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L.E.G.A.C.Y. "Happy"

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L.E.G.A.C.Y. "Happy": Some of you "freelance PR" niggas should be happy I'm not going to go in on your lying, bullshit ass PR tactics on this blog. Your artist won't get one listen from me and my boring, last place blog. Anyways, this is some classic (unreleased) Legster fire, with Khrysis on the beat. I'll have an interview with the homey coming tomorrow. Oh yes, it's like that.

Maxwell "Pretty Wings"

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Maxwell "Pretty Wings": Damn, I've been waiting for this one. And it does not disappoint. Maxwell's "Fortunate" is my jam, well, its my wife and I's jam. Dude has a great voice, and is just cool... smooth. Really talented nigga. This keeps that train moving, almost like he didn't leave.

Blacksummer's Night is set to drop July 7th. Shouts to BGDB via YK2 Daily.

Enig'ma "Fuck Off Part 2"

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Enig'ma "Fuck Off Part 2" (prod. by J-Rell): "Fuck Off Part 1" was my first intro to Perfection Music's Enig'ma, and now he comes with part two, which is on the forthcoming Make Em Look For Me Volume 2 mixtape, which is set to drop this Thursday. That beat is nutty.

[video] Murs "The Science"

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Directed by Erick Peyton and Chris Conine.

[video] Black ELement ft. Jelani "The Resume" LIVE

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Here's the homey Black ELement perform a cut entitled "The Resume" with Jelani LIVE at the Western Front earlier this month:

This is taken from Black EL's The Collage; hopefully I get some more info on this in the near future.

[video] Gotti's Way 2 Extended Trailer

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Shouts to eskay for posting this; I ride with this show.

Drake ft. Tanya Morgan "Right To Left"

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Drake ft. Tanya Morgan "Right To Left" (prod. by Boi-1da): Do you remember Drake's Comeback Season mixtape? Me neither. I wasn't listening to anything dude was doing whenever this was made. Apparently, the heads at TM mess with dude, have been for years, and this cut was made during those recording sessions. Ah, just read the write-up over at Rappers I Know. All you truly need to know is that dope things happen when ill MCs link up over futuristicly smooth boom-bap.

[video] Quite Nyce & Raydar Ellis "Trophy Room"

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[video] The 54 Reality Show (4/27/2009)

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"Did I Do That?"

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I love how articles are done about the Snoop Doggs and Xzibits in the world, guys who are a part of some bigger mixtape (Mr Grustle and Tha Russian Present Dubstep LA) marrying dubstep and Hip-Hop, when DJ Nappy helped usher in and pioneer that shit, the sound of Hip-Hop vocals over Dubstep, what we jokingly call THUGSTEP. Do the fucking research. You can't rewrite the history, nor can you neglect the fans and appreciators of the sound WORLDWIDE! I've gotten notes from heads across the US, as well as out in New Zealand and the UK (shouts to DJ Cable and DJ Tipz) , among other spots, that have embraced Nappy's refixes for the immediate dancefloor-mayhem that's caused when these selections are dropped. I've seen first hand what proper THUGSTEP can do to unsuspecting crowds. I dare anyone working on this mixtape to hit me up about adding DJ Nappy refixes to it. Matter of fact, if they don't add any of his refixes to it, they're corny.

And you continue to shun his work. It's OK, I understand that the first heads to do things get no props or respect. We get that. But you motherfuckers can only disregard the shit we build for so long.

Shouts to the real heads who know what time it is, and big up to the homey Elucid for bringing this to my attention.

[video] Dizzee Rascal ft. Armand Van Helden "Bonkers"

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[video] H2: Halloween 2 Trailer

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Ciara Vs. "Migraine Skank"

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The Soul Of Hip-Hop Vol. 1 Cover+Tracklist

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Stax has put together a compilation of tracks located in their vast catalogue, cuts that've been sampled by Hip-Hop luminaries that you fuck with. Check out that tracklist, though.

