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Danny! ft. Von Pea "I Don't Know"

Danny! ft. Von Pea "I Don't Know": Peep this piano-happy cut from Danny!'s forthcoming album, And I Love H.E.R., which drops on April 15th. You probably heard the previously leaked "Guess Who's Back" sometime last week... check out the tracklist of this LP:

1. Intro
2. Guess Who’s Back (feat. Naledge)
3. I Want H.E.R. (She’s So Heavy) (feat. Collette)
4. At What Price (feat. Maria)
5. Jet Set
6. The Groove
7. Not The One (feat. Kid Syc)
8. Misery (feat. Branden M. Collins)
9. Intermission (interlude)
10. Wanderland
11. Where You Goin’ (feat. Maria)
12. Never Change (feat. Kid Syc and Branden M. Collins)
13. I Don’t Know (feat. Von Pea and Stephanie Mae)
14. Yoko Ono (feat. Che Grand)
15. Do You
16. After The Love Has Gone (feat. Collette)
17. Keep Dreamin’

Had no idea Che Grand was on this, too! Looks interesting. What do you lot thing? And how come I didn't know this cat was signed to Def Jux?


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