Saturday, December 31, 2011

[video] 7 Immortals "Thursday Night Live"

This is that proper NJ Underground shit: "The 7 Immortals are an OG Hip-Hop crew from Trenton NJ and includes more than 15 established, pioneering artists from the area. Members are mostly comprised of those artists who regularly recorded with the late, veteran Trenton producer Tony D (Poor Righteous Teachers/YZ), the crew from the revolutionary 90's Hip-Hop show: "The Raw Deal," as well as artists who frequented Hot Spots Studio (a recording respite for Trenton Hip-Hop artists circa 1989-1994.), alongside several Wu-Tang affiliates".

DOWNLOAD 7 Immortals "Thursday Night Live"

Leonard Dstroy - ADHD

Leonard Dstroy Attention Deficit High Definition by elmandoak

Rashid Hadee - Year In Music 2011

Daily Dose of Dubstep (12/29/2011): Borgore & Quest

Daily Dose of Dubstep (12/27/2011): True Tiger & J Kenzo

Daily Dose of Dubstep (12/26/2011): Doctor P & Starkey

Milly Esquire - Eating Milk & Drinking Cereal

Sir E.U - Hippopotamus

Catch Wreck - Collective Consciousness

DJ Stance & Stancerecords - 2011 Mixtape

Bekay "2011 Year In Review"

As per usual, Bekay goes in for his 2011 Year-End re-cap. I haven't heard if Skillz is doing his, but that's fine, if this is the only review of 2011, that's fine. He spans the entire globe, from politics to Mayan prophecy over "Back On The Scene", the M-Phazes-produced Slaughterhouse track.

DOWNLOAD Bekay "2011 Year In Review"

Bekay - 2011 Year In Review by Diamond Media 360

Intalek x Kid Icarus - Synesthesia

RTD Playlist (Week Of 12/30/2011)


Sneaker Fiends Unite!: 2011 Top 10 Sneakers

@Dallas_Penn runs the top 10 sneakers of 2011 down.

TRU's Top 20 Rap Songs of 2011

I hadn't realized this went up. TRU has had me on my writing dean in 2011... much more than I do for this spot here. Trying to expand, fam. I got to do drops about four or five of the top tracks from 2011. This entire list is ill, though. Relive 2011 through this one. Shouts to Rizoh, Jaap and the entire TRU Brain trust.

Friday, December 30, 2011

DJ Cable - 2011 AD (Part 1)

Recently, @DJCable asked me to send him some bits that I fucked with from 2011. Well, he actually asked me for more of an underground/Jansport flex, so most of my picks aren't in this batch, which is 30+ tracks of a more above-ground flavor. Artists included are Nicki Minaj, David Banner, A$AP Rocky, Big Sean, Pusha T, J. Cole Drake, Tyler, the Creator, Uncle Murda, Juicy J and plenty more. He went IN on this one, and I'm glad to help present it. Word is the second edition should be touching down in a few weeks, with more of a subterranean flex. Enjoy!

DOWNLOAD DJ Cable - 2011 AD (Part 1)
2011 AD (Part 1) - HIP HOP MIX by djcable

Black Collar Biz - #BlackFriday

Crazy how this shit works. Saw Black Collar Biz at a few Hip-Hop functions over the year, and after building on twitter for a bit, finally got my hands on some of his music. And he's the truth. Like forreal forreal, beyond his years knowledge, and the drive that will keep his name in the light. And he reps New Jersey. His Forever Black album is due out VERY soon, and I suggested that he get a #BlackFriday series going. We've served you that good food all month. Here's a 19-track helping of Biz destroying a number of beats, including "HiiiPower", "Exhibit C" and plenty more, dolo and with a number of the state's finest. Fuck with this, and keep it locked for the album!

