Saturday, December 10, 2011

taeOne presents Midnight Specialists in Things Done Changed

[video] A.P. "NJ State of Mind"

[video] Obii Say "Hey, I Remember You"

[video] Kherk Cobain "Adventures of the Unicorn"

[video] Tragedy Khadafi "Narcotic Lines"

[video] Menacin Johnson "Hear Me Now"

[video] Doss The Artist "China Town"

[video] Spa & MCMF "Dub Step/Sons of Anarchy"

[video] General Monks "Front Runners"

[video] Andre Nickatina "Call The Dealer"

RTD Playlist (Week Of 12/09/2011)


Friday, December 09, 2011

#BlackFriday: Black Collar Biz "Thank Me Later"

The video for this one dropped earlier this week, so we had to drop the MP3 for the next #BlackFriday installment. Black Collar Biz has the knack for rapping like he's talking. Real confident, real intelligent, but still fly. And putting Trenton on his back. Most young cats try to rep their city, but this is a nigga who's doing it. And doing it well. Forever Black is on the way!

DOWNLOAD Black Collar Biz "Thank Me Later"

blackrasslin podcast 009

You might not fuck with professional wrestling like I do, but I'm loving this podcast right here. One of the highlights here is me booking the forthcoming WWE Network, which is set to drop on the first of April (the same day as WrestleMania 28). I also went in on this week's episode of RAW, and play some fly tracks from the likes of Tyler, the Creator, R.O.E., Strong Arm Steady and plenty more. Fuck withya boy.

DOWNLOAD blackrasslin podcast 009

[video] JSWISS "Cool Grey"

Taken from JSWISS' Cool Grey EP.

[video] Kalae All Day "20 Kit Kats for the Riff Raff"

[video] Scheme ft. Astonish "Hello (What Up?)"

Skream & Benga - In New DJs We Trust (12/08/2011)

[video] HUNGRY HD "No Fear"

[video] Stalley "Go On"

Thursday, December 08, 2011

[video] The Doppelgangaz "At Night"

J57 ft. Koncept "Pulp Fiction"

Whoa. New leak from J57's 2057 EP, and he called in BBAS-fam Koncept to spit over this ill track. Love the use of the vocal in the sample. Kind of eerie, but all funky. Brown Bag to the death. But I'm guessing that death's either liver failure or "death by being too dope".

DOWNLOAD J57 ft. Koncept "Pulp Fiction"

Ess Vee "Get Right To It"

If you've got somewhere to go, right now, and it involves driving in a city, you might want to burn this to a CD like 10 times and just ride to it. Has that "street lights flying fast" flavor to it. But you have to be sippin on some cognac while driving. No word on WHAT Ess Vee has dropping in 2012, but this cut is helping him gear up for it. Smooth, clean nigga shit.

DOWNLOAD Ess Vee "Get Right To It" (prod. by Ante)

[video] Neako "Way Better"

[video] J. Lately "Way Back"

Produced by Jansport J.

Dom O Briggs - The Sounds of Music: Art is Life

If you missed this (like I did) when it first came out, here's the re-release, with five additional tracks. Dom O Briggs is a chill nigga that I think needs to get in that spotlight. Hopefully 2012 will allow him to spread his wings and enter more people's iTunes. Or you niggas will continue to sleep because he has glasses, or whatever reason you fuckers sleep on dope music. Thank me later. And be on the lookout for his Always Inspire(d) EP, which is due to drop this Winter.

DOWNLOAD Dom O Briggs - The Sounds of Music: Art is Life

[video] Hasan Salaam ft. Baron "Musical Chairs"

[video] Jon Connor "Marvin Gaye & Chardonnay Freestyle"

The Combat Jack Show ft. Dallas Penn (12/07/2011)

For anyone hating on the Combat Jack show featuring Dallas Penn, or thinking it's not worthy, do me a favor and kill your whole self. Figuratively and literally. I don't know too many radio shows that balance the funny along with the real like this one does. Solid show this week, with L.E.P. Bogus Boys and Hot 97's own Peter Rosenberg jumping into the hotseat. Usual quality from all, including DJ Benhameen. Or you could continue to play yourself.

DOWNLOAD The Combat Jack Show ft. Dallas Penn (12/07/2011)
The Combat Jack Show (Peter Rosenberg & LEP Bogus Boys) 12-7-11 by PNCRadio

[video] Nero "Crush On You"

I had no idea there was an official video for this one.

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

[video] Curly Castro "They Call Me Castro"

Fidel is on the way. Shouts to The Deli.