1. 24-CARAT BLACK – “Ghetto: Misfortune’s Wealth”
2. THE EMOTIONS – “Blind Alley”
3. BOOKER T. & THE MGs – “Melting Pot”
4. THE BAR-KAYS – “Humpin’”
5. THE DRAMATICS – “Get Up and Get Down”
6. ISAAC HAYES – “Hyperbolicsyllabicsesquedalymistic”
7. ISAAC HAYES – “Hung Up On My Baby”
8. DAVID PORTER – “I’m Afraid the Masquerade Is Over”
9. WENDY RENE – “After the Laughter (Comes Tears)”
10. CHARMELS – “As Long As I’ve Got You”
12. RUFUS THOMAS – “Do the Funky Penguin (Part 1)”
13. LITTLE MILTON – “Packed Up and Took My Mind”
14. WILLIAM BELL - “I Forgot To Be Your Lover”

You might not know some of these by name, but you've definitely heard them. Both Biggie and GFK flipped that David Porter track. Isaac Hayes' "Hyperbolicsyllabicsesquedalymistic" was used by Public Enemy, Ice Cube and The Game, and I know a host of other cats used a lot of these. Part of why I got into Hip-Hop in the first place was because of producers flipin' samples; it was a way I got to appreciate the originals. And you should, too.

The Soul Of Hip-Hop Vol. 1 drops on April 28th.

[video] LoveJones "Roll Call"

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[video] DOOM "Microwave Mayonaisse"

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Dallas, you a fool for this one. Classic.

Flipmode TV Presents "You Got To Pay To Shit"

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[video] Photo Shoot

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That shit is retarded.

Nicole Scherzinger Leaves Pussycat Dolls?

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That's the rumor, anyways. Seems like she prolonged the inevitable a bit too long. Thing is, she's put out singles that haven't taken off - can she really do it for dolo?

EDIT Here's some video from a Pussycat Dolls show, where Melody Thornton comments on the "featuring" title that Nicole has on some PCD releases, like the "Jai Ho!" ish:

Via YK2 Daily.

[video] Streisand LIVE 2006

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Here are some clips from Streisand Live 2006, which will be released on DVD this Tuesday (April 28th), and was shown on CBS on the 25th:

"Don't Rain On My Parade (Reprise)"

"Come Rain Or Come Shine"

"Evergreen" (with Il Divo)

"Funny Girl (Broadway Overture)"

"Funny Girl" / "The Music Makes Me Dance"


"My Shining Hour"

What can I say, my wife LOVES Barbra Streisand, and I had no idea this was on. Sue me.

[video] Reflection Eternal LIVE At Skidmore College

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Shouts to DJ Daddy Mack.

NoCanDo The Patient EP

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My boy Perpetuum let me know that the homey NoCanDo has a free EP out there. If you're not up on NoCanDo, do yourself a favor and grab The Patient EP right now. Listen to it. Then smack the shit out of yourself for not knowing who he is. These beats knock, HARD! With lines like "Black music is whiter, men's pants are tighter", you KNOW dude is out there spitting that real talk. The beats are a definitely leftfield, but the whole project works if you're tired of the bullshit most of these radio stations/websites/advertisers are feeding you as the next big thing. Captivating lyrics, choice beat selection... how the FUCK is this free!!!??! Matter of fact, after you finish smacking the shit out of yourself, go thank No for this excellent treat.

Take It Personal #13

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No, the mask has nothing to do with this episode of Take It Personal, except for it being the 13th episode of the podcast. They go in over this week's malarky, from Summer Jam to Asher Roth to Public Enemy. I've got my Becks cracked, and a $0.25 bag of Nacho Twisters, so I'm ready to rock!

