Snapshots: Snake Eyes from G.I. Joe Movie

Check out these first shots of Snake Eyes, from the forthcoming (read: 2009) G.I. Joe live-action movie. Damn, I might have to go see this. Will Tomax and Xamot be in the movie? They were my favorite characters.


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4 Responses to “Snapshots: Snake Eyes from G.I. Joe Movie”

Knowxone said...

Wow, this looks ill. Is there a trailer out for this yet? This and Dark Knight are gonna kill the game. Yo, you post on DOA also right?

khal said...

i dont think a trailer for this is out at all - im not even sure they have a good chunk of the filming done.

yes, i post on DOA.. and do news & reviews.

eriiclikewhoa said...

any word on who's gonna be playing him?

khal said...

ray park will be playing snake-eyes