Saturday, July 21, 2012

Legit ft. Dubb Blak "Feliz Sabado"

DOWNLOAD Legit ft. Dubb Blak "Feliz Sabado"

[video] Planet Asia ft. Willie The Kid & Fashawn "Fuck Rappers"

Friday, July 20, 2012

This Is Thugstep, Vol. 2

Once again, it's on. Following up on last month's well-received This Is Thugstep compilation, we hit you with the next edition. This one features a number of refix artists that Nappy and I have associated ourselves with since this thing got started, from JayCeeOh and the Dixon Brothers to Heroes + Villains, DJ Cable, Styles&Complete, DJ Hipnotikk, Spinstyles and more, with heads like Distance, Caspa, Vaski, Clicks & Whistles, Sinden and others filling out the duties of remixing/refixing and blending some of the finest artists within Hip-Hop and Bass Music, including: Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne, Young Jeezy, Ludacris, Danny Brown, Wiz Khalifa, A$AP Rocky, Davr, Darq E Freaker and plenty more. Awesome stuff here. Shouts to @theotisjones for the dope artwork (again!) and ClubTapes for the hosting.
DOWNLOAD This Is Thugstep, Vol. 2

Cypress Hill x Rusko - Lez Go (The People's Remix Edition)

Not sure why or how, but I guess I missed this remix competition that Cypress Hill and Rusko held for their tune "Lez Go". I'd be lying if I said the bits that were chosen blew me away. Nothing's really hitting me as heavy as something I'd champion to DJs or sign myself. The Slam Type version has legs, and the only name I recognize is Oscillatorz. In any case, for you DJs trying to add some EDM elements into your sets (maybe for transitions?), check these out.

blackrasslin podcast, episode 40

Back like cooked crack for this week's episode, featuring news on Kharma and her current WWE status, what you can expect to see on the 1000th edition of Monday Night Raw, New Jack ethering Sunny, and full recaps of the Money In The Bank PPV and this past Monday's Raw. Hell, we even drop some rumors on the reported SummerSlam card. Early.

DOWNLOAD blackrasslin podcast, episode 40

Rick Ross ft. Dr. Dre & Jay-Z "3 Kings"

"Classic Hip-Hop shit". Loving this one right here. Truly love everything about this. Flex premiered this on Hot 97 last night and rewound it for a half hour. Jake One's instrumental makes this - these same bars on any other track wouldn't be this hot. Jay alludes to freestyling his verse, and while many feel he phoned it in, he drops some gems. And I'm not mad at Dre's presence (who wrote that verse? Lamar? Ross?), or Ross' pistol lean. Also love each three weaving their own brands in (Dre and his headphones, Ross and his Maybach, Jay and the arena), and the three talking about "I only love her 'cause...". Feels like more of a collaborative effort than "here's the beat, rap". Just beautiful Music. Something different. I've rewound all morning, and will play all weekend - at least. Via IFWT, who also has an interview with Rick Ross calling into Hot 97; he spoke on this track, a paternity suit and Freeway Rick Ross, among other things. MissInfo has more on Ross assembling this tune, as well as lyrics to this banger. God Forgives, I Don't is in stores July 31st.

[video] Jon Connor "The Way I Am"/"Fast Lane"

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Action Bronson "Blackbird"

Gotta give it up to my boy Thelonious Martin. He's been making a number of great moves, and this one right here might be one of my favorite. This cut was done for Closed Sessions Vol. 2, the new album and documentary from Chicago's Closed Sessions. This is again presented by Ruby Hornet, who's been behind Martin for a minute, and MTV2 Sucker Free. Sounds like a great marriage between Martin's throwback flavor and Bronson's bars. Light one up for to one.

DOWNLOAD Action Bronson "Blackbird" (prod. by Thelonious Martin)

[video] Darq E Freaker ft. Danny Brown "Blueberry (Pelican Fly Allstars Remix)"

INRE Danny!, "Hey You"

A post with a bunch of I's in three, two...

