Saturday, September 20, 2008

Myk Dyalek Chilla Than A Catipilla Mixtape

1/3 of Brokn.Englsh, Myk Dyaleks goes for broke on his latest mixtape. You might have seen the advanced leak version, but I got my mittens on the completed jawn, and uploaded it for you nakkas. New Jeru, stand up, and listen to "Dear Jersey". Shouts to J Dub for the hookup.

[video] Fokis "Can't You See"

related: Fokis & Focus... 20/20 EP

[video] Ne-Yo "She Got Her Own"

Featuring Jamie Foxx & Fabolous:

J-Love & The GZA Wordplay Master

You already know...

DOWNLOAD: mirror 1 \ mirror 2


1) Fame (Rmx) Produced By J-Love
2) Clan In Da Front
3) I Gotcha Back
4) Duel Of The Iron Mic Feat Inspectah Deck Masta Killa Ol Dirty Bastard
5) Third World Feat Rza
6) When The Fat Lady Sings
7) Shadowboxin Feat Method Man
8) Cold World Remix Feat Inspectah Deck & D’Angelo
9) Paper Plater
10) Alphabet
11) Breaker Breaker Rmx Feat Inspectah Deck & Masta Killa
12) Hammer Feat Ghostface Killah Inspectah Deck Raekwon Method Man U God
13) 4Th Chamber Feat Ghostface Killah Rza Killah Preist
14) Liquid Swords
15) As High As Wu Tang Get Feat Ol Dirty Bastard & Method Man
16) Beneathe The Surface Feat Killah Preist
17) Street Corner Feat Inspectah Deck & Masta Killa
18) Publicity
19) The W Feat Raekwon Method Man & U God
20) The Genius Is Slammin’
21) Pass The Bone Feat Rza
22) Take It Back To Brooklyn Feat Ol Dirty Bastard
23) Made In The Usa Feat Ol Dirty Bastard
24) Watch Your Mouth Feat Raekwon Ghostface Killah Masta Killa Rza
Method Man Inspectah Deck U God
25) 9Mm Brothers Feat Ghostface Killah Raekwon Ol Dirty Bastard Masta
Killa Method Man Rza Inspectah Deck Cappadonna U God
26) Head Rush Feat Rza
27) Reunited Feat Wu Tang Clan

Via Get Right Music.

Argon Radio 14

I hit you guys with Argon 10 last month, and now Nick Argon steps up with Babylon System for a heavy selection...



nick argon:
1. floetry - say yes (distinction remix)
2. tes la rok - belong remix
3. konnek deep - honest
4. jack sparrow - general remix
5. l-wiz - lavender wedding
6. stevie wonder - jammin' (6blocc remix)
7. unknown - ghost town remix
8. desto - bounce - forthcoming boombap
9. jack sparrow - shadings
10. l-wiz - disco feeva
11. dj madd - vibez
12. wascal - all i need
13. von d - so many faces (vip mix)
14. liquid stranger - crush groovin
15. liquid wicked - dub war
16. kulture blak & ilodica - highgrade
17. liquid wicked featuring warrior queen - moon eclipse
18. black sun empire - hypersun
19. redemption & twisted - ill dire
20. twisted - robots (j:kenzo remix)
21. dutty ranks - greasy mits
22. unknown - phat planet remix
23. bar 9 - midnight
24. kion and murda - dubman fadeaway remix

babylon system:
25. babylon system ft. candy vox - hyphy (unfinished)
26. ekaj - other worlds
27. emalkay - heroics
28. bar 9 - bakin bred
29. liondub & shaketek feat jahdan - the general (noah d remix)
30. babylon system & antiserum - cali style - forthcoming argon
31. enei - war
32. ruf - raw love
33. ekaj - tetsu
34. chasing shadows - the end
35. emalkay - explicit
36. benny page & zero g - trigger finger
37. benny page - original killa
38. alborosie - police polizia (noah d & roommate remix)
39. matt u - peyote
40. matt u - free me
41. satori - time to kill
42. osc - dreadlock
43. noah d vs roommate - the bassman
44. mayhem & whisperlink - untitled
45. babylon system vs spl - hypnosis
46. babylon system & noah d - examination of time (vip mix) - forthcoming argon
47. reso - onslaught
48. black sun empire - cold crisis
49. damian marley - it was written (chasing shadows remix)
50. dz - break it down
51. babylon system vs spl - on fire

Ridiculous. Serious tunes in here.

Kanye West LIVE At The Knitting Factory

OnSMASH has put up a bunch of videos from the GOOD Music Show at The Knitting Factory on September 9th; check 'em out:

"Love Lockdown"

"Can't Tell Me Nothing"

"Flashing Lights"

"Put On"

"Swagger Like Us"

"Gone" (with Consequence)

"Stressed Out" (with Consequence & Q-Tip)

[video] Serchlite TV: T.I.

Mr. Lif & Cymarshall Law LIVE (Sept. 28, 2008)

Sick, sick event. Entry is FREE if you register to vote; this concert will also be streaming LIVE on and Fresh! Big up Aubrey for the heads up!