DOWNLOAD Black Collar Biz - #BlackFriday

blackrasslin podcast 012

Took some time out to not only recap the year 2011 in the WWE, but I put a different spin on it, tossing up my favorite tracks of the year and doing that comparison thing. You have to hear it. Also spend some time breaking down news and this past Monday's RAW. You fuck with WWE? Have a friend who does? Put them onto your boy!

DOWNLOAD blackrasslin podcast 012

Shit You Need To Buy: 2011 Edition

In what’s becoming a tradition, I’ve taken to highlighting the few things I’ve purchased/held dear to me from 2011. Few books, few CDs. If you got some Visa gift cards or just want to treat yourself post-Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa, maybe you should try some of these items…

[video] Zero Star "Space Rap 2.0"

[video] Amir Driver "The Vent"

[video] Nocturnal ft. Waz Most "Back 2 Back"

[video] Smokey Robotic "Candy Wolf"

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Eli Porter - Intelligently Retarded

Eli Porter told the world on Tosh.0 that his Intelligently Retarded album was on the way. Now for $10, you can cop it, straight from Eli. Not sure how long this has been out, but head on over to Eli's site and grab your copy. I'm grabbing mine.

Jarren Benton "Shut Up Bitch" Remix Competition

The good SMKA folks sent this one over with strict instructions: "looking for some DOPE dubstep remixes". Presenting this competition are DJ Booth and THEFREAKBEAT, who are two institutions I fucks with, and this track is the business. The winning remixes will be featured on Jarren Benton's Freebasing With Kevin Baconmixtape, which is due out in February 2012. Peep the Kato-produced original:

Jarren Benton - Shut Up Bitch (Prod. Kato) by SMKA

If you're up for it, you can download the DJ Kit HERE (it includes the full song, vocal track, drum track and synth track). You can send your finished remixes to BEFORE January 25th. Go in with this, too - I have a feeling this shit could be major. Good luck!

Action Bronson @ The Highline Ballroom (12/27/2011)

My own personal Hunter S Thompson, @Dallas_Penn grabbed some video from one of the hottest MCs in 2011's recent Highline Ballroom show with the Outdoorsmen. He has a grip of flicks over on Bronson's beardgame is killing niggas rightnow.

EDIT DP has more video up.

DJ Nappy's Post-Christmas Gifts

While I can't comment on how long it might take Nappy to get some shit done, I always commend him when he gets in his zones. He can knock a mix a day if he wants, or drop some ridiculous refixes on that ass. In the last few days, he let loose both a refix of a track that I sent the acapella to him mad long ago, and a jawn that he definitely sent to some DJs with an email stating to not put the track anywhere. I'm his manager and I can't manage him. I failed in 2011. But you won, because you still got two shit-hot refixes. THUGSTEP train keeps moving. Oh and yes, that's definitely an aerial shot of Nappy's workspace up there. And grab that THUGSTEP Commission mix!

FREE 320 DOWNLOAD!! Kreayshawn - Gucci Gucci (Disc Jockey Nappy vs. Africa Hitech THUGSTEP Mix) by Disc Jockey Nappy

FREE 320 DOWNLOAD!! GLC - Clockin ft. Bun B (Disc Jockey Nappy vs. Mr. Mitch THUGSTEP Mix) by Disc Jockey Nappy

M-Dot & Revalation "Christmas Broke"

While my Christmas doesn't sound as downtrodden as most, my post-Christmas ends are dumb low. All in the name of being khal bundy... Married, With Children. Gotta keep them happy. And they are. And I'm broke. Shouts to EMS for providing an anthem for me to rock to while I drag myself to work to buy some Heinekens for my inner-sorrow.

DOWNLOAD M-Dot & Revalation "Christmas Broke"

[video] JohnNY U. "The Product"

Produced by AEON.

Gripz "I've Awoken"

One of those tracks where the title can't be more literal. After some time on the low, Gripz hit me like "I'm back", and asked for the "Shook Ones, Part 2" instrumental. After a year, this cut dropped as he usually does (i.e. less than 24 hours), and he sounds sharper. 2012 might need to be a problem.

