Saturday, April 04, 2009

Almighty & KD Ranks "Trenton Where We Live"

Almighty & KD Ranks "Trenton Where We Live" (prod. by Tony D): I know you're asking - "why the HELL are you uploading 17 year old tracks biggin' up the capital city of New Jersey?"... I'll tell you. I'm hearing rumors that Tony D passed away in a car accident, and it's crazy. Dude is one of the success stories in underground Hip-Hop to come from my city, from producing the majority of the Poor Righteous Teachers first album, Holy Intellect, including "Rock Dis Funky Joint", but he's worked with cats like YZ and many more! I'm waiting to get some kind of confirmation, but my wife's Facebook Wall and status updates are getting blown up with "RIP Tony D" comments. I'll revisit this when I get more concrete info.

For more on Trenton Rap, hit up this post of Noz's, with a proper compilation showcasing classic Trenton Hip-Hop tracks. Fatlace has a sick interview with him, including a few choice cuts from his catalogue. Also check this ill article The Trentonian did on Tony back in 2003.

Beenie Man ft. Icadon "Streets Is Gettin' Hot (Remix)"

Beenie Man ft. Icadon "Streets Is Gettin' Hot (Remix)": Cookin' Soul has been trying to get niggas to hop up on their "Streets Is Gettin' Hot" riddim, and the homey Ic must've rolled up a fat one and set a sick 16 in the opener. We'll see who else fi test...

[video] Eminem Speak On "We Made You" Video

don't say nuthin'

just a bit of a dougie houser-ish post, need to get some ish off my chest.

i don't know what i'm doing. not in terms of my life, but the opportunities i miss. its almost like that nigga who's last picked - he can shine if you just let him show you.

i feel like i could be doing so much MORE, but for whatever reason, cats don't see me in that light.

maybe it's because i'm not on everyone's blogroll. maybe it's because i don't have a bottomless wallet.

i don't know what it is, but it can get aggravating sometimes. i know what i can do, and how i can do it. no one else does.


its almost as niggas is appeasing me to get shit out on the 'net, so they can see the next plateau they need to reach for. is that my position - the screener?

if so, let me know. if not, let me know.

just talk to me, you. say your words. or just don't say nuthin'... wait, you're doing that already.

thank you. and you're welcome.

Wafeek "Sgt. Peppers"

Wafeek "Sgt. Peppers": The homey Feekee done done it again. This time, he linked up with the Fab 5 to bring you some fuzzy funkery for your flavorful Fridays and Saturdays. This is taken from Feekee & The Flux Capacitor, a project that you should be somewhat familiar with... if not, go grab "Bad Check", then take a gander at the video for "My Friends". You see where we going right now? Good, now hop in the back seat, remove the seeds and stems, and watch out for the bats.

Cypher Linguistics ft. Tripp "ATL"

Cypher Linguistics ft. Tripp "ATL": I'm not saying Atlanta NEEDED a new anthem, but if someone from the A was looking for a 2009 anthem, this track from Cypher Linguistics should be it. Something to blast through your speakerbox during the hot and sticky nights.

The above pic is not representative of this track, but goddamn if Lauren London isn't the only reason to watch ATL. More leaks coming.

Ricky Raw & Wes Green "Tell Me No"

Ricky Raw & Wes Green "Tell Me No": Here's a few cuts from The Green Album, a collaborative project from Ricky Raw & Wes Green. Two talented individuals in the A, working on dope Hip-Hop? How the fuck you gonna deny this?

Bonus Beats Ricky Raw & Wes Green "Shake Shake"

Beyonce ft. Kanye West "Ego (Remix)"

Beyonce ft. Kanye West "Ego (Remix)": I always wonder why, when tracks like this, niggas be like "yo, thanks to the gabillion people who sent this to me", but no one sends it to ME! LOL Shouts to Andrew for posting this one up. Yeezy speaks on his ego... B sounds like she's talking 'bout her ass. This has a nice, bright Sunday morning feel to it.

Rapper Big Pooh "Rear View Mirror"

Rapper Big Pooh "Rear View Mirror" (prod. by 9th Wonder): Here's a cut from Pooh's Delightful Bars, which you can cop on iTunes right now; it hits stores on May 5th. Should be getting an interview with homey for RTD in the near future. Keep it locked!

