Saturday, October 02, 2010

Maffew Ragazino x Sean Price Freestyle On The Combat Jack Show

Bonus Beats Maffew Ragazino x Sean Price Freestyle On The Combat Jack Show

Lyle Horowitz Who Are We? (Part Two: Return To The 5th Dimension)

Lyle says that this is "the follow-up to my first instrumental tribute to The Twilight Zone. The majority of the samples come from some of my favorite episodes, as do the song titles. This may not be our last visit, either...".

DOWNLOAD Lyle Horowitz Who Are We? (Part Two: Return To The 5th Dimension)
<a href="">Who Are We? (Part Two: Return To The 5th Dimension) by Lyle Horowitz</a>

Camo UFOs - LIGHTA! Part II

I actually forgot to post this when I first got it. Camo UFOs are a retro-jungle crew who have been getting their remix on for some major players, and lazers. This mix they dropped last week is pure ol' skool Jungle, which is something I used to make sure I would fuck with on weed/beer-induced Saturday nights years past. Nowadays any late-night beer sessions on the weekend are devoted to DnB, but only b/c I'm editing for DOA, but it's always good to take an hour and remember the days...


Craig Bass The Hip Hop Effect Vol. 3

Ant THHE: "We are very proud to present Craig Bass’ latest mixtape titled The Hip Hop Effect vol.3, the tape is just Bass kicking bars over dope beats that I chose and sent to him. Me and Bass both agree that this is one of his best most complete projects to date".

DOWNLOAD Craig Bass The Hip Hop Effect Vol. 3 Presents Kicks N Mixtapes Vol.2: Goldie

SoleHaven has an interview with DnB legend Goldie up for their "Kicks N Mixtapes" series. It's kind of a silly feature, the actual interview is really short, and really uninformative (unless you REALLY need to know what Goldie's favorite colorways are), but it does include this mix from Goldie during a night in July at Cable in London. I'm not sure this was made available before (I hadn't posted it on DPD anyways), so for that, I commend them.

Strictly Steele Black Lights EP

And here's Strictly Steele's DviousMindZ-produced Black Lights EP. UK to Canadia, Steele's got some wild lyrics - bouncing off the walls of these beats, ya dig? Dude has a different voice, kind of reminds me of early Wise Intelligent. Anyways, roll something sticky up and rock to this, trust.

DOWNLOAD Strictly Steele Black Lights EP
<a href="">Black Lights by Strictly Steele</a>

ReCon': '90s Classics Remixed by Confidence & Mixed by DJ Grazzhoppa

Upcoming beat-smith Confidence is pleased to present his debut mixtape, ReCon. The MA-based beat-smith carefully resurrects 16 classic's from the mid-90s on this hour long mix, all without compromising the authenticity of what made these tracks so iconic. For good measure, DJ Grazzhoppa, the 1991 European DMC champ, cuts & blends the tracks together, showcasing turntablism at its finest hour (celebrity DJs & Serato newbies need not apply). ReCon features some of the 90s most time-honored cuts from O.C.'s "Time's Up", Black Moon's "How Many Emcees" & CNN's "T.O.N.Y", to some underground treasures circa the Stretch & Bobbito era, e.g. Big L's "American Dream" & Big Noyd's "Recognize & Realize". The only thing ReCon is missing is a tape deck...don't sleep!

DOWNLOAD ReCon': '90s Classics Remixed by Confidence & Mixed by DJ Grazzhoppa

[video] The Sole Vibe "Self Centered"/"Ring To It"

Tef Poe "Crazy"

Tef Poe ft. Theresa Payne & Rockwell Knuckles "Crazy" (prod. by Tech Supreme): Here's a double-duty single from The Force; this cut is taken from Tech Supreme's Obligation compilation, and will also be found on the ThisIs50 x RTD presented War Machine project from Poebama. The track title is true, with Poe spittin' over futuristics about this chick who is driving him insane. It actually has this Timbaland feel to the hook, which works and actually sounds better than what Timbo has been giving the Pop lovers lately.

Via irepstl.

Friday, October 01, 2010

RTD Playlist (Week of 10/01/2010)

Once again, it's on...