The CRUNK!!! Outlet!

Do you need a case of Sugar Free CRUNK!!!? Make sure you check out The CRUNK!!! Outlet, where they are passing out crazy deals (e.g. 16oz case of Sugar Free CRUNK!!! for $30, which is normally $44)! You can pay by PayPal or Google Checkout as well, making things mad easy.

Shouts to Regis for the info!

[video] Skepta - Radio One Freestyle

Still At War Album Sampler

Here's a five-minute tease of the forthcoming Still At War album; I also posted the tracklist and more info on this massive project over on DOA. You should be ready, but I don't think you are...

Friday, September 19, 2008

[video] E-40 ft. Turf Talk "Got Rich Twice"

LUKKI - C89.5 Guest Mix

Shift Recordings' Lukki dropped this heavy guest mix for C89.5, which is a local Seattle station that's not necessarily a dubstep-loving spot, with a fat sack of cuts.



12th Planet - 28 Hours later (Red Volume)
Reso - If You Can't Beat 'Em
Bar 9 - Shaolin Style
Mr. Curtamos ft. Werd2Jah - Dub Family (Stupid Fly)
12th Planet - Turn Me On
Tes La Rock ft. Uncle Sam - Round the World Girls (Argon)
Bar 9 - Pussy Hole
Koan Sound - Clowny (Abducted)
Bar 9 - Breezeblox
UltraBlack - Queen of Filth (LA Dubstep Nostra)
EMU & Pawn ft. Werd2Jah - Headshot
Coki - Spongebob (DMZ)
High Rankin - You, Me and the Devil (Suicide Dub)
Selfsimilar - 1st Degree (Shift)
Triage - Play Dead
Tizzer & Press - Solitude (Shift)
KJ Sawka - Subconnectors (Press & Selfsimilar rmx) (Shift)
Dubtek - Aclimate (Shift)
Ale Fillman - Nightmare (Shift)
DZ - The Jump Off
Conscious Pilot - Untitled
Conscious Pilot - Hash N Hydro (Shift 003 forth.)
Fragile - Unabomber (Shift 003 forth.)
TRiLLBASS - Fucking Heater (Shift002)
DZ - Stomper
Conscious Pilot - Night Owl (Shift)
Selfsimilar - 9mm (Rottun)
Tryptomatik - Polizia Dreadlock (Forum dub)

You need this.

Mustard Pimp "Zombie Revenge"

Mustard Pimp "Zombie Revenge": I dropped a few remixes from this crew back in August, and got their latest track passed to me the other day. And it's fire. Club bangers, forreal. Shouts to the Mustard Pimp crew for keeping it gutter.

Bonus Beats: Mustard Pimp - Discobelle Mixtape [via Discobelle]

DivaSpeakTV: Episode 27

GemStones "Everything's Okay"

GemStones "Everything's Okay": For some reason, Chicago fucks with rock the dub. I got passed this joint in the inbox a few hours back, and although I'm not the biggest Lupe/1st & 15th fan, I do like what GemStones (fka Gemini) comes up with. Watch out for his first mixtape, Untamed Beast, as well as his Troubles of the World album, which should be dropping early 2009.

Illa J Yancey Boys Tracklist

Illa J's J Dilla-produced Yancey Boys album will be out on Delicious Vinyl on November 4th. One word? WANT...


1. Timeless
2. We Here
3. R U Listenin’ feat. Guilty Simpson
4. Alien Family
5. Strugglin
6. Showtime
7. Swagger
8. Mr. Shakes (skit)
9. DFTF feat. Affion Crockett
10. All Good
11. Sounds Like Love feat. Debit Nova
12. Everytime
13. Illasoul
14. Air Signs

Really can't wait to get my mitts on this one.

[video] Kardinal Offishall Rap City Freestyle

From Sept. 18th:

[video] Travis McCoy Rap City Freestyle

From Sept. 17th:

Spec Boogie "Gettin' Up (Remix)"

Spec Boogie "Gettin' Up (Remix)": Spec returns with some Krylon fantasies over this lush beat. I always wanted to be a toy, get up and bomb, but I never ran with crews, nor was my art that ill anyways. Good to hear the Loosie crew out there getting theirs. Some new ish from that camp is coming, trust.

Bonus Beats: Spec Boogie "Heartbeat (Remix)"

An Evening Of Hip-Hop With A Kreyol Twist (Sept. 22nd 2008)

On Monday, SOBs and Sak Pase Records are teaming up for a benefit concert for the flood victims over in Haiti. It will be hosted by Wyclef Jean, Papa Jube & Joe Mignon. Show some support, fam.

Friday, September 19th 2008 playlist

That would be me if I was a cartoon guy who owned a purple shirt, red doo rag and no facial hair.





Shouts to my homey SBK for re-putting me onto this classic earlier in the week...

Masta Ace Incorporated Born To Roll"

If I was a DJ, I'd body that beat on the decks. Alas, I'm not. Anyways, enjoy your weekend, fam!

