Saturday, July 10, 2010

Thundermania 2

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Botchamania 138

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Botchamania 136

Botchamania 135

Botchamania 131

Tyler, The Creator ft. Earl "AssMilk"

Tyler, The Creator ft. Earl "AssMilk": So yeah, I'm at work yesterday, and Elucid hits me with the "Earl" video, which is a proper mindfuck full of hilarity and blood, and I'm blown away. I'm also surprised that more cats aren't up on Odd Future. When I heard Earl and the tape this featured track is from, Bastard, I got the feelings I felt when I first got put on to Eminem ("'97 Bonnie & Clyde")... and I missed that feeling. Proper disturbing excellence, but the thing about OF is these cats are true DIY. This is 2010 Punk Rock By Niggas. Most cats scream that "we don't give a fuck" shit and you laugh b/c we are all in on the joke, but OF truly doesn't give a fuck, and I don't think they have to say it. You can tell by all of their self-produced videos, artwork, beats and just the raw energy from the music... and very artistic. I used to chill with a lot of skate heads when I was in high school, and you could feel the energy while around them, but most of those cats just got drunk and filmed themselves. Odd Future takes it to the next level, and brings a necessary element to the Hip-Hop game. This is the sound of niggas who have been outcasts, but instead of trying to assimilate, retreat to their homes and put those feelings of angst and rage into creative expression. I can only hope that a nigga like Tyler could become one of these moguls, own his own empire. Or an island. "The Creator" is a great name for him, and wish is that he full realizes whatever dreams he has.

Oh, and expect to keep seeing OF shit on RTD whenever they drop. I'm fucking with their movement, and want to see these niggas get some shine.

Friday, July 09, 2010

Legit The (Post) Graduate Tape

And here's what I've definitely been waiting for. One of Chitown's ILLEST, and one of the next generation's best, Legit is a true lyrical giant, and continues his scholastic-themed mixtape series with The (Post) Graduate Tape, which features the third edition of his "Poetry Club" series, as well as bars from BlackSmith, Eli, Wheatie G, Murph and more. Just a great tape to throw into your headphones and zone out to. Blast this shit.

Proph "That Ain't Love"

Proph "That Ain't Love": Here's a cut that Rodney GSHH hit me with earlier. This leak is from Proph's Flight Delayed, which is set to drop on July 17th for $5. Simple. Dude pours his heart out like a 40 over the blacktop beat, showing you where he came from and his desire to go pro.

KVBeats ft. Chaundon "Maria"

KVBeats ft. Chaundon "Maria": Been a minute since I first got put on to KVBeats, and he linked up with Chaun to give us a lil' tale about a Puerto Rican miss that he had a fling with. Perfect summer vibe - I imagine a lot of you guys out there have had a summer love with a Rican mami. Enjoy this one.

Trackstar the DJ Boogie Bang 24

It's been a minute since Boogie Bang 23, so Track had to bring in the one and only Skyzoo to host this latest mixtape of cuts, featuring jawns from Royce Da 5'9, Joell Ortiz, The Roots, various members of The Force and a gang of other beats. Shouts to TSS.

[video] Old Money "Jubilee"

[trailer] Tyler The Creator & Domo Genesis Rolling Papers


[video] Toki Wright "More Fiya"

MiLKMEN "Show Me A Good Time (Remix)"

MiLKMEN "Show Me A Good Time (Remix)": Hah I wonder if these niggas knew that this was my favorite beat off of Drake's album... after the illness that is the "Wake Up" video, the MiLKs don't stop. And a video for this is dropping soon as well - ill!

Pugs Atomz On All Elements Radio

Friday, July 9th 2010 playlist



RTD_PLAYLIST_(07022010-07082010).ZIP (~770MB)



I'm getting into this Odd Future shit. Don't mind me.

Thanks, as always. Holla.

[video] Earl SweatShirt "Earl"

Whoa. NSFW. Video directed by AG Rojas. Shouts to Elucid for putting me on to this post from cooleh. Noz tumbled a mixtape from Tyler The Creator entitled Bastard - apparently this is Earl's crew? I'm new to all of this. Someone put me on!

