Saturday, July 17, 2010

Tef Poe "Touchdown"

Tef Poe "Touchdown" (prod. by Tech Supreme): You know what's funny? Tef was in NY around the time of the Puerto Rican Day Parade, and I would joke about how he gonna leave w/ a few baby mommas. What does this nigga do? Writes a track about the ho's he has when he lands in your town. LOL. Word from IREPSTL is that this is taken from Tech's forthcoming Obligation mixtape, which is hosted by Derrty DJ Stan Da Man. Supreme produced the entire thing, and has cuts from Murphy Lee, Rockwell Knuckles, Chingy and a number of other Lou-minaries.

DLRN The Bridge Cover+Tracklist+Leaks

We previewed The Bridge last week, and now I've got the full tracklist, as well as two leaks to this ill DLRN project!

1. The Bridge
2. Trill Cosby (feat. C-Plus & Task1ne)
3. Reset (feat. Prometheus Brown & Illecism)
4. Interlude
5. Mathematics (feat. Stevie Nader)
6. Grapevine (feat. Iman Malika & Hopie Spitshard)
7. …Fallen Heroes (feat. Chuuwee & Iman Malika)
8. The Promise (feat. D.Scott & Dahlak)

The Bridge drops on Tuesday.

Grind Time Now Presents Knowledge Medina vs Aak

[video] Gee Dubs "Lose It All"

Bonus Beats Gee Dubs "Lose It All" [clean | dirty]

Jazmine Sullivan ft. Vainsmith "Holding You Down"

Jazmine Sullivan ft. Vainsmith "Holding You Down": Feels like some late 90s shit, when RnB tracks were essentially blends of fire Hip-Hop tracks. The homegirl Vain throws some bars atop the latest jawn from Jazmine, which is a heatrock BTW. DJs, get on this one!

2 Hungry Bros & 8thW1 ft. Sleepwalkas "Be On You"

2 Hungry Bros & 8thW1 ft. Sleepwalkas "Be On You": Surprised no one else threw this one up; this is a cut taken from No Room For Dessert, the 8thW1 album that's produced by 2HB, which drops on July 27th. Shit's dope. Niggas trying to mack on these females they wanna be on. The beat is as slick as the rhymes are. Proper martini'd up '70s player movements in this one. And you sleepin'. Do NOT sleep on the album release party on the 26th, though!

Street FM Mixshow (7/13/2010)

DOWNLOAD: HOUR 1 | HOUR 2 Presents DJ Hi-Def & Massive Trip Wu-Tang The House Of 1000 Corpses

Here's a tape for @EnigmatikBGDB - a bitchin' batch of Wu blends from Dot Got It and a bunch of niggas. "Time for another & DJ Hi-Def collaboration! This time Hi-Def brings Massive Trip along for the ride. You all have heard these guys' blends before, and this time they decided to get creative with some Wu-Tang tracks. The tape is mixed by newcomer Mistah Prezident, who also contributed two original remixes to the project. Hi-Def has announced that this will be his last blend project, so enjoy!"

Friday, July 16, 2010

Rick Ross' Answering Machine

With Rick Ross seemingly having an identity crisis (think about it: he thinks he's Big Meech, Larry Hoover, "Freeway" Ricky Ross, Biggie and a cocaine dealer, among other luminaries), Cipha Sounds & Rosenberg figured it made sense to call Rawse and talk to him about his situation. They got his answering machine, and heard an interesting message...

DOWNLOAD Rick Ross' Answering Machine

And for what its worth, we need an instrumental version of Teflon Don.

Utah Jazz "Quincy (Pharcyde Vocal VIP)"

Utah Jazz "Quincy (Pharcyde Vocal VIP)": Seems like every Friday evening I post some DnB track that has some vocals in it that bridge that DnB/Hip-Hop gap. I know a lot of people have been salivating for the throwback sample in "Quincy", but I had no idea that the flipside rocked the "Passin' Me By" vocals in it! Shit reminds me of how DnB used to be, really wearing all of its influences on its sleeve. If you mess with this, I highly recommend you cop Vintage, Utah Jazz's new LP.