Juan Epstein (9/30/2010)

Seems like more and more of these Juan Ep's are Rosenberg getting his Rolodex on. Bret Hart followed by every nigga's favorite fugly, big booty white porno chick? My lawd!

DOWNLOAD Juan Epstein (9/30/2010) [via Rosenberg Radio]

[video] Suave The Ape "Early Morning"

previous Suave The Ape COLOREDonly EP

[video] Rick Ross ft. Slim Thug "Paid Tha Cost"

Solid Steel (10/01/2010)

This week we continue with the Ninja Tune 20th anniversary celebrations with label owners Coldcut plucking out a few gems from the back catalogue as well a look forward with tracks from the Ninja Tune XX compilation. DJ Vadim, The Bug, Ghislain Porier all feature alongside remixes of Coldcut tracks from King Jammy and United States of Audio, plus they have their own take on The Heavy's 'How you like me now'. In the second hour it's more Ninja Tune artists both old and new with Toddla T, Mr Scruff, Eskmo and DJ Food giving us their personal favourites. Toddla T gives us a tribute to the mighty Roots Manuva, while Mr Scruff digs into the archive, but both Eskmo and DJ Food pick tracks from the Ninja Tune XX compilation.

[video] Meyhem Lauren "Got The Fever"

Via Unkut.

G-Scott ft. Ye Ali "Other Girls"

Gerald Bailey ft. Ye Ali "Other Girls" (prod. by G-Scott): I'm glad the beat on this track is so damn interesting, otherwise that pic would've been a waste. That beat is different - evolves into some shit that might be considered some IDM if it was just an instrumental. This cut is taken from Bailey's EveyrthingOrNothing EP, which drops in October, as well as his The Billionaire Block Boy Vol.2 The Blackout tape, which is out soon and presented by RTD-friends like YNotMyDream, OutrageousAshley, What's In My Headphones and illCity.

[trailer] Indiana Rome Who The Hell Left The Gate Open

Indianapolis born Producer/Rapper Indiana Rome is gaining attention in the St. Louis hip-hop scene with the anticipation of his new album. He is currently producing for the likes of Tef Poe, Rockwell Knuckles, Corey Black, Kings of Midwest and more. As the newest member of The Force Indiana Rome is making his mark and turning heads. Indiana Rome’s upcoming project “Who the Hell Left the Gate Open?” promises to be well rounded with contributions from The Force’s Tech Supreme, DJ Needles, Rockwell Knuckles and more.

Who The Hell Left The Gate Open? is set to drop October 26th; hit up Rome's Bandcamp page for up-to-date leaks from this project.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

[video] Eminem ft. Lil Wayne "No Love"

DJ Ambush M.J.B. & Hip Hop

Dope mixtape from the homey DJ Ambush. This does exactly what it says on the tin - throws a great number of Mary's collaborations with Hip-Hop heads. Grab this one quick - the download link will be gone at 5PM on October 1st!

[preview] Johnny Spanish "Up In The Clouds"

[video] Rick Ross "Aston Martin Music"

Featuring Chrisette Michele & Drake:

Definitely my favorite beat off of Rawse's latest.

[trailer] The 3rd Floor

From the mind of Ryan Howard....

Bailey - Jonny L Mix (9/29/2010)

One of my favorite Drum & Bass DJs paying homage to a true DnB legend? Why yes. I've seen DJ Bailey live once, and have grown to appreciate his broad-spectrum approach to the Drum & Bass scene, and his vaults house some of the flyest dubplates around, so when he touches down to do a "best of" mix, it's always legendary. This is one he crafted for last night's 1Xtra D&B Show for the one like Jonny L, who is a seminal producer for many reasons. I'd go into it, but really, this mix should be proof positive of his seat on the DnB high council. By popular demand, enjoy.

Chose & RTKal "U Don't Like Me (Remix)"

Chose & RTKal "U Don't Like Me (Remix)": The version of this blinding remix was found on HOODLUM's U Don't Like Me Refix EP, which dropped last Friday. My boy DJ Nappy wasn't 100% satisfied with the final, so he went in and remastered it. This leak will be found on the U Don't Like Me (Refixes) Deluxe release, which will feature clean and dirty versions of each refix. If you've slept on this project, get more info HERE.

