Saturday, July 28, 2012

DJ Kay Slay - The Changing Of The Guard

[video] Pugs Atomz ft. DJ Vadim "BIG"

[video] Snow Tha Product "Neva Gave A Fuck Freestyle"

Isiah Toothtaker - Sea Punk Funk EP

[video] Mazzi & S.O.U.L. Purpose "Good Feeling"

[video] House Shoues ft. Jimetta Rose "Castle"

Jon Connor - While You Were Sleeping

[video] Nina Sky "Heartbeat"

Flatbush Zombies - D.R.U.G.S.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Von D "Phantom"

Some darker, groove-y dubstep business for you nighttime riders. Paris might have a huge Bass Music scene, but I'm not sure if anyone out of France is doing it like Von D. Dude knows how to set a vibe and draw you in. If you're not familiar, I highly recommend you sip some red wine and get familiar.

DOWNLOAD Von D "Phantom"

[video] Vic Mensa & Thelonious Martin "Naked Pictures"

F.D.R. "Toe 2 Toe"

Been waiting for this project to drop, and once you hear this introductory cut, you'll be salivating for what I've heard. Hollywood Floss, D-Risha and Rob Jay form like Voltron and became F.D.R., and have a project The Inauguration set to drop on August 14th. This shit right here? Producer Sweet Valley High cooks up something laid back and chilled for these three to expound upon their dopeness with. Proper rewind music, as they drop so many dope lines it's hard to catch them all at once. Fucks with the boys, no Sandusky.

DOWNLOAD F.D.R. "Toe 2 Toe" (prod. by Sweet Valley High)

Rob Viktum ft. Elucid "Forget Me Nots"

Tracks like this kill me. I hear the first few bars and think "hey, I've heard this shit before", and they send a familiar sound down a different lane. I guess you have to do that, when you've got a timebomb like Elucid set to blow up on your track. This cat is one of the few vocal'd cuts from Rob Viktum's Progress 2, and yeah, this is my favorite. Sue me for rollin' with the best.

DOWNLOAD Rob Viktum ft. Elucid "Forget Me Nots"

Plastician "Growlin"

Plastician is one of those figures who is a revered figure as a DJ and, well, a figurehead for a sound, but you don't hear a helluva lot of production from. So when he drops free tracks featuring some mind-blowing throwback Grime? All over it. Not sure why he took it back to 2004, but I love it. Kind of wish some of you MCs would grow some stones and dismantle one of these riddims, but who's really about progression, amirite?!

DOWNLOAD Plastician "Growlin"

blackrasslin podcast, episode 41

With Raw celebrating 1000 episodes this year, we had to go in with a full recap of #Raw1000, including the monstrous rating and other bits of news about the event. I even do a bit of gathering of news on Randy Orton's return, Kharma's release, TNA possibly losing a few talents, the Ultimate Warrior's legal troubles and much, much more. Even drop some dope tracks, you already know doe.

DOWNLOAD blackrasslin podcast, episode 41

Bandmo x RTD Website Contest!

Remember how I posted about the interview I did with the other day? They hit me up and wanted to offer you Bands and Artists a special contest! If you aren't up on Bandmo, you need to get to know! You can create your own website with this dope service. You can create your own website in like five minutes, including your own .com address, unlimited access to your dashboard and visitors, customer support, editing tools and plenty more. And if you like it, it's $14 - if not, you don't have to pay! Where some companies are charging like $3K for the exact same services, you can do it for $14.99 a month.

Anyways, onto this contest: we want you guys to sign up and test out Bandmo. If you use this referral link, for every site created, you enter the pot for a chance to win a dope pair of Beats by Dre Pro headphones. If you sign-up for the $14.99 plan, you get an extra 10 (!) chances to win! This'll go on for the next month, and three winners will be chosen. So what are you waiting for?!? Check out Bandmo, create a site, and if you mess with it, you could win some serious headphones! Get to creating!

The Combat Jack Show (7/26/2012)

Newest latest edition of the Combat Jack show, featuring none other than the legendary DJ Clark Kent. Dude's billed as a Hip-Hop aficionado AND a sneaker connoisseur, but the Rap history is so deep, he doesn't even speak on kicks. Thoughts on the three kings (Biggie, Jay-Z and Nas) are among what gets touched on during this episode. You already!

