Saturday, August 06, 2011

[video] Tez McClain "So Easy"

Love the Anita Baker flip, love the choice of movies in the background.

Botchamania 182

Dave Raps "No Cure"

Dave Raps "No Cure": #DAVEDAZE part #20 finds Raps going ham over "No Sleep". Beats like this scream "no khal", but his flavor allows me to overcome that. Lucky beat.

Dave Raps - No Cure by DAVE_DAZE

Botchamania 181

[video] Sean Hines ft. Hit & Ed OG "I Got To Have It 2011"

Starkey Live: New Tune Premiere (8/06/2011)

Starkey premiered a brand new tune in Atlanta at Melt last night, and @zone3 was there with his trusty iPhone 4 to capture the tune. Big tune to end a dynamic set with. I imagine you can catch more video over at thefreakbeat.

[video] Verbal Kush & Lex One "Resurrection (Black Jew)"

S.P.E.C. Dolla Presents... Classical Muzik: Part 2

[video] Jake Miller "Here With Me"

Friday, August 05, 2011

RTD Playlist (Week of 8/05/2011)

Cluckin' chicken

J NiCS "A Rapper From Miami"

J NiCS "A Rapper From Miami": Nice chilled ode to a Miami nigga. NiCS has always been a dope rapper to me (shouts to Numonics for putting me onto him), and I love that he knows how to turn any beat into his own. Like he really kicks his feet up over these odd chords, letting you into his zone. Word is Southern Niggas Ain't Slow project is coming soon. Hope it sounds more like this. Peace to the Polar Bear Mack.

J NiCS - A Rapper From Miami by Polar Bear Mack

Kyle Rapps "Streets Move On"

Kyle Rapps "Streets Move On": After the Talib Kweli-featured "Universe Traveler", but the next leak from his Air-flipping On Air mixtape finds Rapps rapping dolo. Dude paints a great picture of the ills of a summer in the streets, for good or ill. Word is he had the idea of painting those realities, but then putting the painting into reverse. Don't you wish YOUR favorite MCs did tracks like this more often!??!

Timid ft. Edo G "This Is The Way"

Timid ft. Edo G "This Is The Way" (prod. by Grand Daddy I.U.): You'd think a nigga named Timid would be weak sounding. Dude definitely sounds (and looks) like a younger head, but he goes in. It's always dope when Edo is on the track, and Grand Daddy I.U. does the thing on the beats, but it's really Timid's show. If you fox with this, this is the way to purchase the single via iTunes.

Timid (feat. Edo G) - "This Is The Way" (prod. by Grand Daddy I.U.) by Diamond Media 360

Tranzformer x EQ ft. Tenacity & Phace "Stop!"

Tranzformer x EQ ft. Tenacity & Phace "Stop!": Here's some fly shit featuring a pair of ill MCs from the Garden State. You already should know about Tranzformer's production - he flips styles crazy, and everything is just fly. This is something a bit darker, with that sub that you won't even get the impact of if your car audio system isn't on point. Shit to plot capers to, forreal. Shouts to Phace for putting me onto this one.

Fred Knuxx "Straight Edge MC"

Fred Knuxx "Straight Edge MC" (prod. by ShineWattz): There aren't a lot of tracks that I'd say are tailor-made for a few of my hobbies. But a Hip-Hop track that samples the theme song from one of my favorite current WWE superstars? Sign me up! Taken from Knuxx's RapMania project, where homey will be spitting over flipped themes from your favorite WWF/E superstars (from Razor Ramon to The Rock), homey takes CM Punk's older theme and actually finds a common thread between himself and the Straight Edge Superstar - neither of them eff with alcohol or drugs. Nice twist on the theme, and some good insight into what's to come from the project.

I'm going to be setting up a poll for you wrestling fans - who do you think Knuxx should be sampling and spitting over? Look for that next week! Big up to Dub MD for putting me onto this.

Dave Raps "Daredevil"

Dave Raps "Daredevil":Fuck - 19 days of #DAVEDAZE already? Time is FLYING! Dave tackles Drake's "Dreams Money Can Buy", and again utilizes the "daredevil" theme throughout this one. He goes in a bit harder, which I appreciate. Dude really is talented, and I'm hoping you cats are really keeping watch of this series!

