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Suave The Ape Planet Of The Apes

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Suave The Ape and Naive Native Designs bring forth the next chapter in Suave's Hip-Hop saga. Planet of the Apes rings true to the movie its based on, but throws Cornelius and Dr. Zaius into a Hip-Hop mindstate. Suave's put a lot of time into this, and that quality shows throughout. RTD stamps this one, and thinks you guys need to align with the apes... its face-ripping season, you know!

DOWNLOAD Suave The Ape x Naive Native Designs Planet of the Apes

[rock the dub Interview]: Bobbie Fine

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Life's funny in certain ways. I was born and raised in Trenton, NJ, and while I knew we had a dope Hip-Hop scene, I had neither the age nor the funds to really explore it. I ended up finding out about how rich my hometown (and surrounding area) was with talent, especially at a job I had a few years back. I became tight with a cat who knew YZ, Young Star and all those heads, a cat who put me onto #9 and a slew of other sick MCs who got overlooked. One of the heads he put me onto was Bobbie Fine, and I actually wanted to interview him years back, but for one reason or another it never happened. With the tragic death of Trenton Hip-Hop legend, Tony D, I made good on that wish to interview B-Fine, and now provide you with this look into Trenton Hip-Hop past, and where Bobby Fine is going...

khal: First off, can you state your name and affiliations for the heads who might not be aware of who you are?

Bobbie Fine: These days, I go by Bobbie Fine (aka B-Fine for my crate diggers and 90’s Hip-Hop heads), but it’s all the same. YZ gave me the name B-Fine in like ‘84 or ‘85. I was like “isn’t dude from Full Force named B-Fine?” and he was like “I don’t know, but he ain’t you, the ladies love you”. So there it is LOL.

khal: Thanks. Now, you’ve been involved in the Hip-Hop scene since the age of 15. I imagine you grew up listening to the music, but when did you first realize that you could write and spit with your peers?

Bobbie Fine: Before we did YZ’s first album (Sons of the Father), I was the emcee dude in my area of Jersey. Me and Z’s brother Young Star, we’re the ESD Posse from grammar school. We used to battle any and everyone we could. I was the more vocal, big mouth of us & Star was the cat that would punch you in the mouth after the battle if there was a problem. I’d really been writing rhymes and freestyling since 4th or 5th grade, when I first heard “The Breaks” by Kurtis Blow. So I always knew I was an emcee.

khal: Speaking of peers, who would you say were your peers in the game?

Bobbie Fine: Central Jersey was dope in the 80’s, especially Trenton. There was a cat named MC Force who I really looked up to, and Almighty was a beast to me back then. Of course, YZ, and when he was in Too Def with G-Rock, PRT, Blvd Mosse, MOB, Tony D (RIP) and Too Kool Posse were all cats that I admire. Even some heads around my way like Saladeen (my OG big homie from AC), Lester Brown, Mark Swain and even my younger brother Chill aka #9 (RIP) and his crew at the time are all that made me love Hp-Hp and want to be a part of it.

khal: You rolled with the central New Jersey crew heavy when you were first getting put on. What do you think about that geographical area made Trenton and the surrounding area different than the scenes in Philly or NY? Do you think you’d be a different MC if you grew up somewhere else?

Bobbie Fine: What made Central Jersey so dope was that you’ve got both Philly & New York’s energy, with just the right amount of originality back then. We respected Philly & NY and loved their sounds, but only borrowed just enough to sprinkle onto our own sound and style. I’d be a completely different emcee, recording artist producer & performer if I grew up anywhere else. True school of hard knocks stomping gounds.

khal: I’d be remiss if I didn’t speak to you about the recent passing of Tony D. He’s known as a legend in the Trenton Hip-Hop scene, and his status is certified. I’ve seen you speak on him as both your producer and your mentor. How did you first meet Tony?

Bobbie Fine: YZ was originally a dancer. He and G-Rock used to go to NY and dance at the club, and they were sick with it. His brother and I were the rap cats, so when Z and Tony met and started conceptualizing him recording music, Z used to always talk him up, so I couldn’t wait to meet him. One day, he finally took us over to meet Tone, and I remember walking down this long hallway, to where his bedroom was in his Mom’s house out in Ewing, and there was a long brown table with his drum machine on it. I remember he played me this beat and I spit something, and he was like “we gotta get him in the studio, too”. I was amped and I couldn’t believe someone doing music for real finally validated what I’d already known. He gave me a couple of beats to write to, and the first song we recorded was called “I’m The Principal”. It was one of those songs that was just Hip-Hop, raw. I wish I had a copy of it, but the sound is imprinted in my brain. I was like 14, young and dumb, and from that moment Tony made me realize that I could actually do something with myself as an artist.

khal: I know your crew, Blaque Spurm, worked with Tony, and you put some work in on the Crusaders For Real Hip-Hop project. How much work did you put in with Tony D? Do you have any tracks that never saw the light of day, or beat tapes of his that never got used?