DOWNLOAD The Combat Jack Show (7/26/2012)

[video] Chadd Downing ft. PackMan "Stripes"

If you mess with this, go grab Chadd's PMFL. Trenton, whattup?!?!?

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Flosstradamus "Rollup (Baauer Remix)"

Ayo, that dude Baauer? Cuz is MEAN on the beats! This remix of Flosstradamus's "Rollup" is geared for cats who love rollin' down the block with their speakerbox decimating everything in site. Trust, the bass on this one is super mean. As you can see, this will be dropping via Fool's Gold's Clubhouse Vol. 2 compilation (alongside bits from Starkey, Chambray and others), which is set to drop July 31st. Roll something up and chief it, get that good cough on and stab out. Awesome.

DOWNLOAD Flosstradamus "Rollup (Baauer Remix)"

Borgore x The Hundreds

Looks like The Hundreds linked up with Borgore for a special edition "Borgore" Johnson Low shoe, which Borgore designed himself. Is leopard print pony hair on your upper sole something you'd be into? Head on over to The Hundreds stores in NYC, LA, San Fran, Santa Monica and other authorized retailers today. Or just, you know, listen to Borgore.

Mad Decent Block Party (8/04/2012)

Finally saw the line-up for the Philly leg of the Mad Decent Block Party, which goes down on August 4th. DJ Sega, Lunice and RiFF RAFF are the acts I can't wait to see. Going down at Great Plaza at Penns Landing. Rolling down there with Nappy and Elucid (I think). Anyways, your only chance of getting in is by RSVPing via Facebook; more details on the other dates in this series via

The People Vs. Danny Brown

Classic. Shouts to NOISEY. If you didn't see Danny and Rocky's Back And Forth, watch it now.

DOA Interview: MC DRS

I'm really happy with how my interview with MC DRS came out, content-wise. I love hearing from an MC's perspective about the DnB scene. His album, I don't usually like MCs but..., is set to drop in August on Soul:R, and he spoke with me about the project, the single (which dropped this week) and many other points of interest. Dude's down to earth and real about his, and I respect the fuck out of that. Check it out.

[video] araabMUZIK "Streetz Tonight" LIVE

Footage of this track being performed at Pitchfork Music Festival 2012.

[video] SL Jones x DJ Burn One "Training Day"

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Daniel Joseph "Water"

Got so caught up with the 9-5 that I forgot I had some new Daniel Joseph in my inbox. This one right here? Wow. He spits this one with a smile on his face. Love the way KRK! hooked that beat up... those horns kill me. Slayed, right in my cubicle while Espee flows like, well, water.This cut is taken from FAY, the Daniel Joseph project produced entirely by KRK. That's set to drop in September. Not sure how, but niggas have time. It's been three years since Pretty/Ugly, so this one is gonna be something special. This makes me wanna hear D perform this live. Someday...

DOWNLOAD Daniel Joseph "Water" (prod. by KRK!)

[video] Trek Life "What Ya'll Know"

Produced by Jansport J. Cop via Bandcamp.

DJ JS-1 - DEMOlition Mix

This is for the real Hip-Hop connoisseur out there. JS-1 pretty much killed it right now. A three-hour long (!) mix of DEMOS from some of the scene's finest, including a previously unreleased KRS-One track from the Return of the Boom Bap era produced by DJ Premier. It includs demos, unreleased versions and reference cuts from Mobb Deep, Kool G Rap, Rakim, Edo G, Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Brand Nubian, The Beastie Boys, DMX, Jungle Brothers, Lord Finesse, Nas, Naughty By Nature, Pete Rock & CL Smooth, Gangstarr, Big Daddy Kane, Organized Konfusion, Cypress Hill and a shitload of others. Three hours, 91 tracks, pure Hip-Hop history.


J. Dot The MC - Phlegm EP

This is the kind of shit I love hearing. J. Dot The MC has the proper blend of raw lyrics and quirky sensibility that makes me proud to do what I do. This truly fell into my lap, but I got intoxicated with the demos and shit I heard. Love when that happens. Glad to help put this one out. Shouts to BackPackNY.

