Saturday, November 12, 2011

[stream] Pacquiao Marquez III (11/12/2011)

MarkFader - Pound4Pound: Round 7

[video] LA VanGogh "Shayna Drew Me"

Bonus Beats LA VanGogh "Shayna Drew Me"

[video] GM "(Rule Number) #4" / "#Summertime"

Both of these jawns taken from GM's #GMEP, which dropped on 11/11/2011.

Dr. Ew & John Bean - Future Thugs Mixtape Vol.3

Future Thugs Mixtape Vol.3 - Dr. Ew & John Bean by Dr. Ew 2


Machines from the Future Intro (Dr. Ew Part 1)
1. Down Jones - Dumb It Down
2. Foreign Beggars - Piss Take Pictures (Rastah.Mouse Remix)
3. Meek Millz & Rick Ross vs Lowki - Tupac's Hard (Dr. Ew Blend)
4. Lil Wayne & Rick Ross vs Kromestar - Badman John (Dr. Ew Blend)
5. Chris Brown, Busta Rhymes & Lil Wayne - Look At Me Now (Krames & Dactel)
6. Ace Hood - Hustle Hard (Spinstyles Remix)
7. Rick Ross vs S-X (Hammer Bricks (Dr. Ew Blend)
How Skynet Gets Built Interlude (JohnBean Part 1)
8. Salva - Policy
9. Ludacris vs Starkey - Get Back Eris (JohnBean Blend)
10. David Banner vs Preditah - Solitare Pimp (JohnBean Blend)
11. Pitbull vs Rude Kid - Everyday Get Cotton Buds Up (JohnBean Blend)
12. Travis Porter ft. Rick Ross & T-Pain - Make It Rain (Dev 79's Street Bass Bootleg)
Judgement Day is Inevitable Interlude (Dr. Ew Part 2)
13. Kelly Rowland & Lil Wayne vs Skrillz - Motivation for the Hood (Dr. Ew Blend)
14. Snoop Dogg - Sensual Seduction (Evil Bastards Remic)
15. Nasty Nasty & Nit Grit - Say My Name
16. Future vs 12Gauge - Tony Montana Breaks (Dr. Ew Blend)
17. Usher & Nicki Minaj - Lil Freak (Stratus Remix)
Skynet Is Now Online Interlude (JohnBean Part 2)
18. 16Bit - Boston Cream
19. Quad City DJ's vs Genetix - C'mon Ride the Squid Train (JohnBean Refix Blend)
20. Trina & Lil Wayne vs Darq E Freaker - Don't Trip the Next Hoe (JohnBean Blend)
21. Twista & Legit Ballaz vs +Verb - Tattoo Wutwutwut (JohnBean Blend)
22. Supreme & Stinkahbell - Grimey
Last Transmission Outro

[video] Quelle Chris "Another Blunt"

[video] G-DO & Xception "Trailblazin'"

Bonus Beats G-DO & Xception "Trailblazin'"

[video] Loose Cannons "Yeah"

[video] Suave The Ape "Time Passed Autumn"

Suave's Dream Often EP is set to drop early 2012. All of the homeless in this video were fed.

Bonus Beats Suave The Ape "Time Passed Autumn"

RTD Playlist (Week Of 11/11/2011)


[video] Iron Lyon ft. Ed O.G. "Long Strange Trip"

Friday, November 11, 2011

He Who Shines Truly - The Light Show

And a few hours after I drop "Heaven", we present The Light Show EP, featuring Daniel Joseph, JahSyah and JS Krillz, three cats from Jersey who met up at Krillz' Light House studio while working on solo projects to knock out this six-track EP, alongside Steeve Sam for a few jawns. If you don't like a little experimentation with your true school Hip-Hop, I don't know what to tell you - maybe next time? This is the kind of Jersey-centric shit that makes me know for a fact that my state has some of the best kept secrets. And it's my duty to shine that light on 'em. Here you go. And to think, I only just heard about this shit last Friday.

