Saturday, December 03, 2011

[stream] Cotto vs. Margarito II (12/03/2011)

Tanya Morgan - You & What Army (clean)

Been playing catch-up, and I see that Von not only posted the clean version of You & What Army, but he also threw up some detailed liner notes. If you've slept on this one, do yourself a favor and spend the afternoon with the latest Tanya Morgan release.

DOWNLOAD Tanya Morgan - You & What Army (clean)

FuseBox Radio (Week Of November 30th, 2011)

[video] Fresh Daily "The Quiet Life"

[video] True 2 Life Music "Daily Math"

Bonus Beats True 2 Life Music "Daily Math"

[video] Jon Connor "All Around The World In A Day"

[video] Terrace Martin ft. Kendrick Lamar & Wiz Khalifa "Do It Again"

RTD Playlist (Week Of 12/02/2011)


Friday, December 02, 2011

[video] Legit "A Nigger In Northface"

Black Collar Biz "Black Friday"

After our special #CyberMonday introduction, here's the official kick off of Black Collar Biz's #BlackFriday series, and what better way to jump this off than with Biz going all kinds of mean on Kendrick Lamar's "HiiiPOWER"?!? I won't say BCB makes this his own, but he puts his stamp on that shit. I'm all about niggas with intelligence who can still kick that tough shit. I heard this earlier this week and was damn proud that Black got it finished and over to me. Forever Black, January 1st. If you were sleeping before, become a fan now.

DOWNLOAD Black Collar Biz "Black Friday"

blackrasslin podcast 008

I knocked this week's episode out pretty quick, but I love how this shit came about. Not only did we recap both Monday Night RAW and the special LIVE Smackdown from Tuesday night, but we got into why Chris Jericho and WWE are at odds right now, as well as what you might see at WWE TLC. I also drop some hot hot heat from Freddie Gibbs, Black Star, The Kid Daytona, Tanya Morgan and more. You fucking with this!?

DOWNLOAD blackrasslin podcast 008

[video] Serius Jones "RE-Up"

Cop Some New Era Fitteds... From Me

No, I'm not starting a bootlegging operation. I've been copping 59Fiftys over the last year, and there are some that I've barely worn that I'd rather sell off than hold on to. The first two are up on eBay now. Hit the jump for pics and eBay links. Someone take these off my hands!

[video] Nocturnal "Check'n In"

[video] Spot And Ess ft. Emmalyn "My My My"

Thursday, December 01, 2011

Deal - The Villain "Deal Cornelius"

Talk about shit I've been waiting to drop. I've had this track since the Summer, real talk. And you heard the instrumental in this video. I believe the story was Deal heard a beat that didn't have an instrumental, so he made his own. Dope shit style. This cut is from a forthcoming EP he's dropping, The People's EP, which I don't think has a date of release. I also need to start finish this Miracle Violence Connection mix of his shit that I conceived. Stay tuned, bitches.

DOWNLOAD Deal - The Villain "Deal Cornelius"

Dom O Briggs "Go (Green Light Musik)"

Weird how life works. I saw Dom O Briggs at the #BYOBBBQ2 this past Summer, and think I even walked near him catching the train back to Times Square, but hadn't spoken with him. Even posted his video that day. In any case, I'm feeling the last few tracks I've heard of his, and I'm fucking with this jawn, which is taken from the re-release of his The Sounds Of Music, which drops on the 3rd of December (aka this Saturday). Dude's music is fun, and I say that because he sounds like he's not trying too hard. Effortless excellence.

DOWNLOAD Dom O Briggs "Go (Green Light Musik)"

Bonus Beats Dom O Briggs ft. ScienZe "Urkel Musik (Extended Version)"

Scion A/V x Skream & Benga

On the 6th of December, Scion A/V will drop an EP from Skream & Benga, who haven't released any new material together in a bit. Five heavyweight tunes that you've had to have heard if you keep your ear to the dubstep dubplate circuit. Word is a video is to follow. Hit the jump for previews of all five tracks.

Jakes Presents Money, Cash, Cars

Not sure what prompted this tape, but Jakes touches down with a serious hour-long, bass-fueled tape. I took my dog out this morning and the chill hit me dumb quick, so the heat he threw into this one is very necessary. Some shit to stunt to, trust. DJ Nappy would approve.