Shouts to MAC Media.

[video] Just Blaze Clears Up "All Of The Above" Questions

Via Rap Radar by way of The Megatron Don.

Friday, April 03, 2009

[video] Quite Nyce & Radar Ellis Meet Geoff Barrow

I'm jealous. Geoff is a legend, and while on tour in the UK, Raydar & Nyce got to work on a track with him. Check out the studio session:

[video] Feekee & the Flux Capacitor "My Friends"

Didn't I tell you about this, already?

[video] The Prodigy "Warrior's Dance"

Rich Boy ft. 607 "Drop"

Rich Boy ft. 607 "Drop": Little Rock, Arkansas' 607 hit me up with two verses on Rich Boy's latest banger. And dude has some spit in him. He's one of my current style of MCs - a nigga who speaks his mind, kickin' the truth without worrying about people being upset. The game needs more of this.

Bonus Beats 607 "Let's Go Dutch"

Marky Nothing Is 43ver

I'd go into some great detail about Universal/SRC/Studio 43 artist Marky's Nothing Is 43ver mini-album, but the nigga iLL Vibes did that already. I just recommend you download it, throw it on a CD or on your iPod, take some time out and really get into some good music. Then thank me. Then thank iLL.

[video] JO A Makes A Beat

No, I don't know why he says "whaaaat?" or whatever before the beat drops... everytime. I also don't know why he stays staring at the camera while making beats. I do recognize dude's talent, and felt it was only right to share this pon the world:

Looks like dude got signed to Sony? Props to him. France in the house.

Bonus Beats Kid Cudi "Day N Nite (The E.T.'s Remix)" (prod. by JO A)

Friday, April 3rd 2009 playlist

I apologize for RTD being down for the better part of the last day or so... as a reward for sticking with me, check out these leaks from the week that was...




Here's some skrip club ignance from MCs who don't mean shit.

Pitbull ft. Pharrell "Blanco"

WM25 this weekend; I won't be watching it, but I will DVR the WWE HOF on Saturday Night! Enjoy your weekend - hopefully this rain goes bye-bye.

DJ Honda & Problemz All Killa, No Filla Sampler

I had no idea DJ Honda was still out there doing the damn thing. Check out this sampler of his forthcoming album with Problemz, All Killa, No Filla; I also heard that he has an H IV coming!?

Shouts to MAC Media.

Che Grand "Girls Talk" Premiere (4/09/2009)

Should be an ill event... not only will it have the premiere for Che Grand's "Girls Talk" video, but the Lessondary crew will be in the house, as will Tiara Wiles, with music provided by 2 Hungry Bros.! For $0.99! WHAT THE FUCK!?!?!?!

Enig'ma "Paranoid"

Enig'ma "Paranoid" (prod. by J-Rell): It's been a minute since I've dropped some shit from the Perfection Music camp, but with RTD's recent anniversary, Enig'ma laced me with this exclusive. Dude wastes no time smackin' niggas in the face with that real talk. Throw this on in the headphones and watch your face transform to a screw, early.

[video] Project Mayhem "Lo Sweatas"

Via FSD.

[video] Day26 = True BitchAssNess

This shit is too funny to me. I did wonder why they wouldn't let these niggas scrap it out. That's grown man - if you to the point where you want to fight, fight it out. That's what niggas do - don't throw punches, not connect, then be a ho:

Shouts to all the heads on twitter who watched this episode with me; that nigga Que is a ho, Robert is a ho and Brian is a ho. Bunch of ho ass niggas.

Anyways, YK2Daily has the official cover+tracklisting for Forever In A Day, which, by the look of the show, is gonna be crazy Que-less.

I do wish Babs was there to scream "LET 'EM FIGHT!"

Thursday, April 02, 2009

RTD Being Down

If you can see this, RTD isn't down. Hasn't been the case over the last few days; looks like my registrar,, has been having issues - but the way they operate, they don't tell a nigga SHIT. I need to switch companies...