EDIT Found Earl (via The MeltinP0t Co).

Final EDIT So I've finally figured it all out. for everything OFWGKTA. Grab that shit. Seriously. It's dope. Noz said it best.

[video] Black Spade "I Heart"

Bonus Beats Black Spade ft. Simeon & Vic Spencer "I Heart" [via TSS]

Wiley's Zip Files

Wow - the word is that not only did Wiley sack his manager on twitter, but he's leaked 11 zips, full of FREE MUSIC! We're talking like 170+ tunes, with more to come (I see via that Zip 12 is "coming soon"). I'm not even the biggest Wiley fan, but I like seeing cats just release so much music for free. It can be liberating. If you're a fan of homey's work, it's definitely Christmas come VERY early!

Euphemia Art Reception (8/07/2010)

Thursday, July 08, 2010

No Justice For Oscar Grant

Of course the cop who was so idiotic that he murdered a man with what he thought was a tazer got involuntary manslaughter. Of course that happened. Of course this also went down the same night LeBron James made a ridiculous choice in an asinine bidding war.

Of course. No justice for Oscar Grant. Holla if you hear me.

FuseBox Radio (Week Of July 7th, 2010)

[stream] LeBron James "The Decision"

Fat Joe "No Problems"

Fat Joe "No Problems" (prod. by Scoop Deville) [clean | dirty]: Wow... this record is super tough IMO! Scoop retains those "I Wanna Rock" drums but flips a Public Enemy-inspired Flash Gordon sample in there? Why is The Darkside Vol. 1 sounding so nice!?! Word is Funkmaster Flex recently dropped the bomb on this one... I like it.

Shouts to Miss Info/dirty via 2DBz.

Jersey Fresh Graffiti Jam 2010

Distortion 2 Static x DaVinci

Bonus Beats DaVinci ft. San Quinn "Clean Ass Whip"

The Dre Skuffs Project Documentary, Part 3

Check out Parts 1 + 2, and download the project, HERE.

[video] 6th Sense "Inspire"

Here's the first video from 6th Sense's It's A 6th Sense Beat Yo!! Volume 2, whichi s set to drop on July 13th; 6th asked a number of dope visual artists and directors to cook up some sick visuals for the beats - Kristopher Kristopher Layng kicks it off:

Bonus Beats 6th Sense "Inspire"

Grip Plyaz 6 Pack Vol. 1: A Prelude To Purp, Wind & Fire

I was intrigued when I heard "Step Out", and was amazed when I got sent "WHATDAHELLAREDOZE", and as he promised, TSS' Gotty sent over 6 Pack Volume 1: A Prelude To Purp, Wind & Fire, a six-track sampler of Gripz Plyaz cuts mixed by DJ FU and presented by The Smoking Section. Get familiar, as I imagine your favorite blog will be all about dude by the end of this year.

DJ Jazzy Jeff x Questlove LIVE At The Roots Picnic (6/5/2010)

Looks like Jazzy Jeff and Questlove (with Skillz as hypeman) got their Fix Your Face on at this year's Roots Picnic. Love shit like this.

DOWNLOAD DJ Jazzy Jeff x Questlove LIVE At The Roots Picnic (6/5/2010) [via It's All The Way Live]

[preview] DJ Shadow "Def Surrounds Us"

I saw Zane Lowe tweet about premiering this earlier this week, and I caught the tail-end on his live stream, and was in awe. Heads over at URB are championing the DnB/dubstep vibes within the track, but I think this lends more to DJ Shadow's experimental flair in terms of Electro. I get peeved when people throw in breakbeats into a track and it's automatically labeled "Drum & Bass" - it has inspiration, but slow down. This is ill nonetheless, just take a listen:

Word is he's got a lot of work to do to finish an album, but I'm definitely wondering if he's going to tackle this sound even further.

"Why Hasn't The Industry Sued Girl Talk?"