Bobbie Fine: Well, during and after YZ’s first album, I put in work as Z’s hype man, wrote and co-wrote a couple of joints, so I was heavily involved in the album, which tightened my bond with Tone. When he and Z started falling out, I was in the middle of it on stand by, waiting for my day to come. Tone and I started to record joints for my 1st group conception, The Funk Family, which we were first approached by Dante Ross when he was at Elektra, but we ended up at a new label distributed by Interscope called Poetic Groove. We recorded an entire album and released 2 singles (“Think B4 U Step” b/w “Disperse” and “Anyway”, produced by the Baka Boyz) towards the end of our stay on PG. I was featured on most of the projects Tone put together back then, and we were as thick as thieves. I didn’t make a move without talking to him, and he was involved in my deal with Blaque Spurm and American Recordings via a mutual homie, Dan Charnas, who was an A&R at the time. I made some alliances in Houston from my days of touring with YZ, so the BS album was half Tone and half some new production friends of mine. I was hesitant at first, bringing in different producers, and thought Tone would think I didn’t want his sound anymore, but he loved the direction I was going in and welcomed it. We recorded the album and dropped a couple of singles, but ultimately were unhappy with the way Rick Rubin was dealing with his Hip-Hop acts at the time, so we got a release. Tone and I have so much material and I’m grateful that I got so many chances to work with him and be creative. He taught me more than I would have ever learned on my own, and made me, in so many ways, the person I am today.

khal: When was the last time you saw Tony? When did you last speak with him?

Bobbie Fine: Tone lost a lot of weight after getting out of prison, so the last time I saw him was before he went in. We’ll talk every couple months, just to check in and see how each others families are and if we still have love for the music. We talked last year about releasing all of the old tunes online and even putting out some singles. He hit me up on Facebook a couple of weeks ago and said he would hit on the weekend. Last week I had a show here in Houston, and performed this joint called “My 1st Love” which is a dedication to Hip-Hop over a Tony D beat. The next day, Tone was heavy on my heart, but I didn’t call him. My homie Dre, who was close with Tone, called me that evening and when I heard his voice, I knew it was about Tone.

khal: What are some of the tools or gems that you learned from Tony?

Bobbie Fine: The biggest lesson I’ve learned from Tone is not to compromise yourself or your music for anything or anyone. Tone did what he did because he didn’t care what anyone else thought about him as an artist. Watching him over the years tap the drum pads and make so many dope instrumentals made me want to start making beats of my own. When he told me I was a dope producer is when I started calling myself one. Before that I was just a beat maker.

khal: OK, so getting back to you, you spent a lot of time dropping cameos on a host of projects, from the Fu-Schnickens to the State of Emergency project. What would you say was your favorite guest feature and why?

Bobbie Fine: My very first cameo was on a remix with YZ called “In The Party”; this was also my introduction as the next cat from the camp to pop, so that was big. The fact that Z wanted me on the joint and that it was, I believe, a B-side on one of his singles was a really big deal.

khal: In your travels, you took a liking to Houston, Texas, and ended up staying out there. What was it about Houston that drew you to the city?

Bobbie Fine: It’s a city, but it’s really a big ass suburb and I like that. I love the gritty NY and the hectic LA, but HTX is just laid back and has a calm about that I needed, coming from Jersey. Artists like Royal Flush (aka Uckfe Ouye), Bun and UGK, Ghetto Boyz, Devin and the Odd Squad and so many other really talented underground cats let me know immediately that Hip-Hop was definitely alive in the South.

khal: Not knocking Houston MCs at all, but there are obvious differences to the way their MCs rhyme and how it’s done in the East. Did you ever find it difficult to get respect in the Hip-Hop circles down there?

Bobbie Fine: Absolutely not. I’ve always maintained a really good balance of being able to run with the coming down, grippin’ grain rapper folk as well as the backpack Hip-Hop heads in the city. I respect both hustles, and I am versatile, so I can hang with the best of both worlds.

khal: What’s going on with you today - do you have any albums on the way? What’s Ambidextrous Music all about?

Bobbie Fine: We produce music for networks. That’s our bread and butter. Fox Sports Net is our biggest client, but this year we plan on stepping up our game and pursuing some other major networks. We release projects every couple of years, just for the love of staying creative and letting folk know we’re still relevant. I’m working on a project with a partner of mine from Portland named KP (formerly of the group Pros & Cons). We have a group called Good Biz, and we’re putting the finishing touches on the album this month. I have another solo album up my sleeve that I want to release after the GB smoke clears, so we’re still at it. Future plans are a studio in Portland that’s being built right now, and possibly some touring this summer with the release of the GB album. We’re also starting a management company, so you’ll be hearing some new artists we’re working with really soon. Oh and we just did a deal with YZ to release all of the old material online. The release date is April 28th, so you’ll be able to log on to any music site and get The Funk Family, Blaque Spurm, my solo albums, #9 album and a bunch more.

khal: Do you tour regularly?

