Katt Williams It's Pimpin' Pimpin' Tour [recap]

Off the rip, I wanna shout out to my mom for buying my wife and I these tickets for our anniversary. One of the best nights out we've had in a while.

Now, sue me for being biased, but Katt Williams is one of my favorite comedians out there (Chris Rock is my #1, just off consistency). So seeing him LIVE in my hometown? I'm definitely there.

First off, I want to talk about the before show-festivities. After having some fondue and doing some last-minute housework, wifey and I get to the arena to hearing a blaring speaker, complete with a white dude saying "It's Pimping Pimping" over and over and over and over. 30+ minutes of this is not fun, but due to 1) the doors not opening 'til 7PM and 2) the lack of shit to do around the Sovereign Bank Arena, we just grinned and bore it.

Now, in cities like Chicago and the ATL, I imagine niggas really put on their Saturday-night best for a Katt show. And I saw a few oddly-patterned suit jackets hanging down to the flo', but for the most part it was ho-ish looking females and random guys (a few with Diddy's NO BITCH ASS NESS tees on), with a few chuckles (this dark Black lady with yellow fingernail polish, and this big chick with biker shorts, a lingerie top and black patent leather boots on were the top), but I digress. We get inside and have some pretty bland hotdogs, some hard french fries, and check out the "merchandise", AKA some badly-painted murals of Katt that you could take photos in front of. We passed.

Now, before I get to actually sitting down, I must say that I was smart enough to pack a flask of Southern Comfort in my wife's purse. I know, wtf you do that for, but I wasn't expecting to see the beer sales they had! I kid you not, regular bottles of Smirnoff Ice and Bud Light were like $6 and $7, which isn't horrible if you go bar/club hopping. But these niggas were selling "big bombers". A big bomber is a 22 ounce bottle of beer in a 24 oz cup, being sold for fucking $10! I mean, I can walk a block from my house and cop 4 22's of Heineken for $10, what in the fuck makes you think I want to sell out loot for that. I did anyways (lol), but I mainly didn't want to tap into the SoCo early.

OK, so I finally get to my seat, which isn't on the floor, but isn't in the section before the nosebleeds, either. Perfect seating, although being on the side, a nig does get a cramp in his neck (and those seats were not comfortable at all). We get introduced to DJ CJ Flash (I think that was his name), who was tearing it UP on the decks. He was going through some older favorites, playing shit like Method Man & Redman's "Y.O.U.", EPMD "You Gots To Chill", Special Ed's "I Got It Made", a host of A Tribe Called Quest and this SICK blend of Mary J. Blige's "Real Love (rmx)" with Biggie over Pharoahe Monch's "Simon Says". Too dope. He delved into some classic Soul jams, and at that point, the show was on it's way...

The host of the evening was D'Millitant, who I didn't recognize at first, but then I remembered that he used to be on Comicview back when D.L. Hughley and Cedric were the hosts. He was the MC, and spent like two seconds on stage before the first of two MCs from Katt's Kattpack Records imprint performed. The first was some cat named something like Pitch the Game Shifta or some shit (EDIT: dude's name is Klutch, as per Lady Di in the comments; peep her review of the D.C. show from the 10th of May). He was iight, nothing too major at all. I found it odd that his song was entitled "Who Is That", when I was asking myself the same thing. He then went on an extended acapella rant about pleasing females that was met with decent reception. The next was this ill MC named Xplicit Lyric. She didn't have much in the way of stage presence, but she was definitely a hot spitter, hotter than the Game Shifta. She did her introductory track, then did a 2nd track about Mr. Oh Boy, aka some dude chicks see and be like DAMN!, or "oh boy". Decent work. She spit a sick acapella and then was gone. After those two, it was time for the funny...

D did a short set that was interrupted by these ignorant ass young heads in front of me trying to figure out whow as in the right seat, and a shiftless nigga ticket checker dude who a) kept shining light in my wife's face, b) kept checking the tickets of this Rican mother sitting in front of us and c) just being an oaf-ass nigga. I'm glad he finally left, and I didn't miss too much D funny (he had his moments, but wasn't too quote-worthy). This woman by the name of Simply Cookie was the first comedienne up to bat, and she was the truth (my wife actually dug her more than Katt). She was the first to bring up the price of gas, and her "with the price of gas!" line was referenced all night. She also had some funny ass pieces about her 17 yr old son, smoking weed, ladies getting tissue paper stuck in their coochie hairs (my wife's favorite bit), being a ho and weed, whcih included her doing a rendition of Alicia Keys' "If I Ain't Got You", making it an ode to chronic. Too funny. She lit the stage up.

Next up was Leslie, who I remember seeing recently on Def Comedy Jam. She is a damn fool, but so damn funny. I remembered the bit she started with, breaking down the roles each females play in their group. She went off doing a lot about relationships and crazy people, and I fell out. She ended her show asking chicks of they suck dick, went right into the front row, all up in a bitch face like "you sucking dick? you sucking dick? you sucking dick? you sucking dick?"; it was kind of annoying at some points, but it was funny.
Once she got off the stage, the fog was alive and Katt came out to a standing ovation. Dude got right into it, first cracking on fucking tall chicks like Leslie, then he just went IN! His topics covered everything from Obama and the election to his son being put on ritalin. His theme of the night was "getting in tune with your star player" and just worrying about yourself and your family. My favorite comedians are always niggas who seem like motivational speakers, and can weave their real life with some real talk. Katt is that to the nth degree, and he's damn fucking funny while doing it. Whether he's talking (and mimicing) tigers before they eat people at the San Fran zoo, or if he's recanting a story about showing off his motorcycle skills to his people, he is just that dude.