EDIT It looks like its better today - some heads can access the site, while others are getting a site not found. From the talk on twitter, seems like a lot of heads are still having problems. Funny thing is, I can ping both AND and it works fine; try pinging, shit times out. Go figure.

Elucid "Laser Days"

Elucid "Laser Days": Oh how I've been waiting to leak some of Elucid's new work. Dude is on that SBD shit... silent but deadly, but he's also on that Sub Bass Diet, which is where this leak comes from. He's been really letting the flag fly over the ill soundscapes. Here he's taken aim at Kode9's latest, and the results are invigorating.

When I say dude has a satchel of succulent tracks ready for release, don't think I'm just flowering up the project. And when I say this nigga is going for your fucking jugular, you better watch your back... and your front.

I wanna see all you niggas who drooled over "Snoop Dogg Millionaire" to deny this...

[video] Day26 ft. Diddy & Yung Joc "Imma Put It On Her"

Punk ass Q is supposed to wyle out tonight... AGAIN!

[video] Lil' Cease & Cardan "Ten Crack Commandments"

Canibus, Bekay & Chino XL "Do This"

Click the pic to download the latest single from Shuko's The Foundation. This shit is hard... its always refreshing to know that Canibus still sounds as hungry and angry as he has over the last decade plus.

Shouts to DJ Dutchmaster for this one!

Cy Yung ft. SiLent Knight "Forcefeel"

Cy Yung ft. SiLent Knight "Forcefeel": Here's the next leak from Cy's Madicinal Libationz: Flow Springz Eternal, which is set to drop on April 13th. I had no idea homey was doing this with Dub MD, nor did I know that cats like Wordsmith, Junclassic, Ill Poetic and many more were going to be featured on this! Don't sleep when this one drops, trust!

The-Dream vs. Icadon "Rockin' That Thang (Super Remix)"

The-Dream Ft. Ludacris, Icadon, Fabolous, Juelz Santana & Rick Ross "Rockin' That Thang (Super Remix)": The boy Icadon lends his bars to Dream's latest "radio killa". This will be featured on the Pump Pirates mixtape, which drops Easter '09. Hopefully some audio from his guest spot on Tony Touch last night will surface soon...

EDIT Here it is!

Ic also has a blog on the High Times website. You already know!

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Young Dro "Dro Rock Diamonds"

Young Dro "Dro Rock Diamonds" (prod. by Fury): I fuck with this. I honestly had no idea what Gotty was passin' me, but that Biggie sample over that Al Green chop? Dro comes through with butter lyrics as well. Something to ease the loss of Tip, fa sho!

J. Slikk's Escapism Is Coming!

So I haven't heard from my homey J. Slikk in a bit. Not that I'm hyper-worried about dude, he just been out of the limelight for a hot minute. He hit me today like "yo I got some ish for you, check ya inbox". I peep it and he hits me with a track and an e-mail about a new EP he has in the works!

Escapism is a departure for his sound; he's not only purposefully going outside of his box, but he also plans on incorporating live instrumentation into the mix as well! While release date and feature MCs are not known at this time (possibly early June?), judging by the track he sent me (which reminds me of the DJ Krush/Mo Wax shit I used to fuck with circa 1995-1998), he has found a cozy pocket to explore, with the promise of his sounds going deeper.

Judge for yourself - but I'm ready to escape, too!

PS Flavor Spectrum is definitely still in the works...

[video] Murs "Part Of Me"

[video] Grafh "Tuff Love"

D.Julien "Post-Experiment"

D.Julien "Post-Experiment" (prod. by K.I.D.): D brings us up to speed on where his heads been at since the release of The Experiment. I saw that shit drop on a lot of sites, so I imagine he's been getting hit up from a lot of cats with praise. He keeps this up, more props shall come his way.

Diamond District "I Mean Business"

Diamond District "I Mean Business": Diamond District = Oddisee, X.O. & YU. I slept on posting the first leak from their forthcoming album, In The Ruff, when it dropped last week, and I'm kicking myself for it. This shit is dope - makes you thing, but also keeps your head noddin'.

Hit up their website for a mini documentary on this project, then check back on April 14th to grab this album when it drops.

