Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Combat Jack Show (7/20/2011)

Special edition of the Combat Jack show. With Dallas Penn out of town, CJ invited Boss Lady as a special guest, with featured guests including Action Bronson and Statik Selektah. This was the night "Otis" premiered, so the beginning of the show touches down on that. Hell, I even called in to shoot the ish with CJ. Dope show - not to be missed, trust!

DOWNLOAD The Combat Jack Show (7/20/2011) [via PNC Radio]

L.A "I'm Alive"

L.A "I'm Alive" (prod. by Hippie Sabotage): Back in May, the first single from homegirl's The L.A Riots dropped, and earlier today, I got blessed with leak #2. Over some sick production, L.A drops some heavy mental. Not that I had expectations for this one, but Sabotage brings an intoxicating array of sounds on this one, from a hypnotic boom-bap with an other-worldly assortment of bass and sounds, with a twinkling piano. All of this is the bed that L.A goes in over. And "in" she does go. Can't wait for L.A Riots, which is set to drop in August. Tough track.

[video] Maffew Ragazino ft. Steady Fam "Motley Crue"

[video] Wax & EOM "Coins"

This shit is bugged. Shouts to Pigeons & Planes.

Soul Khan "Soulstice III"

Soul Khan "Soulstice III": Continuing this series, Khan goes in talking about, well, Soul. And without getting dumb preachy, with the recent loss of Amy Winehouse, feels like something somber/uplifting for the moment. Meditate on Khan's words (and that beautiful piano) and reflect. Keep pushing.

Dave Raps "Rainin' On U"

Dave Raps "Rainin' On U": Dave's really going in on these. Not my favorite choice of beat, honestly, but he does the damn thing. Feels like a Rap'd out '80s vibe, from the driving synth and those weird siren stabs. Some big body beats for cats who know they ain't just sitting around - they shittin' on clowns. #DAVEDAZE!

Dave Raps - Rainin' On U by DAVE_DAZE

[video] T.R.A.C. "Like The Heavens"

This is taken from The Network, which is produced by Marc Mac from 4hero.

"Where Are You Running To Next?": DJ Mars

Taken from New Balance's Where Are You Running To Next? campaign, which, if you make some custom New Balance 574's through them, will give you 10% off... AND free shipping. I've been rocking my NB's more - now THAT'D be a sponsorship I'd fight for.

FuseBox Radio (Week Of July 20th, 2011)

[video] AP The Mayor ft. Clark "Smoke With The Mayor"

[video] Moe Green "Extra Extra"

RTD Playlist (Week Of 7/22/2011)

don't sell... yourself...

Friday, July 22, 2011

[video] Phraze "Fuck What You Talkin Bout"

[video] Cool Nutz "Family Bond"

Money First "Everything Extraordinary"

Money First "Everything Extraordinary": Oddly enough, when I saw that Jeezy had a new single, I figured it'd sound more like this Money First track than what it actually was. Kind of glad I got this - whenever I feel like plotting on the next move, I'd much rather blast some shit like that. Call it what you will, but that bass? That determination? Straight Trenton, NJ hunger right here. This is taken from Money First's Digital Money album, which is dropping via Money First Music/Block Starz Music on the 15th of August. It's hot as FUCK out there, you might as well pull up on the block in something fresh, with this rattlin' out of your speakerbox. Enjoy that.

[video] Smoke DZA ft. The Kid Daytona "Cool Shit"

Tone ft. Kurt Allen & DJ Theory "Dreams"

Tone ft. Kurt Allen & DJ Theory "Dreams" (prod. by Team Genius): ½ of Moke & Tone came correct with this one. This is some shit to daydream to, seriously. Has that mellow vibe to it, something you can get comfortable to. And that voice that drops in the beat? Feels like someone singing a lullaby. Just some upbeat shit, with Tone adding some of his own dreams into this one, and what he’s learned both from his dreams and because of his dreams. Gotta respect when a track let’s the DJ get his, mid-song. Use your dreams to move you… but don’t sleep your life away. Real progress happens in application.