The one bit that surprised me was his piece on the Flavor Flav roast. The first admission was Katt saying that, when he asked to see the script, he was told there wasn't one - he was told to write his pieces, and the writers would be writing everyone else's shit. How wild is that. Come to think of it, I cannot recall if Katt was reading off of a paper, but aside from Ice-T and Snoop Dogg, the majority of them were reading off of paper! Now, I get why Katt says he didn't raise hell b/c of the amount of money he was getting paid, but I don't agree with it. Flav said he doesn't give a fuck what anyone thinks, but still, you got kids, man. Katt said the kids ran off crying due to the way they were dogging Flav, which I admit I did laugh at, but in the context of it being something that seemed more genuine. A team of writers feeding these lines to people comes off super wack. I'm back and forth on that one.

All in all, I came home a bit hoarse, from the roaring and laughing. That's the sign of a great night. I spent time with my lady, who is the love of my life and my right hand, and I got to see one of my favorite entertainers at the top of his game.

What more could a nigga ask for!?


Lady Di said...

You can unlink that Kattpack Records MySpace, ain't them. If I find the right one which I do not believe is up yet, I'll pass it on. Klutch is at that link.

I agree with your wife about Simply Cookie. She was a riot. And yep, Leslie did get a wee old with "you sucking dick" line but her ripping into people's hair/outfits was on point. No wonder why Body Guard was nearby, eh?

As for the Flav roast, if you watched Katt seemed pretty uptight and now I know why. It was a very racist show and I too, like him, have seen Shatner's and Pam Anderson's were were NOTHING like that. But, Flav's is getting mad high reviews and is selling out like crazy. I was cringing as I watched it and went on to pay for the extended version via iTunes. I'm passing on the DVD though.

I was kinda surprised to hear Katt come that hard on it but I am glad on the other hand. It needed to be said an no better person could have said it if you ask me. Libras think alike it seems as you and I Khal have about the same thoughts on this show. And wild we were in two different states to generate these opinions. I was on the 5th row which made my night a wee better and we had a heckler who cut Katt off but he picked up where he left off with no problems. You'll see it I hope. (laughs)

khal said...

thx for the updates in your first part of the comment; i've updated this post accordingly, giving you props.

i was both shocked and unshocked at the flav situation. i mean, while i am pissed at how they did it, i was not surprised at ALL about what they did and how they went about it. just burns me up. tough situation though - if katt vocally erupts, yeah he will get the love, but he will kill any of his future plans in hollywood. sad but true.

yeah leslie was all over our front row, too. reminded me of the old comicview and def comedy jam random cracking lol.

we had no hecklers, but just as many cameras. i can only assume he's filming a movie/dvd ala "american hustle" or something of that nature. i'll be buying it, although i didnt buy american hustle... yet.

Lady Di said...

Oh wow, I never even noticed the changes ^up^ there. (laughs) But my show was the 9th actually... oooppps. It's all good. Nobody gonna come back this far. J/K

Well, he's saying it all across the country in his routine. I am sure it'll get back to the powers that be. But... I might have been pissed off and did it in some more as I posted about it on... the IMDb board for the show AND on Comedy Central's board for the show. I went over to check things out and the whole board for the roast was GONE!! It had gotten pretty racial there anyhow as people were really nasty with their words on Flav and his Mom.

Anyhow, were you able to check out any Black Poker Stars Invitational on BET? It was weak to weakness fi real. Aiight, I've more KW stuff on the send but after I get some zzzzzzzzzzzzz's.

Lady Di said...

I forgot... yeah maybe they were filming for DVD. I have not purchased any as yet but I would if the next included DC b/c I think I'm in it. :P


khal said...

i couldn't bring myself to watch the bet poker show. i did see he was a producer, but was just not interested in the group of celebs they had.

Lady Di said...

Poker Stars was boooring. Anyhow, his newest DVD is due November something. I keep seeing/hearing/reading different dates for it K. I have a lil something in my Blog you might like. Katt's in it. Come check it when you can.

Anonymous said...

As you probably know by now this tour was filmed for "It's Pimpin' Pimpin'," Katt's latest DVD. It came out Nov. 11, '08. Same material but none of the opening acts.

khal said...

thats kind of sad that the opening acts weren't included at all.

Lady Di said...

Anonymous - yeah I knew as I saw HUUUGE video equipment at my show @ the DAR in May. I asked one of the guys I saw outside near the trunk and he told. What I'm wondering is what they did with the footage from my show and other shows I heard they filmed at during this 100 city set. The DVD was filmed in March I think, same place. I watched it already and can't remember the opening because of what I saw in the credits. YAY ME!!

Khal - not really. Sorry. But if you get the new DvD, peep the credits, ok? ;) (giggles)