Bonus Beats Diamond District "Who I Be"

Trackstar The DJ & TSS Present Joe Budden Pride & Paranoia

Trackstar and TSS making ill Joe Budden compilations > Padded Room.

DOWNLOAD Trackstar The DJ & TSS Present Joe Budden Pride & Paranoia (The Best Of Joe Budden)

[video] LoveJones & Phys Edison "Sit On The Moon"

Has-Lo You Can Live Thru Anything If Magic Made It

Shouts to the niggas at Wake Your Daughter Up for passing me this fresh Has-Lo remix project.



01 Intro
02 Big Pun - Leather Face (has-lo remix)
03 O.C. - Time's Up (has-lo remix)
04 Royce Da 5' 9, Elzhi & Supastition - Best To Do It (has-lo remix)
05 Cormega - Montana Diaries (has-lo remix)
06 Interlude #1
07 Ghostface Killah - Love Session (has-lo remix)
08 Sean Price - Onion Head (has-lo remix)
09 Common - Chi City (has-lo remix)
10 Nas - Shootouts (has-lo remix)
11 Outro
12 (Bonus Track) Tree Woodz - Move the Crowd (has-lo remix)

Who said that boom-bap was dead?!

Monsta X "Rise & Fall"

Monsta X "Rise & Fall" (prod. by DJ Husky): Junclassic just hit me with the new single from Monsta X's Wolftickets To The Silicon Show EP, which is set to drop Summer '09 on Classified. Some jazzy seduction on that beat, and X ain't no sucka on the mic. Real talk from real niggas.

Scanz "Refined Soul"

Scanz ft. Wesley Simpsun "Refined Soul" (prod. by Frank G): For those of you who pay attention to more than the bigger Hip-Hop blogs out there, you should've peeped the three joints that Rappers I Know previewed from Scanz' forthcoming FREE LP, The Basement Chronicle, which I'm told is going to drop on Monday. The LP has a heavy list of featured MCs (KRS-One, Mr. Lif, Akrobatik, Reef Da Lost Cauze, Chaundon and others), and should be a dope treat. The homey Sherm let me know that he'd have something exclusive for me, and of course he came through with the hotness in "Refined Soul", which sounds just like you'd think it would. It's about to be rainy here on the East Coast, and tracks like this are the soundtrack to rain-slicked city streets.

Keep it locked on Monday for the full release...

Versis "Time's A Wastin'"

Versis "Time's A Wastin'": It's been a minute since I've posted some ish from the homey Versis, so when he hit me on twitter earlier today, I had to get some joints. He blessed me with two pieces of fire material, as you can see. If I'm not mistaken, dude should be turning 18 this year... my lawd, the next generation is coming at you niggas!

Bonus Beats Versis "Never To Be Slept On" (prod. by Lucid)

Shyne & DJ Furious Styles 25 To Life Plus 9

Odd shit happens on April Fool's Day... like new mixtapes featuring Shyne Po. Keep your head up - big up to all the soldiers in the belly of the beast.

DOWNLOAD 25 To Life Plus 9 (sendspace \ rapidshare)

Juan Epstein (4/1/2009)

Ciph believes that Rosenberg should be rockin' a shirt similar to the one above. Listening to last week's Juan Ep, and then peepin' this weeks, I would have to agree with him. I'm also loving how they're getting back into the groove.

DOWNLOAD Juan Epstein (4/1/2009)

PS Looks like Rosenberg's next installment of Noisemakers will be featuring Q-Tip? Say word!


Trae ft. Yung Joc vs. T-Woc "In Da Hood (DJ Nappy THUGSTEP Refix)": I always thought that ATL Crunk shit worked the best over slick dubstep, but with Trae's syrupy "movin' so slow/bangin' mah Screw" on the hook, that's such a perfect way to put it. The electro bleeps and blips in this T-Woc banger help accent the flow that Trae and Joc execute. Light up a green monster and rock to this.

This THUGSTEP shit is far from over... Nappy got plenty in the stash!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

RTD Presents The Magic Number

I told you guys yesterday I was going to drop a compilation on you, and here it is. Putting this together was fun, and I tried to showcase what I feel to be true "rock the dub" type tracks, which are both new to you (and me), as well as tracks that I've featured over the last three years. 21 cuts in total, 24 including the intro/interlude/outro... and all for you. ENJOY!