DOWNLOAD He Who Shines Truly - The Light Show

[video] Blu ft. U-God "DoinNothin'"

He Who Shines Truly "Heaven"

Here's some crazy shit for you. Well, you might think it's crazy, but it's just more of that EDM/Hip-Hop genre-bending that I continue to give you and you continue to sleep on, like what the fuck is it that this nigga talkin' about, only to salivate over Drake doing the exact same shit. Anyways, He Who Shines Truly is Daniel Joseph, JS Krillz & JahSyah, and they have a six-tracker on the way. Dope theme in the track, and Krillz cooked up a sick beat to give their words legs, arms, a head and drive. It's real. Espee saying their EP, The Light Show, is dropping tonight? We'll see, yeah?

DOWNLOAD He Who Shines Truly "Heaven"

More Heavy D Tributes

Some more Heavy D tributes have hit my inbox since Santi Junior refixed Heav. Hit the jump for video tributes and remixes.

[video] Rich Mahogany "Strictly Facts"

[video] QuESt "Primetime (N.E.A.T.O)"

Bonus Beats QuESt "Primetime (N.E.A.T.O)"

DJ Ambush - AMtroduction to DOOM

And with the October 40th show, I got the go-ahead to post these new #MONTHOFTHEMASK DOOM mixtapes. The second is DJ Ambush's tribute to DOOM, mixing up remixes, alternate versions and just a shitload of bugged-out DOOMtastic shits. And if you hit the break, check Ambush's tokidoki DOOM fitted (holding a donut for added measure). Roll some super stanky shit to this one!

DOWNLOAD DJ Ambush - AMtroduction to DOOM

L&S - DOOM For Dummies

First of the approved #THEMONTHOFTHEMASK mixtapes from the #DSTRCT9 fam comes from L&S. This shit feels like Floetry vs. DOOM, with L&S dipping into that Hip-Hop Soul bag of tricks for their sultry vocals. Kind of short, but I love these tracks; it's a nice way to flip the throwback jawns that DOOM spit over.


blackrasslin podcast 005

Newest/latest blackrasslin podcast, featuring my take on the current state of WWE Programming, essentially. I recap the boring Liverpool RAW from this past Monday, gave a preview of the 2011 Survivor Series and did my usual dissecting of niggas within the WWE. Dropped tracks from Tanya Morgan, Danny Brown & Black Milk, J57 and Heavy D. Friday vibes!

DOWNLOAD blackrasslin podcast 005

Sizemen vs. John Graham "Veterans Of Foreign Wars"

Figured this track was appropriate for today. This is the latest from's "Versus" Series: I first heard the sizemen beat, courtesy of our editor ~peacelove, that found the french producer and posted his 2 beat tapes a while back. This beat is off his EP,"Sizemen in Africa", we normally ask for original beats off producers, for the versus, but this track was too crazy to pass on, so decided to keep it aside, until I could find someone dope enough to kill the beat....enter John Graham...a brother that got in touch via twitter, I listened to his work and posted a track by the name "Never Second Guess" so so fresh...when you post music day in and day out, it's difficult to find new artists that genuinely surprise you, and Jhon was just that, a super talented MC with witty lyrics and dope flows...I reached out, and asked him if he'd be up to spitting to this crazy joint by Sizemen...he listened to it, and although was a bit different to what he is used to spit to, he agreed as it was challenging.

WORD IS BOND VS.: Sizemen Vs. John Graham - Veterans Of Foreign Wars by

Live From The Streets, Episode 5

This edition comes to us from Philly, where Mr. Green links up with Immortal Technique, samples Sherry Somach's "99 Percent", then hits Occupy City Hall.

