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R.O.E. "The Race"

"America is looking like bombs over Baghdad..."

Facts, R.O.E., facts. The homey dropped a video for "The Race," which is taken from his latest EP, which is produced entirely by J. Slikk. The GIF up there? It's pretty much that, but truth be told, that's a similar position we have all been in when finding another video of police brutally murdering a person with black skin. Shit's fucked up out there, and "The Race" finds a way to channel that pain into a message. Fists up, eyes open. Don't stay silent.

(Malcolm X)

Feels as if the world’s closing in on me
Putting an end on me
Because of the color of the skin on me
All we got is us and yet we still feel lonely
Seems privilege is given to the fairer skins only
I seen a 12 year old get murdered in cold blood
And justification was the story they told us
What they did to Garner got me feeling so choked up
These tears running down cuz its the truth that they owe us
But we’ll never get it, they to prideful to ever admit it
Though the video proves that they did it
And that’s fucked up, America lives up to it’s image
Hard to smile, all I’m giving is grimace
You see my pain, boiling blood running down through my veins
But it’s this music that’s keeping me sane
So I remember their names, their narratives shall forever remain
It’s hard to smile when you dealing with pain

(Malcolm X)

I put a fist to the sky, let my people know I'm down for the ride
Normally I would sit and keep quiet
But I can no longer hide behind walls they have built to divide
So like Prophet, I just had to transcribe
Another hashtag causing this backlash
Watch how they react once we starting to clap back
America looking like bombs over Bagdad
Plummeting down like a crash of the Nasdaq
No ducking, no Affleck, they can't run from it
Chickens coming home to roost is this what they wanted
Tell Fox News to use the words on their teleprompter
We niggas with attitudes but ain't straight out Compton
Thought I was chasing my dreams but I’m dodging my realities
Am I served and protected or just a future casualty
A target on my back no matter what my status be
They'll pull that trigger happily

(Malcolm X)

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