Diddy's Shitkickers

Via TMZ.

Juelz Santana Presents Skull Gang Takeover

You guys have been waiting for this one.



1. Intro - Takeover (Juelz & Starr)
2.” Aggy” (Juelz, UnKasa, Richmond Rabb)
3.” Drama Fold” (Juelz, John Depp & Richmond Rabb)
4.” Touch Me Tease Me” (Juelz, Starr,UnKasa, Rabb, & John Depp)
5.” B4″ ( Juelz & John Depp)
6.” Problems”(Juelz, Rabb feat. Lil’ Wayne)
7. “Johnny Jerajian”- Skit
8. “Don’t want you back” (Juelz, John Depp, & Rabb)
9. “Fire” (Juelz, UnKasa & Rabb)
10. “Here we are” (Juelz, Rabb, John Depp, Riq, & Tobb Cobain)
11. “Relax” (Juelz, UnKasa, John Depp & Rabb)
12. “What you reppin”(SKULL GANG)- (Juelz, John Depp, UnKasa, Rabb & Starr)
13.” Body like a Maserati”( Juelz, Rabb, John Depp, Starr & UnKasa)
14. “Who said that”-skit
15. “Peepin my Swag” (Juelz, John Depp, Rabb, UnKasa, Riq, Deniro & Mo’ Betta)
16.”Dropping some shit” ( Juelz, UnKasa, Rabb & Deniro)
17. “Shawty dirtbike”-skit
18.”Taking over your radio” (Juelz, John Depp, UnKasa& Deniro)
19. “Birds flying in” (Juelz, Rabb feat. Jim Jones)
20. “You gotta give me some” (Juelz, Unkasa, John Depp, Rabb & Deniro)
21. Outro - “Make it Rain” (Starr & Juelz)

Via Nah Right.

Where's A Different World?

Of the many hours of TV my wife and I watch, we don't watch a lot of the same shows. Two of the shows we have enjoyed immensely together are The Cosby Show and A Different World. A few weeks back, she made mention to me about how she read that, while Season 1 dropped on DVD, subsequent seasons have been held in limbo. Doing some research on Wikipedia, I found this, saying that Urban Works, the company that owned the rights to release these, was bought out by First Look Studios back in 2006. Digging deeper, I read that, while it was intially set to drop, Season 2's DVD release got cancelled with no word on if/when it would be brought back. What's good with that?

I hit up the First Look site, and tried calling the number in their Contact Us section. Error message? I noticed an e-mail address, and sent a pretty detailed message asking for info, and ended up getting it blocked by their spam filter. Now, this company has also released The Cosby Show, as well as Baywatch, in the last few years, on DVD. Why not A Different World? Is this just a mess up with the rights and licenses, or is it deeper? Do they not think a show of this caliber will make money with the demographic it reached (urban youth from the late 80s/early 90s, college students, fans of The Cosby Show, etc.)? BET has shown reruns over the last few months, as have Oxygen and other channels... how could a DVD release of the remaining seasons NOT get put out?

I am two steps from starting up a petition on this, but I want to know that fans of the series are with me on this, wondering where this show will end up in the end. Pass this on, leave a comment, let's get together on ths one!

EDIT: Right before posting this, I noticed TransGriot has the same idea, in longer detail, explaining Viacom's thoughts on putting this out (poor sales of Season 1 = not coming out). We need to get organized...

Remedial Parenting

How ignorant ass nigga parents can videotape their young-ass kids talkin' all kinds of dumb shit, cussin' and all this nonsense, is beyond me. This shit doesn't even make any kind of rational sense:

[video] Faizon Love On Funkmaster Flex

Is this nigga serious? Talkin' mad reckless on Funkmaster Flex's rant on R. Kelly:

[video] The Making Of Wildhead Portibeast

related: illRoots & Notherground Music Presents Wildhead Portibeast

Thursday, September 18, 2008

[video] Camp Lo "Lumdi"

I'm glad they did a video for this one:

Articulate "B-Town"

Articulate "B-Town" [dirty / clean]: My homey Articulate flips Tabi Bonney's "Nothing But a Hero" into a subtle B-more club cut about, well, Baltimore. I didn't used to fuck with B-more/club music, but I can't help it... the tempo is perfect to catch wreck to, as well to bust a few rhymes to. Articulate, you a fool for this one!

BGDB Live-Blogs Ludacris' Conference Call

Since he couldn't record it, Enigmatik decided he will live blog it instead.

[video] Mikkey Halsted "Rebel To America" LIVE

Via FSD, who has more videos and words from the FSD x Mikkey Halsted "One Night Only" show from the other day.

[video] Kay Slay Speaks On "Commenters"

Shouldn't he be pointing this at ignorant ass niggas who don't know their history, as opposed to "YouTube commenters"? I feel what he's saying, but that's just ignorance.