Bobbie Fine: I gig every once and a while, nothing consistent, but my dream is to go on a world tour before I hang it up. Working on that.

khal: Do you keep in contact with heads like YZ and the rest of your fam from the golden era?

Bobbie Fine: Z’s my brother from another mother. I talk to him all the time and still play a small part in what he’s doing. We give each other advice, and he’s a mentor of mine. I run into just about everyone online, and I keep in touch with a lot of the cats that I still look up to and admire.

khal: What would you like Bobbie Fine’s legacy to be?

Bobbie Fine: That I made good music, stayed true to myself and didn’t take the bait. I can make money anywhere, but I can’t change what I put out there for ears to listen to, so at the end of the day my kids respect that man I am and I can look in the mirror and know I didn’t just rap.

khal: Do you have any final thoughts or shoutouts to kick before we wrap this up?

Bobbie Fine: Without my big brother Pum, I couldn’t have lasted this long, so thank you for being my support system. To my wife, thanks for understanding that I was in love with Hip-Hop first, but it doesn’t mean I don’t love you and the kids, and to Tony Depula & Borne “#9” Humbert, keep smiling down on me and continue to show me the way through this journey in music. Both of you have contributed to who I am and what I represent. RIP. Oh and haters… choke on a fat one. LOL! Audi!!!
For more information on Bobbie Fine and his current works, hit the following sites:

Normal Bias also has a Tony D Tribute post up that Bobbie Fine did, with 2 fresh tracks.

EDIT Noz posted this interview on Cocaine Blunts, and included links to more B-Fine albums (namely the Blaque Spurm output). Props to him!

The Final KING Cover

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My nigga Nappy just sent me a kite, asking if it was true that KING is shutting down. Here's the final cover (well, 1 of 2), featuring Joe Budden's girl, Tahiry. Dayum.

Via Nah Right.

[video] John Forte "Style Free"

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[video] PreZZure Presents "CanYaFeeliT???" Commercial #4

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Bonus Beats PreZZure Presents "CanYaFeeliT???" Commercial #4

Meagan Good "Starstruck"

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Meagan Good "Starstruck": I don't even know what this track sounds like, but I'm riding with Meagan on this one. Go 'head and put out that album, girl.

MP3 via broken cool, pic via The YBF.

Dame Grease ft. N.O.R.E. "OG Kush"

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Dame Grease ft. N.O.R.E. "OG Kush": 4/20 is right around the corner, and it looks like Nore stays celebrating. Shouts to the fam over at 57th Ave for this one!

[video] Nina Sky "On Some Bullshit"

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Wordsmith & I.N.C The Poet "On The Rocks"

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Wordsmith & I.N.C The Poet "On The Rocks": Here's another leak from the forthcoming Baltimore Martini album from cross-Atlantic collaborators Wordsmith and I.N.C; I've heard the disc, and its phenomenal. RTD stamp on this one, all day.

[video] Jazmine Sullivan "Dream Big"

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Lady Gaga ft. Icadon "Poker Face (Remix)"

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Lady Gaga ft. Icadon "Poker Face (Remix)": Thank you, Ic, for giving me a reason to use one of those pics. If you're feelin' this, check out Icadon's remix to "Streets Is Gettin' Hot", and go cop Robot-ic NOW! Interviews Day26

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Shouts to Z and the heads over at for getting Que to speak on his BitchAssNess. We'll see what happens this week...

Fes Taylor "Broken Wings"

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Fes Taylor "Broken Wings" (prod. by Battery Jackson): This cut is taken from Fes' album, Inspectah Deck Presents Fes Taylor: Flight 10304 (T-2 Fly), which is in stores today. Go support that Wu dynasty.

Articulate & Pendragon "Short & Sweet"

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Articulate & Pendragon "Short & Sweet" (prod. by NasTAY TraXXX): Two of Bmore's lyrical juggernauts go for broke on this one. If you like this lil' taste they give you, keep it locked for more material from both!

Tony D "Do The Whino"

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Low Key, LA Law & Tony D "Do The Whino": Laze posted this MP3 that Tone hit him with a while ago. It's a freestyle thing from '93, and features the ill beatbox.

Also wanted to let you guys know that I'm working on a few Tony D-related interviews; keep it locked for more info ont hose.

Via Normal Bias.