Dave Raps - Daredevil by DAVE_DAZE

[video] Finess The Great "Walk With Me"

[video] Headnodic ft. Jazz Mafia Horns "Mr. Incomplete"

Bonus Beats Headnodic ft. Jazz Mafia Horns "Mr. Incomplete"

[video] Apollo The Great "So Fresh Freestyle"

Bonus Beats Apollo The Great "So Fresh Freestyle"

Thursday, August 04, 2011

[video] Noreaga ft. Cory Gunz "Slime Father"

Produced by The Alchemist. MP3s via 57th Ave.

[video] Dane The Beautiful Monster™ "Master"

[video] Stereo Boyz "Robots & Miniskirts"

The homey Detroit Mixo is part of Stereo Boyz; he recently touched down in Trenton at July's Garden Variety show. Weird. This video is kind of NSFW, even if it's all cartoon breasts and ass. The "Robots & Miniskirts" single is on iTunes right now.

Chels "HIIIPOWER (Chels' Account)"

Chels "HIIIPOWER (Chels' Account)": The homey El put me onto Chels a while ago, with her Woke Up Dreaming project, and I fucked with it, but for some reason never got to posting it. My bad, y'all. To make up for it, allow me to hit you with this cut from her new project, TSFTMC, which finds her tackling this J. Cole-produced Kendrick Lamar banger. Perfect track for someone to break down how she's seen life in New Orleans and the inner demons she's dealt with. It's deep, which is what the beat calls for, and she rides it well. Rock to this, then eready for that.

Jelani "The Extravaganza"

Jelani "The Extravaganza" (prod. by Durkin):I don't know if you're aware, but Jelani cooks crillz to Durkin beats. For some reason, he had this one sitting in the stash for years(!) and went into a special rhyme - utilizing the "ex" prefix in words that really stressed that "ex", into, well, "The Extravaganza". The beat feels red carpet ready, and Jelani works his theme well into the track. Something that would blow by you if you didn't know/weren't ready for it. Love when cats play with the words - shouts to J-Live.

Yung B Da Producer "Like This And Like That"

Yung B Da Producer "Like This And Like That": Shouts to J. Nolan for sending this one over. Yung B represents NJ, and the feeling of this is skraight '90s flavor. That like '95/'96 underground vibe, shit you'd hear on Power 99 at 11, 12 at night. This single is the first from his Nueva Jersey Renaissance project, which has no set date but hopefully he sorts me with more from this early. Tough track.

Yung B Da Producer- LIKE THIS AND LIKE THAT by manifestmovement

ADHD "Ain't Gonna"

ADHD "Ain't Gonna": Here's something crazy that zone3 sent over the other day. He runs, and has embarked on something new: FREAKSTEP REC'S. I'm not sure how this is going to go down, in terms of them as a label/imprint, but word is ADHD is a FREAKSTEP artist, and this Ludacris/E-40 sampling "CrunkBounceDubstep" track goes hammer. Loads of styles thrown against the way, made especially for the hotties with the phatties that you're trying to crush on. Or crush with. Go in. Whatever works.

Dave Raps "Pimp Voice"

Dave Raps "Pimp Voice" (prod. by Brock Tha Beatsmith): As #DAVEDAZE rolls on, I don't want to say Dave only raps about sex, but I feel like a number of these tracks could have the term "pimp voice" added to them. Over some throwback-sounding original production from Brock, he puts that pimp voice to use. 12 more of these to go, you smell me?

Dave Raps - Pimp Voice (prod. by Brocka Tha Beatsmith) by DAVE_DAZE

[video] IV The Polymath "Es Tee"

[video] The Black Opera "Gods Camera"

[video] Nato Caliph "Not Around"

Bonus Beats Nato Caliph ft. WhiteOut & RT-FaQ "Not Around" (prod. by Blake Symphony)

[video] Brian Breach "Down The Block"

The Combat Jack Show (8/03/2011)

This is the first time I've seen downloads for a Combat Jack show be over single digits when I get it. Almost a full year into their PNC Radio stay, CJ, Dallas Penn and the crew drop what could be considered their most listened-to episode, due to DDot Omen and this posting of Watch The Throne listening session audio situation (even though his review is no longer featuring those clips) (although, for whatever reason, he never spoke on the show when he could've). It makes sense - sites like kanyetothe were on the phones HEAVY (to the point where I couldn't even get in), and guys like Mike Dean and UHTN's LowKey all called in to make their points. There's also details on the #BYOBBBQ2, which goes down on the 20th of August in Bushwick, NY, with artists like Action Bronson, Maffew Ragazino, Danny Brown and more announced. Shouts to A King for the super early posting.