DOWNLOAD Take It Personal #13

[video] Timid "My 2 Sense"

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[video] Ricky Rude "Terrorist"

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Cherry Hill, NJ's Ricky Rude speaks on going to HS with one of the Fort Dix terrorists:

MoodSwingaz Circa 2000

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So after finding the 12" of "The Blessin'" online a few weeks back, I was on a hunt for the MoodSwingaz Circa 2000 EP/CD. While I saw a host of sites that had it for sale (although no "real" outlets; I got this off from someone who was selling it), it looks like no one had ripped it and thrown it online. I have a feeling this thing is rare for no good reason. In doing Google searches for the independent that put this out (KARMIS), I came up empty on a lot of shit; I also noticed on their MySpace page, they mentioned working on an album (Full Mood), which was set to drop in 2003 on Karmis, but I don't even think this came out!

Anyways, while you guys are stuck on the Freshman 10 and these other new niggas, I've been on some older shit. I go through these phases, and with Tony D's passing, its been hard to not go hunting for more NJ Hip-Hop. I'm just sad that it looks like these cats are on some kind of extended hiatus - their left of center samples (producer All Those Mutha Fuckin' REASONZ is fire on the beats), blunted flows and just overall HYPE music will have me in a zone all weekend.

See, my appreciation for the MoodSwingaz came from my college radio days, back when WPRB was THE SOURCE of new music of all genres for me. The Thursday night show "Vibes & Vapors" would play all of the fresh new ish, and I'd record it before I went to bed (well, I'd record the first part before bed, the 2nd side would get the 45 minute Maxell while I slept), and one Friday morning, on my way to school, the "Moodswingaz Anthem" smacked me right in my face. Boom bap on the beat, but what the hell was going on with that alternating humming shit in the beat?!?! And these cats are from Jersey City? I'm all about homegrown fire, but at that time, I wasn't really copping vinyl, and the CDs weren't available around me, so I lived that one tape for a while. It's gone, but now I'm in a position where I can find that rare shit (thanks, Internets), and this arriving in the post yesterday was a blessin'.

I could go into some "this track is dope, #3 is the shit" malarky, but really, the EP is like 40 minutes, and its all fire. If you dig what we now call "backpacker" shit from the late 90's, this will be right up your alley. Jersey, what?!?!?!

DOWNLOAD MoodSwingaz Circa: 2000

PS I also copped the "Primetime" CD Maxi single; that's the joint with the Cosby Show sample in it. It's a 4 track thing - once I get that, it will be uploaded as well!

EDIT MoodSwingaz "Primetime" (ft. Ace Lover): The "Primetime" CDM came in the mail, and I'm in heaven! The packaging says "Primetime" was set to drop on Full Mood, which bothers me. Where did it go!?!?

[video] Phil Anastasia ft. Inspectah Deck & Sean Price "Symphonies"

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60 Channels "Counter Evolution (The Angel Remix)"

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60 Channels "Counter Evolution (The Angel Remix)": Here's a cut that surfaced a month or so ago, but its (sadly) new to me. Taken from the Covert Movements (Instrumentals) release, The Angel flips a seductive cut from her 60 Channels guise inna heavy dubstep meltdown. Almost makes me want to pull out some of my old dub compilations! You'd think, with a blog titled "rock the dub", I'd be rockin' dubwise tunes on the regular... tracks like this might reignite my dub love.

Watch out for some forthcoming material from the Supa Crucial movement, including a new 60 Channels EP featuring Jhelisa, and a new instrumental LP from The Angel!

Shouts to Kevin, again, for this one!

Bassnectar's Superstylin' Smashup

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To help hype their Art of Revolution tour, the Bassnectar camp has unleashed a special bootleg of Groove Armada's "Superstylin'" alongside their own instrumentals, and I must say, this shit is TOUGH!

Some tough beats to enjoy on a beautiful afternoon!

Botchmania 74

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RIP Bea Arthur

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Damn, I just got the news that the realest Golden Girl, Bea Aruthr, passed away at the tender age of 86. She was the butt of many a joke, and I imagine she was PAID, from syndication of The Golden Girls and her other shows. She was definitely funny. RIP to Maude.