[video] Eminem "We Made You"

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Bonus Beats Eminem "We Made You" [via Splash]

Mr. Lif I Heard It Today Cover+Tracklist

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Mr. Lif's always been one of my favorite MCs, for the simple fact that he has a dope balance of politics and raw skills throughout his body of work. Amazon is saying that his forthcoming album, I Heard It Today, is set to drop April 21st, but I'm hearing other dates. In any case, it's coming... check out the tracklist for this magnum opus (along with some liner notes from Lif himself).

1. ‘Welcome to the World’ (prod by Batsauce) - This song was inspired by all the emotions I felt when it was formally announced that the U.S. economy collapsed. This song is meant to capture the fear, paranoia, and angst so many of us felt as our financial futures became completely up for grabs.
2. ‘What About Us?’ (prod by Batsauce) was written as a response to the passing of the initial 700 billion dollar "Bailout" bill.
3. ‘Breathe’ ft Bahamadia (prod by Batsauce) presented a great opportunity to work with a legend. I was amped when Bahamadia agreed to be a part of this song. Our focus on this song was to capture the all too familiar sentiments of daily stress we all feel.
4. ‘Collapse the Walls’ (prod by Edan co produced by Cut Chemist) was born from one of many great conversations I've had with Edan. While discussing the ills of society, we came to the conclusion that the goal really is to transcend all the stresses of our society in search of a healthier way of life. This song is an attempt to achieve freedom and peace of mind through the power of the imagination.
5. ‘Folklore’ ft Dumbtron and Vinnie Paz (prod by Batsauce) expand on the notions of redefining reality touched upon in "Collapse the Walls". The goal for each MC was to be as vivid as possible with no regard to any boundaries. The "walls" are officially collapsed as all four of us display the power of imagination through free form verses.
6. ‘Police Brutality’ (scene) (prod by Ray Fernandes (skit) co produced by Decaye) - This comes off as a mistaken identity incident. However, the cops are actually beating me because I have been sighted as a threat for spreading the radical ideals expressed in ‘Collapse the Walls’ and ‘Folklore’.
7. ‘Gun Fight’ ft Metro (prod by J-Zone) - Metro and I explore a range of issues pertaining to police brutality and imprisonment.
8. ‘PNN’ (prod by Paten Locke aka Therapy co produced by Nik Jhatakia) - My boy Cas calls me from jail and I immediately rally resources to regain his freedom.
9. ‘Hatred’ (prod by Mr. Lif) deals with the issue of self hatred in the Black community, and rallies people of colour toward the immeasurable power that can be unlocked through self esteem.
10. ‘Homecoming’ (scene) (prod by Mr. Lif) - Cas finally gets out of jail, so we threw a welcome home party for him.
11. ‘Head High’ (prod by Paten Locke aka Therapy) was written during the initial conflict between Barack Obama and Jeremiah Wright. It was depressing to see the same "crabs in a barrel" mentality that far too many of us act out in the Black community being acted out on the world stage against Obama. The situation lead me to pack a bowl, sit back, and think about the world.
12. ‘I Heard It Today’ (prod by Willie Evans Jr.) - The "housing crisis" is proof or the harsh reality that nothing is sacred. The American government allowed big business to gamble with people's ability to shelter themselves. I wrote this song to represent the voices of those adversely affected.
13. ‘The Sun’ (prod by Headnodic) is a song meant to provide inspiration and hope for people who lost their homes and for all of us struggling through these difficult times.
14. ‘Dawn’ (prod by Willie Evans Jr.) - A reminder to live life to the fullest.

I love that he has a running narrative throughout, kind of like I, Phantom. Grab this when it drops!

RIP Tony D


I didn't want to have to make this post. Last night, I had speculated that the legendary Tony D was the Anthony Depula that some were saying had passed away, but my purchase of today's Trentonian confirmed it. Tony D, one of Trenton Hip-Hop's finest examples of quality music, died yesterday in a one-car accident in Trenton. He was only 42 years old.

I know many of you only focus on that "new" shit, and I admit, most of the music posted here is of that new-new variety, but I also pride myself in giving respect where its due, and Tony D is one of those who deserves every ounce of respect heeped upon him, from producing what's definitely Trenton's finest Hip-Hop moment, "Rock Dis Funky Joint", but a host of other joints for various artists, as well as being jacked by artists like Naughty By Nature and Heavy D. He is a true Trenton legend, and will be sorely missed.

Here are some tributes and thoughts from a bunch of my peers:

RIP Tony D.

PS How ironic that one of Trenton Hip-Hop's legends passed away the same day that Run DMC was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame...

PS All Hip-Hop picked up on the story, too. As have SOHH. And HipHopDX.

PS Just Blaze sounds off.