BPA & J.Slikk Present Plan 2 Escape, Episode 1

The first episode in the series chronicling the making of Chicago producer J. Slikk's compilation "Escapism". In this episode (filmed August 2011), fellow Backpackers Anonymous artist & fellow Chicagoan R.O.E (@risingoverenvy) comes through to Slikk's crib to pick up beats for his latest project (the Radiant Child Lp) as well as stop by for a brainstorming/recording session. After about an hour, the two come up with a song that will end up on Escapism entitled "Church" (of which a rough snippet is included at the end). **Note. the group planned to feature on the song with Roe will be announced at a later date. The BPA street team thanks you for watching/listening and stay tuned for episode 2!

[video] Intuition "Old Enough"

[video] Azage "Something To Fuck With"

And so the #STSAzage begins.

Bonus Beats Azage "Something To Fuck With"

Gerald Walker "Christmas Everyday"

Don't get me fucked up - I fuck with Christmas. I have to - my wife loves Christmas, and I have a five year old. I'm celebrating. My thing is, I like holidays to fall in line. I see niggas putting up lights before Halloween touches down. And while it's against my better judgement, this Fred Hammond-inspired jawn from Walker's forthcoming It's Christmastime Again, Gerald Walker, which drops on the 17th of November. Call me a Grinch if you want to.

DOWNLOAD Gerald Walker "Christmas Everyday"

Thursday, November 10, 2011

[video] Neak "Watch Me Now"

Directed by Cam Be.

[video] Smoke DZA ft. Dom Kennedy "Pow Wow"

[video] Hasan Salaam ".1911"

[video] Danny! "I Don't Wanna Hear That Shit"

Grab the track HERE. Video directed by Tim Arnold & Skip Terpstra.

hasHBrown ft. Guilty Simpson "Break The Chain"

Had no idea hasHBrown had linked up with Guilty Simpson for Break Something. It's not a fucking game right now. This is one of those harder-edged tracks, perfect for Guilty to flex on, and hasH doesn't sleep either. Some real hardbody shit for the people out there, you feel me? Real heavy subject matter, too. Run this all day.

DOWNLOAD hasHBrown ft. Guilty Simpson "Break The Chain"

J57 ft. Von Pea, Charlie Smarts, Andrew Thomas & Jefferson Price "Do Earth"

The boy J57 must've used all those riches he's holding the #McDuck vault to bring in these features. Charlie Smarts and Von Pea alone are worth the price of admission. I'm also a sucker for simplistic piano/bass driven tracks, so this is all me. Pea again makes me realize how far up I hold his style on my personal list, and this is a winner for the dope Fall days we're getting right now. 2057 is on the way, I guess.

DOWNLOAD J57 ft. Von Pea, Charlie Smarts, Andrew Thomas & Jefferson Price "Do Earth"

Heavy D x Tunnidge "Long Distance Girlfriend (Santi Junior Tribute Refix)"

LinkLinkGood to see the homey Santi Junior sorting out the tribute THUGSTEP for the fallen homey Heavy D. He picked a good'un as well, as the reggae vibes fit well over this HEAVYWEIGHT Tunnidge riddim. Pretty sure this was one of Heav's last singles, and showed a bit of a different vibe with the full-fledged Dancehall jawn. Reminds me of Yellowman, actually. Let that boy sing. #RIPHeavyD.

DOWNLOAD Heavy D x Tunnidge "Long Distance Girlfriend (Santi Junior Tribute Refix)"

Shade45's DJ Wonder also sorted out a tribute mix, and Peter Rosenberg cooked up a mix for the Hot97 Morning Show. Marley Marl and Mister Cee also paid tribute, and my boy DJ Cable is cooking up a tribute mix as well. Soon come. Rest in power, Heav.

Joe Cool "Do It 2 Me"

Don't know who Joe Cool is, but he makes fly beats and has ill ass shots for his promo tracks. His Cooley Hi is on the way, and this one is all about getting a chick to, you know, do it to him. I'm not sure if that means he's going to lay in the bed as homegirl gets on top and cowgirl fucks the shit out of him, but I'm just digging the ass sitting up there. Sorry.