The Nuthouse "Ooh"

The Nuthouse "Ooh": This shit is amazing - The Nuthouse is Dave Ghetto and Fel Sweetenberg, and this cut is a bonus track off their Camden High & Rising mixtape, which is a De La Soul tribute, with these two tri-state spitters going ham and cheese over De La Soul beats. Oh, and the mixtape is hosted by Prince Paul! Too amazing; I kind of wish they had let me know about this earlier, I just had a lil chest pain from the amazingnessity of this project.

Trump Gee's ft. Curren$y "Without You"

Trump Gee's ft. Curren$y "Without You" (prod. by Tone P): Nice. I'm guessing that's an Alicia Keys sample? I don't know, but it's fly as all fuck. This is taken from Trump's forthcoming Watching Me Closely mixtape, which is hosted by CANNON. Big up Numonics for this one.

FuseBox Radio (Week Of September 29th, 2010)

[video] Gil Scott-Heron "New York Is Killing Me"

[video] Dula-Mite "Fight Music"

previous Dula-Mite "Fight Music"

The Experimental Show (30/09/2010)

The Dubstep Show On Kiss 100 (9/29/2010)

[video] BIG S.I.N "So Many Tears" / "Suicide Note"

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wayne Brady x Mike Tyson "Every Little Step"

Everything about this is amazing, although once Bobby Brown stepped into the video, I instantly wondered about how amazingly epic the weed session between these three must have been.

Joell Ortiz LIVE At Southpaw (9/30/2010)

To get acquainted with at least one act on the bill (Jah C & The Antidote), check out this recent Jah C video:

Jah C ft. Jaison Spain & Hotep "Summer Love"

Jon Connor as Vinnie Chase Season 1

Flint, Michigan's own Jon Connor came highly recommended by Young Sav at BoBO, and I'm glad I gave him a chance. Dude's got talent, and this mixtape should be proof positive. He's also got a track on here with Ali Vegas and Termanology that should excite some of you cats out there. Hit the jump for the goods.

[preview] Spec Boogie Introspective

What can I say. Years back, Spec Boogie hit me up when RTD still had a "" on it's ass, I found an MC that helped me understand not only the importance of the Internet in Hip-Hop's next phase, but also got introduced to a true BK spitter and his crew, the Lessondary. Now I know some cats from the clique more than others, but Spec's always been there, doing his thing, and getting a grip of shine. Seems like its been forever and a few days since I first heard about Introspective, and the first time I head "Bed Stuy", I was in awe. Yeah, it sampled one of my favorite movies, but it's not often you catch a tribute to one's city that sounds truly from the heart, and not from the mind trying to capitalize on city pride. Spec's a different animal, and while I piece together pieces of his life through the pieces he places in his lyrics, I feel like I know him. Could grab a beer and chat like old friends.

This week, Boog released Introspective, and it's the truth. It features the aforementioned "Bed Stuy", as well as "Show Up Drunk" with his Lessondary compadres, and features from Tanya Morgan and Peter Hadar. It's a testament to his skillset, and is only 40 minutes. All killer, no filler. Hit the jump to preview the entire project, and read the official press release, then go put down $10 on this.

Corey Black "The World Is A Ghetto"

Corey Black "The World Is A Ghetto" (prod. by Indiana Rome): Classic sample on this one, you know? The Force is in the building on this one, kickin' shit harder than life in the ghetto for most. Not sure if this is off a certain project or anything, but it's dope. Something fly to rock in your pea coat during the chilly Fall months.

Hype Men Episode 6: Brett Gelman

EPISODE 6: actor and comedian Brett Gelman joins the Hype Men to discuss Plies + comedian Jon Daly + homophobia + Ol’ Dirty Bastard peeing on stage + the value of the co-sign + Brett’s mom being in his Top 5 MCs + MC Hammer vs. Jay-Z + ‘Gonorrhea’ + boycotting Hoobastank + more!

DOWNLOAD Hype Men Episode 6: Brett Gelman [via Hype Men]

RatheMC LIVE At Georgetown Adidas Store (9/25/2010)

[video] Black Milk "Welcome (Gotta Go)"

[video] Shakira ft. Dizzee Rascal "Loca"

File under #randompairing.