EDIT Here's the cover of today's Trentonian:

You can read the full article HERE. I also noticed that his wife commented over at Hip Hop Battlefield. I feel the worst for his family - he left a loving wife, a 3 year old and a 15 month old. Those are the ones who lost the most.

I also forgot to mention that Press Rewind If I Haven't... has posted a scan of the original Source article by Matty C about the Naughty/Tony D beat jack situation. THAT'S some classic shit!

I've got some plans, I want to try and do some sort of tribute compilation of my favorite tracks D was associated with (either on the boards or on the mic)... we'll see how it goes.

EDIT laze over at Normal Bias has posted some of Tony D's illest Thursday Night Live clips, from his "Best of WPRB" post. Four minutes of Tone going for broke LIVE in studio!?!?

EDIT Press Rewind If I Haven't... has also posted an ad for Droppin' Funky Verses.

EDIT I highly recommend you checking out this piece by Dan Charnas about his experiences with Tony D.

EDIT I see MC Serch has briefly blogged about Tony D. There's no love lost at all, but he kept it clean and said his piece. Respectable.

[video] Lil' Wayne ft. Young Money "Every Girl"

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[video] Busta Rhymes ft. T-Pain "Hustler's Anthem"

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[video] Busta Rhymes ft. T-Pain "Hustler's Anthem"

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[video] Blaq Poet Tha Blaqprint EPK

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[video] The Superthug x Roxy Reynolds

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Via 57th Ave.

Rhymefest The Manual Mixtape

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Shouts to Andrew at FSD for dropping that new mixtape from Rhymefest, The Manual, which features a slew of Scram Jones-produced material. My shit "RNQ" (prod. by DJ Premier) is on there, too. Don't Sleep!

DOWNLOAD Rhymefest The Manual

DJ Concept & Lefty Present Gangland 3 (The Young Misguided)

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Here's a fresh mixtape from DJ Concept and Lefty. Concept speaks on the tape:

I linked back up with my man Lefty (1 half of the bay area hip-hop group, the Bash Bros) to bring you the latest installment of his Gangland street album series. Volume 3, The Young Misguided, is a fresh, original take on hip-hop. With so much repetitive music nowadays, it’s good to hear someone taking risks and doing some different shit. Bay Area stand up!!



1. The Young Misguided
2. Blast Off
3. El Fin (feat. Bash Bros.)
4. D.V.B. (Destination vocal booth)
5. 1 World
** Reef the Lost Cauze stops by*
6. Heavy (feat. Bash Bros.)
7. New Ears, New Eyes (feat. Tab One of Kooley High)
8. Plastic World 2080
9. S.t.r.u.g.g.l.e.
** J. Rawls stops by*
10. Love (In My Head)
11. Comin Through Again
** DJ Concept speaks on it*
12. Marination Recess (W.T.F.)
13. Definition
** Red Cloud reps for the West Coast*
14. Supahero

Don't sleep!

DJ Vadim ft. Pugs Atomz "Saturday"

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DJ Vadim ft. Pugs Atomz "Saturday": I know its only Monday, but I've got the soundtrack to your weekend EARLY! This is taken from Vadim's U Can't Lurn Imaginashun; this drops on 12" and iTunes on April 9th, I'm told. Blast this one, early!

[video] Diddy Goes In On Que

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I'm glad Diddy speaks on this fuckery; Que is a trip:

[video] Fat Joe ft Bensiour "Cupcakes"

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Junclassic "Stop Watch"

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Junclassic "Stop Watch" (prod. by Kid Hum): Let's keep this RTD All-Star-centric for a minute. NY's Junclassic is working over some beats from Hawaii (by way of CO)'s Kid Hum, and the shit I've heard so far is illy. They got an EP coming sooner rather than later (hopefully?), so keep it locked for this shit.


Taliesin Samizdat Mix

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Shouts to the homey Taliesin for hitting me with this special mix of his. He's been out in Budapest since January, and he's on a UK tour in May. He digs the electro and Hip-Hop sounds, and cooked up a slick promo mix for those of you in the following areas:

May UK Tour (with a quick trip to Austria)
02. Sibin Festival DUBLIN
09 The Old Bell DERBY
13 Hardknock at The Social LDN
15 Absolutely Free Festival Graz, Austria
16- Nuke Them All LDN
23- Cosies Bristol

Should be fun. Now peep this mix, which kind of rocks the dub...