Spotted over on GRANDGOOD. Presents Big S.I.N. (6/30/2010)

5 O'Clock Shadowboxers x Curly Castro LIVE Freestyle (6/19/2010)


The Audible Doctor "Free"

The Audible Doctor "Free" (prod. by marink): The last time a lot of you heard that AD flavor was on his Crackers project, which was heavier on his production than his rhymes... so it's good to hear the homey flip and bounce this heavenly beat from marink. Coastin'! J57 says that this is taken from AD's Some Stuff EP, which will be the free pre-cursor to his upcoming full length album, Trust Me, I'm A Doctor. This will drop on No Money Records - if you wanna read a dope interview with AD, hit up the No Money Newsletter and hit pages 3, 4 and 5. Live free.

Killa Kyleon ft. DJ Khaled, Rick Ross & Yung Chill "I Am The Hood"

Killa Kyleon ft. DJ Khaled, Rick Ross & Yung Chill "I Am The Hood" (prod. by Yung Chill): OMG It's AMG. Here's another one of those hood anthems that Khaled has to always put his stamp on. Even if you don't like this, the shit's infectious - that hook gets you, and adding Rawse to the mix? I see where you're going, Kyleon. It's hot out there - don't be surprised if this is banging out of whips in your hood.

previous DJ Drama & Killa Kyleon Natural Born Killa

Avriel Epps "Gave You Away"

Avriel Epps "Gave You Away": I wish the radio had more tracks like this. Tell me this couldn't work on your local Pop station - it's very catchy, but it has a nice lil' knock underneath. Nice to hear that she produced this track; now, you won't find this on the EP Avriel did with Cook Classics, which just makes me that much more excited to hear what's on it! Shouts to Tunji.

previous Cook Classics ft. Avriel Epps "Bouncer"

[video] Mazzi "Love Is Love"

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Theo Martins "20,000 Leagues Under The Sea (The Feather)"

The year is 1931. Persistent rumors of a tentacled sea monster attacking ships in the Pacific Ocean have created fear amongst sailors, disrupting the shipping lanes and slowing trade. Captain Theo Martins and his assistant board their vessel and make their way to the deep blue sea to find out what is really going on.

After months scouring the vast ocean, the monster strikes, ramming the naval frigate. The ship’s hull is destroyed and Captain Theo is thrown overboard. He drifts in the ocean, eventually finding a strange-looking metal vessel, and realizes the "monster" is a man-made "submerging boat,” that has been deserted.

Blown far off course, Theo enters uncharted territory. In this new land there’s a great cave, and inside it lies “The Feather,” a treasure guarded by a great nest of giant squid for the last two centuries. If used improperly “The Feather” could harm millions.

As he nears the cave, a squid attacks, and he’s caught in its tentacles. Ned, having escaped from captivity in the struggle, jumps to Theo's rescue and saves his captor's life. Theo takes hold of “The Feather” and intends to share his gem of the sea with the world.

<a href="">20 Thousand Leagues (The Feather) by TheoMartins</a>

[video] Fat Joe ft. Trey Songz "If It Ain't About Money"

[video] Tone Trump "Better Dayz Freestyle"

Dream McClean "Saxon"

Dream McClean "Saxon": I've been all about Chase & Status' "Saxon" for a minute now, and was super-disappointed when Nicki Minaj went in on it. How she can attack some beats like she really loves it and then feels the need to pussyfoot on this one was beyond me. Dream McClean stepped up and did a proper version to it, but I still feel like we've not heard this beat properly be brutalized yet. I was asked to keep this one locked down, but it looks like it's been unleashed, so enjoy it... and hope we finally get someone to truly decimate it.

Via Team Supreme.

OnSMASH Invasion: Joell Ortiz (6/29/2010)

[trailer] Neako "Resume & Name"

The MP3 for this will be dropping on the 12th of July.