DOWNLOAD Jakes Presents Money, Cash, Cars

[video] AP the MAYOR "I Am Music"

Featuring Corey Kelly & Ebony Porter:

[video] J.Ivy ft. Blitz The Ambassador "WAR"

J.Slikk - The Plan 2 Escape

Before dropping Escapism in 2Q 2012, J.Slikk flips a dope compilation of 13 tracks, featuring some unreleased cuts, mixtape jawns, new tracks, instrumentals and other cuts from guys like Cyrano, Junclassic, R.O.E., Rashid Hadee, SteadyFlow and plenty more. I've heard a number of these tracks before, so to hear a lot of these with vocals atop? Major. Awesome work. Don't even think about sleeping.

DOWNLOAD J.Slikk - The Plan 2 Escape

[video] Hollywood FLOSS ft. Brian Angel "So Much To Say"

One Fan At A Time is out now.

hasHBrown - Break Something

Been waiting for - and shouting out - hasHBrown's Break Something for the better part of 2011. Glad this jammy finally dropped, as the shit I've heard him doing over the last year or so has come to fruition, on a project that should be accessible to all kinds of Hip-Hoppers. He takes a lot of the strife in life, the game and in his head and severs the ties, making this a truly awesome experience in an artist who is moving away from whatever preconceived notions or expectations that a nigga might have about a rapping/producing ass nigga. Crush that shit and start from jump. Or just break a window and let the sun shine in. Featured MCs include John Dew, Guilty Simpson, Thurogood Wordsmith and others.

DOWNLOAD hasHBrown - Break Something
PURCHASE via Bandcamp or iTunes

The Combat Jack Show ft. Dallas Penn (11/30/2011)

As the year winds down, Combat Jack and the fam don't stop. Another great one in the chamber, with special guest Just Blaze dropping by and dropping gems. I don't think I've listened to any interview with Just Blaze and not been amazed. And of course we get the usual hilarity and real talk from the squad. Shouts to all of them for their hard work and dedication in all areas.

DOWNLOAD The Combat Jack Show ft. Dallas Penn (11/30/2011)
The Combat Jack Show (Just Blaze) 11-30-11 by PNCRadio

[video] GM "#ForTheLove"

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

10 Things That Are Illuminati, by L.A.

King RA - Foot On They Necks V.1

I had the opportunity to see King RA performing at a #GardenVariety show in Trenton, and was impressed by his lyrical acumen and defiant spirit. I wasn't too familiar with his music, aside from a random video, so to get this mixtape in the (e)mail the other day was a beautiful thing. He really puts his stamp on any beat he touches, and DJ DJaz's cuts/blends really bring something special to this project as well. Short on features, but long on a dope MC getting his shit off, you might wanna face a blunt and dig deep into this one.

DOWNLOAD King RA - Foot On They Necks V.1

[video] Neak "Ready To Go ('Round The Way Girl)"

Sene ft. Soul Khan "Say Anything"

Here's a cut that was intended for Sene's exit, us, but got lost for some odd reason. No drums on this one here - which I fucks with. Purposefully makes you listen to awesome lyricists go ham over hammer beats, you smell me? Soul Khan has some more shit on deck, and is slowly becoming one of my favorite MCs right now. BBAS, bitch!

DOWNLOAD Sene ft. Soul Khan "Say Anything"

Bonus Beats Epick ft. Soul Khan "Kill Or Be Killed"
PURCHASE Soul Khan "Someone's Pocket" (prod. by Audible Doctor)

Boom Blake "Conquer Rap"

Jesus Christ, the bass on this one is retarded. If your whip isn't equipped with proper subs, this will shut your entire vehicle down. Boom Blake is trying to kill the entire game, and this is the manifestation of his motto, his anthem if you will. Beating down the block. Following up the "Got It On Lock" single, Blake drops this 2nd single from The Manual Procedures, which is due out in February 2012. Shouts to Blake for consistently doing his damn thing, no matter what. Eyes on the prize.

