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What Does It All Mean?

Do you know your Hip-Hop history? Are you a true fan of cut-up music? Then you have to know about Steinski who, with Double Dee, created a trifecta known to bootleggers and historians alike as "The Lessons", a three-part series of cut-up classics that directly influenced artists like DJ Shadow & Cut Chemist, alongside Fatboy Slim and many others. Their first lesson, "The Payoff Mix", won a nationwide remix contest conducted by Tommy Boy Records, and was a Top 10 staple across the US urban radio stations. The three "Lessons" are still bootlegged to this day, and are both very influential - and very illegal. I mean, if you've heard DJ Shadow & Cut Chemist's "Lesson 4", Cut's "Lesson 6", and a host of other sequels, you've been a part of something magical. Steinski has since seen his career blossom, ranging from work done for MTV, VH1, Nickelodeon, Lifetime, Showtime, The Movie Channel, Ninja Tune, NME and many other organizations.

With all of that said, now's a good a time as any for a retrospective on Steinski's career, no? On May 27th, 2008, a double-disc collection entitled What Does It All Mean?: 1983-2006 Retrospective will be released on Illegal Art, and will be the one (and only) collection of its kind. Check out the tracklist:

CD 1 (Retrospective):

01. The Payoff Mix
02. Lesson 2 (James Brown Mix)
03. Lesson 3 (History of Hip Hop)
04. Jazz
05. Voice Mail (Sugar Hill Suite)
06. The Motorcade Sped On
07. It’s Up To You (Television Mix)
08. I’m Wild About That Thing
09. The Big Man Laughs
10. Vox Apostolica
11. Is We Going Under?
12, Ain’t No Thing
13. Everything’s Disappeared
14. Number Three On Flight Eleven

CD 2 (Nothing To Fear):

01. Tonight From NY Intro
02. Swingset
03. Opening Credits
04. Greatest Man Alive
05. The Id
06. Let’s Get It On
07. Hit The Disco
08. Lolita
09. Hot Spot
10. It’s A Funky Thing Pt. 1
11. Bboy Breakdown
12. B-beat Classic
13. Funk Construction
14. Them That’s Not
15. Swan Lake
16. Here We Come
17. Product Of The Environment
18. By Any Means Necessary
19. The Art Of Getting Jumped
20. I Like It Like That
21. Solid Air
22. Country Grammar
23. Let’s Get It On (Reprise)
24. Muscles
25. Easin’ In
26. It’s Time To Testify
27. The Acid Test
28. Silent Partner

If you are a fan of Hip-Hop, sample-based production, studio wizardry or social commentary, you need to pick up this compilation. It's a true testament to one of the pioneers in the music scene that isn't as heralded as the Dr. Dres and DJ Premiers. Here's to you, Steinski!

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