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Mic Terror "Lesson C"

Mic Terror "Lesson C": This is a response record to Mazzi's "Lesson A" and "Lesson B" diss track/experiments from from a few weeks ago. Andrew FSD sent this over, and advised that a video is set to drop later on today. When he posts it, I'll update this post with it. For right now, check out these photos and this interview he posted earlier this week.

What do you guys think? I'm personally not feeling it for a few reasons: 1) that "Lean Back (remix)" instrumental is super played, 2) dude went the other way - while Mazzi actually had some reasoning behind "Lesson A", this is just kind of like more personal attacking. I'm not that up on Mic Terror, I admit, but my expectations must have been something else...


Anonymous said...

lol, craziness.

Anonymous said...

i think the dude mazzi is whack sounding. very amateur. maybe he really feels strongly about this or just trying to create a beef to get his name out there. i'm not feeling his sound at all. cool kids murder him by default.