[video] SciFi Stu "No Swag Needed"

Featuring Remarkable Mayor & John Robinson. Video shot and cut by Mike Diebold.

LaReign Storm This Shit Ain't For Free

LaReign Storm is a producer I've featured on RTD a lot, but with a new name to match her new direction. This is her latest beat sampler tape, and the shit really ain't for free. All of the beats contained in this pack are for sale, so download it, listen, and if you're a label head, MC or whatever and want to purchase, hit homegirl up via e-mail, twitter and Facebook and get some pricing. Shit knocks, too, trust we.

It's just not free shit.

DOWNLOAD LaReign Storm This Shit Ain't For Free

NiNa Sky: The OtherSide (Episode 2)

previous NiNa Sky: The OtherSide (Episode 1)

Killa Kyleon "Slow Down Freestyle"

Killa Kyleon "Slow Down Freestyle": Killa Ky flips Fat Joe's BANGER for the summer. Love the way this beat drops, and Kyleon doesn't hesitate.

RTD Playlist (Week Of 7/16/2010)

This week is over! Well, almost...


RTD_PLAYLIST_(07092010-07152010).ZIP (~777MB)



Why are we wasting sick beats on fucking Rick Ross? Here's the making of "Tears of Joy":

Enjoy your weekends, and take a shot for me. One.

Gerald Walker I Remember When This All Meant Something

After plenty of leaks (in both MP3 and video form), the one like Gerald Walker comes with his new mixtape, I Remember When This All Meant Something. For those wondering, the art was done by Shane Allen for CarmelloVision Designs and is inspired by Luke Cheuh's "The Explosion". Features include Slot-A, Add-2, Mr. Robotic and Bryant Stewart. Don't go sleeping on dope music, y'all.

[video] Good Biz ft. YZ "Justafriend"

Another slick one from Principle & Interest.

Mic Wilson "Tunnel Love"

Mic Wilson "Tunnel Love": When The Roots' How I Got Over dropped, I was amazed by the "Tunnel Vision" interlude, so much so that I tweeted about why this hadn't been made a song. Of course Mr. Merk Early hits me like "I'm already plotting it"; he hits me like "Merk Late", but we all know no one else was trying to coast over this. Nice ditty for the summertime flex, like detailing a niggas thought's while he's riding the train.

Phase Two is due out August 31st.

Deadpool Previews (7/15/2010)

The Deadpool Bugle has posted up previews for three Deadpool titles that drop on July 21st: Lady Deadpool #1, Deadpool #25 and Deadpool: Merc With A Mouth #13, which is the finale to that miniseries. If you fuck with Victor Gischler (who wrote that miniseries), he's taken over the X-Men title (which just relaunched and is the SHIT), as well as the Deadpool Corps series.

Word is that a DeadpoolMAX title is due out later this year. Wow.

Numonics x SuperInternational

I respect the Yuengling.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

[video] Monica "Love All Over Me"

[video] Toni Braxton " Woman"

Black Space Build & Destroy

I know Gotty has been waiting to drop this one, and now - alongside Union LA and DJ Trackstar, The Smoking Section presents Black Spade's Build & Destroy mixtape. Heads like Rockwell Knuckles, Corey Black, Wafeek, Vic Mensah and more touch down, and Stoney Rock came with a number of bangers (alongside some other cats I'm not familiar with). Fucked up thing is, as awesome as that cover art is, I wish it was on a piece of cardboard with a vinyl record stuck in it - I'd frame it! Hit the jump.

Avriel Epps "Be Cool"

Avriel Epps "Be Cool" (prod. by Cook Classics): Here's the first official leak from Avriel's Cook Classics-produced EP, Liberation, which is out late July/early August. Love that hint of funk in this one - nice track to sip some red wine on your porch to, or play while you romp with your lovely. Love her voice, too!