Icadon x Penthouse: June 2009

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related Icadon "Head On The Dance Floor"

DJ Spinna ft. Fresh Daily & Daniel Joseph "Summer Madness"

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DJ Spinna ft. Fresh Daily & Daniel Joseph "Summer Madness": I dropped this in yesterday's playlist, but with the thermostat in the upper 80s today (feeling like its June out this bitch), I had to drop this. Go grab a 40 of that OE and lounge on your front porch while blasting this one. Watch out for Spinna's Sonic Smash LP, which drops on June 30th.

Via TSS.

[video] Cee Rock 'The Fury' ft. Timid "Lyssynup!"

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Been a while since I've heard some new material from Cee Rock. Good to see he's still grindin'!

Benga vs. Mims "This Is Why I'm Crunked Up"

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Benga vs. Mims "This Is Why I'm Crunked Up (Shawn Livewire THUGSTEP Edit)": Here's some THUGSTEP for all of you party people out there. My boy Livewire got inspired by the various THUGSTEP refixes that DJ Nappy has done (and I've posted), and threw up a four pack of edits he's done, featuring combos like Chase & Status/Kid Cudi and Caspa/Lil' Wayne. This one works very well, but the others are just as sick. Grab them all over on Livewire's blog.

This pains me, though, b/c I have to sort out this one external by next week. Busy weekend fi me!

The Jake ft. Sene "We"

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The Jake ft. Sene "We" (prod. by The Jake): The Jake has some fire sitting around, for varying reaosns. Peep the story behind this heatrocket...

Things Fall Apart Edition

I've been sitting on quite a bit of unreleased tracks, that just haven't been put out cause they never got a proper mix down or I was waiting for a feature that didn't come thru. At this point, I don't see any reason to just hold on to these tracks because for the most part the rhymes are dope, and the beats are pretty cool, (if i dont say so myself) and I'd like to share them with people who might be interested in hearing how a track comes together, and how eventually, some of them end up not getting finished.

"We" is a track that was supposed to be on my 1st ep that I put that featured Median (Justice League/JamLa), D.Rose (Soul Spazm), Rapsody (JamLa) etc. Sene had contacted me thru myspace and we did a couple tracks together, this being one of them. He actually wrote and recorded this track over night, and sent it back to me without the hook...he had an idea for the hook but he wanted to know what the sample was saying and if maybe we could get Rapsody to do the hook and a verse. I hit Rapsody up about it, and initially she agreed to do it,,,we were pretty excited about it, and I guess Sene was planning on putting the track on one of his Japan-only releases.

However, I ended up not hearing back from Rapsody about her vocals, and after a few weeks of waiting, Sene decided that maybe we should just turn up the vocal sample. I figured why not and went to bring up the beat on my computer,,,,and couldn't find the session :(...needless to say i'm pretty sure he was pissed, i was dissappointed and this promising track bit the dust. There's no hook, you can hear him put down the mic at the end of his first verse, and there's still a loose snare in there that didn't get fixed.

Ah well, Sene came thru on his verses...this would've been a dope "concious rap" track.

Things definitely fall apart...

Internal Quest & Weet "I Got This '09"


Internal Quest & Weet "I Got This '09" (prod. by Craft Beatz): This is one of those cuts that you throw on early Saturday morning and get fresh to... like, you remember that scene from Season 1 of The Wire, where D was getting ready for the day? This is the soundtrack to that. Well, it should be.

Via IQ's blog.

DJ-Kicks: Kemistry & Storm

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Ten years ago today, the Drum & Bass community lost a true legend, DJ Kemistry. Along with DJ Storm, she helped charter a path for the Metalheadz sound, as well as for other female DJs to keep pushin' in a male-dominated genre. There's a tribute show in her memory going down on the 28th, and I was given the privilege to share this awesome mix CD that dropped not too long before her untimely passing. Remember...