01/Intro MF Doom instrumentals X 911 calls regarding chicken nuggets = golden!
02/The Paxtons "4321" The Paxtons hit me with this yesterday, and I get geeked over heads who flip samples in interesting ways. Definitely my jam of the week.
03/Whygee ft. DJ brikAbrak "Henny Hendrix" (prod. by 184 Productions) You should already be up on Whygee; he had no home for this, so I was more than happy to oblige in putting this one on this compilation. Dude has even more coming through RTD - keep it locked!
04/F.A.M.E. "The Update" (prod. by D Hype & P) I had this one sitting around, waiting for a NJ Hip-Hop-specific compilation that I still want to do. Had to let it loose, though - dude is ill on the mic.
05/Big S.I.N "Good Girl Gone Bad" Here's the single from S.I.N's forthcoming Mad Man Music album. He needs a woman who's strong like Rosa Parks. Holla.
06/Cy Yung ft. Sharp "Retropolitan" (prod. by J-Rell) I was going through a grip of tracks Cy hit me with, for a compilation that's forthcoming on RTD, and this one stood out to me IMMEDIATELY. That beat has that knock.
07/Sean Wyze "L.A." (prod. by Jansport J) This has been my joint since I dropped it, and I never been off the East Coast. Good Saturday morning wake-up track.
08/Burt Fox & El Juba "The Jungle" You should remember this from disc 2 of The Lighthouse Project; one of my favorite joints from last year, had to bring it back.
09/MAGr "Buttafly" (prod. by Hudson Mohawke) Just had a nice feel, going out of "The Jungle" into this. MAGr should be on the tips of everyone's lips this year...
10/J. Steele "WARNING!" I got sent this last night; shouts to Camden, NJ's Urban Hill crew. This just has a hype feel to it. I hope to bring you more of their cuts in the future.
11/SuperJail "?" This has not left rotation for a bit. True RTD stylie.
13/8thW1 "Sound Quality Convo" (prod. by Mentplus) Dude's a dope artist, and I'm not saying that b/c he shouted me out. But that helps.
14/Elucid "Automatic Writing" (prod. by AEON) Still my favorite joint off Police & Thieves; Elucid has some fire waiting in the wings for you niggas. Trust we.
15/City Slickers "Hurry Up & Wait" (prod. by NellyProTools & Capital J) Another joint I just got today; I believe I've been passed a few joints from these guys - really impressed with their tracks. Keep an eye peeled for them. Shouts to G Valentino.
16/Youngs ft. Light "Brand New Bag" (prod. by Jansport J) J hit me with this last night; been sitting on this one for no good reason. I have a remix he did coming soon... will probably drop it later this week.
17/Master 3 "Never Come Down" 3 has been an interesting cat; if you slept on his last project, go get a late pass. He's got the gift - love to see where he goes with it.
18/A.G. "Where I'm From" I only knew of A.G. from her appearance on Barak Yalad's album; her family hit me up about her unfortunate passing, and sent me a batch of tracks. Here she is speaking about her life to the classic Jay-Z banger.
19/The Rapture "Must Be (Feenin')" I posted Hellz Yea! rippin' "Must Be Love" last week, and now here's The (Muthafuckin') Rapture's massacre. I love how he flipped the idea. Keep it locked for more from him, as well!
20/Sugar Tongue Slim "Next Levels Freestyle" Definitely the first time RTD was shouted out on a record. And over some DOOM? Who could ask for anything more... DEMAND IT!
21/Articulate "B-Town" Artic went in over this fire Bmore cut to expound on his city. I hope to do some project(s) with him before the year is out.
22/Rukus "Kill A Man" Dude loved Manic's "Killers Theme '08" so much, he decided to turn it over on its ear, and figure out WHY a man should be killed. Loved the execution!
23/Lil' Jon ft. Ying Yang Twins "Get Low (Nappy's J Dilla Blend)" One of those many remixes Nappy did that I'm sitting on. I could see this one causing a ruckus (no pun intended) in a dancehall. Fire material.

