More Third News

Shouts to my boy srix for the link to this NME article featuring word on Portishead's forthcoming Third:

Portishead are to release 'Machine Gun' as the first single from their long-awaited album 'Third'.

The 12-inch vinyl is out on April 14, while a digital version is available from from 8pm on April 10.

The release does not feature any B-sides.

Meanwhile a USB stick edition of 'Third', out April 28, features a host of extras, including the following four films:

Ade's House - 'Machine Gun'
'The Rip' live @ Mr Wolfe’s
'We Carry On'
The Truly Spectacular Universal Conference Film

The band have also announced that they will issue a limited edition box set of 'Third', with details to be announced.

The album's tracklisting will be:

'Nylon Smile'
'The Rip'
'We Carry On'
'Deep Water'
'Machine Gun'
'Magic Doors'

But, if you read my blog, you know this leaked already. Can't wait to buy this, though. Two questions: 1) how much with that USB stick cost, and 2) will their be B-sides to any of the other singles? Oh, and one more: will the videos be available for purchase outside of the USB stick? Time will tell I guess...

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jon jon said...

it took ten years , but its a banger