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Boxed and Local Action Release Massive 16-Track Compilation For Free

While folks seemed to love Skepta's Konnichiwa, it definitely wasn't the "grime's a thing in America" smash that many assumed it'd be. Hell, some fakers are talking like they aren't even fucking with the genre anymore. Me? I'm kind of glad they are moving away from it. There's no real room for fairweather grime heads.

In any case, while I won't be at the massive Boxed x Local Action show this Friday (because going to the UK on a whim doesn't really work for me), I'm loving this free 16-track compilation that heads from the Boxed and Local Action crews put together. Loads of dope producers are on here, including Slackk, Finn, Trends, JD. Reid, Fallow, Loom, and plenty more. The real winner on here, in my opinion, is "Thunderussy" by Trends, which turns the source material from Kanye West's "No More Parties In L.A." into a rowdy anthem.

The beauty of this free release isn't that it's free, or that it has a number of top quality producers on it. It's the fact that it showcases all sides of the grime spectrum; the more ambient tones are represented right alongside the heavier, trap-esque rhythms. There are even a few vocal bits mixed in for good measure.

Stream the full release below, and grab it for the price of an email address. You're welcome.


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