[video] Spectac ft. Sean Boog & Khyrsis "Superman"

Nolan Lee x "Google Game"

[preview] KORE ft. Marlena "Twenty One Zero"

Workers Comp ft Roy Rucker "Day Job"

Workers Comp ft Roy Rucker "Day Job": I don't know if he meant to, but this sounds like the raps of a father. Can't quit that job. This Maryland trio come with a pretty fly track right here, riding a dope loop, expounding about staying on their job. I've never heard their shit before, but this is something that will be good for the crispy Fall season. Pull up your scarves and get back out on the pavement.

Bonus Beats Workers Comp "Lacross"

[video] Hell Razah "Kids In The Street"

Elephant & Castle "The Look"

Elephant & Castle "The Look": I honestly don't know what to call this. It's got this instrumental Hip-Hop feel, but it also delves into some beautiful Jazz textures, almost on an experimental tip, you dig? This is taken from E&C's Analogue EP, which is out now. Sometimes, you just need some leftfield flavorings to spice up your playlist, no?

<a href="">Analogue EP by Elephant and Castle</a>

C'mon Son 18

[preview] Meyhem Lauren Clarified Butter

I'm glad Dallas Penn put me onto Meyhem Lauren's "Ray Lewis"; usually you have to go to niggas like Joell Ortiz, Sean Price and niggas of that ilk to get that Jansport shit. And not the "pull out a composition book and pen a soliloquy"/"mind sex" shit - I'm talking about "I keep a brick of good and a 9MM in here on the subway" shit. Sometimes you need that, especially in the morning, when you don't feel like making that commute anyways. Meyhem's Clarified Butter is a 29-track mixtape that is a pretty raw statement of him and his skills. Check out a few tracks from this project:

You eff with this, go grab Clarified Butter via iTunes.

DLRN The Bridge Release Party (8/21/2010)

[video] Cam'ron ft. Vado "Soul Plane"

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

SOBs (9/29/2010)

Bonus Beats STS "Bun B For President"

Skyzoo & !llmind Present Tales From The Tape (EP4)">" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="445" height="385">

[video] Freeway "Beautiful Music"

Bonus Beats Freeway "Beautiful Music" (prod. by Jake One) [via Nah Right]

Jon Connor "Around The World In A Day"

Jon Connor "Around The World In A Day": Looks like this is the final leak before Connor's Vinnie Chase Season 1 mixtape drops in 24 hours. I mean we already know Michigan has talent, but it's weird to hear a spitter from Michael Moore town goes in just as nice.

Koncept "Gift In Disguise"

Koncept "Gift In Disguise" (prod. by The Audible Doctor): Had no idea the BBAS crew was planning on dropping Kon's Playing Life on CD, but this track is the bonus to the CD version. Anything I've heard Audible Doc do in 2010 (and in general) has been ill, and Kon's got that grown man flavor in his lyrics, so you just need to get into this.

[video] Ninjasonik "Super Power "

[video] Dregs One & Equipto ft. FDOG "Everyday"

[video] Wes Fif "Lights Out"

[video] Paul Yutaka "Fair Game"

[video] Jeremih ft. 50 Cent "Down On Me"

[video] Birdman ft. Young Jeezy & Bun B "My Jewel"

[video] Ludacris ft. Lil Scrappy "Everbody Drunk"

The Crew54 Show (9/22/2010)

Monday, September 27, 2010

JJ Rome Rome Wasn't Built In A Day

The homey D-Man co-signed JJ Rome, and after hearing a few tracks of his a bit ago, I was definitely. With D-Man throwing down the bulk of the production, and DJ Therion mixing the compilation, this is definitely something you need to fuck with. Then thank myself and the folks that went into crafting this gem.

Quest M.C.O.D.Y. "What It Look Like"

Quest M.C.O.D.Y. "What It Look Like": This week's #MCODYMondays leak has that trunk rattlin' feel to it - pull up in something clean and candy on a hot Saturday afternoon and floss out to this one. Love MCODY's diversity - he can murder cats in a battle, then come with something like this, which is a bit more anthemic. Rock on, nigga.