Phony Ppl "If This Is How Love Feels"

Phony Ppl "If This Is How Love Feels": Interesting track I got sent the other day. This NYC band is made up of 16 to 18 year olds that have won their share of "Battle of the Bands" competitions in New York City, as well as performed with the likes of Naughty By Nature, Afrika Bambataa, not to mention getting an official co-sign from the one and only Q-Tip. This cut I got sent (whattup Tram?) is definitely more of an RnB vibe, but I'm told their true steeze lies in their genre-blending, which you should be able to hear in their pre-album, WTF Is Phonyland. Give them a listen - I give them my approval, shit's dope.

Spa ft. AC "Rave Of The Town"

Spa ft. AC "Rave Of The Town" (prod. by Insizion): Been a minute since I've gotten some new music from Spa, but it looks like he has been working on a sick mixtape, Propse A Toast, which features that ill "Melo, Bron or Kobe" with Whygee, as well as cats like AC and STS. Spa linked up with the Latin from Staten to beat this mid-tempo beat into shape. The tape should be dropping VERY soon, so be on the lookout!

NiNa Sky: The OtherSide (Episode 1)

previous Nina Sky "You Ain't Got It (Funk That)"

Versis "The Journey(4U)"

Versis "The Journey(4U)" (prod. by Dibia$e): Been a couple of months since I've heard some new Versis, so it's only right that he sent over the first single from his iLLCANDESCENT album, which is his long-awaited debut LP that drops on August 9th. Love the jazzy-tinge that Dibia$e flipped for this one, which allowed Versis to do what he does best - look inward and lay that out in his rhymes. Should be a dope album, but you already knew that.

Artwork by Black Marmalade.

Bonus Beats Versis "Travelin'" (prod. by T.Hemingway) [via AJB]

[video] MiLKMEN "Wake Up"

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

C'mon Son 15

Suave The Ape "Foul Life"

Suave The Ape "Foul Life": New Brunswick's favorite Ape hit me with this one the other day and I finally got a chance to check it, and goddamn... sounds like some shit I'd play the hell out of back in the early '90s. Some Maxell tape shit. Really feels like Big L - not lyrically, just in ferocity. This is taken from Suave's Jazz Poems Of Naturalism, which is set to drop sometime this Summer. Blast this and pass some henny and Cristal in a plastic cup or some shit. BONG!

[video] Reflection Eternal "Ballad Of The Black Gold"

[video] Dice The Nicest ft. Black Karma "Step My Game Up (Remix)"

This song is a tribute to the legendary hip hop group Little Brother whom did the original song. "Step My Game Up" is on Dice The Nicest's "Almost Famous" and Dice The Nicest and Black Karma's group project "R.S.V.P.".

previous [video] Dice The Nicest "I'm Dope"

Shunda K "Here I Am To Save The World (Scripts & Screwz Remix)"

Shunda K "Here I Am To Save The World (Scripts & Screwz Remix)": I fucked with Yo! Majesty. They got a good amount of press for being no-nonsense chicks who liked to fuck with all kinds of freaked-out beats. From what I've heard, Shunda K left b/c her tolerance for nonsense was so low, she left the crew over monetary issues. Whatever the case may be, she's promoting her The Most Wanted album, and the first maxi-single is for her "Here I Am To Save The World", which has her donning her cape and flying over a bevy of bombastic beats. When I got the disc in the mail, I was ecstatic b/c the SNS cats had contributed a remix that's funkier and zanier than the original! They let the kicks play the background and really push that thumping bass to the front, allowing Shunda's rapid-fire lyrics to be matched up with some Acid-lovin' synths and bleeps. Amazing. NME picked this track as one of the "10 Tracks You Need To Hear This Week", placing it at #2... only being beat out by Kanye West.

The Here I Am Maxi-single is out on July 27th.

Bonus Beats Shunda K "Here I Am To Save The World (Nite Club Remix)"

Intalek & Ritchcraft Lives & Vibes

We've been leaking a few jawns from this, and now it's time to experience the entire project from Intalek and Ritchcraft. From the shit I've heard, their combination works VERY well. I won't even go in too crazy - throw some salad in your bowl, pour up something strong and cool out to this one.