I don't like going into stories one-sided. I went on one yesterday because I felt wronged. And I'm still confused about the whole Danny!/Tyler, The Creator "Hey You" debacle. I'd apologize for the post if I felt I'd not done research on the situation in the background. Read interviews. Asked questions and got no answer, just more questions. I'm not a "fly off at the handle" type of person, especially when it comes to posts on this very site.

In any case, Danny! hit me earlier and linked me to his tumblr, where he's given his side of the story, speaking about trolling and publicity stunts. One of his main sticking points about Payback for months has been the lack of press he felt the project deserved. I get that. I also have followed OF and seen Tyler mention numerous times, at varying stages of success, that he doesn't work with people he doesn't fuck with. I don't like the feeling that artists need of some kind of "stunt" to get ANYONE press, but recognize the nature of the industry. It's a land of make believe at times, and it sucks that pure talent doesn't stick out like it should. I still am not 100% sure that that's what's going on here, and that is why I had chosen to kept my own concerns and doubt about certain aspects of Payback to myself in the first place. Part of the reason I don't play the whole "FIRST!" game with my peers to begin with.

Fact of the matter is, I fuck with Swain musically, I feel I've championed dude when a lot of sites that should have didn't, and I'm confused about the entirety of Payback. Kind of a dud to end this post on, but what else do I have?

Juan Epstein (7/19/2012)

Quick-shot #JuanEp from Ciph and Rosenberg, as we're waiting for the Juan Epstein App to be approved, which would THEN cap off the new season of Juan Epstein. Maybe next week? Word is the first episode of Season 5 has three interviews and is two hours. We'll see. Ebro is featured on this episode. Shouts to @zillz for the help out.

DOWNLOAD Juan Epstein (7/19/2012)

The Combat Jack Show (7/18/2012)

Special edition right here, been waiting on this one. B.Dot, who represents on the regular over at Rap Radar, was the special guest on this one. He breaks down not only his views on Hip-Hop and the inner-workings behind RR, but he also breaks down "the meaning behind the du rag". Fred The Godson also stopped by and kicked some rhymes, and the mighty Artie Lange even speaks on his recent arrest in Paris! Talk about action packed! Subscribe via iTunes (or RSS) if you know what's good for you!

EDIT has all of Ben-Ha-Meen's mixes from this week up as well.

DOWNLOAD The Combat Jack Show (7/18/2012)

[video] Copywrite ft. Illogic "More Sorrow"

[video] The Others "The Way You Make Me"

Noisey Meets Benga

[video] The Alchemist ft. Danny Brown & Schoolboy Q "Flight Confirmation"

[video] DRS ft. Enei "Count To Ten"

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Tyler, The Creator & Toro Y Moi "Hey You"

Allow me to get something off of my chest right now. Yes, this is a post regarding a previously-unreleased/unfinished track by Tyler, The Creator and Toro Y Moi, but it's really the story of deception. See, this cut apparently made the rounds on the Internets under the guise of how I first heard it - as a supposed collaboration from Danny!'s Payback album between himself and Tyler, produced by Toro Y Moi. If I'm not mistaken, the second verse on the version I heard was entirely spit by Danny Swain. Just ask MJF. Now, a number of folks have had suspicions about what they heard on Payback, but seeing as I've supported Danny! since I got put onto his music, I gave dude the benefit of the doubt. Now? I feel like I've been lied to and deceived for no real reason. After the posts and the interview, I have no choice but to feel as though this site has been used as a tool by someone who I fuck musically. Whatever works. All I'm saying is, I knew this day would come, and I'm glad I wasn't the one that had to open up the can of worms. I'd feel like a fucking idiot if I didn't speak my piece on the situation, though.

EDIT Tyler's been tweeting about "Hey You" today. I must've been in a fog: Tyler confirms that "Hey You" was just him and Toro Y Moi and doesn't know how Danny got it, and that it wasn't a feature. Speaking of OF, they released a grip of info on forthcoming albums and tours. Check it.