DOWNLOAD The Combat Jack Show (8/03/2011) [via PNC Radio]
The Combat Jack Show (Watch The Throne Edition) 8-3-11 by PNCRadio

[video] banksthegenius ft. LaLa "We Shine Bright"

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

[video] REL "Public Transit"

Hollywood Floss & El Prez "Doin My Thing"

Hollywood Floss & El Prez "Doin My Thing" (prod. by Chris Rockaway): Feels like it's been a bit since FLAWSE has hit me with some new material, but hell, he's been putting in that work! On the 20th of September, be on the lookout for his ne wone, One Fan At A Time, which features Naledge, Jackie Chain and YP, but for right now, here's a "leftover" that finds FLAWSE doing his thing [II] with El Prez. Cali x Houston, rising stars for the motherfucking win. Big body track, built for sunshine and tops down.

[video] Jon Connor "F.L.I. 69"

Another one taken from Salvation. Directed by The Shaltzes.

IZ "The Narrow Path"

IZ "The Narrow Path": I think I'm new to IZ - the name sounds familiar, but there's a lot of fucking MCs out there. Which kind of plays to the topic of this track. Mad cats try to make a name for themselves, be it as bloggers or rappers or DJs or whatever. And they think shit's easy - obviously, everytone's doing it, right? They don't get the time spent, night's lost, fights, strife, struggle and whatever that goes into getting into that position where a nigga is like "wow, he makes it look so easy". For IZ, it's flowing, for me, it's keeping a site that I'm not sure niggas read going. And I'm still striving, 'til I'm dying. Then my son gets it. Anyways, IZ goes in on that theme over a banger of a Blu & Exile track. 1SIDE.

[update] Lil' Jon x DJ Fresh x Disc Jockey Nappy

Last September, I dropped the nasty "What U Gon Do" THUGSTEP refix that Nappy did. The other day, a random ass video with this refix as the audio hit a grip of downloads, so this nigga unleashed the final mastered version of this one. He's actually got a grip of mastered refixes sitting on deck for a special mixtape. Trust.

DOWNLOAD Lil' Jon & The Eastside Boyz ft. Lil' Scrappy vs. DJ Fresh "What U Gon Do (DJ Nappy THUGSTEP Refix)" [mastered]

Custees Choice, Episode 4

Shouts to Self, forreal. The man keeps it moving, and constantly does it for Jersey. I won't go into detail with the convo we shared this past Saturday, but really, if you're reppin' for Jersey, don't bullshit with it. Showcase the scene in it's entirety. You might go to a Garden Variety show and hear the Get Money Fly Boyz alongside Tone Liv. Same coin, different sides. Anyways, for Custees Choice #4, TCOR features tracks from Pharoah Monche, Grand Puba, The Dopplegangaz, CyHi The Prynce, $am Hill and more. You need to fucks with this.

DOWNLOAD Custees Choice, Episode 4

I.C. NYC Episode 5: Bodega Cats

Dave Raps "ZombieStar Hollywood Flesh Eater"

Dave Raps "ZombieStar Hollywood Flesh Eater": #DAVEDAZE goes in on the interesting tip. Dave definitely flipped it on 'em - comparing the conquests to proper zombiefied shit. Awesome, with the fly guitar riff in there as well. Love concepts used properly!

Dave Raps - Zombie Star Hollywood Flesh Eater by DAVE_DAZE

[video] The ILLZ "Darkside of The Room"

[video] Laelo Hood "Heartbeat"

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

PreZZure - The Reset Button

It's been a minute since a full project from PreZZure came over... hell, he wasn't even PreZZure when it dropped. Over the last half of a year, homey has been going through some ish - from female strife to whatever other shit goes on in the mind of a young Black male. I don't prod - that's my dude but we don't go in like that in conversation. Maybe we should... but then again, we'd not get interesting .zips full of interesting shit like this. Very leftfield - he opens the album over a dubstep hybrid sound, and other tracks are definitely Hip-Hop, but utilize odd bounces and wild samples to get their ish across. The kind of shit that I really fuck with, nahmean? There's a lot of cats who want to forgo their regular lives to get on that music shit. Not a lot of them are as talented as PreZZure is. A cat from NOW who knows about THEN but is making music for the future. Even features a cut produced by Lyle Horowitz. The two of them have some SHIT cookin', hopefully I get to leak one particular banger before Summerslam on the 14th. Just trust. Until now, go up to your console, hit that reset button and recalibrate what the fuck you thought was going on.

