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You Haven't Heard 'The Life of Pablo' Until You've Heard 'The Life of Paul'

Sites like HipHopIsRead have spent years of curating sample sources for some of your favorite albums, and while I've also heard DJs do mixes throwing in the original samples in, I've not heard a project quite like The Life of Paul. Apparently sorted out by a Reddit user, this is probably the most deluxe edition of Kanye West's The Life of Pablo you've ever heard. Not only did they make sure to include tracks not on the project, like "Only One" and "All Day," but there are simple things like a "Pt. 3" version of "Father Stretch My Hands" utilizing the DJ Dodger Stadium remix.

If you know how we do, we rocks with original sources and samples, as well as educating the youth. You can stream and download The Life of Paul down below, which also includes a comprehensive list of the changes and edits made to The Life of Pablo for this project. Here's the complete story, along with multiple download links to The Life of Paul.

1. Ultralight Beam
-Used Kanye West's "Ultralight Prayer" for intro
-Extended sample of Natalie preaching

2. Father Stretch My Hands, Pt. 1
-Extended Pastor T.L. Barrett "Father Stretch My Hands" sample

3. Pt. 2
-Extended Desiigner "Panda" sample
-Extended Pastor T.L. Barrett "Father Stretch My Hands" sample
-Extended Caroline Shaw vocal melody at end to transition into next track

4. Pt. 3
-Created using elements of DJ Dodger Stadium's remix of "Father Stretch My Hands" and Kanye West's "Pt. 2"

5. Famous
-Used intro to the video version of "Famous" as the intro
-Incorporated Amber Rose line from OG "Famous"
-Replaced most of Rihanna's original chorus with the original Nina Simone "Do What You Gotta Do" sample it was interpolating
-Used portion of the video version of "Famous" as bridge between 2nd verse and Sister Nancy sample
-Extended and remixed Sister Nancy "Bam Bam" sample
-Incorporated Swizz Beats' breaths from MSG version of "Famous" (yes, I'm dead serious)
-Changed portion of Nina Simone's "Do What You Gotta Do" sampled for the outro

6. Feedback
-Used record scratches from Outkast's "Pink & Blue" for intro
-Used live recording of demo version of "Feedback" for intro
-Incorporated elements of Tidal version of "Feedback"
-Extended synthesizer parts at start and end of track

7. All Day
-Incorporated elements of early demo of "All Day"
-Incorporated elements of the Kendrick Lamar remix of "All Day"

8. Low Lights
-Used acapella version of Kings of Tomorrow "So Alive" sample at start and end of track

9. Highlights
-Used Carole King "Beautiful" sample for intro
-Incorporated elements of demo versions of "Highlights"

10. Freestyle 4
-Extended Goldfrapp "Human" sample

11. I Love Kanye
-Used SNL version of "I Love Kanye" for intro
-Incorporated Stefan Ponce's remix of "I Love Kanye"

12. Waves
-Rearranged portions of the track
-Incorporated elements of Chance the Rapper's demo of "Waves"
-Incorporated sample of Enigma's "Return to Innocence"

13. FML
-Extended Section 25 "Hit" sample
-Incorporated elements of demo versions of "FML"

14. Real Friends
-Extended Frank Dukes "Couches" sample

15. Wolves
-Rearranged portions of the track
-Used stock wolf howls for intro
-Incorporated Caroline Shaw background vocals from MSG version of "Wolves"
-Incorporated elements of demo version of "Wolves"
-Removed repetitions of the "unfollow/unswallow" line (you're welcome)

16. Frank's Track

17. Only One
-Incorporated Caroline Shaw's solo version of "Only One"

18. Siiiiiiiiilver Surffffeeeeer Intermission
-Used stock ocean sound effects throughout track
-Incorporated Caroline Shaw's solo version of "Only One"

19. 30 Hours
-Extended and rearranged Arthur Russell "Answers Me" sample
-Incorporated elements of Soundcloud version of "30 Hours"

20. No More Parties in LA
-Extended Johnny "Guitar" Watson "Give Me My Love" sample
-Extended and rearranged Junie Morrison "Suzie Thundertussy" sample
-Extended Larry Graham "Stand Up and Shout About Love" sample

21. Facts (Dorian Ye Version)
-Extended Father's Children "Dirt and Grime" sample
-Incorporated elements of Soundcloud version of "Facts"

22. Fade
-Rearranged portions of the track
-Used a blend of both OG Tidal/single version of "Fade" and March update of "Fade"
-Incorporated and rearranged elements of Rare Earth "(I Know) I'm Losing You" sample
-Incorporated sample of Barbara Tucker's "Beautiful People (Underground Network Mix)"
-Incorporated sample of Barbara Tucker's "I Get Lifted (Go to Church)"
-Extended and rearranged Mr. Fingers "Mystery of Love" sample

23. Saint Pablo
-Extended piano intro to song
-Incorporated elements of demo version of "Saint Pablo"
-Incorporated sample of Diddy-Dirty Money's "Angels (Remix)"
-Used backstage SNL vocal recording of Kanye for outro

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