So So Gutter - Hatescrwen
De Tropix - TapTap
Busy Signal -Murderer (w/ Alborosie)
Lorn - Requiem Ft. Mobb Deep)
Verbal - (Prefuse 73 Dipped in Chrome Cadillac Remix)
Red Cafe- Hottest in the Hood
Viento Calido - Cumbia Titanic
I Get It in (Inst)
Serani - No Games
DJ Miguelon -Cada Vez RMIX Cumbia The Version
Leif- Timbs (Neon Coyote Slow Jam)
Jet Black - Hood Nigga (Lazer Swords Remix)
Sonido Changa- Cumbia De Los Amigos
Earth- Teeth of Lions Rule the Devine
L-Vis 1990 - Flux
I love NY - (Baobinga's Fuck U Mix)
Jahdan - Go Round Payolla (Bye HAters Shadetek Remix)
G-Sidez - Hit Da Block ( Feat Shyft)
Taliesin - Damn

Don't sleep on this!

MAGr "Feelin' Us"

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MAGr "Feelin' Us" (prod. by Tha S Ence): Damn, when these 3 get together, shit pops off! Shouts to my fam at Public Axis for lacing me with these joints. These tracks will not be found on their No News Is Good News album that's set to drop, but consider this as a dope intro to what they're working with.

With the great loss NJ Hip-Hop received this weekend, its good to know that fresh talent still brews. MAGr in the building like BLAOW!

Bonus Beats MAGr "Spike Lee" (prod. by Mike Slott)

[video] Top 60 Ghetto Black Names

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I was gonna trip over this, but I saw a chick named Chinese the other day, so I'll let it pass.

Spotted over on

Thursday Night Live, circa 1992


Been going through Normal Bias' collection of Club Crush/Raw Deal, AKA the WPRB show that Tony D and company used to host back in the early '90s. Here's a damn-near 11 minute freestyle session with some of the flyest rappers out of the Trenton, NJ area. Going IN over that fresh EPMD. Nothing more needs to be said, except for GRAB THIS NOW!

Jansport J American Gospel

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The other day, I leaked Jansport J's "American Gangster" remix on Flawless Hustle. How appropriate that, on a church-going Sunday, his complete American Gospel remix project drops. Here are his thoughts, in his own words:

I grew up in the church. Also grew up listening to Jay-Z. So this project made perfect sense to me. I've always been amazed at the untapped samples that are prevalent in gospel music! After telling friends and showing some tracks to some friends, they became curious and wanted to hear more. What started off for my ears only is now a project available for free download.

On a sidenote, I'd like to state that it is in no way my intention to offend or disrespect Gospel music with this project in any way. Rather, it is my attempt to pay homage to two genres of music that have molded my musical taste and stylings today.

DOWNLOAD Jansport J American Gospel (zshare \ sharebee)

Almighty & KD Ranks "Trenton Where We Live"

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Almighty & KD Ranks "Trenton Where We Live" (prod. by Tony D): I know you're asking - "why the HELL are you uploading 17 year old tracks biggin' up the capital city of New Jersey?"... I'll tell you. I'm hearing rumors that Tony D passed away in a car accident, and it's crazy. Dude is one of the success stories in underground Hip-Hop to come from my city, from producing the majority of the Poor Righteous Teachers first album, Holy Intellect, including "Rock Dis Funky Joint", but he's worked with cats like YZ and many more! I'm waiting to get some kind of confirmation, but my wife's Facebook Wall and status updates are getting blown up with "RIP Tony D" comments. I'll revisit this when I get more concrete info.

For more on Trenton Rap, hit up this post of Noz's, with a proper compilation showcasing classic Trenton Hip-Hop tracks. Fatlace has a sick interview with him, including a few choice cuts from his catalogue. Also check this ill article The Trentonian did on Tony back in 2003.

Beenie Man ft. Icadon "Streets Is Gettin' Hot (Remix)"


Beenie Man ft. Icadon "Streets Is Gettin' Hot (Remix)": Cookin' Soul has been trying to get niggas to hop up on their "Streets Is Gettin' Hot" riddim, and the homey Ic must've rolled up a fat one and set a sick 16 in the opener. We'll see who else fi test...

[video] Eminem Speak On "We Made You" Video

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don't say nuthin'


just a bit of a dougie houser-ish post, need to get some ish off my chest.

i don't know what i'm doing. not in terms of my life, but the opportunities i miss. its almost like that nigga who's last picked - he can shine if you just let him show you.

i feel like i could be doing so much MORE, but for whatever reason, cats don't see me in that light.

maybe it's because i'm not on everyone's blogroll. maybe it's because i don't have a bottomless wallet.

i don't know what it is, but it can get aggravating sometimes. i know what i can do, and how i can do it. no one else does.


its almost as niggas is appeasing me to get shit out on the 'net, so they can see the next plateau they need to reach for. is that my position - the screener?

if so, let me know. if not, let me know.

just talk to me, you. say your words. or just don't say nuthin'... wait, you're doing that already.

thank you. and you're welcome.