[video] Rukus "For The Losers"

Bonus Beats Rukus Confessions Of A Loser

Side-B TV Promo

Dig it! Here's the promo for the video show SIDE-B TV. Make sure you check us out on Princeton Community TV and we will provide other links to check past episodes. If you're an artist send your videos (uncompressed/no links) to

Soul Khan ft. Akie Bermiss "Mr. Governor"

Khan done done it again. His Pursuance EP dropped yesterday, and is produced entirely by the Audible Doctor. Soul Khan's one of those rare breed of MCs that has no problem tackling real subjects, but still can bring the wit and lyrical flavor to his music. Instead of just stringing battle raps together, he's a cat who is good at both, and is just as good at making poignant songs as he is ripping his foe to shreds. My boy Doug copped Pursuance, and got the OK to give away three copies to three lucky RTD readers. The competition is easy: the first three to follow me on twitter (@khal) and tweet "hey @khal, let me get that @SoulKhan Pursuance EP" will get just that. Be sure to be following me, though.

DOWNLOAD Soul Khan ft. Akie Bermiss "Mr. Governor" (prod. by Audible Doctor)

[video] Koncept ft. Soul Khan "Aspirations"

Watch the video here or on mtvU; pre-order Koncept's Awaken today - it drops on the 13th of December.

Apollo The Great "Camden State Of Mind"

One of Jersey's upcoming grapples with Nas' classic and does it justice. NY isn't the only spot where it gets real and cold on the regular, Camden, NJ has it's own demons, and Apollo delivers you a slice of that life. He's had a great 2011, and I can only hope 2012 does him just as well!

DOWNLOAD Apollo The Great "Camden State Of Mind"

Botchamania 195

DJ Tangency Presents School of Funk And Soul (12/7/2011)

Kasso will be rockin' live art on South Broad Street in Trenton tonight while DJ Tangency spins Soul & Funk music. Facebook Event to keep abreast to this one; word from Will is that this one normally goes down on Thursdays, but they are switching it up for this week only. Word is Will has a solo show going down in March, so a lot of these shows will be gearing up for that. Dope LOCAL talent going down in Trenton. Be there.

[video] Meyhem Lauren ft. Fi-Lo "Barbarian Blast Off"

Meyhem will be touching down at Yule Prog on Thursday. Shouts to Dallas for the heads up.

[trailer] Jersey Shore Season 5

The new season touches down on January 5th, 2012. Pauly D was recently on Ciph & Rosenberg. Is this the last season of the show? More sneak peek clips after the jump.

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

[video] Black Collar Biz "Thank Me Later"

Another #BlackFriday jawn, dropping this Friday. Forever Black!

The Big Oc Diesel Show Episode 1

"Too Many Niggas Stage" = winning. Vote for Big Oc Diesel for Best Comedian!

Scion A/V Presents Skream & Benga

I told you about this last week, now you can grab this Free EP today.

EDIT Or use this link. They smartly put a ":" in the folder within the .zip file, which doesn't always extract properly. I rebuilt the .zip file and have it uploaded, if need be.

The Love For Brick City Hip-Hop Showcase (12/18/2011)

This is exactly what it says it is - a showcase bigging up the talented artists hailing from Newark, NJ. Featured acts include Nocturnal, Sol Zalez, Terrible 2 Sum (Phace & Gentum), Az Izz, DJ A Sharp on the decks and a special reunion performance from The Outsidaz! Great night for Jersey Hip-Hop. No cover or dress code, +21, at Lucky 7's in Newark. Sunday, December 18th - plan to be there!

Small Professor - Leftover Jawns EP

The latest edition of Small Pro's Jawns series doesn't really even live up to it's title. It was supposed to be a collection of, well, jawns that didn't make the first three releases, but the nigga ended up adding some new beats and removing leftovers. Shit's dope regardless, plus he doesn't waste a great cover. Enjoy!
PURCHASE Small Professor - Leftover Jawns EP

[video] EVITAN "P.T.I. (Occupy Wall Street)"

You heard Jarobi & Dres talking about this project on Combat Jack's show a few weeks back.

[video] Fresh Vetz "Move The Crowd"

[video] J. Keys "Occupy Music"

[video] Amari Mar ft. Jadin Shropshire "Mic Wreckers"

[video] Azage "Niggas in J's"


Bonus Beats Azage "Niggas in J's"

[video] Nacho Picasso "Marvel"

Monday, December 05, 2011

Aleon Craft vs. Crushington "Yoga Flame (Disc Jockey Nappy THUGSTEP Refix)"

This nigga Nappy feeling the Holiday spirit, and felt like leaking this Aleon Craft refix that I imagine is pretty recent. Not sure I even had this before it hit the SoundCloud. 2012 looks like it should be an important year for THUGSTEP, if what I'm hearing and helping cultivate bears the proper fruits. For now, enjoy these freebies. Be prepared, though - shit's about to get hectic. This shit right here? Proper low-end FUNK!