[video] Gripz "Check My Flow"

Joell Ortiz "Joell Christopher"

@elliottwilson you have a mixtape coming out w/ drama and green lantern? Title has NOTHING to do with yellow niggas?!?less than a minute ago via ÜberTwitter

Joell Ortiz "Joell Christopher": I'm saying, three of the yellowest, most Hip-Hoppingest niggas on the planet Earth, collaborating on one mixtape, and they don't have a YELLOW thrown in there somewhere? I hope there's some yellow in the artwork! Anyways, Ortiz sons niggas like he they father - if you don't believe it, just give this one an extended listen. Mixtape Of The Year might be the proper name for this, assuming the rest of the tape comes this hard. Pause. "Ha!"

@ElliottWilson I'm saying! "The Yellow Tape"!?!? That's gold (no pun intended)less than a minute ago via ÜberTwitter

[video] Duck Sauce "Barbra Streisand"

Via A-Trak.

[video] Maino ft. Joell Ortiz "Ask Me About Brooklyn"

[video] Soul Khan "Suck My Dick"

previous Soul Khan "Suck My Dick"

Strick 9 "Up N' Down"

Strick 9 "Up N' Down": Strick actually had this track done over an entirely different beat, but due to some fuckery, ended up spitting this over Drake's "Unforgettable" and gave it to the people. Lethal Dosage is still on the way, though!

QuESt "Inner Sense"

QuESt "Inner Sense" (prod. by M&D): Remember when cats would bust into double-time flows all the time? I kind of miss that, mainly because the niggas who spit over DnB bastardize it. If your double-time sounds like nursery rhymes, fall back. Anyways, this is an older track from QuESt, kicking the door down and bringing you some honesty for your mixtape needs. The Reason: A Defense Mechanism, November 25th!

Coldcut - 6 Mix (9/26/2010)

100 Akres Presents The Whitney Houston Beat Tape

Remember Whitney Houston's smash debut album from 1985? The one with Greatest Love All, Saving All My Love, You Give Good Love among others. Well, I changed it up a bit....well....a lot.....actually, you won't recognize any of the originals. Bang this... - Fresh Nerd

DOWNLOAD 100 Akres Presents The Whitney Houston Beat Tape
<a href="">The Whitney Houston Beat Tape by 100 Akres</a>

The Kickdrums Trap Or Dub

Well, it's good to know that it's not just the HOODLUM collective rockin' proper Dubstep/Hip-Hop blends. Matt Kickdrum took acapellas from Young Jeezy and Gucci Mane and flipped them over some bigger/more popular dubstep tracks. Nice combination, seen? Shouts to Hipnotikk for sending this one through.

DOWNLOAD The Kickdrums Trap Or Dub

[video] A-Class "Case I Find"

MiLKMEN "Set Me Free"

MiLKMEN "Set Me Free" (prod. by Trust Beatz): The MiLKs are definitely consistent, and I love the quality of all of their tracks. This is something to rock to today, where it's kind of rainy - preferably while you're sitting by the window, hoping for the rain to let up so you can enjoy the day... this is tagged with Far From Perfect? Not sure what that is or will be...

[video] Blu "Your My Boy Blu"

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Juan Epstein (9/24/2010)

Following up on John Cena on Juan Ep, Ciph and Rosenberg had Bret Hart, one of my favorite wrestlers EVER, on the podcast. They go in on Bret's past, what's going on now, and just bring the funny. And if you've not checked out Hitman, Bret's autobiography, do so.

DOWNLOAD Juan Epstein (9/24/2010) [via Rosenberg Radio]

We Plug GOOD Music Presents A Prelude to the Future

No, this has nothing to do with Kanye West or his vanity label. This is a mixtape from We Plug GOOD Music, featuring 20 artists from the US, UK, Africa and other spots, dropping some fly RnB, Hip-Hop and Spoken Word. This is something you wanna light your favorite incense to, maybe blaze a lil' and curl up in the candlelight. Hell, this is a mixtape even my momma would love! Hit up WPGM for more information on this, stream it below, then find where you left your inexplicable head wrap and rock to this.

DOWNLOAD We Plug GOOD Music Presents A Prelude to the Future
<a href="">A Prelude to the Future by We Plug GOOD Music</a> September 2010 Mixtape

BBC Radio 1Xtra Live Wembley Arena (London) (9/25/2010)

[video] Group Home ft. Jeru The Damaja "G.U.R.U."

Via DJ Premier Blog.