John Legend ft. Kanye West & Pharrell "It's Over"

John Legend ft. Kanye West & Pharrell "It's Over": I know a lot of heads posted up the radio rip, but the homey Benzi says that this version is a bit different... and will be up on the next DDS shipment, as well as on John's Evolver. I actually avoided the radio rip, but I'm feeling this right now.

Aubrey O'Day In Complex

This is from their "Classy" Issue. Tongue planted firmly in cheek, I hope. You can peep more of the pics HERE, with the trailer-trash interview HERE. Props to The YBF.

[video] Funkmaster Flex On R. Kelly

Via BGDB. Flex, you kick that real shit time and again, and this is the realest thing I've ever heard from you, and I applaud you for it. That's why this nasty nigga doesn't get any positive play on rock the dub - his fucking molester ass was ON TAPE PISSING ON CHILDREN! Be forreal with yourselves if you choose to stick up for this lame cat. Fuck R. Kelly.

related: [video] R. Kelly BET Interview

G-Christ Damage Is Done EP

Shouts to MOS of Crew54 for hitting me off with this. I had this EP on during my commute to work this morning, and was pleasantly surprised. Most of the time, niggas will hit you off with shit and it will come off as too-similar to stuff that's out, but G-Christ has his own sense of humor, and the beats are knockin'! Nice use of ill samples... just a dope FREE project for you to devour.



1. Intro - prod. by Kingverse
2. Living Big - prod. by Reeplay
3. Forsake His Love ft. Alpha 20/20 - prod. by Alpha 20/20
4. Kcuf G-Christ (Skit)
5. Put It Down ft. DDC prod. by The Fiyamen
6. Losing Control - prod. by Zaire of the Sole Vibe
7. Going - prod. by G-Christ
8. Damage Is Done

PS - the older I get, the more I relate to "Living Big". Need more big man anthems.

[video] J Swift "Stack My Chips"

I had been waiting for more info on 1 more hit for the longest, and got the following message in my MySpace inbox...

What's up? This IS J Sw!ft. I was still dealing with my drug problem when You sent this message. I'm happy to say the movie is finished and my new single and video "Stack My Chips" from the sountrack is on youtube. Check it out and let me know what you think. Thanks for your support and spread the word.

Peace, Love, and hip Hop,

J Sw!ft

Here's the video in question:

I need this movie in my life. I'm gonna say NSFW for some real images of crack smoking and the ills from that lifestyle. Stay up, J.

[video] Megan Fox GQ Photoshoot

[video] Q-Bert x Slick Rick

Another deleted scene from the forthcoming Turntable TV DX DVD:

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

[video] Immortal Technique "Golpe De Estado"

Featuring Veneno & Temperamento:

Manifest "Murda Musik"

Manifest "Murda Musik" (mirror): Here's a heavy dubplate that Manifest is giving out for free(!) to celebrate the return of Deception Recordings! Read all about it here.

The Alchemist ft. Jadakiss, Snoop Dogg & Pusha T. "Lose Your Life"

The Alchemist ft. Jadakiss, Snoop Dogg & Pusha T. "Lose Your Life": Christ. Where do these fire combinations come from!?!? This one has that woofer-beasting bass on it, plain and simple. You need this.

PS Snoop is only on the hook...

Shouts to Young Sav.

[video] Behind The Scenes: Q-Tip "Move"

Black Milk TRONIC Cover+Tracklist

Black Milk's third solo album, TRONIC, is set to drop on October 28th through Fat Beats. This LP is solely produced by Black, and only has three guest verses (from Pharoahe Monch, Royce Da 5'9 & Sean Price); the production also features flourishes from the likes of Dwele, Colin Munroe and DJ Premier. Check out the tracklist...

1. Long Story Short ft. Dwele
2. Bounce
3. Give The Drummer Su
4. Without U ft. Colin Munroe
5. Hold It Down
6. Losing Out ft. Royce Da 5'9
7. Hell Yeah ft. Fat Ray
8. Overdose
9. Reppin For U ft. AB
10. The Matrix ft. Pharoahe Monch, Sean Price, & DJ Premier
11. Try
12. Tronic Summe
13. Bond 4 Life ft. Melanie Rutherford
14. Elec (OUTRO)

Shouts to Michelle for the info!

Bonus Beats: Black Milk Music From The Color Purple

[video] D-Que @ Red Bull Big Tune, Chicago 2008 (Pt. 1)

related: Suspect Red Bull Music

[video] Behind The Scenes: Ludacris & 9th Wonder In The Studio

[video] Ryan Leslie "Addiction" (Alternate Version)

[video] R.O.E. LIVE At SIUC

Expo & Screw "Ohh So High"

Expo & Screw "Ohh So High" (prod. by Expo): South Jersey stand up! Elevated Records fam Expo comes with a heat rocket on this one, coming with some dope rhymes that reference, well, dope, including Katt Williams' weed bit from The Pimp Chronicles Pt. 1. Hopefully Expo can hit me with some more freshness like this... or better!