DOWNLOAD Boom Blake "Conquer Rap" (prod. by Yung Frank)

Revalation "Megaman Freestyle"

EMS representerative Revalation grabbed Lil Wayne's "Megaman" and goes bananers. This is the kind of rapid fire flows, metaphors and fury that I want to hear from talented MCs. His EP, The Goods, is due out in 2012, so see this as a light snack before the full meal.

DOWNLOAD Revalation "Megaman Freestyle"
Revalation - Megaman (Freestyle) over Lil Wayne's "Megaman" by RevOfEMS

[video] SmCity ft. Trey Dupree "Watch Me"

[video] Phil Ade "Coming Home"

[video] B.A.D Company "B.A.D!"

[video] Kooley High ft. DJ Pr!nce "Big Headed"

Kid Hum - Love To Give

Forgot to throw this up the other day. The homey Kid Hum is a beast with his, and comes up with some of the more interesting Hip-Hop around. He's the reason The KhemLab is even in existence, and one of the more genuine cats out there. He's got a lot of love to give, but right now just love the beats he's dropping for free. On January 1st, RTD will present Kid Hum's The Beet Tape. More on that in the near future. Literally.

DOWNLOAD Kid Hum - Love To Give

[video] J-Love ft. Chanel Nicole "Top Of The World"

The Kid Daytona ft. Action Bronson "Ivory Coast Crime Scene"

Wow. First things first: this trifecta of Daytona, Bronson and 6th Sense is so necessary. 6th's got that funky, jazzy vibe going on, and Daytona and Bronson dip into that throwback flow, referencing everything from WWF to Saved By The Bell. Some cool shit to fall back and dumb out to. Or really try to contemplate early on in the party scene. Damn I'm loving this shit. Daytona's Interlude II drops December 19th.

DOWNLOAD The Kid Daytona ft. Action Bronson "Ivory Coast Crime Scene" (prod. by 6th Sense)

Dremur "#DremursRelapse"

Been a minute since I've heard a "Say You Will" freestyle. Bout as long since I've heard new Dremur music. So of course the two would collide on this new jawn featuring Dremur bleeding his inner thoughts onto the bleeps and ethereal vocals. Way I've been feeling, work-wise, I need to do some shit like this. Or just blog shit that channels my inner frustration. Real shit don't need no repeats.

DOWNLOAD Dremur "#DremursRelapse"

I-Dub ft. Fred the Godson "Oh My God"

Some of that Jersey shit. Not too too into this, but that araabMuzik beat keeps this one in rotation. I'm being told that I-Dub is getting some love up and down the state, and enough for Fred The Godson, who's also getting a lot of blog love, to hop on this? Must be something about him. Rock with this, and if you dig it, grab it on iTunes. Then grab his jawn with Papoose, for free.

PURCHASE I-Dub ft. Fred the Godson "Oh My God"
I-Dub Feat. Fred the Godson - Oh My God ( Prod. By Araabmuzik ) by itsyaboydub


On the muthafuckin' daily!

[video] Chandler London "St├ęphanie"

#QueenoftheArena (12/01/2011)

Shouts to Rhymageddon for sending this one over. For all of you asking where the ladies at, here's a night chock full of heat from females on the mic. Head down to Newark on Thursday, with $10, and get laced. More info via Facebook.

Random - A Very Random Christmas

Random rapping over DN3-produced beats, sampling tracks from A Charlie Brown Christmas? Everything about this screams "khal"! Big up to Mega Ran on his continued success.

DOWNLOAD Random - A Very Random Christmas

[video] Mara Hruby "Character"

Bonus Beats Mara Hruby From Her Eyes

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

[video] Leslie David Baker ft. N.U.M. "2 Be Simple"

Why yes, this is totally Stanley from The Office. Auto-tuned. Cop via iTunes.

[video] ScHoolboy Q "Sacrilegious"

J.Y. "Lord Knows I'll F#ck These Rappers Up"

I'm surprised there aren't more "Lord Knows" freestyles out there. Just Blaze doesn't drop often, but when he does? Lately it's been fucking MURDA! Jersey's own J.Y. straight sticks his middle finger up at you, rapper. "Will Smith meets The Exorcist" flows, dude goes hammer, sickle, nails and staple gun atop this one. With Jersey representers like this, our state is in fine shape.