01. Dom & Roland "Trauma"
02. John B "Ole"
03. Architex & DJ Loxy "Submerged"
04. Test "Fuse"
05. Digital & Spirit "Mission Accomplished"
06. DJ Die "Clear Skyz"
07. Bill Riley "Closing In"
08. Sci-Clone "Everywhere I Go"
09. Decoder "Stash"
10. Goldie "Hyaena"
11. Jonny L "Uneasy"
12. John B "Pressure"
13. Primary Motive "Venom"
14. J Majik "Space Jam"
15. Test "Static"
16. Absolute Zero & Subphonics "Code"
17. Test "Tronik Funk"

For more info on Kemistry and this event, check out this special MySpace page, and my piece up on Dogs On Acid.

60 Channels "Ride With The Flow (Reflow Remix Redub)"

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60 Channels "Ride With The Flow (Reflow Remix Redub)": Not that I consider RTD a job, but I love the position I get put into with this thing. I've been a fan of The Angel for the longest; I remember when I first copped Deep Concentration back in '98 and digging the moody vibes of "Strange Times". As I got more into Drum & Bass, I rediscovered her via her work with Jaz Klash, as well as various other output. Imagine my suprise when I'm not only hit up by her on twitter, but I also get passed her latest release, Supa Crucial Downtempo Remixes & Rarities (which you can pick up via iTunes or the Supa Crucial store), in my inbox! The cut I've posted captures the dub-wise side of the Trip-Hop I fucked with back in the day. I miss this sound - a lot; that pure genre-blending style is the perfect sound for a chilled afternoon. This project features remixes from the likes of Ming & FS, Divine Styler and DJ Drez, as well as a host of rare cuts and remixes from The Angel herself. HIGHLY recommended!

Shouts to Kevin and The Angel for hitting me up!

Excess Bangers 23: T.H.C’N Double

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All that purp and green... makes me wanna go back to my old ways!



01. Clipse ft Kanye West - Kinda Like A Big Deal
02. Asher Roth ft. Slick Rick - Y.O.U.
03. Drake & Lil Wayne - I’m Goin’ In
04. Gucci Mane ft. Plies - Wasted
05. CurrenSy ft. Young Roddy - Up Here
06. KRS-One & Buckshot - Robot
07. Stat Quo - In the Ghetto
08. Hell Rell - In These Streets
09. Obie Trice ft. Bun-B - Playa
10 .Bailey feat. Ya Boy - New Niggaz In Charge
11. Mike Jones ft. Essay Potna - On Top of the Covers
12. Yo Gotti ft. 8-Ball - 3 Time Felon
13. Lil Flip Feat. Crooked I - Gangster
14. Hell Rell - Rise To Tha Top
15. Boaz ft. Sheek Louch - Larimer To Yonkers
16. Warren G feat. Travis Barker & Black Nicc - Let’s Get High
17. D. Julien - Too Complex (Prod. by 6th Sense)

Highbrid Nation done done it again.

[video] Fabolous "It's My Time" / "Throw It In The Bag" (Teasers)

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[video] Shaun Boothe ft. Amanda Diva "Music Man"

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[video] Izza Kizza "I'm The Izza Kizza"

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[video] Swizz Beatz "When I Step In The Club"


Bonus Beats Swizz Beatz "When I Step In The Club" [via Henny Black]

Brittany Bosco LIVE (4/26/09)

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Foundation Friday - Part 2

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Friday, April 24th 2009 playlist

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What's good fam? Got a tiny lil' feature in this post - still working out the kinks. Hopefully you guys dig it. And the tunes. Thanks for your support.


And here's the newest latest addition...

DOWNLOAD RTD_PLAYLIST_(4-17-2009-4-23-09); here's a .rar that's ~500MB, containing most of the tracks from the playlist (I left some out, included some that aren't in the list). This WILL be a continuing thing. Shouts to the few heads who asked for this - its yours!