DOWNLOAD Joe Cool "Do It 2 Me" (prod. by Joe Cool)

The Combat Jack Show ft. Dallas Penn (11/09/2011)

This is one for the ages... aside from breaking down the use of excessive [II]'ing dumb early, they break down a number of wild news stories, bring that funny, and have the might M.O.P. stop by. They break down their history, talk sobriety and what's next. If you're an aspiring artist, might be the move! Another great edition in the can. And if you don't already know, The Combat Jack Show ft. Dallas Penn goes down Wednesday nights, 10PM-12AM at

DOWNLOAD The Combat Jack Show ft. Dallas Penn (11/09/2011)
The Combat Jack Show (M.O.P) 11-9-11 by PNCRadio

[video] MOD SUN ft. ScHoolboy Q "Tye Dye Everything"

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

[video] Devine Carama "The Populist Pulpit"

Neak "Sayin' Something"

Before DJ Booth drops Neak's "Watch Me Now" video this Thursday, and before the release of Love Greater // The Prequel, Neak drops another record, produced by the beast known as Slot-A, and this is right up my alley. Something for the late-night wine sippers, with a sexy sax making Neak kick calmer rhymes on this one. Really vintage, dusty flavor here. Pea coat in the Fall kind of shit. Take a walk with your main chick on a Saturday afternoon stroll kind of music. Buy the bar with your crew before the big score type shit. Loving this record right here!

DOWNLOAD Neak "Sayin' Something" (prod. by Slot-A)

[video] Stalley "330"

[video] Kayo "Be A Star"

[video] The Roots "Tip The Scale"

[video] Rasheed Chappell "NJ State of Mind"

[video] Nutso ft. Capone-N-Noreaga, Royal Flush & Tragedy Khadafi "Galaxy Of Queens"

Via 57th Ave.

[video] A.Jay.D ft. Skyzoo "Attack Of The Clones"

Bonus Beats A.Jay.D ft. Skyzoo "Attack Of The Clones"

Botchamania 192

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

RIP Heavy D

I'm fucked up off of this news, and was really uncertain about this news, but with TMZ, Rolling Stone and ABC News confirming it, I'm sad to say that Heavy D passed away at 44 years young. When he really started taking off, I was about 9 or 10 years old, and spent mad time watching Yo!, Rap City, Video Music Box and all of the other spots that showed Hip-Hop videos (as I was too fucking young to cop CDs tapes on my own), learning dance moves and lyrics. I knew that Waterbed Heav was Pete Rock's cousin, and could dance his ass off - as well as had a knack for getting females. As I grew, so did his career, as he not only had tracks move into the Pop side of the charts, but also started acting, with roles on Roc, Different World and even in plays piling up - even writing the themes for In Living Color and MADtv! And he did it without cursing, or needing to put our people down. Hell, he recently touched down at this year's BET Hip-Hop Awards, closing the show! No word on what caused his death, but 44 years old is too fucking young! Rest in Peace, Heavy D. I tried not to curse. Hit the jump for some of my favorite Heavy D jams.

E Dot Dizzy - 3:02 AM

Here's the newest/latest from the homey E Dot Dizzy, and is a wild ride at 3:02AM, when the club's letting out. Think about all the emotions you have bottled up at that time of night, be it the scheming on them females, or just clowning on whatever antoxicants you're utilizing. Or just letting the spirit move you and bouncing to some fat beats. E Dot has encapsulated all of that into this tape here. Part fun, part funny, part downright emotional, this is the tape for you midnight riders. He spit on, produced and engineered this entire project, like a good mixologist should. It officially drops on 11/11/11, but you know how we do. Dumb early.