FuseBox Radio (Week Of 7/14/2010)

Lyle Horowitz The Metamorphosis

Lyle Horowitz has been working in a real studio over the last 8 months, and felt the need to purge the remainder of his Fruity Loops-era productions, which he deems "a collection of sketches, experiments, loops and unreleased material". He's left a lot of the beats open, so any MCs worth their weight in mustard and itching to hop on one of these, go in, then e-mail your creation to Word is that Lyle's next album, Night Creatures, is due out August 30th, is co-produced by MidPoint and is said to feature a lead single with Elucid! Put a pin in that, we'll come back - but for now, hit the jump for The Metamorphosis.

[video] DJ Muggs vs. Ill Bill "Cult Assassin"

El Gant ft. Bekay & DeeJay Element "You Ain't This"

El Gant ft. Bekay & DeeJay Element "You Ain't This" (prod. by DJ Iron): Wow - El Gant is a 4x MTV Direct Effect battle champ, and he links up with Bekay & BBAS' own DeeJay Element to flip disgusting over this Belgium-born beat from Iron that has a sly guitar flavor atop some HARD drums. Sounds like a blues-y Preem, if that sounds right. Shouts to Dutchmaster.

Odd Future "Up (Chopped & Screwed)"

Tyler, The Creator, Hodgy Beats & Domo Genesis "Up (Chopped & Screwed)" (prod. by Mike G): I saw a few OFWGKTA tracks Chopped & Screwed by Mike G on YouTube, and I'm glad we got a MP3 of Mike's C&S version of this Radical track. The original's already laidback, perfect for weed inhalation, but Mike transports the track to mid-high, when you're just stuck to the couch, cooled out. Try it.


Affion Crockett Spoofs Drake's Westwood Freestyle

Peep this before watching:

Bonus Beats Drake "Do It All" (prod. by Rob Halladay) [viz 2DBz]

I and I With Sturgill Horn Skateboarding

The tracks over this video are from Ignite & Imagine's Gimmick Free album, which is out July 20th.

[trailer] People's Champion

Yesterday, a video of Eli Porter speaking his mind on the infamous "Iron Mic" battle and where he's at now surfaced. In it, he mentioned a mixtape and a documentary being on the way. This morning, I woke up to a link to a trailer for the documentary, People's Champion, which looks like it has interviews with Marv-o, J-Dub and other cats from the original battle program at their high school. Wow.

Revalation & Strick 9 Commercial Poison (Hosted by DJ Red Rocks)

Rev and Strick linked up to bring damage to industry beats, as well as fresh new tracks from producers like Kore, Tha Silent Partner and more, with features from Mayhem, M-Dot and plenty other ill MCs on this one. Host DJ Red Rocks and presenters,, & really came together for another fresh EMS project. Hit the jump.

Chris McDonald x JUDAH "20 Something Summers"

<a href="">20 Something Summers (Produced by Judah) by Chris McDonald</a>

[video] Corte Ellis "Honest Cheaters"

Bonus Beats Corte Ellis "Cheaters"

Chris Webby The Underclassmen

New mixtape from Chris Webby, who I'm being told is down with Big K.R.I.T.; features include Mac Miller and Smokahantas, with a number of beats from Evo.

Dig Itz! The Holy Union (7/17/2010)

If you're gonna be in Trenton this weekend, this might be the spot you need to hit. The homey DJ Manik will be reppin' for a wedding afterparty (wow), with Hip-Hop, House, Reggae and more! Facebook event HERE for more details.

Fresh Daily Presents BAKED GOODS: The No Room For Dessert Release Party (7/26/2010)

You can pre-order No Room For Dessert via Amazon, and check out the sampler via Bandcamp. The album's out July 27th - you need this!

<a href="">No Room For Dessert Album Sampler by Domination Recordings</a>

SaV Padded Soul

The boy SaV took to the MPC to flip some samples taken from his favorite '60s and '70s Soul. An MPCompilation, if you will. Hit the jump to download, stream and see the tracklist.

Nucci Reyo "Stop Shootin'"

Nucci Reyo "Stop Shootin'": Nucci has linked up with Stop Shootin' Inc., a non-profit Newark, NJ based organization that aims to stop senseless violence. This is the anthem that we will be performing on August 1st at the Stop Shootin' Festival in Newark's Lincoln Park on Broad Street. With all of the nonsense going down in our cities, we need more anthems like this.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Amor Jones The EP

Shouts to Amor Jones for this one; he's smart enough to look at this at not only a treat for those who are already up on him, but for a great intro to those who might be new. No features on this, just 8 tracks over some dope production (including a freestyle over Eminem's "Not Afraid". Give dude a listen - you might be surprised!