Nemo Achida "John Stockton"

Nemo Achida "John Stockton" (prod. by Sean "Golden Child" Mangan): You have to hand it to Peter Rosenberg – dude knows dope Hip-Hop when he hears it. I rarely listen to the radio anymore, but word is that this cut has been getting spins on Rosenberg’s “Real Late” program, and for good reason. Taken from Achida’s Goodbye Brooklyn EP, Nemo compares how cats have to live these days (the give and go) to one of the NBA’s all-time great players. Even if he rocked short shorts. I’m not that up on Nemo’s output, but dude’s flow is intriguing – I definitely want to hear more of what dude has to say.

junclassic "Break It Down"

junclassic "Break It Down" (prod. by 730): jun just doesn’t quit, does he?! He sent over this tough jawn that he did with 730, with word that they are actually working on a full-length project together, so let this track from the WeGoinIN/HipHopGame mixtape be a sample of what to expect from their collaborative efforts. What’s odd is, the vibe of this track (probably the piano) makes it feel moodier, but jun sounds like he’s having a fucking ball.

One Eyed Kings ft. Molina, AKIR, & Big Samir "Children of the Ghetto"

One Eyed Kings ft. Molina, AKIR & Big Samir "Children of the Ghetto" (prod. by Mr. Bostic): On this ode to Philip Bailey’s classic track of the same name (and Spike Lee’s Clockers), this assortment of dope Hip-Hop sounds so smooth over those cool keys. “The life” in the inner-city is as oppressive as the heat that’s leaning on us, but tracks like this, that praise facing your adversity, sound like jumping into a large pool of fresh water. This track won’t change the world – who knows what will do that – but the kids are who we should be doing this for, and we need more themes/anthems to remind us of who it’s really all about.

[video] J NiCS ft. REKS "Never Be Free"

Taken from Champion Rizla.

Cella Dwellas ft. M.O.P. "I Put It Down"

Cella Dwellas ft. M.O.P. "I Put It Down" (prod. by Nick Wiz) [clean | dirty]: Well damn – this was unexpected. I was really into the Dwellas back when watching Rap City was an after-school requirement, and they always maintained that “them niggas ill” status throughout their career. Word is they have a new EP on the way, and this Nick Wiz-produced track right here? With the heavy rock riffs and M.O.P.-scratched hook? Danger. Like, if you play this too loud, the Heat Index might rise to a buck fifty. Or you’ll catch a buck fifty for looking at someone wrong.

Dave Raps "Felony"

Dave Raps "Felony": #DAVEDAZE is at number 5, and he takes his talents to “Freaks & Geeks” with “Felony”. I’m actually glad he did this, because I love the beat, but I don’t listen to Childish Gambino, and had no idea who’s original this was. Gambino ripped the beat to pieces, but I don’t like his delivery, so hearing Raps go just as hard but keep it a bit smoother is perfect. 26 more of these #DAVEDAZE jawns on the way, youngin’.

Dave Raps - Felony by DAVE_DAZE

Rich Mahogany "It's Gotta Be (Custeemix)"

Rich MahoganyIt’s Gotta Be (Custeemix)”: Not too long ago, Rich dropped the “It’s Gotta Be (Rich Mahogany)” video, but the other day, Self uploaded his remix, and Christ. Not to disrespect Olaf’s instrumental, but Self dropped those heavenly strings with the sub – shit’s awesome. Rich’s Most Slept On Nightmare album is on the way, and he sent over a couple of ILL tracks for the Jersey Fresh Jam mixtape I’m compiling tracks for. Put something hairy and green into your pipe and get lifted to this one.

Rich Mahogany-It Gotta Be Custeemix by The Custodian of Records

And for those who know, Custee’s Choice, Episode 3 is available for download. And make sure you're in Trenton on the 30th for the next Garden Variety show!