DOWNLOAD E Dot Dizzy - 3:02 AM

Ess Vee x Tarik "Telephone"

This one is just smooth. Ess Vee says he and Tarik linked up and flipped a number of tracks, dropping them after releasing their solo jawns. NJ/NY connection here, with cats playing phone tag with the 16s. Interesting theme for their bars, with them coasting over those drums. Two up and comers that you niggas might want to make sure you're keeping an eye on.

DOWNLOAD Ess Vee x Tarik "Telephone" (prod. by Jerz & The Fatman)

J.Y. "Find Me Out In Jersey"

I'm not sure who J.Y. is, but this is the fucking anthem right now. He be up in Trenton? Who knows, but if a video for this is sorted out, Imma need to be in this. Actually - who the fuck am I kidding? Only real niggas know how I do in Jersey, and J.Y. ain't fucking with them. This shit is knockin', regardless. Word is DJ Booth is dropping J.Y.'s The Slave Shift: Falling Up, so be on the look out for that. Or just go to Jersey, and find him.

DOWNLOAD J.Y. "Find Me Out In Jersey"

The Emilio Sparks Experience, Episode 25

I lost both of my grandparents during high school - my grandmother my freshman year, and Pop-Pop before I graduated, so to hear anyone who still has their grandparents in their life hits me a certain way. Plus, my Pop-Pop was huge into boxing, so with Joe Frazier's passing, he's in my thoughts a little more today. In any case, Emilio Sparks invited his paternal grandparents in on this edition of the Emilio Sparks podcast. Enjoy that.

DOWNLOAD The Emilio Sparks Experience, Episode 25

Tanya Morgan "Whatever That's Mine"

If you were a smart nigga, you listened to that ARMY Edition of Lessondary Radio, and knew that Tanya Morgan really hasn't been on a hiatus, but you just ain't gotten that new-new from them. Well, here you go. Taken from their forthcoming You And What Army EP (which drops on the 22nd of November), this is my new mantra. I've got goals in my life that I'm trying to attain so I'm not giving away so much of my space to these pricks who truly give a fuck about me if it doesn't involve their bottom line. Being a grown man, I have shit I need to take care of, but seizing the day is what needs to happen. Loving this Von-produced beat, and like I said, that mantra is the truth. Get whatever's yours. All day. You And What Army also features beats from Exile, Astronote, AEON and Brizzo, and should be that shit that I've been needing in my normal Hip-Hop diet.

DOWNLOAD Tanya Morgan "Whatever That's Mine" (prod. by Von Pea)

Laelo ft. Lyriciss & Kokayi "Land Of Broken Dreams"

File this under "nigga, you better read that fucking contract before you sign it and get your artistic dreams broken by some labelhead who knows fuck all about what the fuck you're trying to do". Good to hear cats who have some knowledge imparting that shit. Oddly, I still see young niggas think that they are gonna get signed and laced like it's 1999 out this bitch. Different time, gotta reevaluate what the fuck you're doing. Make your own bread, and use those labels as distro. But be fucking SMART, people. Be smart. Be on the lookout for Laelo's Life In High Definition.

DOWNLOAD Laelo ft. Lyriciss & Kokayi "Land Of Broken Dreams" (prod. by Bad Abbot)

Intalek "Hammertime"

Whoa. Been a minute since I've heard some new Intalek, and I wasn't fucking prepared for this one! Bottom-heavy, with that flavorful "fuck you" in his lines, Intalek is prepping for the release of Synesthesia with Kid Icarus, which is due to drop in 2012. Loved this one since it first dropped, and it just got better and better. I laugh at anyone who laughs at EDM vibes within their Hip-Hop. Fucking hockeypucks!

DOWNLOAD Intalek "Hammertime" (prod. by Kid Icarus)

[video] ForteBowie "Cardo On The Beat"

[video] Mahd "Our Year"

Bonus Beats Mahd ft. Nametag "Jump Around"

[video] Crocker & The Lone Gunmen "The American Way

15 Days of Mister Nice Guy: Day 15

Monday, November 07, 2011

[video] 431 "The ills"

[video] Phil Adé ft. Killa Kyleon "You're The One"

15 Days of Mister Nice Guy: Day 14

[video] Nemo Achida "Stoop Music"

Nemotional drops on the 15th of November.