Notoriety The J.A.M.

Back in May, I hit you guys with a cut from Notoriety's Toast EP, and now I hit you with their latest release, The J.A.M. It's just a mixtape, but check out how these Bostonians get down. These cats definitely put in work on their music, but all you'll hear are some captivating good times. Shit's dope - check 'em out.

DOWNLOAD Notoriety The J.A.M.

MiLKMEN "Fireworks (Remix)"

MiLKMEN "Fireworks (Remix)": The MiLKS keep the pressure going, retwerking another Drake album track and making me actually like it LOL. Never got into the original, but the MiLKS just have something.

Rickie Jacobs "Hold You Down (Remix)"

Rickie Jacobs "Hold You Down (Remix)": As Air Jacobs is "on delay", Rickie blesses the masses with this freestyle over a fat DJ Khalil track. Not much to say other than he doesn't fuck around - so sick with it.

[video] Ne-Yo "Champagne Life" x "Beautiful Monster"

"Champagne Life"

"Beautiful Monster"

Libra Scale is due out September 21st.

[video] Jim Jones ft. Sen City "Shootouts"

Bonus Beats Huey ft. Jim Jones & Tydis "Celebrate"

[video] Qualmes "Situations"

[video] Sean Garrett ft. Nicki Minaj "Get It All"

Spec Boogie In Zanzibar

Via specboogie.

Eli Porter Sets The Record Straight

Wow. I thought this E Dolla shit might be a joke, but this nigga just dropped a video explaining what he has coming, including a mixtape that drops sometime in July... AND A MIXTAPE!? Check it out:

Homey is looking for collabs - he's even on Skype! Get at him!

[video] Nato Caliph ft. Bryant Stewart "Her"

previous Nato Caliph ft. Bryant Stewart "Her"

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

[video] Onyx "Black Hoodie Rap"

Via Rap Radar.

Nico The Beast, Hezekiah & Chill Moody "Ain't Nothin New"

Nico The Beast, Hezekiah & Chill Moody "Ain't Nothin New" (prod. by Joe Logic): Not sure what this is off of, but it's hard. Nico, Hez and Chill beast this beat, nahmean? This is what happens when dope MCs tackle a dope beat. Don't sleep. And if you're in Philly, Nico's The Beast Within release party goes down this Thursday.

Shouts to Dot Got It.

The ILLZ "Amnesia, Forget It All"

The ILLZ "Amnesia, Forget It All": Beat on this sounds like a funky rock group learned how to knock out some slick Hip-Hop. This cut is due out on the DJ Quiz-mixed We Got Next EP, which is presented by a bunch of dope Hip-Hop sites you should fuck with on July 27th.

DJ Concept & DJ Mickey Knox Present The BYOB Instrumentals

Mickey Knox fired over the instrumentals from their BYOB EP. They wanted to let you budding MCs know that if you flip one of these beats (which are all produced by Sickness),get at them fools on twitter (@concept1200 or @djmickeyknox) and you might make the remix album!

DOWNLOAD DJ Concept & DJ Mickey Knox Present The BYOB Instrumentals
&amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;lt;a href=""&amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;gt;Ya Gone (Instrumental) by DJ Concept&amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;lt;/a&amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;gt;

[video] DELS "Shapeshift"

Bonus Beats DELS "Shapeshift" (prod. by Joe Goddard)

[video] Lost Boyz "Haaay"

[video] Rakaa "Delilah"

STS ft. Donwill "Sole Music (Remix)"

STS ft. Donwill "Sole Music (Remix)": The original "Sole Music" was featured on Sugar Tongue's Demand More 2 mixtape, but it looks like this phenomena has demaned its own EP, presented by Honey Mag and featuring brand-new material. Good choice in throwing Don Dub on this one - can't wait to hear the full project!