[video] R. Kelly BET Interview

Here's the video of R. Kelly's "first and last time" speaking on the child pornography accusations, which aired on BET last night (VH1 has a rundown on this interview as well):

Kel Spencer "No Sleep 'Till Brooklyn 2008"

Kel Spencer "No Sleep 'Till Brooklyn 2008" (prod. by DJ Denox): This four alarm blazer is forthcoming on Denox's We Break The Hits Vol. 5, Part 2, which is hosted by Termanology. Dude keeps the originals guitar riffin', but drops some 2008 flavors overtop.

[video] Kim Kardashian Radar Photoshoot

DOA Q&A: Shogun Assassains

Check out my interviews with DJ Friction, Alix Perez, SpectraSoul & Icicle, speaking on the Shogun Assassains 2008 Tour, Alix's forthcoming album, future Shogun Audio/SGN:LTD releases and more!

Fokis & Focus... 20/20 EP

Fokis & Focus...'s 20/20 EP is available here; I also have word on the winner of the 20/20 Contest: congrats to Dylan Avery out of Colorado! Fokis should be contacting you with info on your prizes!

Black ELement & Dub Floyd Missing ELements (Volume 1)

If you've peeped my blog at all, you've seen mad posts with Black ELement featured. On the cusp of his release of A Major Minority (which is now set to drop on September 25th, just so Black can iron things out and get it 100% in his mind), he's linked with Dub Floyd and illRoots to drop the first volume of the Missing ELements mixtape, chronicling the leaks Black threw out in anticipation of AMM., as well as 4 album cuts AND some rare joints, all expertly blended by Floyd.



01. Missing ELements (Intro)
02. All I 3 feat. NAV (Prod. by Danksta)
03. The Itis (Prod. by 6th Sense)
04. Cant Call It (Prod. by Ryan Durkin)
05. Confirmation (Prod. by 6th Sense)
06. Keeps it Rawkin' (Prod. by Rami Afuni)
07. We Gon Ride (Prod. by Rami Afuni)
08. Presidential Paradise (Prod. by BBoySpaz)
09. Cuz We Felt Like It (Interlude)
10. Human (Prod. by Kush Klien)
11. The Fabolous Life (Prod. by Rami Afuni)
12. The Equation (Prod. by Ryan Durkin)
13. Down?!?! (Prod. by Ryan Durkin)
14. Halle Berry (Prod. by Rami Afuni)
15. Loose Change (Prod. by Rami Afuni)
16. Sex Ed feat. T-Payne (Prod. by Rami Afuni)
17. Missing ELements (outro)
18. BONUS - Ama Tell It Like (Prod. by Rami Afuni)
19. BONUS - Folks Don't Cost A Thing feat. NAV (Prod. by Rami Afuni)

Keep it locked to rock the dub for word on when this dope album drops!

E.A.R.T.H. "Feelin' Alive"

E.A.R.T.H. "Feelin' Alive": Everything Around Revolves Thru Hip-Hop has been a group I wanted to get on my Lighthouse Project, but never got word back. Seems to be my dealings with them... love their work, set up to do something, and for whatever reason it falls through. Imagine my surprise when I got passed "Feelin' Alive" in my MySpace inbox. This is one of those tracks where you can't help but rejoice, even though life can be shitty at times, you gotta keep that focus and still strive to do you. Money and capitalism can be a bitch, but getting that frustration out with your art? Nothing better...

E.A.R.T.H. Crew, get at me!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Duck Down Hotline

Check out this 80 minute, DJ Revolution-hosted mixtape:

1) DJ Revolution INTRO & Buckshot Interview
2) 9th Wonder & Buckshot "Brand Nu Day"
3) Buckshot Interview
4) 9th Wonder & Buckshot featuring Mickey Factz "Concrete Jungle"
5) Buckshot Interview
6) Buckshot "WHO GOT THE PROPS 2008"
7) DJ Double O of Kidz In The Hall Interview
8) Kidz In The Hall featuring Estelle "Love Hangover" (Video debuted on MTV's TRL)
9) Naledge of Kidz In the Hall Interview
10) Kidz In The Hall "Driving Down The Block Westcoast Remix"
11) Ruste Juxx Interview
12) Ruste Juxx "Vic Flair"
13) Ruste Juxx "Wipe Off Ya Smile" off INDESTRUCTIBLE in stores October 28th
14) Heltah Skeltah Interview
15) Heltah Skeltah "Everything Is Heltah Skeltah" off D.I.R.T. (DA INCREDIBLE RAP TEAM) IN STORES SEPTEMBER 30th
16) Heltah Skeltah "FUCK THAT RAPPER"
17) DJ Revolution Interview conducted by DJ LOGIC
18) DJ Revolution featuring KRS-ONE "THE DJ" off KING OF THE DECKS IN STORES SEPTEMBER 16th
19) DJ Revolution Interview
20) DJ Revolution featuring Bishop Lamont, Crooked I & Styliztik Jones "Funky Piano" off KING OF THE DECKS IN STORES SEPTEMBER 16th
21) DJ Revolution Outro

Grab the download here.