Looks like this is going to be an ill weekend in the Tri-State area. Here's one of my favorite tracks to play on beautiful, sunny Saturday afternoons:

Naughty By Nature "Feel Me Flow"

Enjoy yourselves - I know I will (try) to!

It's Notherground Music!!

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Some of you may have heard these songs. Some of you haven't. Some of you have heard all of these instrumentals. "It's Notherground Music!!" is all of the original songs that were previously released BEFORE "It's A 6th Sense Beat Yo!!" Same tracklisting. No drops. Enjoy. Thank you.

P.S. For those that want to know, "It's Notherground Music!!" contains songs from Both Nice, 6th Sense, The Kid Daytona, Black ELement, Talib Kweli, Wildabeast, Jelani, Old Money, Outasight, Harlem's Cash, Skyzoo, Emilio Rojas, A Pinks, Mekka Don, U-N-I, and more.

DOWNLOAD; via Notherground Music.

[video] Lil' Wayne On The View

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Yes, he was really on The View yesterday:

[video] Fokis - Slingin' Weight (Episode 2)

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[video] Junk Science "Fire Drill"

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Icadon "Head On The Dance Floor"

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Icadon "Head On The Dance Floor": Ic, you a fool for this one! I remember when I used to go to clubs on the regular, around like 1999/2000, I was in this one spot in Philly, and it went from seeing some chicks thong to these two fucking in the middle of the dance floor! I never got to live a fantasy like that, but it sounds like Ic has! Possible single material? I'd like to see the homey make a video for this one!

EDIT Ic has posted the story behind this track. That nigga cracks me up. To live his life...

1st Annual Sean Bell Summit (4/25/2009)

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At York College tomorrow (April 25, 2009), the 1st Annual Sean Bell Summit is taking place, from 12PM - 3PM. Check out the flyer HERE, and get more information HERE.

[video] Cappadonna ft. Raekwon "Life's A Gamble"

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[video] Kanye West ft. Young Jeezy "Amazin'"

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EDIT Kanye West & Malik Yusef ft. Common & John Legend "Magic Man" [via illRoots]

[video] Kurious ft. MC Serch & DOOM "Benneton"

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Eminem "3 A.M."

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Eminem "3 A.M.":Em has been on promo mode over the last week or 2, whether its the premiere of the "We Made You" video, or chopping it up with Angela Yee the other day. Mostly, we're getting decent tracks from the forthcoming Relapse album, and I must say, while this is an improvement over "We Made You", I'm just over this Eminem. We know he can flow, we know he has bars, etc.; why does he just fall back on the same themes and material? I just want to see some progression; I'd love to hear him do a concept album, kind of like A Prince Among Thieves. I guess we'll keep getting these joints... *sigh*.

Spotted over at Nah Right, salute to Rap Radar.

Bonus Beats Here's a D-12 Freestyle on Tim Westwood:

Che Grand "Walking Under Ladders"

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Sorry I've only got an imeem stream link, but I do have news: Everything's Good Ugly is set to drop on July 9th, 2009! Che said that more tracks will hit his imeem page, so be on the lookout, ya dig?

Che Grand ft. Elucid & Spec Boogie "Walking Under Ladders" (prod. by Illmind) (!!!)


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I missed posting this mix on 4/20; if you love ganja and Dubstep, you need to get into this.



