Paterson: "I admit, I tricked a little..."

David Paterson, AKA the new blind nigga governor of New York, felt it necessary to let it be known that both himself and his wife Michelle Paige Paterson, in a "rough spot" in their marriage, tricked out on each other. Apparently, he admits to having multiple affairs on his wife in the past, although him being a blind nigga, I figure it could be the same chick with just like, a wig and sunglasses on, or a bitch speaking in a different accent. I'm sure this pissed off many politrickal niggas up in NY and in the Democrat party as a whole - "oh shit, the nigger's already got scandal", but hey, at least he was upfront, and has moved forward with his wife.

I can only think, though, that this is still going to be a brown stain, and his limited-time in office is going to be cut short because he told the truth. Good luck, Mr. Blind Nigga.

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