[video] Illus "Brighter Day"

Featuring Craig G, Reef The Lost Cauze & Block McCloud:

[video] Kellee Maize "Mad Men"

Bonus Beats Kellee Maize "Mad Men"

[video] Nation Ruckus "Funky Sneakers"

I dedicate this slice of dancey-dance Rap to @Dallas_Penn, @PremiumPete and the other 23 Top Sneakertweeters, as listed by Complex Magazine.

Bonus Beats Nation Ruckus
"Funky Sneakers"

Who is Roy Ayers?

DJ Cable - Triangulum Show on Sub FM (7/18/2011)

DJ Cable premiered his Triangulum Show on Sub FM the other day, bringing some of the finest in Bass Music to the radiowaves. Featured artists include Skream, Fused Forces, Waka Flocka, Joker, Teeza, Emalkay and more. Tune into this show every Monday on Sub FM, or just wait for it to be sorted on the podcast.

DOWNLOAD DJ Cable - Triangulum Show on Sub FM (7/18/2011)

[video] Prince Quan Luv ft. Old Money "Bodega"

This got me feeling like Hip-House finna make a comeback! Shouts to Old Money and KONOGOMIX.

Bonus Beats Prince Quan Luv ft. Old Money "Bodega"

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Watch The Dubstep?

So earlier I stumbled upon word that Jay-Z and Kanye West were flipping Flux Pavilion's "I Can't Stop" (which has been one of my favorite dubsteps from the last year) for Watch The Throne, but most lanes pointed to this blog. Not the major co-sign I was looking for, especially since the track title they referenced ("I Can't Stop", with Frank Ocean) wasn't on the official tracklisting - although there is a "Who Gon' Stop Me" on there. @AWKWORDrap just sent over this article from HipHopDX which featured a bit from an interview with Verse Simmonds that confirms that "Who Gon' Stop Me" is a dubstep/Hip-Hop track that he worked on (oddly enough, I have an interview with Verse that never got sorted, primarily because I never got the chance to transcribe the audio). Should I tell DJ Nappy to start screaming "I told you so!" now, or wait until the album leaks drops?

I won't. But do download Vulgar, as we've been doing this - and continue to do this - while others just dream about it.

I can't wait to hear what @S_C_ & @kanyewest have done on my boy @FluxPavilion's "I Can't Stop" on the forthcoming Watch The Throne album..less than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

[video] Skillz "Regular Guy"

DJ Ivan6 & Mayor - The 'New York Renaissance' Mix

For those of you hating "Otis", here's a grip of quality New York Hip-Hop for you. The homey Mayor from the Associated Minds clique was asked to give a top 10 current Hip-Hop tracklist for DJ Magazine, and realized that NY, quiet as kept, as something of a resurgence on the underground side of tings. The tracklist runs through cats like Elucid, YC The Cynic, Action Bronson, Roc Marciano, Rock and plenty more. What's listed here is the shit that, for some reason, people might miss when they think of current, DOPE Hip-Hop from New York. Great selection from Mayor, dope mix from DJ Ivan6. Subscribe to the podcast, or stream via Mixcloud. It's worth it.

Kyle Rapps ft. Talib Kweli “Universe Traveler”

Kyle Rapps ft. Talib KweliUniverse Traveler” (prod. by Nate G): Wasn’t expecting Rapps and Kweli to link up. Also figured everyone had forgotten about France’s Air, and this is a dope track to throw on in the evening. Sitting on a rooftop, maybe blowing something green and sticky in the air. Word is this is taken from Kyle’s On Air mixtape, and features cats like KRS-One, C-Rayz Walz and Homeboy Sandman as well. Nicely done track, don’t sleep.

Milly Esquire "?!"