DOWNLOAD Intalek & Ritchcraft Lives & Vibes
<a href="">The Show by Lives and Vibes</a>

[video] Jinesis "Lonely Toss"

Feat. Nelson Estevez & Akira Adel. Video is really dope.

[video] Ras Kass ft. DJ Rhettmatic "Goldyn Chyld II"

NSFW - we'll see how long the sideboob stays up on YouTube.

Fresh Daily ft. Theo Martins "Pastelz"

Fresh Daily ft. Theo Martins "Pastelz" (prod. by Muneshine): With the Northeast on some summer swelter shit, it's good to hear some music you can drop while enjoying the heat in a park with your peoples. This is the soundtrack to a cookout with cats who can kick knowledge about the latest Rap beef as well as the best in film noir. Love those samples in the beat, too. These two might need to do an EP or something. Perfect compliments.

<a href="">Pastelz feat. Theo Martins by Fresh Daily</a>

[video] Huoratron "Corporate Occult"

This shit is crazy - very heavy track, with a sick video to match. NSFYouTube, and NSFW:

Huoratron's Prevenge EP is due out on August 2nd.

[video] Magnetic Man "I Need Air"

Elliott Wilson: One Year On (Part 3)

previous Elliott Wilson: One Year On (Part 2)

12th Planet At EDC 2010

Via Media Contender.

Monday, July 05, 2010

DJ Cable Podcast: June 2010

Cable goes in for the best from the month of June; heavier on the dubstep side of things, which is a great thing. He also touches on some sick Hip-Hop and other bits. You need this!

The 54 Reality Show (7/02/2010)

IF you dig this, go grab Crew54's The 54 Reality Tape.

<a href="">Introduction by Crew54</a>

[video] Moshadee "Didn't Cha Know"

St. Joe Louis "Electric Company (J57 Remix)"

St. Joe Louis "Electric Company (J57 Remix)": Whoa. In the second leak from the Remix FreEp for Almost There, Brown Bag AllStar J57 handcuffed the original "Electric Company" and beat it with a droning organ-like instrument. Shit's tough - has a nice, loungin' in the backseat of the Caddy beat. I funks with this.

previous St. Joe Louis "Members Only (Remix)"

FTG "Do Better"

FTG "Do Better": WTF? (Who The Flip?) is shaping up nicely - I think this might be my favorite from the jawns Sean J & Soy on this one. Gotta love how the difference between a FTG track and Sean J for dolo is the honest arrogance in this one. Shitting all over niggas, trust.

previous FTG "DILLIGAF"

MiLKMEN "Lose My Mind (Remix)"

MiLKMEN "Lose My Mind (Remix)": Hopefully you guys are off work today. If you're at the job right now, you're probably losing your mind. Watch the MiLKs spazz on Jeezy's latest beast.

The Boondocks S03E10: "The Story of Lando Freeman"

previous The Boondocks S03E09: "A Date With the Booty Warrior"

Sunday, July 04, 2010

RTD Presents Reggie Revolution's Nigger Cookout

I try to annually do a mix for the Fourth of July and/or 9/11, helping people put shit into perspective. While I would probably never leave the US on some permanent living shit, it's hard to sit by and celebrate the nation when shit's so fucked up. That's where Reggie Revolution comes in; he is tired of it, too, and this is his mix for your cookouts. It weaves a pretty solid journey, bringing up issues of inner city crime, racism and other topics, all to help motivate those who might want to revolt to do so. We've got jams from Gerald Walker, Skream, Donae'o, Elucid and many others. Grab a styrofoam plate, load it up, grab a brew (or a dutch) and cool out to this. Shouts to @EnigmatikBGDB for the help, as per usual.

[video] UFC 116: Lesnar vs. Carwin

Here's the full fight:

[video] Lil' Wayne ft. Gucci Mane "Steady Mobbin'"

This is purely remedial, but I mess with this one.

[video] Family Affair "Sunshine"

previous Family Affair "Sunshine"

The Away Team Independence Day

DOWNLOAD [via TSS by way of Bloggerhouse]