EQ Why Returns With More Footwork Jungle On 'Whythoven Vol. 3: Got My Mind Formatted'

Last month, I shared a banger by the name of "Trash Man" from EQ Why's Whytoven, Vol. 1, which found EQ running through his jungle and dnb influences. There's been some chatter back and forth about the "footwork jungle" scene, which has been a thing for at least four years but is starting to gain more traction via more UK jungle heads diving into the footwork pool, and it looks like EQ has decided to dedicate a number of his more current releases to showcasing his take on the sound.

I say all of that to say I think he nailed it with Whythoven, Vol. 3, which dropped earlier this week. Being a jungle music lover for damn near 20 years, you can tell when someone is just going through the motions and when they're actually a fan and are finding ways to integrate the 160BPM sound into their respective ciphers, and EQ is in the pocket here. He's locked into a delicate blend of everything that makes the footwork and jungle styles so unique; plus, the rhythms he's coming up with via these edited breakbeats are much more of my style. It was also a nice touch to see him put his spin on The Roots' "You Got Me," which itself was a fly hip-hop track that delved into some late-'90s crispy jungle bliss.

You can stream the full project below, and cop the entire release via Bandcamp.


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