Wafeek "Sgt. Peppers"

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Wafeek "Sgt. Peppers": The homey Feekee done done it again. This time, he linked up with the Fab 5 to bring you some fuzzy funkery for your flavorful Fridays and Saturdays. This is taken from Feekee & The Flux Capacitor, a project that you should be somewhat familiar with... if not, go grab "Bad Check", then take a gander at the video for "My Friends". You see where we going right now? Good, now hop in the back seat, remove the seeds and stems, and watch out for the bats.

Cypher Linguistics ft. Tripp "ATL"

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Cypher Linguistics ft. Tripp "ATL": I'm not saying Atlanta NEEDED a new anthem, but if someone from the A was looking for a 2009 anthem, this track from Cypher Linguistics should be it. Something to blast through your speakerbox during the hot and sticky nights.

The above pic is not representative of this track, but goddamn if Lauren London isn't the only reason to watch ATL. More leaks coming.

Ricky Raw & Wes Green "Tell Me No"

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Ricky Raw & Wes Green "Tell Me No": Here's a few cuts from The Green Album, a collaborative project from Ricky Raw & Wes Green. Two talented individuals in the A, working on dope Hip-Hop? How the fuck you gonna deny this?

Bonus Beats Ricky Raw & Wes Green "Shake Shake"

Beyonce ft. Kanye West "Ego (Remix)"

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Beyonce ft. Kanye West "Ego (Remix)": I always wonder why, when tracks like this, niggas be like "yo, thanks to the gabillion people who sent this to me", but no one sends it to ME! LOL Shouts to Andrew for posting this one up. Yeezy speaks on his ego... B sounds like she's talking 'bout her ass. This has a nice, bright Sunday morning feel to it.

Rapper Big Pooh "Rear View Mirror"

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Rapper Big Pooh "Rear View Mirror" (prod. by 9th Wonder): Here's a cut from Pooh's Delightful Bars, which you can cop on iTunes right now; it hits stores on May 5th. Should be getting an interview with homey for RTD in the near future. Keep it locked!

Shouts to MAC Media.

[video] Just Blaze Clears Up "All Of The Above" Questions

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Via Rap Radar by way of The Megatron Don.

[video] Quite Nyce & Radar Ellis Meet Geoff Barrow

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I'm jealous. Geoff is a legend, and while on tour in the UK, Raydar & Nyce got to work on a track with him. Check out the studio session:

[video] Feekee & the Flux Capacitor "My Friends"

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Didn't I tell you about this, already?

[video] The Prodigy "Warrior's Dance"

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Rich Boy ft. 607 "Drop"

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Rich Boy ft. 607 "Drop": Little Rock, Arkansas' 607 hit me up with two verses on Rich Boy's latest banger. And dude has some spit in him. He's one of my current style of MCs - a nigga who speaks his mind, kickin' the truth without worrying about people being upset. The game needs more of this.

Bonus Beats 607 "Let's Go Dutch"

Marky Nothing Is 43ver

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I'd go into some great detail about Universal/SRC/Studio 43 artist Marky's Nothing Is 43ver mini-album, but the nigga iLL Vibes did that already. I just recommend you download it, throw it on a CD or on your iPod, take some time out and really get into some good music. Then thank me. Then thank iLL.

[video] JO A Makes A Beat

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No, I don't know why he says "whaaaat?" or whatever before the beat drops... everytime. I also don't know why he stays staring at the camera while making beats. I do recognize dude's talent, and felt it was only right to share this pon the world:

Looks like dude got signed to Sony? Props to him. France in the house.

Bonus Beats Kid Cudi "Day N Nite (The E.T.'s Remix)" (prod. by JO A)

Friday, April 3rd 2009 playlist

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I apologize for RTD being down for the better part of the last day or so... as a reward for sticking with me, check out these leaks from the week that was...




Here's some skrip club ignance from MCs who don't mean shit.

Pitbull ft. Pharrell "Blanco"

WM25 this weekend; I won't be watching it, but I will DVR the WWE HOF on Saturday Night! Enjoy your weekend - hopefully this rain goes bye-bye.

DJ Honda & Problemz All Killa, No Filla Sampler

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I had no idea DJ Honda was still out there doing the damn thing. Check out this sampler of his forthcoming album with Problemz, All Killa, No Filla; I also heard that he has an H IV coming!?

Shouts to MAC Media.

Che Grand "Girls Talk" Premiere (4/09/2009)

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Should be an ill event... not only will it have the premiere for Che Grand's "Girls Talk" video, but the Lessondary crew will be in the house, as will Tiara Wiles, with music provided by 2 Hungry Bros.! For $0.99! WHAT THE FUCK!?!?!?!

Enig'ma "Paranoid"

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Enig'ma "Paranoid" (prod. by J-Rell): It's been a minute since I've dropped some shit from the Perfection Music camp, but with RTD's recent anniversary, Enig'ma laced me with this exclusive. Dude wastes no time smackin' niggas in the face with that real talk. Throw this on in the headphones and watch your face transform to a screw, early.

