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New Track City - "Get it, Got it, Good."


You'll never understand how much new artists will excite me. There's something about getting material from someone you'd NEVER heard before, having the music hit you, and letting that familiar rush of excellence wash over you. That's how I felt when "Get it Got it Good," the new one from the trio known as New Track City.

This squad (which hails from Federal Way, Washington) reminds me of the underground hip-hop I'd record over night off of college radio. The actual production is much airier than what you'd expect from the lyrics, which are raw and playful, with some witty bars mixed in with loads of real talk.

One hopes that crews like this, who have obvious talent and seem to be having fun doing them, could get put on. At the very least, let ya boy blog premiere a mixtape or something! Speaking of tapes, their Damn Gina Tape is reportedly on the way; for now, stream and download "Get it Got it Good."


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