The Roots Are Doing It Wrong

In reading this recent NY Times article on The Roots, I got to thinking: how come Live Nation doesn't try to set up a deal for The Roots like they did for Jay-Z? I'm not saying pay ?uestlove $100 million, but doesn't it make sense for one of the touring-est acts in music today be signed to a deal like that? In today's climate, a group like The Roots seems to have an even tougher time staying relevant in the ringtone/download sector, especially with fans seeming to stop praising their albums each time a new one drops.

The Roots need some kind of machine to help them function. As long as an entity believes in them and is willing to fund their progress, their machine will move the way it should. I can only assume what would happen if they got dropped... who's going to pick them up?

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2 Responses to “The Roots Are Doing It Wrong”

jon jon said...

yo Khal, the Roots crew are cool, they dont need a corpoarte sponsor, they simply need their fans to but their records yo.

Their like The Grateful Dead, they will always be able to play on....f*ck waiting for a BET/MTV jump.

jorge engineer said...

there is definitely something to be said about the correlation between this entry and geoff barrow's comments.