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This Two-Year-Old Beastie Boys / Daft Punk Mashup Album Has Finally Gone Viral

Yesterday, the world of Reddit gave us The Life of Paul. Today, we catch wind of Daft Science, a mashup album of expertly-edited Daft Punk tracks featuring Beastie Boys vocals by a Canadian producer by the name of Coins. The shit works much better than you'd expect, and surprisingly, the release dropped on July 1, 2014.

How is it that a project that the producer admits "totally fizzled" when it dropped? Thank the androids over at /r/DaftPunk/ for making this quiet rework a thing. Surprisingly, this doesn't sound like it shouldn't work, but it truly does. It's as madcap as Beastie projects are, but the use of Daft Punk samples just makes the music just as bright and vibrant as the old school Beastie rhymes.

You can stream Daft Science below, and grab this for free via Bandcamp.


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