Lyriciss - The Balance EP: Respect

Nice to get some new material from the boy Lyriciss in the inbox. He's one of those MCs who I really mess with, and I hope he gets some great looks in the near future. There's just so much BS going on, real niggas who know how to have fun as well as keep it real are like aliens. Word is he has another EP, Money, set to drop early 2012, so fucks with this, and be on the lookout for that.

DOWNLOAD Lyriciss - The Balance EP: Respect

Terrible 2sum ft. HimDot "5 In The Mornin"

Why yes, I'm definitely the kind of nigga who drops tracks about plotting in the early morning at 5PM. Terrible 2sum is the homey Phace and Gentum, and is straight up drive-by music. Well, not the shit you blast when you're actually blastin' niggas, but the shit you're plotting to, cleaning hammers and loading clips. Niggas can still drive other niggas to merk each other in 2011, don't get it twisted. Don't slip up and write them wolf tickets, troop - it could be you!

DOWNLOAD Terrible 2sum ft. HimDot "5 In The Mornin"

Style Wars: The Outtakes

The producers of Style Wars are trying to raise $28,000 to obtain the over 30 hours of outtakes that lie in storage, outtakes that they used to make the 69 minute documentary that's one of the cornerstones of Hip-Hop history. "There are more scenes from the B boy battle at United Skates of America between the Rock Steady Crew and the Dynamic Rockers, and more interviews with Skeme and his mom, Dez, Kase 2, Shy, Seen, Dondi and all the other kings and characters that people have grown to love. But this history is threatened. The original footage is damaged and fading. Fortunately, it will be possible to repair using digital technology. It will cost $28,000 to save and restore the outtakes. Saving the best outtakes is an important component of our overall project to restore the entire negative of the film and make an HD master which will preserve the record of the first painted trains in their original vivid colors." These are needed for future as extras for future Style Wars releases - support the cause today, via Kickstarter.

Milly Esquire "Making Me Mad"

Milly got them mad nigga blues on this one. This the kind of flex you get when that chick you're fly with gets a bit too cute, talking to you about any and everything. Or the female who is really on that "oh, you _____", and they trying to smash you, your boy and the nigga who cuts your hair. I'm glad I'm secure at the homestead, I couldn't even play those kinds of games when I was younger - too many fucking headaches. Bitches ain't shit is whatever, that's why you don't give them your phone number, nigga. Oh, this is another Milly Mondays jawn, with Esquire flipping Rihanna's "Rehab" - apparently. I know fuck all about these pop tracks these days. Milly was really expressing that life, though! Go drink you a YooHoo and stop fucking with them ho's, nigga.

DOWNLOAD Milly Esquire "Making Me Mad"

L&S "Hell No"

We're days away from the October 40th DOOMstravaganza, and Ambush hit me with this cut from L&S; Latrese & Summers will be dropping their DOOM For Dummies mixtape on Wednesday, featuring their own unique takes on DOOM classics. They have those sultry vocals that you fucking NEED to hear over those fly instrumentals, and this one is no exception. But it's not just love and loss, they bring their personalities into their lyrics, so expect some knowledge and humor to boot. Blast this one LOUD - champion music.


AWKWORD ft. GuessWho? "Doctor Doctor"

Here's another cut from AWKWORD's World View album; if you missed the Refined Hype premiere of this, for shame. Without creating alters, AWK breaks down his ills to the doctor on this one, with GuessWho? alongside for the ride. I do this a lot, but usually inside my own mind, or in text via twitter... or this blog. We all have problems and stress, it's just in how you handle that shit. Real talk on this one, with beats from Malaysia. Malaysia! Hip-Hop is global, pricks!