Camu Tao King of Hearts LP Info

This past May marked the two-year anniversary of Camu Tao's passing, but I got a bunch of info earlier today regarding his first (and final) solo album, King of Hearts, that will finally be getting released via Definitive Jux/Fat Possum Records on August 17th. The sound from these demos and home recordings is a departure from what you might associate with Camu - he's doing a lot more crooning on this, and the sound leans more to the leftfield ElectroPopPunk feel than the harder Hip-Hop edge he had previously been associated with. He wrote and produced the project, and its an interesting chapter on a talent that was truly cut short. He channels fucking Prince on "Get At You", and its a pretty stark contrast to the rest of his catalog. Peep the tracklist:

01 Be a Big Girl
02 Bird Flu
03 Death
04 Fonny Valentine
05 Actin a Ass
06 Get at You
07 Ind of the Worl
08 Intervention
09 King of Hearts
10 Major Team
11 Plot a Little
12 The Moment
13 The Perfect Plan
14 Play O Run
15 When You're Going Down
16 Fuck Me

After the jump, check out El-P's letter from earlier this year, which also mentions that the Central Services (El x Camu) EP from 2005, Forever Frozen In Television Time, will be released for free to coincide with the release of King of Hearts (did you hear "What God Should Do"?).

Co$$ x Numonics "It's All Happening"

Co$$ x Numonics "It's All Happening": Here's the 2nd leak from Co$$ & Numonics' 2DBz / Crooks & Castles / PONY International project, Revelations, which should be on the way. They've got features from Blu, Naledge, Reks, Freddie Gibbs, Sene and many more. Judge by this track... shit's tough!

Koncept ft. Sene "You Knew"

Koncept ft. Sene "You Knew" (prod. by The Audible Doctor): Nice pairing here! I guess it was a matter of time. I haven't heard much on the solo front from Koncept in a MINUTE, so its good to know that he's dropping a free EP, Playing Life, in the near future. Love the beat on this one - just what the Doc ordered. Shouts to J57 as per usual!

[video] Eternia & MoSS "Goodbye"

[video] Flying Lotus "MmmHmm"

Via The Fader.

It's A 6th Sense Beat Yo!! Volume 2

We've previewed the above cover and tracklist, as well as shown dope videos for "Inspire" and "Story of the None", and now we bring you this 34-track instrumental opus from 6th Sense, bringing you a new installment of fine beats that have been graced by MCs like Outasight, Talib Kweli, The Kid Daytona, Donny Goines and plenty more. Hit the jump for the goods, and expect some more videos in the near future. Thanks, 6th!

Botchamania 141

Botchamania 140

Botchamania 139

[video] Usher "There Goes My Baby"

My mom's favorite the only track off of Usher's last album that my mom liked.

T.O.N.Y. Gang Starr Music

The last time I heard Doo Wop and T.O.N.Y. together, they were flippin' "We Got Gunz" and aiming 'em at niggawho. I had no idea that T.O.N.Y. was rockin' a full tape of nothing but Gang Starr instrumentals, hosted by Wop and Mr. Peter Parker. A number of classics get his stamp, including "Betrayal", "Rite Where U Stand", "Above The Clouds", "Mass Appeal" and more. Hit the jump. Shouts to That's Major.

[video] W. Draztik & Sleepy Biggs "Smokers Intro"

<a href="">The Rest Did It For Checks by United States of Mind</a>

Grind Time Battle: Thesaurus vs. DirtBag Dan

Monday, July 12, 2010

MiLKMEN "Wake Up" Single Artwork

If you've been following the MiLKMEN, you've seen a lot of progress. These cats should definitely be the next to blow, and judging by their "Wake Up" video, it's finna go down. Above is the cover art for their "Wake Up" single, which should be dropping on RTD Records soon. I'll keep you lot posted.