So there's the long and short of it. Shouts to all of the readers who send me e-mails, hit me on twitter, post my links and just continue to check the site and support what I'm doing. Big up to all of the MCs, producers, DJs, label heads and A&Rs who hit me with new material on the regular - keep it up. Shouts to wifey and the kids for putting up with me branding everything with RTD. Shouts to my friends like Enigmatik, Andrew FSD, Dallas Penn, Rafi and others - cats who've built with me, joked with me and helped me flesh out my craft. Its very much appreciated.

Let's have a good day - and enjoy this compilation!

The Deal Dub, Episode 6

Deal hit me with this last night, but I was off in my own land, so it comes today. On the celebration of RTD's three year stand, Deal and C.I.O.N. kick the ballistics about people getting into their own way. It's some shit that many of you need to really think about, as we all try to strive and prosper in your own respective fields.

DOWNLOAD The Deal Dub, Episode 6

Bonus Beats Villainous Volume Radio, Volume 10 [via PIMB]

[video] PreZZure Presents CanYaFeeliT??? Commercial 3

Bonus Beats PreZZure Presents CanYaFeeliT??? Commercial 3

[video] Joulz Il "It's Over"

Here's a dope video stream of Joulz Il's "It's Over":

This is taken from The Il Experiment, which you can download HERE. Send an e-mail or hit Joulz via twitter and let him know your honest opinion!

[video] Trey Songz "Brand New"

[video] Lil' Kim On Dancing With The Stars Round 4

She got a 10! I'm surprised she made it this far.

[video] Joell Ortiz "125 Part 2"

Suave The Ape "The Mystery"

Suave The Ape "The Mystery": As the rock the dub 3 year anniversary celebration continues, here's a fresh leak from Suave's The Planet Of The Apes mixtape, which I believe is done and should be available very soon... like this Saturday. 20 tracks, many of which you've heard right here on RTD, will be featured. Very interesting piece, can't wait for the whole project, myself.

Keep it locked!

Playaz Circle "Stupid"

Playaz Circle ft. OJ Da Juiceman "Stupid": This OJ Da Juiceman is all over. Why, I don't know. I'm also not sure why I even downloaded this, I knew it'd sound "stupid!"

Rick Ross ft. Nas "Usual Suspects"

Rick Ross ft. Nas "Usual Suspects": Shouts to BoBO for hitting me with this. Do you really think Officer Ricky does laps in ANY kind of swimming pool?

Bonus Beats Jadakiss ft. Nas "What If" [via OnSMASH]

[video] MegaBone "Triknosis"

Directed and edited by the ICU.

Monday, March 30, 2009

[video] Behind The Scenes: Method Man & Redman "International"

[video] Twista "Wetter"

[video] Mayhem "One Day"

Bonus Beats Mayhem "One Day" (prod. by Mass Appeal)

[video] UGK "Da Game Been Good To Me"

[video] J*DaVeY "SLOOOW"

[video] Pugs Atomz x SXSW 2009

I've got an ill Pugs track leakin' tomorrow...

The Golden Chamber Mixtape

If you've ever fucked with The W at all in your life, you need this ill mixtape from the homey DJ Fricktion from the UK. Classic cuts, interviews and ill flavor, this one has it all.

DOWNLOAD DJ Fricktion & Lovesoul DJs The Golden Chamber Mixtape

RTD Turning 3

Tomorrow, rock the dub turns 3 years old. It's been a crazy 3 years - I've gotten opportunities to do things (podcasts I neglect, digital labels, etc.), made a slew of friends, be they peers in the blogging world, heads who just feel the same way or artists who I admire. I figure I should give back, but I'm going to keep it kind of lowkey, so I'll be doing some kind of compilation tonight. I'll be including tracks that reference my blog (all 2, 3 of them), tracks I've dug from people I consider "Rock The Dub All-Stars", and some unreleased/exclusives (a few, maybe).

Any MCs/producers who want to hook me up with some tracks, get at me ASAP. Send an e-mail to with a link or just attach the file. I'm game. I'll let you know if I'll include it or not.

