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Foul Mouth Jerk ft. Masta Ace "Small Town USA"

Foul Mouth Jerk ft. Masta Ace "Small Town USA": You gotta love throwback rap. Shouts out to North Carolina for this one; this track is taken from FMJ's forthcoming LP, Streetlight Music, which is rockin' that throwback sound while still trying to bring those new styles and flows. Masta Ace does his thing on his verse, too. Check the tracklist for Streetlight Music:

1.) Streetlight Music
2.) The Jerks Theme
3.) NJ Transit f/El Da Sensai
4.) Small Town USA f/Masta Ace
5.) Tryin To Eat
6.) One Room Shack
7.) Neighborhood Drug Dealer
8.) Day one f/Grandmaster Caz and TopR
9.) The Decider
10.) Culture Of Life
11.) Played Out
12.) Lost In The Sauce f/Breez Evahflowin
13.) Mr. Green f/Hardy Cooper
14.) Take The Money And Run
15.) The Hard Part (Remix) f/Murs and G.Cutty
16.) Monopoly (Remix)

Nigga has a track called "NJ Transit"? I need to hear this! LP is in stores April 22nd.

Props to Matt for this one!


CassavaLeaf.com said...

NJ Transit sux ass in South Jersey yo!

CassavaLeaf.com said...

NJ Transit is the pits in South Jersey

khal said...

yeah it sucks up here in central jersey too. i take it everyday though...