Mike Classic x French Montana

Cymarshall Law & The Beatnikz Freedom Express Line Cover+Tracklist

Cy just put out the Everliven Sound LP, but got a new deal with XOXO/Sony Red, and has an album with long-time collaborators The Beatnikz that's due out on August 31st. Here's the tracklist:

1. My Platform (Express Line Intro)
2. Zion Land
3. Believe This (No Money)
4. The Flyness
5. Give i Fi i Name
6. Armagideon
7. Door Peep
8. Love feat. Mary Lou
9. Don't Kill Your Brother feat. Skit Slam
10. Come Mek We Run
11. Where I Am
12. A Little Way Different
13. Almost Home

You can pre-sale the album via Amazon. Homey is on tour this summer, peep these dates:

July 17th - Lyndhurst NJ Show @ The Locker Room Sports Bar 231 Stuyvesant Ave
July 23rd - w/ Canibus - July 23rd New Brunswick , NJ @ Court Tavern
July 30th in Innsbruck , Austria :
August 7th in Berlin , Germany - Berlin Tube Station (Friedrichstra├če 180)
August 14th Munich , Germany - Munich Crux (Lederstr.3)
August 21st - Album release Bday/Party Show - @ Court Tavern 124 Church Street , New Brunswick NJ

Nucci Reyo On 97.5 Jersey Live

Bonus Beats Nucci Reyo "Your Enemy" (prod. by Novalist)

FWMJ's Rappers I Know presents J. Bizness 3P Series [Vol. 4]

The latest in J Bizness' 3P Series features duo Tomorrow, Yesterday smacking the proverbial shit out of Bizness' funk. Almost wish this shit was more than three tracks, as this might be the best mixture from this series so far! If you missed Volumes 1-3, hit up

DOWNLOAD FWMJ's Rappers I Know presents J. Bizness 3P Series [Vol. 4]
&amp;amp;amp;lt;a href=""&amp;amp;amp;gt;You Stoopid by J.Bizness&amp;amp;amp;lt;/a&amp;amp;amp;gt;

[video] E Reece "Fly Hi"

Bonus Beats E Reece "Fly Hi"

Big Pooh & M-Dot "No Surrendering"

Big Pooh & M-Dot "No Surrendering" (prod. by Explizit One, Cuts by DJ Family Tyz): Not a week after The Hustler EP drops that we get this sick, sick tune from E One's Out My Mama's Basement LP, featuring fellow EMS bredren M-Dot and motherfucking Big Poo housing shit. Tough track, too. Proper Hip-Hop.

Bun B "Let Em Know"

Bun B "Let Em Know" (prod. by DJ Premier) [clean | dirty]: Talk about real motherfucking Hip-Hop. Trill O.G. is out August 3rd, yadda yadda. Fuck that. Ain't no track out right now realer than this, if you're really really really trying to go in with the Hip-Hop. Vintage Primo beat. Nothing too complex, but it had that perfect loop. Priceless. Bun even goes in with a lil more of an older-school flow - starting each verse off the same way. I know what I'll be playing for the rest of the summer.

And B.Dot says a video is on the way? Wow...

[video] Rick Ross ft. John Legend "Sweet Life"

[video] Capone-N-Noreaga "My Attribute"

[video] 6th Sense "Story of No One"

Directed by Derek Pike. It's A 6th Sense Beat Yo!! Volume 2 drops tomorrow, July 13th.

Bonus Beats 6th Sense "Story of No One"

previous [video] 6th Sense "Inspire"

Neako "Resume & Name"

Neako "Resume & Name": The trailer for this dropped 5 days ago, and that tone has been stuck in my head since. Crazy melody. Here's the full track. Be on the lookout for The Rubix Cube: Yellow Edition, which is set to drop on July 23rd.

Monday Hate Ep 2

Hopefully you enjoyed Ep 1 of my "Monday Hate" series for Ep 2 is out, and I don't like it. It came from a good source, but I think it was executed poorer than the first. Still entertaining, and a healthy dose of REAL TALK. I might could need to knock one out tonight... another article, not a poo-butt mufucka who is looking me all in my face. Anyways, enjoy. Shouts to Haj, that bastard.

Psy:am [RTDLTD006]

Out today is the latest release on RTDLTD, and it's also the first dubstep release on the imprint. Psy:am has been moving from strength to strength, and what's dope is that as ill as this release is, he's since been making some HEAVIER tunes! Really upping the ante. Hit the jump for info on this release and links to download.