Milly Esquire "?!" (prod. by Deshae Rhodes): This beat is bananers. Milly has been catching my ears more as of late, and I'm into tracks like this. Hypnotic beat, with some rhymes that are tough, esoteric and needing to be rewound. He paints some pictures on this one that feel like a crazy dream that, if you analyzed, would make perfect sense to you. Kind of like having to sift through the channels on your TV, deciphering the truth through a number of different stations. You do do that, right?

"?!" (Produced By Deshae Rhodes) by Milly Esquire

Rickie Jacobs ft. Sage Brave "The Last Laugh"

Rickie Jacobs ft. Sage Brave "The Last Laugh" (prod. by Sean Sundance): Damn, Sean - it feels a bit low in the background, but the way you flipped that beat? Nasty! Loving the live band feel of this shit, really. Gives Rickie's bars even more TNT when those lines connect. I know that Jacobs has that Die Brilliant album on the way, and I'd hope this shit is on that. Respect on a Rickie saying he has "nigga senses" - that's true shit. Gotta love this instrumental - goes into some dope zones longer in the track. Sage holds his own, as well. End to end tough talk.

Bonus Beats Nova Starz ft. Rickie Jacobs "Time Machine" (prod. Street Scott)

2wordsthetop x Charlie Smarts

Shouts to JSWISS and the 2wordsthetop fam.

QuESt "Juan's Story (Paradise)"

QuESt "Juan's Story (Paradise)": Whoa - although I should've been ready for it, I didn't expect QuESt to come right out the gate with the Sade. And not just flippin' a portion - he just spits on that shit! Without spoiling the story, know that this track is dedicated to the loss that his barber Juan G suffered, no kayfabe. If you have someone you held special in your heart, and lose them, this one is for you. 2DBz & Dope Couture Clothing will be dropping QuESt's How Thoughtful 2 in the near future.

My Man Shafe ft. Zilla Rocca "Look At Her"

My Man Shafe ft. Zilla Rocca "Look At Her": Here's one of those cuts that might slip under the radar if you're not careful. Word from Fresh at 33jones is that Shafe is Philly by way of Buffalo (with time spent in Jersey), and has been working with Rocca for a minute. Not only has that lead to Shafe being featured on Zilla's (forthcoming) Nights & Weekends EP, but led to Zilla being featured on this cut (and producing a few cuts) off of Shafe's forthcoming Who's That?! My Man Shafe! LP, which 33jones will be dropping in August. By the sounds of it, Shafe knows how to pick those classic sounds - "Look At Her" is all lazy grooves, hazy guitar strumming, drunken horn stabs and whatever other 70's sounds he can throw in there. And it's all about the thoughts a male might catch when someone is scoping out a female - be it your female, or the female you're trying to creep with. Love this track.

Look At Her- My Man Shafe Ft.Zilla Rocca by My Man Shafe

EDIT Check out Zilla, Curly and Has-Lo on Scrunchface talking Wu-Tang Pulp, among other things!

[video] Koncept x Tranzformer "Day Dreaming"

Thursday's With Theo Episode 6: Homecoming

Trek Life "Due West (Has-Lo Remix)"

Trek Life "Due West (Has-Lo Remix)": Lately, we've gotten a grip of RHYMES from Has, but I'm glad this Trek Life remix finally dropped, so cats could see how the nigga does on the boards. Trek brings that Cali talk, reminds me of watching documentaries of how the Bloods and Crips started, with the racial make-up and violence of days gone by, and Has' darker, heavier instrumental adds a new element to Trek's bars. If you fuck with this, be sure to grab Trek's Wouldn't Change Nothing remix album that dropped on July 12th.

Disc Jockey Nappy Vulgar

I've been waiting for this mix to drop for a bit. Like, I've literally had it for a month and a half. With each mix, Nappy seems to take it to the next level. This is probably one of the best examples of THUGSTEP, in terms of the seamless mixture of Hip-Hop and dubstep, both in refix form, as well as just in blending the genres in a mix. Featured artists range from Curly Castro and Tyler, The Creator to dead prez and Youngman, with all kinds of fly shit thrown in between. I know the weekend officially starts at 5PM on Fridays, but you really might want to turn the volume up on this and get an extra case of brew for this one. Shouts to Chrome Kids for the assistance.