DOWNLOAD Aleon Craft vs. Crushington "Yoga Flame (Disc Jockey Nappy THUGSTEP Refix)"

Aleon Craft - Yoga Flame (Disc Jockey Nappy vs. Crushington Thugstep Mix) by Disc Jockey Nappy

Juan Epstein (12/05/2011)

Great streak from Juan Epstein right now. This latest edition, we get a convo with ?uestlove and Black Thought, talking all kinds of ish. ?uest even pondered how Ciph and Rosenberg feel about playing music they might not like on Hot 97. We get some insight on being Jimmy Fallon's band, the "What They Do" video and past Roots members, among other bits.

DOWNLOAD Juan Epstein (12/05/2011)

[video] Nemo Achida "Nemotional"

M Slago ft. Headkrack "Dolemite"

Loving this right here. Never heard Headkrack, to my knowledge at least, but he goes in on this '70s-synth tinged banger. M Slago is taking no shorts, and his M Slago Presents Attack The Wack, which is what's needed. And anything referencing Dolemite is #1 in my book.

DOWNLOAD M Slago ft. Headkrack "Dolemite"

JR & PH7 x Brokn.Englsh & St. Joe Louis, Round 2

I knew I'd heard of JR & PH7 before, via this split 7" with Brokn.Englsh & St. Joe Louis from August of 2010. Looks like they came back for round 2 with "Bloody Sunday", which you can cop on iTunes or Bandcamp today. We always talk about how European Hip-Hop lends more to the "Golden Era" of the game, and this is no exception. If you fuck with The Roots or other Soulful artists, you'll mess with this. And the Elite Assembly is no slouch when it comes to the truth. Also packed with a remix from The Drumkidz & 7inch.

Tree Woods & 88 Keys "It Can Never Be The Same Again"

Not sure who Tree Woods is, but I know 88-Keys has been all about bringing forth the new artists, so I respect what he's doing here. This cut right here? Reminds me of "No Church In The Wild", at least the beat. Kind of reminds me of the Western vibe that Daddylonglegs had on their Horse album, although I imagine only two of you will even know what the fuck that is all about. Whatever. This is some nice driving cross country type music, but only if you're driving to leave your old life and build something new. Whatever that is. Download for free below, or cop it on iTunes if you're about supporting niggas.

DOWNLOAD Tree Woods & 88 Keys "It Can Never Be The Same Again"

Yule Prog (12/08/2011)

The fifth annual Yule Prog progressive Hip-Hop festival goes down this Thursday (December 8th) at Southpaw in Brooklyn, NY. These shows always feel like a RTD reunion, but this year it's even iller: You've got Meyhem Lauren, Billy Woods, junclassic, Willie Green, Elucid x AM breakups, Lyle Horowitz (who will have Elucid, Fresh Daily AND PreZZure with him), Adam Warlock, Open Mike Eagle and plenty more on the bill. I'm gonna figure out how to get involved at some point. Don't miss this one. Pre-order your tickets today, and get two free CDs when you enter the venue. No bullshit.

Tenacity "Mental Strait-Jacket"

Sometimes, I need music that's really saying something. Other times, I need a sparse-ass beat, something that I can float into the heavens to. This cut from Tenacity and Abolitionist Projects does both. Ten goes in on the lyrics, spitting what feels like a stream-of-consciousness flow, steeped in the ills of life, while A.P. builds a sleeper from a really slick drum, adding layers and layers of what feels like, well, quirky jazz fusion atop. This cut is playing leak double-duty, as its taken from both the Tenacity vs. Charles Trees EP and the first edition of the Abolitionist Projects Brain Food series.

DOWNLOAD Tenacity "Mental Strait-Jacket" (prod. by Charles Trees)

[video] CrackKillz "Crack Rock"

I love beats like this.

Bonus Beats CrackKillz "Crack Rock"

[video] Marger ft. Josh Osho "This Year"

Marger's Cheeky EP drops January 2012.

Sunday, December 04, 2011

El Gant - Rule By Secrecy

Odd Future Talk Presents Unreleased Volume 3

TMB Presents: A Beat For You [The Donny Hathaway Beat Tape]

Adam Reverie - Love The Way I See It

Roxwel - Talk of the Town

Juicy J & DJ Scream - Blue Dream & Lean