DOWNLOAD Tyler, The Creator & Toro Y Moi "Hey You"

[video] P Money "Dubsteppin"

Foreign Concept "Jaipur (Villem Remix)"

Been hearing a lot about this tune, glad to hear that Villem did the original justice. I messed with Foreign Concept's "Jaipur", and love what the Ingredients camp has going on. This looks to be forthcoming on Ingredients, I guess they have an EP on the horizon [RECIPE029], which features a dBridge remix of Kodo's "The Jackal" and two other bits (all which you can preview after the jump). For DnB heads who want something a bit more understated? This is all yours.

Sinistarr "Leaves"

Dude's the future. The Cetra EP is out now, and he has a grip of new material on the horizon. Fuck with this 150 BPM track, and if you like it, send dude a buck. Seriously.

[video] Audimatic "Hoarse"

[video] Rude Kid ft. Skepta "Get Busy"

New video for their single, which drops on the 29th of July. I also put up a new feature with Rude Kid on DOA, talking about this single specifically. He even dropped a dope mix. I don't "get busy", I've been busy.

[video] TNGHT "Higher Ground"

The highly anticipated TNGHT EP drops on July 23/24 via Warp + Lucky Me. Pre-order today.

Danny Brown x araabMUZIK "Molly Ringwald"

You should've already seen the BTS on the making of this track,and overnight threw up a preview of this one, and it's as dope as you'd think it'd be. This is of course their contribution to the "Songs from Scratch" 7", which is limited edition via Love Letters Ink and features Joey Bada$$'s "Daily Routine" on the flip. Nasty. I'd only wish that Danny and araab would make more music together. This is disgustingly perfect.

[video] Nemo Achida "Black Bird"

#MFM 63: Apollo The Great

[video] King RA "Acclaimed Critically"

[video] Wordsmith ft. EliM "Never Be The Same"

DJ WAlly & Green Dutch Present 8 Bit Bath Salt

WAlly is the kind of shit that opened my mind to the possibilities of freak beats and future music. It was particularly in an article detailing "illbient", but really just described cats who fucked with a grip of genres putting that sound into a pot and seeing what it do. Dub, essentially. In any case, this shit from WAlly and Green Dutch brings it back to that - hypnotic drums playing the background to a bevy of offbeat/offkilter/offsides samples, grooves and sounds. I won't say you need to be off that Bath Salts to get it, but a bit of the purp might go a long way.

DOWNLOAD DJ WAlly & Green Dutch Present 8 Bit Bath Salt

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Colin Munroe ft. Pusha T "The Fight of My Life (Zeds Dead Remix)"

Still not sure what brought this remix about, but I'm fucking loving it. Colin Munroe is co-signing it, and this can be yours for a tweet. The Zeds Dead remix of this one is intense - they inject the right amount of emotion into that bass, really making this one feel like an uphill climb for survival. Anthemic business, I hope you DJs are paying attention.

JoJo "Demonstrate"

I have some guilty pleasures. JoJo's voice is one of them. I always messed with her, but when I heard her start remaking Drake tracks, I knew there was more to her than the Pop she was being given. Now instead of remaking Drake, she works with Drake's producer 40 and brings something pretty sensual right here. Not even my normal flex, but I can't deny this one. Thanks, ma. Via PinBoard.

DOWNLOAD JoJo "Demonstrate" (prod. by Noah '40' Shebib)

[video] Curtiss King "Fvck Cancer"

[video] Aaron Evans ft. Real J Wallace, Sojourn & Beatsmith Resist "Look At Calfornia"

[video] Tanya Morgan "Whatever That's Mine"

My favorite cut off You & What Army, which is now available on CD today.

Vicious Circle & Kasra "Black Walls"

I'm either in a real celebratory mood right now or I'm trying to figure out how not to murder a coworker. Either way, this is the soundtrack for my emotions. You already know the score - dope DnB outfit/label/DJ has free shit if you've got the "Like" for their Facebook. This tune is raucously subdued enough to warrant a free mouse click, nahmean. Enjoy that, and either enjoy a new level for me... or the old me turnt up.