0. bag of weed (intro)
1. Trillbass - Herbsman
2. Bassnectar - Kingston, version2009
3. Bassist & Triage - Smoke one
4. Tryptomatik - Fiyah ganja mandem
5. Loetech - Marijuana overdose (Excision remix)
6. 6blocc - Come around Pt.2
7. Osc Vs. Dj G ft. Budros Gali - One mile high
8. Trillbass - Contact high
9. 6Blocc - Fire remix
10. Trillbass & Symbl - Kush
11. Conscious pilot - How high
12. Reso - Toasted
13. Kid Cudi - Day & Night (Trillbass & Slimberland remix)
14. Mayhem - Sensi
15. Toasty - The knowledge (Untold remix)
16. Trillbass - Snowcap
17. Trillbass - Roor coughin'
18. Tryptomatik - Polizia dreadlock
19. Ekaj - Sky high
20. Conscious pilot - Hash & Hydro (Trillbass remix)
21. 12th planet ft. Howard marks - Spliff politics
22. Trillbass - Creepin'
23. Claw ft. Jimmy lonesome - Sour diesel

TRiLLBASS has also dropped a Summer Promo Mix.



1. TRiLLBASS - Empties : (trill recs)
2. Simian Mobile Disco - Never be alone (TRiLLBASS Bootleg) : (white)
3. TRiLLBASS - Fucking Heater VIP : (trill recs)
4. Claw VS SelfSimilar - Rise the Fuckup (TRiLLBASS VIP) : (trill recs)
5. TRiLLBASS - Lawst : (suicide dub)
6. Chase & Status - Eastern jam (TRiLLBASS Bootleg) : (white)
7. TRiLLBASS & Bro Safari ft. MC Kemst - Fist pump : (ruff009)
8. TRiLLBASS - Tony danza : (ruff009)
9. Conscious Pilot - Hash & hydro (TRiLLBASS Rmx) : (dub alliance)
10. TRiLLBASS & Symbl - Swagger : (trilldigi002)
11. TRiLLBASS - Roor coughin : (betamorph)
12. TRiLLBASS - Huey Lewis : (dirty circuit records)
13. TRiLLBASS - Boo & yarr : (trill002)
14. Koan Sound - Mafia (TRiLLBASS Rmx) : (trill002)
15. TRiLLBASS - Threats : (trilldigi001)
16. TRiLLBASS - Fingerbang : (betamorph)
17. TRiLLBASS - Natty Ice : (trill recs)
18. TRiLLBASS - Vaporub : (trill recs)
19. Ill Gates & Meesha - Irmavep (TRiLLBASS Rmx) : (multi music)
20. Kid Cudi - Day n Night (TRiLLBASS Bootleg) : (trill recs)
21. TRiLLBASS & Core - Ghost : (trill001)
22. TRiLLBASS - Lotus : (trill001)
23. TRiLLBASS - Contact High : (trill001)

Fiya! "Tony Danza" has been sitting on an external for a while - big tune!

D.Julien "Too Complex"

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D.Julien "Too Complex" (prod. by 6th Sense): I saw D tweet about a new track with 6th; wasn't expecting to get it so soon! He spoke on the idea of being "too complex", which is definitely some dumb wild shit to say, but you know the state of music we live in today - you gotta dumb it down to double your dollas.

El Michels Affair "Glaciers Of Ice"

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El Michels Affair "Glaciers Of Ice": Possibly one of my favorite RZA beats gets the El Michels rub. 37th Chamber is looking like it will be that FIRE! Shouts to audible treats!

FuseBox Radio (Week of April 22nd, 2009)

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Direct mp3 Download (right click and "save as")

Direct mp3 Download Backup (right click and "save as"; via Blip.TV)

This is the latest episode of the syndicated FuseBox Radio Broadcast with DJ Fusion & Jon Judah for the week of April 22, 2009 with some new and classic Hip-Hop & Soul Music, news and commentary.

This week's commentary focused on updates with the entire mainstream media (MSM) coverage about the Somali pirate scenario, the new Disney animated movie portraying a Black Princess and what that means (if anything, especially with the storyline, etc.) and other things here and there.

We do have a new Black Agenda Report segment but no new DirectEFX segement this week.

Feel free to check out some recent episodes of the syndicated FuseBox Radio Broadcast here on - all of the shows are clean/radio friendly.

