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DUTCH NewYork G.O.D.: Grind Over Dimes

DUTCH NewYork is a renaissance man from the home of Hip-Hop: not only is this 24 year old rippin' the mic, but he also makes beats and engieers part-time. His 100 Gang Entertainment crew is bubbling underneath the mainstream, and this mixtape (G.O.D.: GrindOverDimes) should be a perfect primer to what DUTCH is all about. Rocking over beats like "Roc Boys", "Flashing Lights", "We Major", as well as a host of original productions, DUTCH takes it from the block to the club (the fire-inducing "Get To The Club") to the block (the eerie "Stop Breathin'"), and has no problem letting you know that, yes, the toolies are right there, waiting to be squeezed if need be.

Grab this mixtape for free. Throw it in your whip, light your dutch and bang out!

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