Kanye West "Love Lockdown"

Kanye West "Love Lockdown": So this is the new single from Kanye's 808's & Heartbreak, and I can't hate this anymore than I do now. Actually, if he had T-Pain singing the chorus, with Lil' Wayne doing a auto-tune'd 16 about Superhead, I'd probably REALLY hate this. I truly hope the rest of the album (which hits stores December 16th) doesn't sound this ridiculous.

EDIT: Here's the mastered version. Shouts to BoBO.

EDIT: Kanye's posted a new version of "Love Lockdown". [via 2DB]

Big Shug "Like A Muhfucka"

Big Shug "Like A Muhfucka" (prod. by DJ Premier): While any other MC could do a whole track ending each line with "like a muhfucka", not every MC is Big Shug, nor or all of them produced by DJ Premier. This is just heavenly ignorant, taken from Shug's forthcoming Otherside Of The Game, which drops on November 4th, and features heads like Termanology, Bumpy Knuckles, Billy Danze, Blaq Poet & Singapore Kane, with production from Primo and MoSS. Here's the tracklist:

1.) Intro
2.) Soundcheck (produced by DJ Premier)
3.) When I Strike (produced by DJ Premier)
4.) What it Means f/Billy Danze of M.O.P. & Frankie Wainwright (Produced by Soul Professa)
5.) Like A Muhfucka (produced by DJ Premier)
6.) Murdapan (produced by MoSS)
7.) 123 Bang f/Bumpy Knuckles & Hectic of ST. (produced by MoSS)
8.) Bring It Back (produced by MoSS)
9.) My Boston f/Termanology & Singapore Kane (Produced by DJ Premier)
10.) Better (Produced by Lee Bannon)
11.) Lonely Heart (Produced by Purpose)
12.) The Meaning Of Hardcore (produced by MoSS)
13.) Protection (produced by Lee Bannon)
14.) Militant Soldiers II f/Blaq Poet and Singapore Kane (produced by MoSS)
15.) Keep Calling Me (produced by Jay Quest)
16.) Young Death (produced by Gemz)

Bonus Beats: Big Shug ft. Termanology & Singapore Kane "My Boston" (prod. by DJ Premier)

[video] DJ Revolution ft. Special Teamz "Big Top"

DJ G-Spot, Shadyville, G-Unit & Aftermath UNC '08 Mixtape

My homey DJ G Spot, one of the Shadyville DJs, hit me with the latest mixtape from The Unit. A lot of these joints have been bubblin' on the 'Net, and are now in one sleek package for you heads to rock to...



Whoo Kid Intro
50 Cent feat T-Pain – You Won’t Believe Me
50 Cent feat MIA – Paper Planes
50 Cent – Here I Am
Lloyd Banks – Its My Time
Lloyd Banks – Brand New Car
Lloyd Banks – Fast Lane
Lloyd Banks – Money Walks
Lloyd Banks – 718 Nigga
Lloyd Banks – Call It How I See It
Tony Yayo – Hate Blog
Tony Yayo – Southside State Of Mind
Tony Yayo – 3 Straps
Tony Yayo – Catch 22
Busta Rhymes feat Show Money & Reek Da Villian - Give A Damn
Busta Rhymes – Packin Them Thangs
Busta Rhymes feat Grafh & Prinz – Like Ohh
Busta Rhymes feat Travis Barker – Don’t Touch Me
Bishop Lamont feat Warren G, Busta Rhymes & Stat Quo - Guerilla Pimpin
Bishop Lamont – Send A Nigga Home
Bishop Lamont – Grow Up
Bishop Lamont - Money
Book DJ G-Spot Outro
Jus Mic – Hands Up (bonus track)

That Busta Rhymes "Packin' Them Thangs" is the truth.

6th Sense "I Won't Let You Fall"

6th Sense "I Won't Let You Fall": Yep, he went in. Listening to Cipha Sounds & Peter Rosenberg morning show archives, I've been hearing this joint a lot more than I want to, so I welcome 6th's take on it. Remix coming soon!

Johnny Polygon "Black In The Back"

Johnny Polygon "Black In The Back" (prod. by Green Lantern): Johnny Polygon is the cat you probably heard first on Nas' "Black President"; Green Lantern has taken homeboy under his wing, and is bringing his work to us... interesting stuff, not the normal cuts you'd expect from Green. Check out this Polygon track about one of my favorite things... and while you're out it, check out the commercial for Wolf In Cheap Clothing:

Shouts to Swift for this one!

[video] Articulate "Capital Punishment" LIVE

Bonus Beats: Articluate "Capital Punishment"

Butta Verses Reality BV: Behind The Scenes Mixtape

DOWNLOAD; this will serve as a preview to Butta Verse's Reality BV album, which drops today on digital download, with CDs coming September 30th. Click the image for more info!

