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You Won't Be Able to Stand Still While Riddim Commission's "Black Beatles" Remix Is Playing

I case you've been living under a rock, you know that any viral sensation that has a song under it will make that song chart high on Billboard. The #MannequinChallenge, which finds people freezing in intriguing situations, usually has Rae Sremmurd's infections "Black Beatles" playing; the meme swept the nation, and now "Black Beatles" is atop the Hot 100 for a second week in a row.

You know what that means? A plethora of remixes, although this is the first (and quite possibly the best) remix of the track I've heard.

Riddim Commission is a name I only heard of recently; the duo (which is made up of Marco Del Horno and Swerve) recently collaborated with D Double E, and are dropping their Shells EP on November 28. What better way to drum up some chatter by taking "Black Beatles" into the heart of the club with this garage-tinged take on this massive, certified hit?

You can stream their remix below, as well as download it; your Thanksgiving holiday might be a bit less wholesome without it.


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