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S.O.UL. Purpose The Construction [review]

You gotta love when dope MCs come from your home state. Jersey City's S.O.U.L. Purpose is just that cat for New Jersey. We're a state that already boasts Poor Righteous Teachers, Redman, Queen Latifah, Joe Budden and a plethora of other MCs, and they all come correct. S.O.U.L. keeps this trend going on this new disc, The Construction; it's another sober Friday, so let's give this a track-by-track breakdown:

"Step Up (Intro)"
This intro cut is short but has that 1995 feel to it, from that classic loop to the flows that get bounced back and forth. Lovin' that vintage sound.

"The Product (ft. Block McCloud)"
Right off the rip, that old spy-movie sample gets you movin'. When the beat drops, it is kind of predictable, but I like the skittery drums thrown under that sample. The hook, with the words being matched to the sample, is not my thing, but it definitely works. As for the content, yeah get out of my area, this is my spot, I got what you need. Next.

"Cut The Rug"
One thing today's Rap Radio is full of is tracks with dances already built in. This one is a bit different - it's about a cat trying to just dance with the ladies. Well, he does get a bit sexual, but that's the shit you are thinking about when you are in the club, trying to get your swerve on with the females. I love that breakdown that comes in and out - such a dope track.

"Way That We Live"
Another heater. Music with a message, and speaking about something most cats only complain about: our people. You might fight, fuck, struggle and love your people, but you gotta cherish your people. Sometimes, your people are all you got.

"Tonelle Ave."
An old-school feeling beat showcasing his block. Chilltown swing, forreal. The ill thing about this track is dude makes me feel like he's talking about MY hood. You can hear the passion and love for his block in his stories.

"1 & 9 (ft. Special K & Big Zoo)"
Another track about the old days, but this one goes a bit further into the grimier side, although he doesn't sound like he loathes his past - this is just letting you know what's good (or not so good) in the Garden State. It ain't all tomatoes and pizza pies.

"Concrete Jungle"
Nice mixture of sounds on here, although I think it might veer into Timbaland-territory if they don't watch it. Some dope rhymes on this one, dude really goes in on the flows.

"Boob Tube"
Straight up and down, this cut is one of the iller tracks on here. Remember GZA's "Labels" track, and the various other tracks where he takes a theme and does whole verse about them? This is just like that, only with TV show titles used throughout. Some interesting uses as well, although I think the beat could have been a bit more upbeat. And it's almost too short...

"No Good"
'You don't even know the half of the half', eh? I'm honestly not feelin' this one. The beat is cool, but isn't that exciting, and I got lost in what he was rhymin' about after the first verse.

"I'm Pacin'"
This one jacks Soul II Soul's "back to life" refrain, but don't let that deter you: this one has a smooth groove to it. Different play on the drums, with a thumpin' kick setting the pace with some repeated horns and other flourishes. Nice summertime night vibe on this one.

"Knucklehead (ft. Poison Pen)"
Fuzzbox anthem to those niggas who just don't give a what. Nothing but braggin' rhymes and head-noddin' funk.

"Universal Condition (ft. Murs)"
For someone I've not heard of before, this cat is pulling some dope features on this CD. This one takes our country to task, trying to decipher what the fuck is going on in our country on many levels - while this doesn't change the world, its good to hear people still trying to get the people motivated to strive for change. Nice march-y vibe to this, I could see this being a smooth protest cut.

"Porno Star"
I was always a sucker for chicks making orgasm noises on tracks. I'll give you 1 guess on what this track is about. Kickin' that NC-17 subject matter on this one.

"Lemons (ft. Urban Sun & Redskin)"
The congas and organs make the beat sound like a leftover from What's Going On, but that's all I can really get into with this one. Just not my thing.

"Real O.G.'s"
ROFL @ "break yo' self, fool!"... this cut is just a big track. Cocky raps, lovin' that hook. Almost a late 90s feel to that basic beat and trunk-rattlin' bass. One for the jeeps.

"Rampage (ft. C-Rayz Walz & Pace)" (bonus track)
Yes, they flipped the EPMD "Rampage" beat and feel. Yes, this is one of my favorite cuts off the CD. Just that thick, classic feel in that loop, and all 3 cats make sure they went right in on their pens.

"Dry Spells (ft. Wordsworth)" (bonus track)
LOL @ "she grabbed my Goldberg, so we had to make Whoopi"; S.O.U.L. & Words go in on times when you can't get some coochie. Really funny track when you get what they are talkin' about...

"The Other White Meat (ft. Immortal Technique)" (bonus track)
Fuck the police, that's my word. Immortal Tech on anything is certified truth, and that beat is the hot shit. One would wish all anti-cop songs were this aggressive, lyrically, but that funky on the production.

Damn. For those of you who think Hip-Hop is dead, shut the fuck up and grab this disc. This has everything you need: comedy, social commentary, hardcore braggadocio, ill beats, hot flows, and an overall love for the music. I am not a fan of this because dude is reppin' Jersey City: I am that much more in love with the disc for that reason. Fans of good music, don't sleep on this one.

rock the dub gives The Construction 4 out of 5 stars. While there are some missteps, this disc is sure to grow on those who need something to take from the crib to the whip to the job and back again. Different flavors for every fan.

Burn Deez: "The Other White Meat", "Cut The Rug", "Dry Spells", "Rampage", Universal Condition"

The Construction is available NOW. You can cop it as digital download via Amazon MP3, and it looks like you can pre-order it from FYE.

Bonus Beats: here's the video for "The Way We Live"

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