Fuck Chuck Philips

Big up to The Smoking Gun for posting this in-depth piece on the latest L.A. Times piece on 2Pac's shooting at Quad Studios in NY. Looks like some cat James Sabatino, who is a storied forgerer, has concocted some heinous stories, and Chuck Philips ate it all up. Why? Because he seems to have some deep-seeded hatred towards Biggie Smalls, I guess. Whatever way you slice it, dude took the word of a bold-faced liar than the scores of those who said BIG, Diddy and others had nothing to do with the shooting. Why Philips didn't pour over his sources to make sure that shit stuck is beyond me...

Spotted over at Nah Right.

EDIT: Looks like Chuck Philips and the L.A. Times have apologized for their fuck up. At least he was man enough to admit he was wrong. Still a bitch ass nigga in my book.


Anonymous said...

One of the other writers on Highbrid Nation did a story on Pac and the craziness surrounding that shooting and I wondered what other were saying about this. It seems to me that this is something the news media refuses to let go. Everyone wants to be the one who solves the crime. In reality what are the chances of us solving a 15 year old crime? And in the end does it matter? That shooting did not lead to Pac's death. He recovered from that shooting. So what's the fuss about?

khal said...

thats my thing - why is this still news? is nothing else going on?