FuseBox Radio Playlist for the Week of April 22, 2009 (in no particular order)

Ultramagnetic MCs/Kool Keith Housing Things/Next Plateau Records
Nas/Legendgary/White Label
Bobby Creekwater feat. Stat Quo & Sandman/Trying To Make It/BGOV
Mistah F.A.B./Hit Me On Twitter/Faeva Afta, Thizz & Atlantic Records
Thad Reid/Do My Thang/Blue Collar Muzik (
Chester French/She Loves Everybody/Star Trak
Nikki Lynette/Oooh Mommy/
DOOM/Absolutely/Lex Records
Camp Lo feat. Yahzarah/Regulate/Soul Fever
Busta Rhymes feat. Spliff Star & Show Money/I'm Back/Flipmode, Violator & Universal Motown
M. Beezy/It's Hard (Hard Times)/Low Key Key & Flatbroke (
Mr. Lif/Folklore/Bloodbot Tactical Enterprises AmDex/Change Your Style/Domination Recordings
Chrisette Michelle/Notebook/Def Jam
Rampage/I Run D's MC's/White Label (
Madam Madon/Benning Rd. Bomber/Black Opx Ent. (
Mr. Scruff feat. Pete Simpson/This Way/Ninja Tune
Vybz Kartel/Without My Own/DJ Smurf Muzic
Foriegn Exchange feat. D1/Take Off The Blues/Hard Boiled Records
Trillogy/Warning/Starr Media Group
Scratch feat. Musiq Soulchild/Tonite/Gold Dust & !K7
David Rush feat. Pitbull & Kevin Rudolph/Shooting Star (Party Rock RMX)/Xequitive Board Ent., Mr. 305 & Koch
Kool Rock-Ski of The Fat Boys feat. Jay-Z/Can We Talk/Uncle Louie Records
Busta Rhymes feat. Lil' Wayne & Jadakiss/Respect My Conglomerate (inst.)/Flipmode & Universal Motown
LMFAO/La La La (On Top Of The World)(inst.)/Party Rock & Interscope

PLUS Some Extra Special Hidden Tracks in the Jon Judah Master Mix w/ Old School Classics and more Independent Music Finds
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KRS-One & Buckshot "Robot"

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KRS-One & Buckshot "Robot": Everytime I see some new shit about their forthcoming collaborative LP, Survival Skills (which drops on Duck Down on August 25th), I get that much more excited. Both of these legends were very helpful in my developing love of Hip-Hop back when I was a shorty. Get the lyrics from KRS & Buck's Lyric Book, and keep it locked to their MySpace page for further details. Props to Matt at MAC Media for the info!

[video] Team Blackout ft. Chris "Gotta Have Her"

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Looks like Season 5 of Run's House premieres on May 15th!

Nas "I Have To"

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Nas "I Have To": Posting some new (to you) Nas because I have to. Shouting out Rizoh for the post because I have to. But, I'm saying this shit is ill because it is.

Bloc Party Intimacy Remixed Cover+Tracklist

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Looks like the US digital-release date of Bloc Party's Intimacy Remixed project drops on May 12th; the Armand Van Helden remix of "Signs" will be the first single, and features other talented producers like John B, Mogwai and more!


01. Ares (Villains Remix)
02. Mercury (Hervé is in disarray Remix)
03. Halo (We Have Band Dub)
04. Biko (Mogwai Remix)
05. Trojan Horse (John B Remix)
06. Signs (Armand Van Helden Remix)
07. One Month Off (Filthy Dukes Remix)
08. Zephyrus (Phase One Remix)
09. Talons (Phones R.I.P. Mix)
10. Better Than Heaven (No Age Remix)
11. Ion Square (Banjo Or Freakout Remix)
12. Letter To My Son (Gold Panda Remix)
13. Your Visits Are Getting Shorter (Optothetic Remix)

What you think?