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RTDMIX005: Che Grand


I know we just hit you with a smashing drum & bass RTDMIX from Jaxtella last week, but I felt like we had to do something special for Black Friday, and nothing's bigger than Lessondary crew member Che Grand stepped up for a special ZFTP set for the RTDMIX.

Che's been one of those artists I've loved to see grow; hell, I first interviewed him for this very site ten years ago, and he's just moved from strength to strength. He's known primarily as a rapper (and a very good rapper at that), but lately you might have heard him on the boards, producing Tanya Morgan's entire last project. For years he's been dropping his ZFTP mixes, which have consisted of everything from all-out rap projects to amazingly curated mixes. His contribution to the RTDMIX is more of the latter.

Now, it's customary that all ZFTP mixes don't come with a tracklist, so while I know errthing on this, you won't. Sorry. I can say that there's some dope UK grime on here, some material from Che's studio, and music from the #1 album in the country. Outside of that, press play on this RTDMIX and zone out all the way to Zamunda.

If you want more of Che, he tells me that his next project, I Think I'll Keep It Like It Is, should drop before the end of 2016. No release date yet, but keep it locked to his Bandcamp (or rockthedub.com) for more info.

You can stream this mix below, and if you're so inclined, subscribe to the podcast


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