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JuJu Rogers & Bluestaeb ft. Regis Molina - "Get Lost"

I'm nowhere near as eloquent as Elucid, nor are my thoughts as collected as Jack Erwin's, so I'll just copy/paste this note from Jakarta and let this track ease my mind for four minutes and 58 seconds.

"today is a morning that leaves you lost in the light of last nights election which essentially is a continuation of a global trend of racist, sexist and homophobic populism from the usa to the philippines. the whole problem is very complex but all of these populist idiots benefit from a huge part of the people not caring and they rather "get lost". juju rogers drops some jewels -fuck diamonds- over a bluestaeb beat for those who think their voice doesn't matter. their album LIT drops in december."

Stream "Get Lost" below, and pre-order the track via Bandcamp right now.


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