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PAx Noble Thinks A Lot of You Artists Are "Fake AF"


Now I love stuff like this. There's a lot to be said for the way music is going today; a lot of cats want their music to sound crispy as fuck and have a catchy-as-shit hook, and most of the time they take that route because their hooks > their bars, but they can pay for the ill studio engineers, so they don't work on their craft. Props to heads like PAx Noble, who see what they're doing and raise them a little back-to-basics kick in the ass.

When talking about this cut, PAx says that with "Fake AF," he "wanted to go back to the basics and keep it raw without a lot of bells & whistles. Want people to give more attention to the verses and what I’m saying rather than hide behind a complex mix and hook." It shows, fam, and I'd just say keep doing what you're doing. Too many frauds out there for the real to be buried underneath.

"Fake AF" recently hit iTunes, so if you want to support, go in; you can also stream and download the track below. And use your creativity, people.


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