DOWNLOAD J. Dot The MC - Phlegm EP

[video] King RA "That Look"

Interview With

Just wanted to pass on this interview I recently did with I don't normally get asked to be interviewed, but I enjoy these kinds of things. They primarily spoke with me about how I got into writing/blogging and my views on the current state of music. Quick read - check it out!

[video] Dee-1 "Shut Up And Grind"

[video] Reks ft. J NiCS "Bang Bang"

[video] John B ft. NSG "Light Speed"

[video] Calyx & TeeBee "Elevate This Sound"

This single drops August 13th.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Narduwar vs. El-P

I love that I own the fitteds El-P and Killer Mike are rockin'.

TNGHT "Higher Ground"

So, this happened. Hudson Mohawke and Lunice had been making a load of noise individually, but they linked up seemingly on a whim as TNGHT and have been beasting the scene. EDM cats making Trap has nothing on this. Feels fully-realized, kind of like the shit UZ has been doing. This tune right here, though? Easily the flyest one on the project. The "reaching for higher ground" sample on this one makes it, literally elevates it up above not only the rest of the EP, but the rest of the cats out there tearing the club up on a hipster EDM level. This one dropped via Warp and Lucky Me this week, and I highly recommend you cop it. Even Legend from OnSMASH fucks with it. And 2DBz. I called this sound growing though, didn't I? Haven't I? If it wasn't me, then who?!?! Enjoy!!!

Has-Lo "Stained Glass"

Good to hear some new Has-Lo. This cut, alongside the !llmind-produced "Make A Bet", are featured on a limited edition 7" from Mello Music Group. Limited as in 300 copies only, so get the $10 and cop this before it's gone. Been years since I first saw Has perform live, and I'm proud of the moves he's made, at least in terms of his name getting out there. He wastes no bars over this beat - Apollo Brown did the damn thing, and Has rose to the occasion. Awesome.

2DB "Ghetto Boy"

2DB is the throwback aka that Drumsound & Bassline Smith have been using recently, and they've been dropping some great tunes under it. This one in particular has an air of nostalgia - I absolutely LOVE the sample that's used. Anytime I hear it (and it's been used a lot), I am an instant fan (for the most part), but I'm not sure I heard this done in a DnB style. This one is set to drop on the 19th of August, alongside a tune called "Blunderbuss".

Total Science - FABRICLIVE x Ram x C.I.A. Mix

Looks like Ram is taking over Fabric on August 10th, and Room Three will be a special C.I.A. hosted room, with Total Science being joined by Zero T, Spirit, Mutated Forms, Krakota and Unknown Error. TS are some of my favorite producers, have been for about 11, 12 years. When I was REALLY getting into Drum & Bass, these two were crafting the shit I needed to hear. To help promote this night, they've sorted out a 30 minute mix, featuring a number of sleek selections from the likes of DRS, Calyx & TeeBee, Beta 2, S.P.Y, Sabre and themselves. Solid as a rock. I'd throw up the 1 minute clip they have on SoundCloud, but just click this link to download the entire jammy.

[video] J Scienide "Call of the Wild"

[video] Benga ft. Marlene "Pour Your Love"

Pre-order this one today, ahead of it's August 19th release. Saw Benga and Drop The Lime talking about this remix, so it should be a big one. I'm expecting big things from Benga's solo album.

L.A. ft. Frank Ramz "Mojo Slime"

Love when L.A. drops that new shit. If you didn't know, her LA Lytes will be dropping in two parts, with the first, LA Lytes: Before The Shine, is set to drop late August, executive produced b y Freshnerd. He produces this cut, which features Frank Ramz and L.A. merkin' this one properly. Have you ever been outta yo mind?

DOWNLOAD L.A. ft. Frank Ramz "Mojo Slime" (prod. by Freshnerd)

[video] Phonte ft. Median "Eternally"

[videp] Ayah Marar "Unstoppable"

Produced by Camo & Krooked, taken from The Real. This single drops August 19th.

[video] MiLKMEN "Refill"

Word is The Gift Tape 2 is coming soon.

[video] Gerald Walker "A Part Of Me"

[video] Isaiah Takeover "Southwest Testament"

Monday, July 23, 2012

St. Joe Louis ft. Ezrakh & Jahnia "Purple Boxes"

The "self described connoisseurs of filtered cigars" go ham over some subdued 808 bounce right here. I don't smoke cigars, or much of anything else at this point. If I did, I'd pour a few up and blow some smoke to this one. Cloud Club goes in, all day. You already knew that, doe. Right?

DOWNLOAD St. Joe Louis ft. Ezrakh & Jahnia "Purple Boxes"

Side-B Radio (7/22/2012)

Another one in the chamber, with Phil and Divine doing the damn thing. Shouts to Phil, who dedicated the show to his good friend Cornelius Williams that passed. New cuts from Apollo The Great, Big Ooh, Beanie Sigel, Code-Blue and more.

DOWNLOAD Side-B Radio (7/22/2012)

Flying Lotus ft. Earl Sweatshirt & Captain Murphy "Between Friends"

Interesting cut here. Exactly what I'd been wanting to hear Earl on when he came home and all the hullabaloo was him working with " " producer. Not sure who Captain Murphy is, although FACT thinks it sounds a bit Aesop Rock-y, but I agree with GVS: I'm hearing more Tyler, The Creator. Loving the laid back keys on this - I was randomly Wikipedia searching through my favorite Miles Davis albums, and this feels like some random key splash that would turn into a great loop. Taken from the Adult Swim Singles Program. Need this.

[preview] Trap Check, Vol. 1

Via this very blog and my twitter, I've spent time discussing and voicing my viewpoints on the current rise of Trap. You already know what "Trap" sounds like if you fuck with music from cats like Waka Flocka, Lex Luger, T.I., Rick Ross and a plethora of artists from that section of the US. Big 808-heavy beats from the Southeastern side of thangs. The boy Ricky Raw even opened a dialogue on the subject, as over the last few months, loads of EDM DJs and producers, from Diplo and Craze to Munchi and Dillon Francis have started flocking to this sound, and heads like UZ getting 'nuff praise for taking the sound into a different atmosphere, so to speak. The hoemy Zone3 has been a support of this site, and his blog THEFREAKBEAT, alongside FREAKSTEP Records, have really started putting that love into motion with loads of high quality Bass Music projects, and this one, Trap Check Vol. 1, is focusing solely on the Trap side of things.

Mixed by Hipnotikk, this will be a dope look into the Bass Music scene's take on the Trap sound. Confirmed artists include Taste Tester, Hipnotikk, Disc Jockey Nappy, Kid Cedek, ADHD, Sin Diesel, Bossk, R3, Pancho Grady and plenty more, with some others set to contribute as well. After the jump, you can check out Nappy and Taste Tester's contributions, as well as a special radio drop done specifically for this mix. Be on the lookout, as this one should be hitting you VERY soon!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Linkin Park "Lost In The Echo (KillSonik Remix)"

So... this happened. I've not listened to Linkin Park's Living Things album (or any of their albums, for that matter), but apparently there's a remix edition of the album on the way? Not sure. No official release info on this one, although it sounds like if you cop(ped?) the album, you could get sorted with a subscription to receive remixes from that project for the next eight months. Or something. Sounds about as well as you'd expect, depending on how much you fucks with LP.

World Wide Juke Mix Vol. 3: Chicago Worldwide (mixed by Franjazzco)

World Wide Juke Mix Vol. 2: Chicago Worldwide (mixed by DJ Fulltono)

DJ Fresh "The Feeling"

This one recently premiered on Annie Mac's Radio 1 show, and is Fresh's next single. Apparently "DJ Fresh is leading the new wave of British dance artists who are spearheading 'generation bass', the UK's biggest youth music explosion since acid house". I thought Generation Bass was a website. Sue me. Fresh's third album drops latter this year, whereas Ministry of Sound is dropping this single in late September.

[video] Pugs Atomz ft. Greg Blackman "Home"

[video] Gangrene ft. Roc Marciano "Drink Up"

FuseBox Radio (Week of July 18th, 2012)

[video] Iggy Azalea ft. T.I. "Murda Bizness"

Not sure of Toddlers & Tiaras was what I was envisioning when I heard this track. Basically, watching Iggy do anything but rap and this beat > anything else. I can't even take her seriously, especially her faces when she's rapping. Whatever. Instrumental of this is needed.