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[video] Joulz Il "How Cool Is He" (Making Of)

It's good to know my boy Joulz Il is out there in the D, back in the studio with Entity. Check out the making of a new track, "How Cool Is He" (ft. Original Soul):

Bonus Beats:

"R&B Beef & Vocoders"

"It's Not Your Year"

"Freestyle (October 2007)"

Keep it locked to Joulz Il TV.


Anonymous said...

I have nothing, but the utmost love and respect for rockthedub.com! Thanks for always checking for me and supporting the movement, Khal. I've got something for you, duke. You show love, you definitely get love in return! If you havent had the chance to check out the music, now's a good of a time as any to become a fan.


Save yourself as a friend and stay posted. This year is......nah.....I REFUSE to give into that urge!

khal said...

word man. keep doing you. i just got your message a few minutes ago - must be nice to hit a blog and see yourself shining! lol. i was gonna email you guys but then i was like ... naaaaaaah let me see if they see it. keep doing it man!

Anonymous said...

Khal!!! You always got the one up on everybody else man! I JUST put up the videos and I'm ecstatic that when I got on to see my daily does of RTD I saw this! Really appreciate the love and support man. We're trying to make things happen (BEFORE everyone else's year in 2016, lol)! For each and everyone who is showing love, we appreciate you. Look out for Joulz Il and Entity Starr and make sure you check out the man Original Soul too!!!

Thanks again man.

khal said...

oh no doubt. i stay on my youtube channel of people putting out videos - saw some new treats and posted em up! gotta have the one up in this land, make yourself unique (to an extent).

Anonymous said...

I most definitely saw it. You know I stay reading rockthedub.com and you are right, it caught me COMPLETELY offguard.

You OFFICIALLY have the one up, everyone else was going to find out at the end of the week! LOL!