DOWNLOAD Disc Jockey Nappy Vulgar
Disc Jockey Nappy - VULGAR (Mix) by djnappy

Dave Raps x The Weeknd "The Knowing (Remix)"

Dave Raps x The Weeknd "The Knowing (Remix)": I'm not the biggest fan of The Weeknd, but I can appreciate what's going on there. Saying that, I fuck with the (re)interpretations cats have given some of his tracks, and for the fourth installment of the #DAVEDAZE series, Raps raps that shit that scorned lovers feel when they know the games their love has ran on them. It's almost I Know What You Did Last Summer, minus the murder. Right?

Dave Raps x The Weeknd - The Knowing (Remix) by DAVE_DAZE

Mahd "Competition?"

Mahd "Competition?": I'm not too up on Detroit's Mahd, but this Badu flip is right up my alley. The email says he's been compared to cats like Jay Electronica with some Detroit flavor, and while I'm not going to make comparisons like that based off the first jawn I'm hearing, I won't front like I'm not digging this. Really rides the sly bass well, and doesn't sound like he just rapping about rapping. I fucks with this. Says shit with his chest. More, please.

The Dubstep Show On Kiss 100 (7/20/2011)

[video] Gemstar "Let Go"

Johnny Spanish ft. BST Gang "Day In The Life"

Johnny Spanish ft. BST Gang "Day In The Life" (prod. by VMan): Do know - a day in The Lip with Johnny Spanish is one thing. A day in the life of khal could involve anything from child vomit to light bills. Spanish and the BST bring you into their cipher, which can range from reefer smoke to gunplay. Success is a slow process, and while I'm not in a space where I can comment on how anyone makes their bread, I just hope no one gets hurts. VMan has laced Spanish with a few jawns (like "Make It Take It"), and I love the laidback cool here. Kick back and plot to this.

[video] Atmosphere "The Last To Say"

[video] C-Rayz Walz "Blvck Gifted"

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

[video] Pusha T ft. Tyler, The Creator "Trouble On My Mind"

STS "The Interview"

STS "The Interview" (prod. by The Alchemist): How the fuck is STS still unsigned? Not only was he featured on The Roots' latest album, but he's a fucking Money Making Jam Boy. He interviews himself on this one! Like, I don't have to interview him at all - he does it himself. On this track. That Alchemist produced. What the fuck? I mean, I'm thankful to be getting The Illustrious for free this summer, but if it's even a fraction of as ill as this first track, he might need to repackage for sale later this year. Trust.

Ced Hughes One Day We'll Wake Up

Been a bit since we heard some newness from Ced Hughes, who has always had a knack for getting his shit over virally. On this latest mixtape (which was apparently recorded in his spare bedroom), he links up with Lessondary affiliates like Che Grand and Donwill, refixes a few tracks and spits over original ish produced by Gabe Niles, Xapoon Jones and himself, touching on a grip of topics, but mostly letting you niggas know that he's not one to be trifled with.

DOWNLOAD Ced Hughes One Day We'll Wake Up

Dave Raps "The Huxtables"

Dave Raps "The Huxtables": That "Hi Power" instrumental is inexcapable, and Dave adds some bars to it for his #DAVEDAZE series. Three in, and this is a fucking dope one. Don't even try to delve to deeply into this - this is damn near just spitting for spittington's sake. Where's your Jansport at?