DOWNLOAD J.Y. "Lord Knows I'll F#ck These Rappers Up"

[video] Mouce ft. Tony T "World End"

[video] RoxXxan "Thunder Bay (Freestyle)"

DJ Cable sent over this video of RoxXxan ripping through a Hudson Mohawke beat. He's DJing for her, currently. More details via his blog. She goes in.

[video] D1n.ONLY "Somebody Talk To 'Em"

[video] KAE Hock "The Clock's Ticking"

Produced by DJ Priority. 2nd Anniversary T-Shirts

To celebrate the second anniversary of's existence, they've got three shirts available for purchase! I fucks with all three of these designs, and the name of their site as well. Not sure if they knew I'd mess with these so much, but any heads who'd like to purchase these get a 10% discount by using code rockthedub. Go grab these now - they are limited to 100 per design! Congrats to them on two great years, and here's to many more!

[video] Brother K ft. Jason Chu & Ryan Lucas "Payroll"

Bonus Beats Brother K ft. Jason Chu & Ryan Lucas "Payroll"

[video] Cool Nutz "The Cook Up"

[video] AN-TI "Negros & Amigos"

I need some amigos.

[video] NoEmotion "Anal Gag Reflex"

Monday, November 28, 2011

Five Albums From Lyle Horowitz

When we last saw Lyle Horowitz, he was wrecking shop with PreZZure as the Woodside Boys. During that time, he was also putting the finishing touches on five different albums... which he dropped earlier today. I've heard bits of many of these, and he definitely runs the gamut. Some Hip-Hop, but a lot of quirk/weird shit. Loves it. Hit the jump for the full monty.

#BlackFriday: Black Collar Biz "It's Black Collar"

This cut was meant to drop on #BlackFriday, but it got held around for #CyberMonday. No special deals, though, this is some freebie shit. I am doing this to formally introduce you guys to Black Collar Biz, one of the illest spitters out of Trenton, NJ. Dude's a younger cat, and I've espoused his music previously, for the fact that while he's got years to grow, he already has that old mind. I saw him two years ago at the Jersey Fresh Graffiti Jam, and not knowing who he was, was dumb impressed with his stage show. It'd be a year later, at one of the #GardenVariety shows, where I really got to appreciate his style. Dope mixture of the new school flavor with old school appreciation. Some proper back to the future shit. In any case, I've got a number of unreleased jawns of his, and to help give him some shine before the release of Forever Black, we're going to drop all kinds of full tracks, freestyles and other bits every Friday. This one is straight off the dome, if I'm not mistaken, and a great introduction to everything I've broken down above. It's Black Collar, indeed. Meet us back this Friday for another chapter, and keep it locked to for all things BCB.

DOWNLOAD Black Collar Biz "It's Black Collar"

[video] Chance "Vera Wang"

Aphex Twin "Avril 14th (Terravita Drumstep Remix)"

SUBHMAN is always good for a free bit, and this one was purely unexpected. While most of my time here is taken up by Hip-Hop, I'm a big fan of Drum & Bass and dubstep, as well as their bastard child Drumstep, and Terravita is good with the more dancefloor-tinged style of all three genres. The fact that he flipped a classic Aphex Twin track in a drumstep vein was completely unexpected. AFX always had a knack for hypnotic, somber melodies, and to hear Terravita flip one of those into a bright anthem is just what I need on a bullshit work day like today. I needed this.

DOWNLOAD Aphex Twin "Avril 14th (Terravita Drumstep Remix)"
Aphex Twin- Avril 14th (Terravita Drumstep Remix) - FREE 320K DOWNLOAD by Dieselboy

[video] Danny Brown "Blunt After Blunt"

[video] Jermiside "On & On"

This was left off of the Live & Let Live that dropped a few months back, but will be on the physical release of that project, which will drop early 2012.

[video] PLS DNT STP "Future Ghetto"

Cop the Future Ghetto EP via Beatport.

BTS: Legit "A Nigger In North Face"

Word from Legit is that this video should drop on Friday.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Nakim - FUK EM

SoulBrotha - The Southpaw EP

Yancy Deron - LiveNow EP

Young Lyxx - Happy To Be Here

P. Watts x DJ Burn One - Element Of Surprise

The #Occupy EP


Mike G - Award Tour EP

FuseBox Radio (Week Of November 22nd, 2011)