[video] Project Mayhem "Lo Sweatas"

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Via FSD.

[video] Day26 = True BitchAssNess


This shit is too funny to me. I did wonder why they wouldn't let these niggas scrap it out. That's grown man - if you to the point where you want to fight, fight it out. That's what niggas do - don't throw punches, not connect, then be a ho:

Shouts to all the heads on twitter who watched this episode with me; that nigga Que is a ho, Robert is a ho and Brian is a ho. Bunch of ho ass niggas.

Anyways, YK2Daily has the official cover+tracklisting for Forever In A Day, which, by the look of the show, is gonna be crazy Que-less.

I do wish Babs was there to scream "LET 'EM FIGHT!"

RTD Being Down

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If you can see this, RTD isn't down. Hasn't been the case over the last few days; looks like my registrar,, has been having issues - but the way they operate, they don't tell a nigga SHIT. I need to switch companies...

EDIT It looks like its better today - some heads can access the site, while others are getting a site not found. From the talk on twitter, seems like a lot of heads are still having problems. Funny thing is, I can ping both AND and it works fine; try pinging, shit times out. Go figure.

Elucid "Laser Days"


Elucid "Laser Days": Oh how I've been waiting to leak some of Elucid's new work. Dude is on that SBD shit... silent but deadly, but he's also on that Sub Bass Diet, which is where this leak comes from. He's been really letting the flag fly over the ill soundscapes. Here he's taken aim at Kode9's latest, and the results are invigorating.

When I say dude has a satchel of succulent tracks ready for release, don't think I'm just flowering up the project. And when I say this nigga is going for your fucking jugular, you better watch your back... and your front.

I wanna see all you niggas who drooled over "Snoop Dogg Millionaire" to deny this...

[video] Day26 ft. Diddy & Yung Joc "Imma Put It On Her"

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Punk ass Q is supposed to wyle out tonight... AGAIN!

[video] Lil' Cease & Cardan "Ten Crack Commandments"

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Canibus, Bekay & Chino XL "Do This"

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Click the pic to download the latest single from Shuko's The Foundation. This shit is hard... its always refreshing to know that Canibus still sounds as hungry and angry as he has over the last decade plus.

Shouts to DJ Dutchmaster for this one!

Cy Yung ft. SiLent Knight "Forcefeel"

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Cy Yung ft. SiLent Knight "Forcefeel": Here's the next leak from Cy's Madicinal Libationz: Flow Springz Eternal, which is set to drop on April 13th. I had no idea homey was doing this with Dub MD, nor did I know that cats like Wordsmith, Junclassic, Ill Poetic and many more were going to be featured on this! Don't sleep when this one drops, trust!

The-Dream vs. Icadon "Rockin' That Thang (Super Remix)"

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The-Dream Ft. Ludacris, Icadon, Fabolous, Juelz Santana & Rick Ross "Rockin' That Thang (Super Remix)": The boy Icadon lends his bars to Dream's latest "radio killa". This will be featured on the Pump Pirates mixtape, which drops Easter '09. Hopefully some audio from his guest spot on Tony Touch last night will surface soon...

EDIT Here it is!

Ic also has a blog on the High Times website. You already know!

Young Dro "Dro Rock Diamonds"

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Young Dro "Dro Rock Diamonds" (prod. by Fury): I fuck with this. I honestly had no idea what Gotty was passin' me, but that Biggie sample over that Al Green chop? Dro comes through with butter lyrics as well. Something to ease the loss of Tip, fa sho!

J. Slikk's Escapism Is Coming!


So I haven't heard from my homey J. Slikk in a bit. Not that I'm hyper-worried about dude, he just been out of the limelight for a hot minute. He hit me today like "yo I got some ish for you, check ya inbox". I peep it and he hits me with a track and an e-mail about a new EP he has in the works!

Escapism is a departure for his sound; he's not only purposefully going outside of his box, but he also plans on incorporating live instrumentation into the mix as well! While release date and feature MCs are not known at this time (possibly early June?), judging by the track he sent me (which reminds me of the DJ Krush/Mo Wax shit I used to fuck with circa 1995-1998), he has found a cozy pocket to explore, with the promise of his sounds going deeper.

Judge for yourself - but I'm ready to escape, too!

PS Flavor Spectrum is definitely still in the works...

[video] Murs "Part Of Me"

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[video] Grafh "Tuff Love"

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D.Julien "Post-Experiment"

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D.Julien "Post-Experiment" (prod. by K.I.D.): D brings us up to speed on where his heads been at since the release of The Experiment. I saw that shit drop on a lot of sites, so I imagine he's been getting hit up from a lot of cats with praise. He keeps this up, more props shall come his way.