DOWNLOAD Gripz "I've Awoken"

[video] King Louis "Bobby" / "Do It"

Not too blown away by either of these tracks, but the featured honeydip in these clips? Worth the price of admission. Put your shirt on, doe. I'm also not sure if dude's name is King Louis or Passport Louis. #shrug

Bonus Beats Passport Louis "Bobby"
Bonus Beats Passport Louis "Do It"

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Emilio Sparks Experience, Episode 26: The Apollo's Ghost Episode

I totally missed this one when it dropped, and I'd called myself waiting for this one to touch down. Emilio and crew bring the funny, all day, and this episode brings it back to Sylvester Stallone. He's a constant, and for good reason. Find out why when you peep this. And subscribe to the podcast on iTunes.

DOWNLOAD The Emilio Sparks Experience, Episode 26: The Apollo's Ghost Episode

[video] Tef Poe "K.N.G.M.F.B"

Dontrevius Wenters At The Blue and Orange Scrimmage

[video] Seel Fresh "Times Up"

Bonus Beats Seel Fresh Fresh To Def EP

[preview] Kid Hum Beet Tape

Kid Hum's Beet Tape will drop right here on RTD on January 1st.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

[video] Donwill "December 27th"

Edited & Directed by 5846 Films. Go cop Don Cusack In High Fidelity.

[video] Elhae "Flatline"

[video] Dirty & Nasty "All Black Everything"

The Plaftorm (12/28/2011)

This showcase is a bi-monthly that brings "indie Hip Hop artists & charitable causes under one roof for a night of music, social awareness, & community support. Proceeds for this week's show on 12/28/11 will be benefitting The Boys & Girls Club in Lower East Side Manhattan". Skyzoo, Emilio Rojas, The Kid Daytona, Nina B, the NJ Rebels and more will be at Southpaw tomorrow night. Go in.

Bonus Beats NJRFSU "Loud" (prod. by Nadus) [via BuckMarleyXXX]

Clams Casino - Instrumentals

Clams Casino is a producer who's gotten his name in a number of circles, most recently for his work with A$AP Rocky. He's produced beats for cats like The Weeknd, Lil B and more as well. The mastered version of his Instrumentals mixtape that I had no idea was out, is out. DJ Nappy is proud. Thank you, eskay.

DOWNLOAD Clams Casino - Instrumentals

[video] Esohel "Struggle And Pain"

[video] Jedi Nemesis "See Ya Music"

[video] Marcel P. Black "Fred Hampton"

[video] Action Bronson "Terror Death Camp"

@Dallas_Penn-produced video ft. Meyhem Lauren, Maffew Ragazino & AG da Corner. And Herc. And Hulk. And Black Nick Fury. And Frank Castle The Punisher.

This shit is like awesome Christmas gifts gone wild. If you're in NY tonight, you can catch most of these fools (Dallas included, I imagine) at the Highline.

[video] Proe "Don't Wake The Babies"

[video] The Cause & Knowledge ft. Steeve Sam & Krash Battle "The Truth"

Monday, December 26, 2011

[video] CientifiQ & A Better Tomorrow "Steel"

Gee Wiz - The Wu-Fanatic

Gee Wiz is a Wu-Fanatic. He shows his appreciation through beats. And a lot of fucking AKAs.

DOWNLOAD Gee Wiz - The Wu-Fanatic

[vide] GLC "Jesse Owens"

[video] Redbeard "Desired Life"

Lyle Horowitz "Blue Lights" (Digital 12'')

New single from Lyle Horowitz ft. Loud Pack Lucy on the vocals. Her name rocks. This track rocks even harder. Love what Lyle did to the drums on this one. Interesting early morning cut right here, with a MidPoint remix on the flipside.