[video] XL ft. Sean Price "Credibility"

"Credibility" is availale on iTunes today as a digital 12" from Strong Arm Productions. This cut is produced by Shuko, and will be featured on XL's Beast Coast album, which "includes features and production from Sean Price, Juganot, Skyzoo, Big Shug, Ill Bill, Slaine, Esoteric, M-Phazes, Shuko, Domingo, G-Squared and more!"

Shouts to Matt Diamond for the heads up!

[video] Johnson&Jonson "J&J"

Via 2DB.

Unreleased Cool Kids Tracks, Round 3

Once again, it's on... this time with bonus tracks!

Shouts to Optimus Prime & Shogun for these. If you missed the other leaks, check out these posts.

[video] Señor Kaos "Girls Rock Too"

I dropped this track back on rock the dub radio 020, and noticed the video has popped up on a few sites:

Back 2 The Basics (Leaders Of The New School)

Legend, DJ Nice & Statik Selektah have created a mixtape that showcases not only the freshest MCs of today's Hip-Hop scene, but cuts that both "take it back" while "pushing forward". Don't even sleep...



01. Torae - Back 2 The Basics (Intro)
02. Jadakiss - Who Run This (Feat. Jay-Z) (Produced By Baby Grand)
03. Joell Ortiz - Sympathy
04. Styles P - Villian (Produced by J.Cardim)
05. Stimuli - Walk On Water 2
06. Skyzoo - Bragging Rights (Remix) (Produced by Analogic)
07. Fashawn - Our Way (Feat. Evidence) (Produced by Exile)
08. Godchild - Another Day, Another Dollar (Produced by Mike The Martyr)
09. Reks - Money On The Ave (Remix) (Feat. Skyzoo & Termanology)
10. Cambatta - What It Do (Produced by Boonie Mayfield)
11. Statik Selektah - Mr. Popularity (Feat. Consequence)
12. Cory Gunz - Lay Me Down (Produced By Nottz)
13. Lil Wayne - Still Standing (Feat. Junior Reid) (Snippet)
14. Emilio Rojas & M-Phazes - 585
15. Kanye West - Love LockDown
16. AC - I Engineer (Feat. The Senate)
17. DJ KO - Someday (Talib Kweli, Torae, John Robinson & Tiffany Paige)
18. Statik Selektah - This Is It (Showoff Remix) (Feat. D-Dot, Redman & Black Rob)
19. Ced Hughes - Back 2 The Basics (Like This) (Produced By Ced Hughes)
20. Ludacris - Undisputed (Feat. Floyd Mayweather Jr.) (Produced By Don Cannon)
21. B.o.B - I'll Be In The Sky (Produced By B.o.B)
22. ESSO - Thinkin' Out Loud IV
23. Max B - Live Comfortable
24. Big L - Principal Of The New School (Unreleased)
25. Naledge - Happy Birthday (Produced By Statik Selektah)
26. Fashawn - Because I'm Black
27. Blu - HoldOn
28. Theo - 2055 (The Future)
29. Rain - Back 2 Life (Produced By Scram Jones)
30. Curren$y - Whoa (Outro) (Produced By Kid Eight)

Shouts to Theo for the heads up on this.

Brown Bag All Stars "Undeniable"

Brown Bag All Stars "Undeniable" (prod. by The Audible Doctor): The BBAS crew is dropping their self-titled mixtape exclusively at Fat Beats NY on Friday, September 19th; this track comes from that mixtape, and features cuts and production from The Audible Doctor. "It's un-de-niable!"

Shouts to KONCEPT, always.

Monday, September 15, 2008

[video] T.I. & B.o.B. In The Booth

[video] The Cool Kids "Delivery Man"

Cosmo Baker Presents The Funk Doc Chronicles

Lifted skraight from his post on low-bee, which has info on the Scion Metro Live dates that Redman and Cosmo Baker are performing in the next few days:



Redman "Diggy Doc"
Redman "Bobyahed2dis" (Matthew Africa Re-Edit)
Redman "Whateva Man"
Redman "Rockafella" (Remix)
Redman "Tonight's Da Night"
Redman "Funkorama (Double Green Mix)"
D'Angelo "Left & Right feat. Method Man & Redman"
Redman & Method Man "How High"
De La Soul "Oooh feat. Redman"
Redman "How To Roll A Blunt"
Redman "I Don't Kare"
Redman "Rite Now"
LL Cool J "4,3,2,1" feat. Redman, Method Man, Canibus & DMX
Redman "Brick City Mashin'"
Pharoahe Monch "Simon Says"( Remix feat. Lady Luck, Redman, Method Man, Shabaam Sahdeeq & Busta Rhymes)
Redman "Can't Wait"
OG Station Identification Break (Bob James / Mary Jane Girls)
Redman "Tonight's Da Night" (Remix)
Redman "Pick It Up"
Redman "Pick It Up" (Remix)
OG Station Identification Break 2 (Le Pamplemousse / Parliament)
Redman "Blow Your Mind"
EPMD "Head Banger" feat. K-Solo & Redman
Redman "Pick It Up"
Redman & Method Man "How High Part 2"
Me'Shell NdegéOcello "Pocketbook" (Remix feat. Redman)
Erick Sermon "React" feat. Redman
Redman "Rated "R""
Beanie Sigel "One Shot Deal" feat. Redman
Redman "Put It Down"
Redman & Method Man "Da Rockwilder"
Redman "Let's Get Dirty (I Can't Get In Da Club)" feat. DJ Kool
Redman "Let's Get Dirty (I Can't Get In Da Club)" feat. DJ Kool (Filthy Remix)
KRS-One "Heartbeat" feat. Redman & Angie Martinez
Redman "Time 4 Sum Aksion"
Redman & Method Man "Cereal Killer"
OG Station Identification Break 3 (George & Gwen McCrae)
Snoop Dogg "From Long Beach To Brick City" feat. Redman, Nate Dogg & Warren G
Redman "Da Goodness" feat. Busta Rhymes