DOWNLOAD AWKWORD ft. GuessWho? "Doctor Doctor" (prod. by MajoR R.E.)
Doctor Doctor ft. GuessWho? (prod. MajoR R.E. [Malaysia]) by @AWKWORDrap

[video] Lyriciss "Super Bad" LIVE

This J-Scrilla-produced track is featured on Lyriciss' The Balance: Respect EP, which dropped on today. I'll be posting it later because why not. For now, peep this A3C performance.

Soulbrotha "Way of Love (Never out of Season)"

I said I was gonna drop the "Great Expectations" track a few weeks aback. Pardon my busy life. SB and BroadNMarket have cooked up some fly shit, and this "Way of Love" jawn is right up my alley. SB says he went through some trials and tribulations a few years back, and is creating music inspired by The XX, to help those in similar struggles to know that there's, essentially, a light at the end of the tunnel, a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and whatever other cliches help you cope. Realistically, you need to escape every now and again, and the themes SB flips help you pull from your own problems and hopefully find solutions through them. Over some bangin' beats, which is always nice. The Southpaw EP is on the way.

DOWNLOAD Soulbrotha "Way of Love (Never out of Season)" (prod. by BroadNMarket)

DOWNLOAD Soulbrotha "Great Expectations" (prod. by BroadNMarket)

The 83 King ft. Hekla Kosh, Mudmowth & Ralph Rip Shit "Rotter"

You ever notice how niggas will forever be like "yeah, they love that real Hip-Hop in Europe", but never listen to the shit they MAKE in Europe? The Associated Minds crew represent the United Kingdom, and bring that shit you would blast loud while holding your Jansport tight, although all you had in it was a composition notebook, some tokens and Dutch Masters. Oh and some Maxell tapes. This cut right here is three years old, feels like 1999 and will be released on the forthcoming Hidden Thoughts compilation from the Associated Minds crew.

DOWNLOAD The 83 King ft. Hekla Kosh, Mudmowth & Ralph Rip Shit "Rotter"

AP the Mayor ft. Corey Kelly & Ebony Porter "I Am Music"

Fresh one from AP, one of Trenton's finest. He feels like he has years in, and is willing to lay that all over this dusty beat. Love the way it builds, with the organ and all. Homey has a CD, Prayer, Push-Ups & Piffy 2.0 that will be available at his CD release party at Cafe International in Trenton on the 26th of November. Blood, sweat and years. Some people are Rock, some are Hip-Hop, but really we should strive to be Music, seen?

DOWNLOAD AP the Mayor ft. Corey Kelly & Ebony Porter "I Am Music" [clean | dirty]

15 Days of Mister Nice Guy: Day 13

Hodgy Beats ft. Left Brain "Crap"

Two things I was late on: I had no idea Hodgy Beats was from Trenton, nor did I know that Left Brain smacked a female photographer. I do know that Hodgy's ROCK/SLAB mixtape is on the way, and this track is that kind of trippy dip that niggas who smoke swishas bounce to. Feels like smoking then taking a swim in a pool of excellence. Shouts to Rap Radar.

DOWNLOAD Hodgy Beats ft. Left Brain "Crap"

Sunday, November 06, 2011

Lewis - HOMME EP

DJ Flash Presents The Very Best of Torae

Dynamite MC - BigManTalk 3

Keon Supreme - Be Still

Adebisi - The Blaxploitation Part II

Gee Wiz Presents: Shut Up And Leave Me Alone! Vol​.​1

DJ EFN - Diggin' in the Tapes (Deluxe Edition)

DJ A Sharp Presents A-List, Vol. 8

Raheem DeVaughn - Freedom Fighter

Indiana Rome - WTHLTGO2

15 Days of Mister Nice Guy: Day 12

REUPSPOT Presents: No Days Off

FuseBox Radio (Week Of November 2nd, 2011)