DOWNLOAD PreZZure The Reset Button

Dave Raps "The Deep End"

Dave Raps "The Deep End": #DAVEDAZE continues on, with Raps acquiring J. Cole's "Work Out" instrumental and works out without gymnastics references. Some applause. This beat isn't as bad as niggas made it out to be, IMO.

Dave Raps - The Deep End by DAVE_DAZE

Steve Smiff - Street Dreamz Vol. 1

Praise Jah for the Garden Variety shows - they helped me get a better idea of the proper talent going down in the Garden State. Also introduced me to the music of Steve Smiff, who dropped Volume 1 of his Street Dreamz series today. Or last night. Fuck it, whenever it dropped, it dropped, and it's fucking ill. Mixed by DJ A-Sharp and hosted by Phace, this is a gutter look into homey's cipher, and he goes from spitting about hood love to how much iller than you he truly is. Plus, the picture on the front cover is a pic I took of him back in June! He smashes a number of your favorite beats here, from Nas to Lil' Wayne, making everything his own. Reminds me of how The LOX go in, truthfully. Fuck with this one.

DOWNLOAD Steve Smiff Street Dreamz Vol. 1

[video] Spitatainment Presents "Dartin'"

Divine's dancing kills me. Fire track.

[video] Das Racist ft. Lakutis "Amazing"

[video] Sene "Poh It."

[video] Chad B "Hit It"

I never claim to be up on EVERYTHING - I had heard that the Bmore and Philly Club music scenes had made it to Jersey, and damn near go insane when I heard the kids around my way throwing parties and hearing nothing but BASS bangin' all night. I guess they was rockin' to shit like this. Mad Decent Mondays went in with this ish, for good or ill. What say you? Is this the Bass Music scene making its way into the hood?

[video] Phene "Married To The Night"

Monday, August 01, 2011

Dream Season Preview, Week 3

For Week 3 of this Dream Season promo, we have an exclusive preview of the entire EP via Earbits. Catch up on Week 1 and Week 2, and get prepared for next week's promo, which should be an interview with The Jake. Boom!

Feed Me x Ludacris "Cloud Low (Smash + Destroy Mashup)"

Feed Me x Ludacris "Cloud Low (Smash + Destroy Mashup)": I've actually been kind of lax on posting the refix pressure (got a nice DJ Nappy refix that got mastered to post for you lot), so I was glad when this Feed Me x Ludacris refix came through. Smash + Destroy = Smash Gordon & Dieselboy, and this cut was featured on Smash Gordon's Smash Your Fucking Face Volume 3, which you need to fox with if you mess with the dubstep riddims. Word is Smash + Destroy will be rippin' shit in Los Angeles on the 19th of August, get them tickets early. This refix right here? Love how the sexy synths of the Feed Me original aren't touched, and Luda only touches down when the bass really gets ramped up. Tough. Enjoy.

Feed Me x Ludacris - Cloud Low (Smash + Destroy Mashup) by Dieselboy

Carmega & Lewis "Poor Brave Soldier"

Carmega & Lewis "Poor Brave Soldier": Now this is the kind of shit I'm trying to hear right now. Really intriguing, story-like verses, delivered with loads of impact, with a beat that provides enough intrigue and rhythm, but doesn't overpower the points being driven home. Don't know much about Carmega or Lewis, aside from Lewis being a NJ cat, but damnit, I need more. Dude really knows how to string together those thoughts. Really hits home in a few ways. Awesome.

Poor Brave Soldier by Lewis Allen

Dave Raps "Less Fight, More Light"

Dave Raps "Less Fight, More Light":#DAVEDAZE is on day 15, and damn, Raps sounds like he got a lil' tipsy before he sorted this track out. Something feels off IMO - like Dave had a few ways to knock this one out, and started out swerving. He cleans it up as the track progresses, though, as real niggas do. Maybe I'm just not a fan of sangin' when Dave is in the booth, LOL.

Dave Raps - Less Fight, More Light by DAVE_DAZE

Killah Priest "Listen To Me"

Killah Priest "Listen To Me": Priest be talking some shit. I don't get down with all of the knowledge, wisdom and understanding that he does, but that's kind of his enigma, right? It doesn't feel like false, Lupe Fiasco-type intelligence, and when you break down his lines, you feel the weight. There's a LOT going on here, and if you just, um, LISTEN to the nigga, you'll get hit with some shit. Or you can just let the flow and that hypnotic beat intoxicate you. Multiple rewinds on a rainy night, refilling up the goblet with fine cognac. The Psychic World of Walter Reed is on the way.