Speak soon!

[video] The 54 Reality Show (3/30/2009)

The Paxtons "4321"

The Paxtons "4321": Here's an exclusive, skraight from Paxton Avenue. This cut, with its sly Boyz II Men sample, will not be found on their forthcoming album, but rocks nonetheless.

Their album, Work, is set to drop Summer '09, featuring production from the Paxtons themselves, as well as some of DC's rising stars. I'm waiting on the sampler; keep it locked! Shouts to my homey Mr. Garr for the heads up!

El Michels Affair Enter The 37th Chamber

If you're a fan of the Wu-Tang Clan, I imagine that you've heard the El Michels Affair's interpolations on classic Wu-bangers, like "CREAM". You've also heard their work on projects like Adele's 19 album (they produced "Right As Rain"), the horn that was flipped in Jay-Z's "Roc Boys" and have also done work on Saigon's The Greatest Story Never Told LP with Just Blaze.

On April 21st, Truth & Soul/Fat Beats will be dropping Enter The 37th Chamber, a collection of the El Michels Affair's Wu-covers, including "Cream", "Can It All Be So Simple", "Protect Ya Neck", "Cherchez La Ghost" and "Incarcerated Scarfaces"; for those who remember, Truth & Soul dropped a 7" with their versions of "CREAM" and "Bring Da Ruckus" a bit ago, and should know what's up. Keep an eye peeled for this one when it drops.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

BGDB Presents B.O.M.B.

As my homey Elucid would say, "murder ponna dubplate". Enigmatik flips another compilation of leaked treats from the Busta Rhymes/Flipmode camp. Enjoy it!

[video] Mos Def On Bill Maher

Take It Personal #11

We all know that knowledge is power, right? So, Danyelliot drop science (and English) on the latest edition of the Take It Personal podcast, fielding questions from la twitter familia on a range of topics. Step up!

DOWNLOAD Take It Personal #11 (zshare \ sharebee)

Black Spade vs Charles Hamilton

Happy Sunday. Woke up from a sinus med/Olde English induced coma to read an e-mail that was forwarded to me by a good homey. Looks like this year's SXSW has produced a claim of plagiarism on one of the Internets favorite artists, Charles Hamilton. I'd try and paraphrase it, but it makes more sense to just copy and paste, so here's the straight shoot from the mouth of Black Spade:

Yo! So this is the beat Charles Hamilton CLAIMS he created. In short, when I was in Austin to perform and check out SxSW, I caught his set. He performed one of his tracks, "Shinin'", which I thought was dope. However, come to find out the instrumental that he used for that track is a beat I produced a while back. After he was done performing, I let him know that I produced the beat and asked him where he got it from. In the back of my mind I know that the only place he really could have gotten it from was off my MySpace page. When I told him I produced the track and liked his lyrics, he still continued to say that HE produced the track with some dude....FALSE. He said he cleared the sample and that he is the one singing 'Shinin' in the background and also that his homeboy was playing the keys on the track.

Now mind you, the background 'Shinin' vocals that he claims he laid were not laid in the studio at all. I know this because I sampled them by singing directly into the MPC.

Basically, the Frankie Beverly & Maze sample at the beginning is from when I put the beat up on MySpace. The whole point of putting that part in the track was to show that I was about to produce, from that part, my own version of the sample. So, if you don't hear the Frankie Beverly & Maze sample in the MP3 I am sending you, that is why.

Sounds interesting, right? Now, do a side-by-side comparison of the tracks; first, Black Spade's "Shining":

And now, Charles Hamilton's "Shinin'":

Sounds a bit similar, right? Now, what say you - did Hamilton jack a beat?

EDIT Looks like C. Hamilton commented on this incident over on Fresh Selects. Black Spade, what say you?

[video] Que = True BitchAssNess

I don't know why I watch this shit - these guys at too ridiculous for their own good. Well, let me rephrase - Que acts too ridiculous for his own good. Check out his latest bitch-fit, which has been brewing over the last couple of episodes of Making The Band, Season 4:

Remedial R&B FTL.

[video] Young Jeezy "Don't Do It"

[video] Rapper Big Pooh "The Comeback"