So classic. Brick City, whattup?

Ike's Aftermath

Rizoh posted this pic and more over at The Rap Up. He also breaks down 12 Ways Hurricane Ike Changes His Life.

Jadakiss ft. Ne-Yo "By My Side"

Jadakiss ft. Ne-Yo "By My Side": Young Sav just passed this one to me, and it's a keeper for those quiet storm nights with you and your lady. I'm guessing this is going to be put out as the first single? This one definitely has potential...

related: Jadakiss ft. Jay-Z "Who Run This"

EDIT: I amaze myself sometimes. Young Sav just sent out another blast, and this one is the official first single from Jada's forthcoming album. I can see the video for this right now... I got a feeling 'Kiss wants this to be his "Bust It Baby Pt. 2", aka that big Hip-Hop/R&B smash record. And it has that potential, if they play it right. I predict 'nuff radio play with this one, with 'Kiss on his gangster & a gentleman shit ala Paniro.

Decay "Easy"

Decay ft. Selfish, Tone Liv & Butta Verses "Easy": I hit you guys with Decay's Unlikely Villain mixtape back in April, and now I have this cut from his The Unlikely Hero album, which is due in stores on Sept. 23rd on Molemen Records. Click the image above for info.

[video] The Herbaliser "Can't Help This Feeling"

Joe Thomas New Man Cover

Due in stores September 23rd; download "E.R.", and pre-order the album on Amazon.

[video] Mazzi - Walking Blog #1

This is the first of many "walking blogs", where Mazzi drops a 16 highlighting the past week:

Shouts to Best of Both Offices.

remedial life: Ignant Dance Edition

So due to Ike beating on Houston, my boy Enigmatik is holding it down in Dallas, experiencing some hilariously remedial dances that are going down in the D. Here are but a few:

"Walk That Walk"

"Halle Berry"

This nigga can't be serious...

"Do The Ricky Bobby:

My people, is it that serious? Especially that "ricky bobby" shit - you niggas look fruity, on the real - swinging your hips, dancing like females. What sense does this make? I am guessing niggas wanna get that Soulja Boy money, but be clear - that shit don't happen overnight, nor will there be a bunch of Soulja Boy clones. Why? That shit is too corny to clone. Smarten up, niggas.

[video] Tina Fey As Sarah Palin On Saturday Night Live

The dynamic Tina Fey does a spot-on impression of Sarah Palin from this past Saturday's SNL; on a semi-related note, no matter how much I know Baby Mama is crap, I am tempted to go grab the DVD:

Shouts to Enigmatik for the link.

related: [video] Lil' Wayne On Saturday Night Live

[video] Entourage SE5 EP1

Praverb ft. Master 3 "Dedication"

Praverb ft. Master 3 "Dedication" (prod. by DJ Soulclap): Any cat who can speak on real life shit (i.e. letting it be known that his music hasn't sold in a minute) and can work in references to Doink and Dink is a winner in my book. P-Viz and Master 3 link up over this soulful beat from Soulclap, keeping it real... in P's words: The concept of the song is simple, I will continue to be dedicated to an art form that offers few rewards. Spitting for fame is not an option, I would rather spit for myself and hope that others feel my expression.

Don't get mo' realer.

Articulate "You Lose (Love Lockdown Freestyle)"

Articulate "You Lose (Love Lockdown Freestyle)" [dirty / clean]: We've hit you with Kanye's "Love Lockdown", as well as the hilarious Part 2; we've also hit you with Articulate's "Handlebars" remix and "Black Zombie 2008". Now, both words are flipped with Articulate's "You Lose", which turns "Love Lockdown" on its ear (without Auto-Tune!), with Artic putting some dope bars and added production to Kanye's new single. Yay or nay?

Bonus Beats: Jin "Love Lockdown Freestyle" [via Nah Right]

Sunday, September 14, 2008

[video] Lil' Wayne On Saturday Night Live

Here's Lil' Wayne performing "Got Money (Remix)" w/ Mack Maine from last night's season premiere of Saturday Night Live:

EDIT: Here's "Lollipop":

[video] 50 Cent Dissing Kanye West LIVE

[video] The Soloist Trailer