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On That Leak: "Black Culture"

Truth Universal ft. Wise Intelligent & Doodlebug "Black Culture" (prod. by Panik): You have to appreciate that pure Hip-Hop with a message. Truth represents Trinidad & Tobago, and grew up in Nawlins. He is down with Paris and the Guerilla Funk family, and his album, Self Determination, drops April 8th. Peep the tracklist:

1.) S-E-L-F Determination Intro (produced by Andino)
2.) Resistance Recital (produced by S1)
3.) Black Culture f/Wise Intelligent and Doodlebug (produced by Panik)
4.) Gotta Luv It (produced by Nick Tha 1da)
5.) Angola 3 (produced by Panik)
6.) Something Awful (Produced by Nick Tha 1da)
7.) Work (produced by Natural Born)
8.) Heat!!! (produced by Natural Born)
9.) Feminine Melanin f/Tondrae Kemp (produced by Gensu Dean)
10.) Beautiful Child Interlude (produced by Dan Freeman)
11.) The Best part (produced by S1)
12.) What It’s Bout f/Stic Man of Dead Prez (produced by Bass Heavy)
13.) Freedom(e) Or Death f/Sula of Zion Trinity (produced by Dan Freeman)
14.) Serve & Protect (produced by Bricks) ****Bonus Track

You gotta appreciate that edutainment.

Props again to Matt for the info!

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