DOWNLOAD Lyle Horowitz "Blue Lights" (Digital 12'')

Rome Cee ft. Wize Wisdom "Illusion Of Love"

Next month, Rome Cee's dropping The Grey Area, and he sent over a fly leak the other day. Something to roll up and reflect on love to. Confusing love, masquerading love, mistaken love. Dreams of love. Relationships can be a trip, especially if they falsified. Do some research before you give your all.

DOWNLOAD Rome Cee ft. Wize Wisdom "Illusion Of Love" (prod. by HarbourKeyz)

Sunday, December 25, 2011

[video] KRS-One ft. Mad Lion & Shinehead "Holiday Gift Style"

Myk Dyaleks - The SheedWell EP

Fire. With Christmas 2011 comes the beginning of the 2011 NBA season, and with the Hip-Hop game in the way it is, we need some Spreewell/Wallace ass niggas going in and beasting the game. Perfect way to approach this shit. Myk Dyaleks is one of the few Jersey cats I met in 2011, along with Deal - The Villain, and they aligned for this special EP. Fuck whatever you're fucking with. Burn this to CD and make this your Christmas gift. Santa's bitchass ain't putting this in your stocking, ho. Blast this LOUD. More EA in the near future, trust.

DOWNLOAD Myk Dyaleks - The SheedWell EP

Hellpit Faeries – Jingle Fucking Bells

DOWNLOAD [shouts to 2DBz]

Young Chris - Young Christmas

Chris Read & Marc Hype Present World's Third Greatest Christmas Mixtape

D-Dot Presents: The Mad Rapper Greatest Skits: Catalogue #1

John Robinson - Gifted

MiLKMEN - The Gift Tape: Freestyles Vol. 1

Smoke DZA - SweetBabyKushedGod

DOWNLOAD [via The Smoker's Club]


1. Smokey Klause (Prod. By 183rd & Kenny Beats)
2. Christmas In The Trap (Prod. By 183rd)
3. SWV feat. Domo Genesis & Mookie Jones (Prod. By Lex Luger)
4. What's Goodie (Prod. By 183rd & Maki)
5. 4 Loko Remix feat. A$AP Rocky, A$AP Twelvy, Danny Brown, Killa Kyleon & Freeway (Prod. By 183rd)
6. Big Bad & Dangerous feat. Action Bronson (Prod. By 183rd)
7. Bout That Life (Prod. By Maki & 183rd)
8. Money Down feat. P-IC (Prod. By A-Foe)
9. Dear Winter (Prod. By Flying Lotus)

Moka Only - Martian Xmas 2011

[video] Smoke DZA "Christmas In The Trap"

Wiley "Cheer Up, It's Christmas"

Nice little Grime-y Christmas bit for you sullen folk, yeah? I got put on to this one last week, but I figured I'd drop this today. I used to be on this level, especially when I was in more of my depressive stages, but really, if you've got family, you should get in the spirit. Not even for the bullshit consumerism. You need to get up with your family and have some good times. Or if you don't have family, do something to cheer yourself up. One day out the year, please. Cheer up, it's Christmas. Bitch. Hell, this is taken from Wiley's Evolve Or Be Extinct, which drops on January 19th. Pre-order that shit. It's Christmas.

DOWNLOAD Wiley "Cheer Up, It's Christmas"
Wiley - Cheer Up, It's Christmas by Big Dada Sound

Mike Posner & Benzi - The Holiday Super Spectacular

Benzi & Mike Posner are back with a special xmas gift for yall with "The Holiday Super Spectacular!" Mike is reporting from his parents home in Southfield, Michigan while his mom makes cookies, and Benzi has put togehter a crazy mix of new and classic Christmas jams just for yall. Also on board is Brooklyn's DJ Ayres who contributes a super dope guestmix of his all-time favorite Holiday Rap Jams! So grab some eggnog and download this super special edition of The Mike Posner Show with DJ Benzi now!

DOWNLOAD Mike Posner & Benzi - The Holiday Super Spectacular

Jakk Frost "Santa Got A Gun"

[video] Vasco "Big Shot (Crizzmas Freestyle)"