Cocaine Blunts

Sorry Noz, I had to.

Politricks is a funny game. I had no idea that Former NY Gov. Spitzer was out there spending $4K on pretty ho's who liked to sing the R&B until a few weeks ago. I also didn't know that Blind Nigga Paterson was the Lt. Governor of NY, and heir to the throne (at least for the time being) until that time as well. Now, Paterson gets placed in the big boy chair and not only do I know that he and his wife fucked around on each other, but that he used to smoke and snort back 30 years ago. Why do we have to know all of this about this man? I mean, while I keep thinking that Paterson is a light-skinned Ray Charles, I could honestly care less if he smoked some herb, or that his marriage was in shambles. I applaud Paterson for being really real with his past, but why the fuck is this news NOW!? To quote the Beastie Boys, it's "SABOTAGE!"...

Any bets on how long he will be in office before he gets forcibly removed?

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