Dave Raps - The Huxtables by DAVE_DAZE

RUN DMT "Throw Some G’s"

RUN DMT "Throw Some G’s": RUN’s name is one that I’ve seen poppin’ up lately. The good folks at Philly’s P5 Records recently put out his Midnight EP, which is includes a Trowa remix and another tune, “Dosage”. RUN DMT go in with their beats, which include nice dubstep vibes that aren’t exclusive to the dubstep “sound” – just peep this Rich Boy rerub, which maintains enough Hip-Hop appeal. We’d call it THUGSTEP, but some scared-ass niggas like terms like “HoodBass” or “trapstep”. Fall all the way back. In any case, check out what this Austin, Texas duo have going on.

[video] Megatrife & Nonsense "Whatever"

Spec Boogie "Pantheon"

Spec Boogie "Pantheon": Tough drum on this one. Had no idea the Lessondary traveller was sorting out his World Tourist project for 2DBz in August. Meka dropped this earlier, and I'm all about it. Spec's travels seem to have only sharpened his darts, as he seems to weave his BK aesthetic with all of the outernational sights he's taken in. Sounds like he's maturing as well. Loving this one.

VerBS "Feelings Getting in the Way"

VerBS "Feelings Getting in the Way" (prod. by Listed): Here’s some of that Culver City shit. Immediately loving the grinding stabs in that track. When I was younger, I wasn’t always open to these Cali-soaked tracks, where cats stayed styling all over tracks. When I got older? Definitely understood it. Quick track, too – does what it says on the tin, in the sense that he essentially describes a situation when heads might let their feelings get in the way of what the situation really is. Watch out for The Progress EP 3: Manifest Awesome, which is due out this summer.

[video] The ILLZ "In Between Us (Remix)"

hasHBrown "I'm On One Freestyle"

hasHBrown "I'm On One Freestyle": Anytime I’m actually listening to Hot 97 and I’m on twitter, I have to dedicate a few tweets on my lack of digging “I’m On One”. I don’t deny the anthemic feel of Drake’s college dropout hook and that beat, but it’s part of that divide of shit I just don’t get into. hasHBriddy grabs the beat and runs right through it, with the homey Flawse adding some chuckles at the end. hasH is a monster on the mic and the beats, and his Break Something LP is due out Winter 2011.

Danny! Presents Wanderland Records

Boom. Just got the paperwork back from @interscope, the new boutique label is a done dealless than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

That's the word I got last night, and this is the post I wanted to sort yesterday before my son started puking up his entire day's meals. Scoop's (still) on me, though. After what looks like a pretty successful first week of sales for Where Is Danny? (2.0) (considering that he is his own publicist), Interscope handed Danny! his own boutique label. It's called "Wanderland Records", is a joint venture with Interscope, and will be an outlet for Danny! to sign and release whatever the fuck he's feeling like supporting. Or some other shit entirely. So props to him. Also, word is that Where Is Danny? (2.0) will be getting a physical release - check the pics. Hit neph on twitter and say "congrats". And if you want to submit tracks to Danny!, either holler via e-mail (, or snail mail demos/CDs to P.O. Box 56161, Atlanta, GA 30343. And if you're trying to hit A3C, be sure to check Danny! out.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Emilio Sparks Scumbino's Way

I know it’s been a long minute since the Charlie Rose of Hip-Hop, Emilio Sparks, started working on this project. Part mixtape, part compilation, all a journey into the Hip-Hop sanctum that Emilio resides in, Scumbino’s Way is a great example of what you can do when you put your fucking mind to something. You want to have companies like FLUD and Cloudkicker to help present an album of fucking DOPE music from the likes of Jon Connor, Big K.R.I.T., Smoke DZA, Mickey Factz, Rich Hil, Outasight, Jon Connor, ESSO, Neako, Curt@!ns and more? Fucking do the shit. I love that this has a unified sound – fucking with Mike Cash’s tracks on this, and I’m glad it’s not some producer orgy. Makes the whole project just make a lot more sense. And the addition of Sparks’ intriguing thoughts on Nicki Minaj’s nipples, how cats arch their backs when asking for sex and other bits just makes bugged out scumbags like myself smile. This is a great project to get your summer on to. Trust.

