OHHLA Logo Design Contest

Hip-Hoppers surfing the 'Net, looking for the lyrics to that bomb-ass 2Pac song, have long surfed The Original Hip-Hop Lyrics Archive (OHHLA) and found their just due - or at least, they did. Tons of crappy, ad-drenched sites have sneaked in over the last years and taken their spot. Well, OHHLA has been working with Rafi, trying to give the site a much-needed makeover, and he is at the point where the above logo is in need of an overhaul. So, a contest has been presented. Any of you budding designers need to head on over to Oh Word and get the details, submit your logos, and if you win, a cool $150 will be given to you! Some cats have already submitted their works in that post's comments section, so get in on it!

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