Break "Rare Earth"

File this one under "Break doing what he does best". Love the heavyweight bassline on this one, and it sounds like he has a grip of fun with the percussive elements on this one. Out right now on CIA Deep Kut, don't fucking sleep. The flipside, "Dreader", is dope as hell too.

[video] Open Mike Eagle "Universe Man"

People's Champion Part Two: Eli Porter

Where Part One discussed the Infamous "Iron Mic" battle, this takes us more into Eli Porter's personal story, filled with loss in his life and his own medical struggles, and his attempts to overcome all of that.

DJ Cable "XR3i"

Back when UK Garage was a thing (like 1999), it wasn't my cup of tea. Made sense, I was more into the darker styles, with faster breakbeats. Getting to know DJ Cable, and I think just getting older, has opened up my palette, and I can fucks with a track like this. Nice and bubbly, some shit you need to put on new clothes to listen to. Has a deep enough bassline to keep me into it, but I'd bankhead bounce instead of southside screwface. Classic flex. Enjoy.

[video] Om Unit ft. Tamara Blessa "Dark Sunrise"

[video] Sean Price & Buckshot "Black Dynamite"

Monday, July 16, 2012

[video] Meyhem Lauren "Fingerless Driving Gloves"

[video] Ron Artiste ft. Ed O.G. "Ron’s Theme"

Side-B Radio (7/15/2012)

Newest latest from Side-B, bringing you the finest in underground and independent Hip-Hop. Even if there's some Nas on this show, you'll also hear Action Bronson and Joey Bad A$$. Always quality. Shouts to Phil and Divine.

DOWNLOAD Side-B Radio (7/15/2012)

Domo Genesis & Alchemist ft. Earl Sweatshirt, Vince Staples & Action Bronson "Elimination Chamber"

This is the only shit I've listened to today. This dropped about eight hours ago, and it's fucking murder. Alchemist and Domo Genesis have an album, No Idols, on the way, and this cut makes me think that it'll truly be a PRAHLEM. Earl on ALC beats alone is enough to make my week, trust. All four come correct, even Vince - don't sleep on his verse, he drops some sly shit in it! Bronson beasts over this one like it was his own, it was almost unfair, but back to forth this one is the shit you need to be blasting this morning. Once a new pod door opens, more entertainment. Via OFT.

DOWNLOAD Domo Genesis & Alchemist ft. Earl Sweatshirt, Vince Staples & Action Bronson "Elimination Chamber"

BET Hot 16 2012: Black Collar Biz

Happy birthday, Collar!

[video] Sweatshop Union "Leisure Gang"

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Phlegm EP: 7/24/2012

J.Dot The MC's Phlegm EP drops via BackPackNY, INK Culture, Prestige Sound, Good*Fella Media, Liveband Magazine and RTD on Tuesday, July 24th at 6PM EST. If you're not up on J.Dot The MC, check out "Don't Stop (Get It)" and catch up!

City Slickers - A.D.I.D.A.S.

Curren$y & Harry Fraud - Cigarette Boats

DJ Kentaro ft. DJ Krush "Kikkake (Reso Remix)"

On August 6th, Kentaro drops his Contrast LP via Ninja Tune. This tune "Kikkake" intrigues me, as it's a wild dubstep banger... featuring DJ Krush. I know there are cuts on the track, but I'm not sure if Krush had anything to do with the production of the tune. Just questions I have. The album is a cavalcade of EDM styles, with Foreign Beggars, D-Styles, Matrix & Futurebound, Kid Koala and more contributing, and to help entice you guys to cop it, they've given away a Reso remix of "Kikkake". Raucous cut here, stepping the tune up and doing a better job at a remix than The Qemists did. Sorry. Download via Ninja Tune.

Po Politickin Vol. 7 (hosted by DJ J Period)

A-Trak - Fool's Gold Radio (July 2012)

King L - Showtime

MellowHype "FAKUOY"


UKF Podcast #22: Dismantle