Serge Severe "Back On My Rhymes"

Serge Severe "Back On My Rhymes" (prod. by Universal DJ Sect): After such a real Hip-Hop night like I had this past Saturday, tracks like these are usually the kinds of jams you'd think I need. Portland's Serge Severe recently dropped Back On My Rhymes, and felt like letting this track fly. I'm glad he called it "back on my rhymes" and not something else; just not too hype over this one. The beat is dope, and dude has some "music for the true heads", but without a hook - and sharper darts - I'm not sure how hard this one will hit. He actually references Biggie a few times... for no real reason. I don't know. I'm not like two thumbs down on this, just kind of ho-hum.

Serge Severe- Back On My Rhymes by sergesevere

Jeff Spec "ijuswannachill"

Jeff Spec "ijuswannachill": You should've seen a number of posts on RTD, featuring Jeff Spec's more recent work. If not, you're in for a treat. Homey is working on a new project, Specnology (which drops September 6th), but leading up to that, he will be dropping a number of tribute tracks that The Mad Bloggers will be hosting. The other day I got the first cover, which finds Spec dropping science over that classic Large Professor. He actually remade the beat, and appropriated the rhymes/theme in his own direction, but trust, it works well up against the original. Some cool shit to mellow out to, nahmean? Keeping your eye on the prize music.

Psynum "The White Stripes"

Psynum "The White Stripes": Well damn. Out of the blue, the homey Psynum creates one of those instrumental odes to Hip-Hop that I went through high school memorizing in my headphones. "Funky Drummer" breaks, leftfield samples and scratching? I'm all about this. Not even sure if this has a home. Well, it does now. Something to be like "hey, I fucking love music" to.

The White Stripes by Psymun

Mary Anne Hobbs On Xfm (7/30/2011)


[trailer] Rickie Jacobs Die Brilliant

Die Brilliant is the name of Rickie's next project. Coming soon.

[video] L PRO "Good Morning"

[video] Raymond Strife "Place Your Bets"

One of the cats who lit up July's Garden Variety show; this cut is taken from Strife's Self-Loathing Egomaniac album, which is available now.

[video] MiLKMEN ft. Kris "Go To Sleep"

Creep show.

Bonus Beats MiLKMEN ft. Kris "Go To Sleep"

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Mean Doe Green - Hard Hats & Grenades

DJ Rasta Root's The Best Of Tribe Vol. 1

Gods'illa x Erykah Badu - CPR The Blend Tape

Daniel Joseph x Tone Liv x Phace (7/31/2011)

I literally took this video with the BB Torch about 12 hours ago, outside of last night's Garden Variety show in Trenton, NJ. I finally got to meet Elite Assembly members Deal - The Villain, Daniel Joseph and Myk Dyaleks (as well as the lovely @haikuguru). Deal, Myk and I spent a good couple of hours chopping it up outside of the venue, and it ended with DTV dropping a load of beats from a few forthcoming projects. After the last cipher, Deal dropped this instrumental and as you can see, we successfully got Espee to spit right there in the middle of the street. Wasn't expecting Tone to jump in, but that's what he and Phace did. Great shit to capture. Great night (check out some pictures via Facebook). And I definitely heard Tone and Daniel birth a brilliant idea: TONE JOSEPH. This collaborative project needs to happen. Write your congressman. And get ready for the Jersey Fresh Jam, which is going down at Terracycle in Trenton on the 20th of August.

Curtiss King - 90s Nickelodeon Snick @ Nite

Kontact & Black Knight - Eye of the Storm

Kyle Lucas x Captain Midnite - The Sky is Falling and I'm Fine EP

Dave Raps "Etiquette"

Dave Raps "Etiquette": I'm not too familiar with a Chiddy Bang, but for the latest #DAVEDAZE, Dave touches down on just that. This some shit to bang round the camp fire.

Dave Raps - Etiquette by DAVE_DAZE

FuseBox Radio (Week Of July 27th, 2011)

Night Creatures' Mash-Up Medley

Lyle says "As MidPoint & I begin work on Night Creatures 2, we decided to give the fans one last visual before laying the first Night Creatures project to rest. Enjoy this 20-minute mash-up medley featuring four Night Creatures jams: “At Midnight I Take Your Soul”, “The Clockwork Wizards”, “Go To Sleep!” and the instrumental for “Bellevue Dick” set to footage from one of my favorite horror films: The Abominable Dr. Phibes."