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Young M.A. and De La Soul Get Remixed by Nappy DJ Needles and Benja Styles

I love when DJs have similar DJs, but instead of hitting you with the same flex, they take different paths. Let me explain. We all know that Young M.A.'s "OOOUUU" is one of the biggest records of the year. Homegirl merked her "Chiraq" freestyle, but this record took over radio and had the streets BUZZING! Something about the simpler flow and that infectious "OOOUUU" in the track turned this one into a winner.

In going over my inbox (Ed Note: send new music to rockthedub@gmail.com), I noticed that I had new remixes of this record from Nappy DJ Needles and Benja Styles, who both had the same idea. Why not reconstruct Young M.A.'s 2016 smash with De La Soul's circa-2000 classic "Oooh?" The results? Amazing.

First up was Nappy DJ Needles, who we've loved for his ingenious blends. He took the vocals from "Oooh" and threw them over Young M.A.'s instrumental. This has De La spitting a bit slower, but makes the track a bit harder than the original's more club-ready jam.

Philly's own Benja Styles took it the other route, throwing Young M.A.'s lax bars over an even more two-stepping instrumental.

Benja doubled down, though; for no other reason that it was dope, he took Young M.A.'s rhymes and put them over GZA's undeniable classic "Liquid Swords." The result had me cracking up, but my head is still nodding. Can't front, he won.

Radio DJs: you can also grab clean versions of Benja's "Ooh" and "Liquid Swords" blends. Your turn up is complete.

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