T.I. Cops A Plea?

So XXL is reporting that T.I. is set to plead guilty in a deal that will bring his sentence down to 12 months in prison, as opposed to the 10 years he was looking at. After seeing him, Tiny and their family this past Easter Sunday, that is probably the best bet for both Tip and his fam. Hopefully this will go through, and Tip gets his life right and keeps it all the way legit in the future. I don't condone him copping guns, but I'm not him - I don't know what the fuck he was or is going through. Keep your head up, bruh.

When I get more info, I'll update this post with it.

UPDATE: Looks like Tip is set to plead guilty around 1:30PM EST. I just read the article, and I'm wondering - what's to do with Tip's snitching bodyguard? You think he's still on the Grand Hustle payroll? In any case, 1500 hours of community service (speaking to the youth, so they sya) and 1 year in prison on these charges = a hefty payday for the Tip Harris Legal Dream Team.

UPDATE: T.I. has entered his plea. He'll have to serve his 1,500 hrs. of community service in the year it will take before he is sentenced. Depending on his behavior, his time could be reduced... or increased. The judge still has to approve the deal. We'll see what happens.

UPDATE: Eskay posted the US Attorney's statement that says that Tip also got 3 years of probation, as well as a $100K fine. Small price to pay, no? Although I don't necessarily agree with Tip being called a snitch, I mean the bodyguard is the ultimate snitch. I would think the public, or your average Rap fan, in looking at the situation, will see Tip as making a good deal, given the charges and his rap sheet. Who knows... public opinion is a bitch.

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