit?

There have been a few recent interviews with Lloyd Banks on the cusp of the release of his new album, Rotten Apple, and he just sounds dumber and dumber. First off, am I supposed to believe that this "Death Wish" track he has aimed at D-Block and Fat Joe is NOT coming on that album? If 50 "molded" him and made him, why would he deviate from that? He says he would garner worldwide attention if he put that shit on his album --- and? I mean, you talk about 50 being on people's minds and his relevance in the game, but one big part of his campaign for The Massacre was the whole Ja/Joe/Jada angle -- the disses and shit. G-Unit was BUILT on conflict, why act like you gonna shy away from that now?

#2: nigga, you know that some bitch ganked your CD and you had to reorganize your gameplan. You might have had 60 cuts, but there wasn't even 20 on that joint, and all of the ones that got leaked were, what? Garbage. Also, if you think no one wants it with Lloyd, you're mistaken. I highly doubt you'd murk as many people on the mic as you think you would. I mean, Jada alone is a tough nut to crack, and this nigga went up against Beans! You're a cronie, homie... know your role.

#3: Why is it when Game came out, niggas was all riding for him, but now that he is out of the G-Unit, it's like "we was never homies"?? If you guys roll together, where was he? I just don't get it... first it's you guys saying that he had been around for a few years, and I mean y'all obviously worked on music together... how the fuck is it now like you were never down?

#4: Why is it that on XXL, you say that you are brining it back to NY (I am going to put up with that phrase for 1 more week, then I don't want to hear it ever again), but when you list your collabos, it's all 8Ball and Scarface? Why even do that?

#5: Where's Buck album at? He's the only nigga of true relevance on a national level, due to the South's surgence in the mainstream.

#6: With the numbers Mobb Deep are doing (boo hoo, I lost that one), having them on your album doesn't really mean shit does it? (Although I loved your verse on "Stole Somethin'")...

Basically, Lloyd, do this for me: don't speak. Just make your porn videos, and make that fire on the mixtapes. When you start to try and rationalize and explain the utter bullshit you and your crew come with, it does not work well... whatever happened to real gangsters moving in silence...?

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Tetradin "Vaccine" Studio Mix...

For LOST fans into DnB, check out what these guys have done... funny stuff. Shouts to them -- check out the mix if you like Hard, Heavy DnB too... some of the new wunderkids on the scene!


Tetradin website Tetradin on Myspace

Wanna learn how to spin DnB?

Hospital Records' London Elektricity (aka Tony Coleman) and Cyantific show you how!

They also have a bi-weekly podcast set up. Previous podcasts have been hosted by Tony, but other artists soon come. Check it out!

Monday, May 29, 2006

RIP Clarence Beeks

Hailing from Jersey City, NJ, actor Paul Gleason recently passed away from the disease known as mesothelioma. He was best known as Clarence Beeks from the movie Trading Places, as well as the principal from The Breakfast Club. RIP dog, keep it greasey.


Sunday, May 28, 2006

Sunday YouTube Madness: Turntablist Edition

Yes, I'm kind of new to this whole YouTube thing, but I cannot help it. I've been on the hunt for Hip-Hop/Turntablism/DJ shit. Let's see some of my spoils:

#1 - DJ Cash Money (shouts to Philly) doing a quick Dr. Dre routine. All I gotta say is "HOLD UP!":

#2: DJ Craze doing what he does best. I'm glad I got to see him live before he turned into this big DnB phenom. His Hip-Hop sets are still my favorite.

#3: Lord Finesse and Roc Raida at a live show. Finesse actually pulls a decent lil routine, but Raida shits all over the comp. Was there any doubt?

#4: One of my fav DJs of all time: Rob Swift. He cuts up some classic Public Enemy. Watch how he entrances the dudes in the room. Kind of short but whatever.

#5: Another one of my fav DJs, Shortkut, hitting the beat juggle like no other. Shouts to the classic ISP fam, as well as the Beat Junkies.

#6: The true tests, shown on many a Skratch Pikl mixtape, is the freestyle sessions. That's where the best work with the best, and to me is the true essence of this turntablism shit. Check out DJ Babu, A-Trak, Rob Swift and Roc Raida TOGETHER. 5 minutes of funk:

#7: Check out DJ Klever of the Allies wreck shop. Nice rock influence mixed in as well. He might not look like he can rip shit, but check ya boy out:

#8: Ninja Tune's Kid Koala doing what he does best, with some ill interview pieces in the middle. If you don't know, better get to know:

#9: DJ A-Trak was formally known as the Canadian wonder who was one of the youngest phenoms in the game. He is now Kanye West's DJ, as well as putting together his own CD. Check him out live:

#10: I'm going to end this edition right now, but check out Mixmaster Mike, formally of the world famous ISP crew, now DJ for the Beastie Boys, rock the crowd with a hot live intro to their show. Peep game: