LOST: Anagram Fun!

EW's Doc Jensen has some word games with hidden clues to things you will see in tonight's new episode, "The Economist". He also says that, due to the ending of the writer's strike, the producers are trying to knock out 5 more episodes for Season 4! That will mean that instead of the 8 completed episodes, we will have a total of 13 - that's still 3 shy from the 16 we were promised, but it looks like the subsequent seasons will feature additional episodes to work out those kinks. On the downside for you groaners, it looks like we will be treated to a six-week layoff between airings. Oh, and with Grey's Anatomy coming back on May 1st, LOST will be coming on at 10PM, where it will stay for the rest of Season 4.

I finally watched the first two episodes of SE4, and I am loving it so far. I am not sure if I'm even going to attempt a recap of them, just given the time period since they've aired, but we shall see. Maybe inspiration will hit me? I will say that the whole concept of the freighter four (lol) coming for Ben is just mind boggling, but I have a feeling that everything isn't as cut and dry...

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