DOWNLOAD Emilio Sparks Scumbino’s Way

Dave Raps "Free Time"

Dave Raps "Free Time": #DAVEDAZE numero dos, and he pairs up with what I believe is a Wiz Khalifa instrumental perfectly. He has a perfectly balanced flow, one that attacks and slides with ease, matching what the beat keeps going. Straight up stream of consciousness, feels like a freestyle, but it ain’t. I have a feeling that Dave’s gonna rack up for fans over the next 28 days.

Dave Raps - Free Time #DAVEDAZE Day 2 by DAVE_DAZE

[video] Metasyons "Blackman"

[video] Nivla "Life I Bleed"

Bonus Beats Nivla ft. Joell Ortiz "Retribution"

People's Champion: Behind the Battle

After a long wait, here's what I believe is the first part of the Eli Porter documentary. The filmmakers have created a Kickstarter page to raise funds to finish the second part.

[video] Lanstarr "Magic"

Featuring Internal Quest, Jerry Kops, Kema Young & S. Stringz:

Taken from Lanstarr's The Big Lanhattan EP.

[video] Silent Knight "Stayin' Busy"

[video] Ox "Hostage"

Bonus Beats Ox "Hostage"

[video] Smoke DZA ft. Big K.R.I.T. "Gotta Get Paid"

[video] Sean Rose ft. Gilbere Forte' "Downtown"

[video] Sene "Good Thymes"

Monday, July 18, 2011

Dream Season Preview, Week 1

On the 9th of August, the next release for RTD Records comes from New Hampshire's own The Jake. He's a producer that has actually been on RTD Records before - you might remember hearing his beats on Deal - The Villain's EPic, and I gotta say - I've been WAITING for this project to drop. It's gone through a number of different machinations, and has become Dream Season. Dude's versatility on the beats is amazing - he has the Soulful vibes, but can go ahead and flip something a bit tougher, more rugged. For the next four weeks, we'll be dropping all kinds of promo for this one, and the first is the last track on the EP, "The Flyness", which not only features the one and only J.Gunn (who gets a LOT of burn on this EP, and is someone I hope does a full project with Jake), but also has bars from Jersey's own Rhymageddon!

DOWNLOAD The Jake ft. J.Gunn, Rhymageddon, Classical The Great & Diablo Archer "The Flyness"

We'll be doing some kind of promo on Mondays, leading up to the release on the 9th of August. For the time being, hit the jump for the full tracklist.

Hip Hop Karaoke NJ (7/23/2011)

This Saturday night... for free! Hit up to register, and make sure you peep the SONGLIST.

Dave Raps "Cognac Shades"

Dave Raps "Cognac Shades": Too fucking how out there. I won't encourage going ham on the liquor tonight, but if you do, you might find yourself knee-deep in the 'gac, speaking soliloquies about your surroundings. Dave's rapping like he's in the middle of the club, just letting his mind out while under that influence. This is the first #DAVEDAZE - 29 more to go.

Dave Raps - Cognac Shades #DAVEDAZE Day 1 by DAVE_DAZE

Mary Anne Hobbs On Xfm (7/16/2011)

[video] Bambu "Fish"

[video] Ilyas "Elijah"

Here's the visual for a Brick Beats-produced cut from Ilyas that flew past me. Looks like i-EL has a mixtape entitled Elijah on the way as well.

Nico The Beast "Pain"

Nico The Beast "Pain" (prod. by Kornswagger): I've always said that Nico touches on that raw reality, every track, and this might be one of the few times where the instrumental matches the pain and anguish Nico puts into his bars. Accurate title, yeah? You feel that shit - kind of like how DMX and others of that ilk used to throw that true life in their tracks. The mastering job Rhythm J put on this worked wonders. Not sure what The Beast has on the horizon, but hopefully he keeps this up!